Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/9/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/9/21


Written By Joseph

Eli jokes with Lani at home about making sure he's staying fit and not getting a "dad bod". Eli then brings up Lani's Aunt Paulina.

Paulina comes out from the Salem Inn and spots Abe in the town square. Paulina tells Abe that he's just the man that she wanted to see.

Jake and Kate work at the DiMera office. Jake comments on sales numbers being up, the stock being an all time high, and Kate's idea to turn the Gabi Chic space in to Basic Black was genius. Jake says he can't stop thinking about the look on Gabi's face when she realized they took over the lease. Kate tells him to just stop thinking about Gabi's face because it was a business decision and she didn't expect to be talking about Gabi all damn day.

Chad wants to have a welcome home dinner for Abigail and decides to go grab the wine but Anna stops him and tells him not to go down there. Chad questions why not. Anna thinks back to finding Gwen tied up in the wine cellar. Chad brings up how Anna reacted when he mentioned the wine cellar and asks what she doesn't want him to see down there. Anna guesses she has another confession to make.

Abigail tells Gwen that she can confess now. Gwen argues that she doesn't have the guts to do it and that she sent Gabi to do her dirty work. Gwen says that Gabi is almost as ruthless as her but not Abigail. Abigail tells her to shut up. Gwen tells her to drop it and move on. Abigail warns that she underestimated her which was a very big mistake as she raises the needle towards Gwen. Abigail goes to inject Gwen with the needle but Gabi grabs Abigail's arm to stop her.

Anna claims to Chad that she drank the wine that he was planning to go get. Chad says he'll just get the other bottle but Anna claims to have drank both. Chad says there's no judgment here and he'll just find another one. Anna offers to go down and pick one out for him. Chad says that's not necessary but Anna insists. Chad appreciates her offer but says he knows Abigail's tastes in wine so he'd prefer to just pick one out himself. Chad tries to go but Anna yells for him to stop in the name of love.

Abigail tells Gabi to let go of her. Gabi says no and grabs the needle away from Abigail. Gwen thanks Gabi. Abigail calls Gabi a bitch. Gabi knows Abigail wants Gwen to confess to killing Laura but she said this was a bluff and that she wouldn't go this far. Abigail responds that she changed her mind. Gabi argues that Gwen's not going to confess. Abigail says then Gwen needs to pay. Gabi declares she's not going back to prison over this so she's done.

Lani tells Eli that she's so sorry about her Aunt Paulina. Eli jokes that he's never been called a tall glass of chocolate milk before. Lani says she loves her aunt but sometimes she can't find the words for her. Eli reminds her that he's Julie's grandson so he has experience with the overbearing type. Lani realizes Paulina and Julie have to meet someday. They talk about Paulina not coming to their wedding. Lani says that Paulina does things on her own schedule whenever she wants. Eli guesses that makes it exciting. Lani admits that Paulina coming to town for the twins' Christening is perfect because Paulina was like her fairy godmother.

Paulina tells Abe that he doesn't need to be afraid of her. Abe brings up the last time they spoke, she was upset with him. Paulina says she gets why he won't host the twins christening on government property, remarking that the mayor doesn't have the pull. Paulina says she makes sure the Christening is a day they will never forget. Abe says that's what he's afraid of. Abe says if they are done, he has to get to the office. Paulina tells him that she actually stopped him because she has a business proposition for him.

Jake doesn't understand why Kate is so upset since it was her idea to screw Gabi out of that lease. Kate says it was a business decision but he's making it all about Gabi. Jake argues that Gabi said she was going to run his company into the ground so that made it personal. Jake thought Kate wanted to crush Gabi as much as he does. Kate brings up that she and Gabi are old friends. Jake questions if they're still friends even after Gabi tried to weasel her way back in to his bed multiple times. Jake reminds Kate that he chose not to hire Gabi or to be her friend anymore and asks when Kate is going to let it go.

