Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/10/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/10/21


Written By Joseph

Paulina thanks Abe and says he's doing the honorable thing. Abe stops her and repeats that he agreed to make an introduction but he's not on anyone's side. Paulina remarks that she's sure he will do the right thing for the town and his family.

Gabi sits outside the Brady Pub crying until Roman walks by and asks if everything is okay. Gabi responds that everything sucks. Roman asks her what's wrong. Gabi informs him that she just got dumped.

Abe tells Paulina that he always tries to do the right thing for the town and his family. Paulina urges him to convince the landlord to make her a deal. Abe repeats that he only agreed to make an introduction. Paulina calls it a real opportunity to prove he's a visionary. Paulina sees it as a new and vibrant town square. Paulina remarks that she plays fair unlike Kate. Abe questions it not being fair that Kate has a signed lease on a property that Paulina wants. Paulina argues that Kate is using her personal relationship with Abe when this is a business deal. Abe asks if she's not doing the same. Paulina tells Abe that he can ask anyone in Miami about her track record. Abe points out that Miami and Salem are two very different places.

Lani receives a package at the door with a pair of silver spoons for the twins and a card from Aunt Paulina. Lani's brother Theo then shows up at the door, surprising her. Lani says she wasn't expecting him until tomorrow. Theo says he couldn't wait to see the babies and hopes it's okay. Lani says it's great and welcomes him home. Theo says it's good to be back as they hug.

Eli joins Valerie at the Brady Pub, apologizing for being late because of work. Valerie says it's no problem and asks him what's so urgent.

Julie is at Julie's Place reading an article about Sami's arrest. Claire arrives and asks her what's wrong. Julie tels Claire about Sami being arrested for Charlie's murder which shocks her. Claire calls it very weird. Claire feels like an idiot for thinking she and Charlie were meant to be together but at least now Allie doesn't have to be scared all the time. Julie encourages her to put Charlie behind her and move on. Claire mentions helping Ben so Julie questions what she is helping Ben do. Claire reveals that Ben thinks Ciara is still alive and she does too.

Christian is outside of Ben's room and says to himself that Ciara shouldn't have messed with him but because she did, he's going to make her a widow.

Claire fills Julie in on how they figured out that an ex-con named Allen Rhodes was holding Ciara hostage and how Shawn found Rhodes in the database which revealed he had a tattoo of a shark like in Susan's vision. Claire tells her about Ben's dream of Ciara and the box of Rhodes' belongings that they found. Claire talks about the connection to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Julie calls it overwhelming and strange but feels they have to involve the police. Claire explains that they can't do anything because nobody knows where Rhodes is. Claire declares that she and Ben are going to find Ciara and bring her home. Julie asks if Hope knows about this. Claire responds that nobody knows where Hope is. Julie says somebody has to find her and starts to call Doug but Claire says she can't.

Christian breaks in to Ben's place but he's not home so he wonders where he is.

Ben goes to the police station and tells Shawn that he needs to talk to him. Ben reveals Orpheus' phone to him and explains how he'd be calling the same number so Clyde called it and Christian Maddox answered. Shawn complains about Christian being at large since October and getting calls from his dad. Ben stops him and informs him that Christian has Ciara. Ben explains that Clyde got him to admit it. Ben declares that the phone is the only way they have to find out where Christian has Ciara.

Lani and Theo watch over the twins. Theo gives Lani bracelets for the twins. Theo asks about the silver spoons so Lani tells him about Aunt Paulina.

Paulina complains about the town square being old without variety and too white. Paulina argues that Abe and the town need her. Paulina invites Abe to have a drink, wanting somewhere with atmosphere so Abe suggests the Brady Pub.

Eli informs Valerie that he and Lani have decided they want her to be Carver's Godmother. Valerie says she would love that. Eli notes that they are going to ask Julie to be Jules' Godmother. Valerie jokes that Julie is already expecting that so she hopes she's there when they tell her because she said she would act surprised.

Julie questions Claire saying she can't tell Doug. Claire says not yet because they don't have any proof and even if they did, they can't be sure they will find her in time because Ciara is still in a lot of danger. Julie agrees that it could be risky to tell Doug so she doesn't want to break his heart a second time. Claire suggests waiting until they have good news and can bring her home. Julie encourages praying that they will have good news.

Shawn tracks Orpheus' phone and says they found a cell tower in Brookville. Ben notes that isn't far away and wonders if Ciara has been there the whole time. Shawn admits it's possible. Ben questions how long it will take to get an address. Shawn notes that Christian could have been on the move so it could take a few hours. Ben worries that they don't have that long.

Christian sits in Ben's place with a gun and remarks that he has to come home sometime, so when he does, he will have a surprise for him.

Roman tells Gabi that he's sorry she got dumped and he didn't realize that she was seeing anybody. Gabi admits she wasn't so she was more humiliated and insulted than dumped. Gabi complains that Jake told her that he's not interested in her because he wants to be with Kate of all people, who is old enough to be his mother. Gabi remarks that Kate has been with every man in town. Roman stops her and reminds her that Kate is the mother of his children. Gabi apologizes and says she's in a very foul mood. Roman tells her not to talk bad about Kate to him. Gabi remarks that he must be the president of her fan club. Roman says Kate is his friend and his ex-wife but he's thinking what in the hell does Kate see in Jake DiMera. Gabi asks Roman what his problem with Jake is.

Ben tells Shawn that he'll make Christian tell him where Ciara is. Shawn stops him and tells him to wait for Christian to call Orpheus' phone but Ben complains that he can't just stand there and do nothing so he calls Christian. Christian answers the phone, asking if it's his dad.

Lani has Theo hold baby Jules and then asks him to be Jules' Godfather.

Valerie asks Eli about the babies' Godfathers. Eli informs her that Abe will be Carver's Godfather and they are going to ask Theo to be Jules' Godfather. Valerie says that's great and Abe will love that. Eli says he's got to get to Julie's Place so they can ask her together and invites Valerie to join them. Valerie says she wouldn't miss it for the world and jokes about Julie pretending to be surprised. Valerie assures that Julie will be a great Godmother. Valerie talks about how much it means to see Eli happy after all they've been through. Eli agrees that he and Lani couldn't be happier. Eli says if he's even half as good a parent as Valerie was, the twins will be lucky.

Theo asks Lani if she's sure they don't want someone else like Abe to be the Godfather. Lani explains that she and Eli decided that both babies will have their own Godparents. Theo mentions never being a Godfather before but it sounds like a big responsibility. Lani hopes it means Theo will be spending more time in Salem.

Abe brings Paulina to Julie's Place. Julie comes over to greet them. Abe introduces Julie to Paulina. Paulina talks about being in town for the Christening. Abe then introduces Julie as the woman Jules is named after. Paulina doesn't understand why they would name Jules after this old white lady. Abe explains that Julie is Eli's grandmother which shocks Paulina. Julie confirms that Eli's father was her late son. Paulina apologizes as she had no idea. Paulina jokes that Julie is the cream in Eli's black coffee and praises Eli's good looks.

Lani hopes Theo's girlfriend won't mind that he will be spending more time at home. Theo then reveals that they just broke up. Lani asks if he's okay but Theo doesn't want to talk about it. Theo asks about Jule's Godmother. Lani notes him changing the subject and says they are going to ask Julie. Lani mentions heading to meet Eli at Julie's Place to tell Julie the good news so she invites Theo to come with. Lani tells Theo it's so good to have him home as they hug.

Christian asks if it's his dad on the phone. Shawn then grabs the phone from Ben and hangs up, asking if he's crazy. Ben argues that they had him but Shawn lost him.

Christian questions the phone call and then goes to leave Ben's place right as Claire shows up at the door.