Abigail questions Gabi having a problem with a felony all of a sudden. Gabi argues that she's not going back to prison. Abigail points out that they already drugged and kidnapped Gwen so there's no coming back from that. Abigail asks for the needle back but Gabi refuses and tells Abigail to get a hold of herself. Abigail decides she'll come up with another way to get Gwen to confess then. Gwen argues that Abigail won't do anything because she's weak. Gabi tells Gwen that she's not helping. Gabi says she knows Abigail and that she will regret this, bringing up her kids. Abigail remarks that she doesn't know her. Abigail declares that there's no way in hell that she's going to help Gabi get Jake back and that he deserves better. Abigail can't believe she thought she could trust Gabi. Gabi tells her it's over and to go get herself together. Abigail then exits the wine cellar. Gwen thanks Gabi for saving her. Gabi warns her not to thank her just yet.

Chad questions Anna saying stop in the name of love. Anna blames it on her drinking. Chad argues that he knows she's faking being that drunk because there's something to do with the wine cellar that she doesn't want to tell him. Anna admits she thinks she'd be better at lying with so much practice. Anna asks Chad to just trust her and skip the wine cellar. Anna suggests he take Abigail out for dinner and forget this conversation for his own good. Chad questions what is down there that she doesn't want him to see. Abigail then emerges from the tunnels so Chad guesses he should ask who instead.

Kate reminds Jake of when he told her there's a thin line between love and hate. Jake says he wasn't referring to he and Gabi, assuring they have no relationship and there's nothing left between them. Kate argues that every time she asks if he still has feelings for Gabi, he kisses her or pulls her into bed. Jake asks if that's a bad thing. Kate responds that it's a bad thing if he's using her to convince himself that he doesn't still have feelings for Gabi. Jake tries to respond but Kate decides she's going to get some air and leaves the office.

Gabi clarifies that she still hates Gwen's guts but she's not worth losing her freedom over. Gwen asks if she will untie her then. Gabi says she can't untie her because Gwen will go straight to the cops and then she will regret saving her life. Gwen questions if she's going to leave her down here to rot. Gabi thinks she could live with that. Gwen argues that it's still murder. Gabi asks if it is if no one finds out. Gwen brings up that Anna or someone else could come looking for wine. Gabi asks what her solution is. Gwen mentions Rafe being Gabi's brother and how she's sure he doesn't want to have to arrest Gabi again. Gabi remarks that Rafe always does his job. Gwen tells Gabi that she doesn't blame her for what happened here but Abigail is their enemy. Gwen says that Abigail sent Gabi to clean up her mess. Gwen promises to leave Gabi's name out of the kidnapping if she lets her go. Gabi questions throwing Abigail under the bus. Gwen points out how many times Abigail has thrown Gabi under the bus. Gabi says they have a deal since she said Abigail is their enemy.

Chad thought Abigail was at work and questions what she's doing down in the tunnels. Chad adds that Anna was doing everything she could to stop him from going down there and with Abigail coming out, he believes it's not a coincidence. Anna suggests Abigail was just exploring. Chad asks for a moment with his wife so Anna exits. Chad asks Abigail what is going on and says she's starting to scare him. Abigail responds that she can't tell him. Chad decides he will go down there and find out himself then. Gwen then emerges from the tunnels and tells Chad that Abigail tied her up down there and tried to kill her.

Lani talks to Eli about how aunt Paulina spoiled her when she was little. Lani said she begged her mom for a pony one Christmas and then Aunt Paulina rode one in until her mom put an end to it. Lani mentions how Paulina had a hard life before marrying Lani's uncle George. Lani says you wouldn't know it but Paulina takes care of the people she loves. Eli asks about Paulina having kids. Lani mentions that Paulina does have a daughter. Lani says her aunt and her mom were completely different. Lani notes that Paulina made a fortune in real estate and she's a total badass when it comes to business.

Paulina tells Abe that she saw the stop work order on the Gabi Chic store front so she did some research and it turns out two parties are in a dispute with the landlord so she hoped to throw her hat into the ring. Paulina asks Abe to put in a good word for her as the mayor. Abe questions if this means she's staying in Salem to start a business. Paulina says she's looking to expand her brand and this is the perfect location. Kate then interrupts and says she already has a signed lease on the store so she's going to have to keep looking. Paulina questions who the hell Kate is.

Gabi goes to DiMera Enterprises to see Jake. Jake says he has said all he needs to say to her and asks why she is here. Gabi says she needed to get this off her chest and he's the only person she knows that wouldn't rat her out. Jake questions what it's about. Gabi informs him that she just stopped a murder.

Abigail tells Chad not to listen to Gwen. Gwen insists that Abigail drugged her, conspired with Gabi, kidnapped her and tried to get her to confess to murdering Laura. Chad asks if that's true. Gwen tells Abigail that her plan didn't work because Laura's death was an accident. Chad asks Gwen if they tried to kill her. Gwen says that is true and tells Chad about Abigail pulling out Dr. Rolf's mind altering drug when she wouldn't confess. Gwen adds that if Gabi hadn't stopped her, Abigail had murder in her eyes. Chad asks Abigail to tell him that's not true. Abigail can't believe Gabi let Gwen out or that she ever trusted her. Chad holds Abigail back as Gwen reveals that she made a deal with Gabi to keep her name out of it. Gwen declares that she will tell the police it was all Abigail and that she's going down.

Lani tells Eli that she knows aunt Paulina seems flighty but she's shrewd and tough. Lani remarks that you don't want to get on her bad side. Eli says he'll make sure that doesn't happen. Eli mentions having to get paper work from the police station and asks if she needs anything. Lani says just him as they kiss and Eli then exits.

Kate introduces herself and asks who the hell Paulina is. Abe introduces Kate to Lani's aunt Paulina. Abe explains that Kate used to be his spokesperson until very recently. Kate says she just had a job change. Abe points out that she did not give two weeks notice. Kate explains that she's now an executive at DiMera Enterprises. Paulina suggests she'll take over the store while Kate can go back to the mayor's office. Kate repeats that she already has a signed lease on the store. Paulina argues that the contract hasn't been executed. Kate says they made a more than generous offer and the landlord accepted. Kate says Basic Black is going to be their flagship store. Paulina mocks Basic Black being an interesting name for a white owned business. Abe explains that it was named after the founder, John Black. Paulina points out that no shops in the town square are black owned. Paulina argues that Gabi Chic was latin owned and has become another casualty of corporate greed. Paulina tells Abe that it's not a good look as the black mayor of the town and asks what he's going to do about it.

Gabi explains to Jake that Abigail went all homicidal maniac and she had to put a stop to it. Jake asks if she wants a pat on the back. Gabi says she doesn't know why she's here and she just freaked out. Jake asks why him. Gabi complains that she couldn't tell her brother since he's a cop and then claims that Jake is her only friend. Jake responds that they aren't friends anymore since Gabi threatened to destroy him and his whole company. Jake guesses Gabi went crawling back to Abigail because she was desperate for a friend. Jake asks why Gabi went along with Abigail's plan since everyone knew Gwen drugged Abigail and not Gabi so he asks why she needed a confession. Gabi then admits that it was because Abigail agreed to help her blow up Jake's relationship with Kate. Jake can't believe she's serious. Gabi argues that even Abigail can see he wants her and not Kate. Jake asks how many times he has to tell her no. Jake complains about how much stress Gabi brings to his life. Jake questions what Abigail would've been planning to do anyways. Gabi says she doesn't know since Abigail isn't going to help her anyways. Jake asks if Gabi will finally give up then but Gabi says she will never.

Gwen declares that she's going to the police station and no one is talking her out of pressing charges. Chad stops her to make sure she knows what she's getting into since Laura's death is still an open investigation. Gwen argues that she's innocent while Abigail is a psycho and she has witnesses. Abigail asks if Gabi said she would rat her out and warns that would be a big mistake. Gwen argues that Abigail is completely out of control and needs to be locked up. Gwen storms out while Chad holds Abigail back. Abigail complains that it's not fair. Chad asks what she was thinking. Abigail argues that Gwen deserves to pay. Chad questions if she realizes that she just risked their family, future, and her freedom. Abigail says they aren't safe as long as Gwen is free. Abigail tells Chad that she kidnapped Gwen because she's a threat. Abigail asks how many people he's going to let Gwen hurt before he stops defending her. Chad shouts that he's not defending her. Abigail feels Chad just let Gwen walk away which means he's taking her side. Chad denies that and talks about how he thought she wanted couples therapy but she cancelled the appointment to enlist Gabi to kidnap and drug Gwen. Chad asks how long she's been planning this. Abigail asks why that even matters. Chad wonders if Abigail moved back home to work on their marriage or for access to the tunnels. Abigail argues that Chad knows her and that she would never use him in that way. Chad responds that right now, he doesn't know her at all.