Roman tells Gabi that he has nothing against Jake DiMera and barely knows him but he just thinks Kate can do a lot better. Gabi thinks Jake can do a lot better. Roman says they both agree that Jake and Kate don't belong together. Gabi declares that she's just going to accept that they are together and she won't give a damn about Jake anymore. Gabi says thinking about is making her sick and decides she can do better than Jake. Gabi then gets up and walks away.

Julie brings drinks for Abe and Paulina. Paulina apologizes for before and says she's been known to put her foot in it on occasion. Eli and Valerie arrive and greet them. Eli introduces Valerie to Paulina. Paulina insists that they are going to be great friends. Eli tells Julie that Lani and the twins are on their way while Julie calls them one big happy family. Paulina asks about Valerie's hair and comments to Julie that you never touch a black woman's hair. Lani and Theo then arrive with the twins. Theo tells Abe that he wanted to surprise him. Abe informs Theo about Paulina and warns that she is intense as he then introduces Theo to Paulina. Paulina jokes about all the good looking men in the family.

Shawn tells Ben that if Christian knows they are on to him and he has Ciara then he will move her or worse. Ben apologizes and says he just feels helpless. Shawn is just glad he stopped Ben before he said anything. Shawn hopes that he just thinks it was Orpheus calling again. Shawn calls to track that last call.

Claire asks who Christian is and where Ben is. Christian responds that he doesn't know. Claire questions what he's doing in his apartment then. Christian claims that Ben wasn't in the garage so he came looking for him. Claire notes that Ben keeps the door locked. Christian claims the door was open but Ben wasn't there so he was just leaving. Claire then stops him and realizes that she knows who he is.

Julie, Paulina, and Valerie all get along at the table. Lani then calls for everyone's attention and says they are grateful to have everyone here together. Lani thanks Valerie, Theo, and Paulina for making the trip. Lani says they are excited for the Christening but they can't have it without Godparents. Eli explains that they've thought about it a lot. Lani then asks Abe to be the Godfather to Carver. Abe tells them how much it means to him and jokes that he campaigned harder for this than being mayor. Julie congratulates him and calls him the perfect choice. Abe reveals that Valerie accepted being Carver's Godmother. Valerie talks about how much it means to her as well as they toast their drinks. Lani notes that they weren't expecting Theo until tomorrow but she couldn't wait to ask him to be Jules' Godfather and he accepted. Theo jokes that he knows nothing about babies so he'll just do what Abe does. Eli and Lani then talk up Jules' Godmother being a no brainer but Paulina assumes that it's her and interrupts, saying she is honored to accept.

Shawn reveals to Ben that they tracked the call and Christian is no longer in Brookville, he's here in Salem.

Claire tells Christian that she thinks he's a guy from the gym. Christian thinks she knows that's not who he is. Claire decides to leave but Christian stops her and says they are going to have a chat. He tells her to start by telling him who the hell she is.

Paulina gets up to thank Lani and says nothing she's ever won compares to this. Lani tries to explain but Paulina keeps talking, promising to be the best Godmother to Jules. Paulina decides she has so much to do and says she'll see everyone at the Christening as she rushes out of the restaurant. Eli questions now what the hell they are going to do.

Shawn tells Ben about the cell tower near the docks. Ben notes that's where he lives. Shawn asks if he thinks Christian is at his place. Ben questions what he would be doing there.

Claire introduces herself to Christian. Christian guesses that she knows exactly who he is, noting that he saw fear in her eyes and that she's afraid of him. Claire wants to go but Christian says he can't let that happen. Christian tells her that Ben can't know he's there because it's a surprise. Christian notes Claire's last name and asks if she's related to Ciara. Claire admits that Ciara is her aunt. Christian calls Ciara an interfering bitch who screwed up his life. Claire argues that he screwed it up and Ciara just made sure that Ben didn't pay for what Christian did. Christian warns her to be careful how she talks to him and reminds her of what he did to Jordan. Claire asks what he is doing here and what he wants with Ben. Christian responds that he's going to kill him. Christian declares that while they wait for Ben to come home, he will figure out what he's going to do to her.

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