Jake asks Gabi what it will take to make her realize she's wasting her time because he's in love with another woman. Gabi argues that he's not in love with Kate and only thinks he is because he still has feelings for her. Jake argues that they have been over this. Gabi says that Jake kissed her back the other day in the town square and their spark was as strong as ever. Gabi wants Jake to admit he still has feelings for her. Jake then says she's right that he does.

Kate talks about Gabi losing her lease because she prioritized personal over career. Kate argues that DiMera Enterprises has always been an equal opportunity employer. Paulina argues that she looked up the board and saw all white people. Kate asks if she's the diversity police and says it doesn't mean she should have to move. Paulina points out that she hasn't moved in to the shop yet. Paulina asks if Abe cares to weigh in on this. Abe admits that Paulina makes some very strong points so he agrees to introduce her to the landlord so she can make a direct pitch for the shop spot.

Gwen goes to the police station and acts out of breath as she approaches Eli to tell him that she needs to report an attempted murder.

Abigail tells Chad that she moved back in to give their marriage a chance because she wants her family back. Chad argues that she's not acting like it. Chad says Gwen tried to tear them apart and now she might succeed because Abigail can't let this go. Abigail asks if she's just supposed to let her grandmother's death go. Chad doesn't want Abigail to go to prison and asks what if Laura's death was an accident. Abigail can't believe he's saying that. Chad can't believe Abigail tortured someone in their basement and asks how far is too far. Chad questions what it will take for this to be over. Abigail declares it will only be over when Gwen is no longer part of their lives, whatever it takes.

Jake tells Gabi that he does care about her so he doesn't want her to waste her life waiting for something that's never going to happen. Jake tells her he doesn't want her to look desperate and pathetic, chasing a man who is never going to be hers. Gabi can't believe it. Jake tells her this has to stop for him, Kate, and herself. Jake asks if she understands what he's saying. Gabi says his message is very loud and clear. Gabi declares she will not be back as she storms out of the office.

Kate can't believe Abe is serious and asks if he's trying to get back at her for leaving him on short notice. Abe says he only agreed to make an introduction and that it's nothing personal. Kate says maybe it's not personal but it's sure not fair. Kate then walks away. Paulina thanks Abe and says he's doing the honorable thing. Abe stops her and repeats that he agreed to make an introduction but he's not on anyone's side. Paulina remarks that she's sure he will do the right thing for the town and his family.

Lani receives a package at the door with a pair of silver spoons for the twins and a card from Aunt Paulina.

Eli sits Gwen down and says he will get her water and he will have an officer take her statement. Gwen requests Rafe because she wants to speak to the boss as she's tired of getting the run around. Eli responds that they are tired of her coming down with unfounded charges against Abigail. Gwen shows him the ropes are on her wrists and tells him that Abigail kidnapped her and tried to kill her. Eli says he has a hard time believing his cousin would do something like that. Gwen asks if she's related to everyone in this won. Gwen guesses Eli will make this go away like Shawn did. Eli tells her that they aren't family counselors so she and Abigail are going to have to work this out themselves. Gwen remarks that it will work out when Abigail gets 25 to life behind bars.

Chad asks Abigail how she's going to get Gwen out of their lives. Abigail says she'll figure it out. Chad suggests they just move on. Abigail asks how she's supposed to just forget that Gwen drugged her and she spent months in a hospital or that she tried to ruin her parents' marriage, slept with her husband, and bashed her grandmother's head in. Chad tells her that he's sorry for how Gwen hurt her and for how he hurt her by believing Gwen's lies but how she's acting now is not her. Abigail insists that she's finally fighting back like she should've a long time ago. Chad asks if her ending up in prison will make it worth it. Abigail says yes. Chad responds that he doesn't know what to say then as he walks out of the room.

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