Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/8/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/8/21


Written By Joseph

Allie joins Lucas in the town square with Henry and apologizes for being late as she was at the police station. Lucas asks what happened and if she had any luck. Allie tells him that she went to see Sami but she was sent away because Sami was in with Belle. Lucas still can't believe Belle agreed to represent Sami after everything they went through last time Sami was in town. Allie is glad that they worked it out becaues it sounds like Sami's going to need a really good lawyer. Lucas asks what she heard. Allie says Rafe wouldn't tell her much but it can't be good that Sami was kept overnight. Lucas decides to see what he can find out and calls Shawn to ask if he can get an update on Sami's situation because Allie is really concerned about her mom. Lucas then informs Allie that Sami was arrested for murder.

Ava is looking at her old photo of her holding Charlie as a baby when Rafe comes home. Ava questions him being back from work already. Rafe says he just wanted to tell her in person that they have news on the investigation in to Charlie's murder. Rave informs her that the suspect they had in custody has been arrested as they found her fingerprints on the murder weapon. Ava notes it being a 'her'. Ava asks if he can tell her who it is. Rafe reveals to her that it's Allie's mother, Sami Brady.

Belle returns to Sami in the interrogation room. Sami questions what took so long and why she let Rafe arrest her. Belle asks how she was supposed to stop him when her fingerprints were on the gun that shot Charlie. Sami argues that it doesn't mean she killed him. Belle reminds her that she warned Sami not to lie to her and she said she never touched the murder weapon, so she lied. Belle then declares that she quits.

Gwen screams for help until Anna enters the door to the wine cellar to find Gwen tied up. Anna questions what she's doing in here. Gwen claims that she was just looking for wine. Anna points out that she got herself in a jam. Gwen asks Anna to help her out because her ties are cutting off her circulation. Anna realizes somebody kidnapped her. Gwen then reveals it was Gabi and Abigail.

Gabi asks Abigail if she would even know what drug to look for. Abigail says she does because it was in her lab report. Gabi tells her this better work since Abigail won't leave her alone. Gabi then starts to walk off but before Abigail can follow her, Chad comes over to retrieve a ball from playing with the kids and ends up running in to Abigail. Chad says he didn't expect to see her there. Chad reminds her that he cancelled their couples' therapy because she said she had something more important to do. Chad questions Abigail blowing off their appointment to meet with Gabi and asks her what's going on.

Sami argues that Belle can't just go. Belle asks why she should stay and represent her when she can't trust her. Sami admits she touched the gun. Belle complains that they all know that now. Sami swears she was telling the truth that she did not kill Charlie Dale. Belle asks why Sami came back to Salem without telling anyone that she was here and why she went straight to Charlie's apartment. Belle then asks why her hands were on the gun and why she lied to her when she was only here trying to help her. Belle argues that Sami says she's innocent but she's acting awfully guilty.

Ava asks Rafe if he believes Sami killed Charlie. Rafe says what he believes doesn't matter as he just has to go off the facts. Ava brings up Rafe and Sami being close. Rafe assures that their personal relationship is not going to interfere with the case. Ava says she appreciates that. Rafe knows Ava and Charlie weren't close but he was her son so he will see to it that justice will be done. Ava believes that justice has been done.

Lucas thanks Shawn and says he'll be in touch as he hangs up. Allie worries about hearing Sami's fingerprints were all over the gun and that it looks really bad for Sami. Lucas encourages that Sami has gotten out of bad scenarios before and that they shouldn't think worst case scenario. Allie asks how she can't when this is all her fault.

Abigail claims to Chad that she asked Gabi to meet her so she could apologize for falsely accusing her of drugging her when it was Gwen. Gabi tells her that she's listening so she better make it good and heartfelt. Abigail tells Chad it will be good for him to hear it too. Abigail then tells Gabi that she's really sorry for all the pain she caused her when she ended up being completely innocent. Abigail asks if Gabi could ever forgive her. Gabi asks why the hell she would ever forgive her.

Anna questions Gwen about Gabi and Abigail working together to do this to her. Gwen explains that Gabi knocked her out and then Abigail tied her up. Anna asks what their long term plan is. Gwen informs her that Abigail wants to confess to killing Laura but she didn't so she's not going to confess. Anna says she's not getting out then. Gwen suggests Anna could untie her. Anna responds that she could.

Sami tells Belle that she knows it looks bad. Belle doesn't know how to get her out now. Sami is sure she can think of something. Belle says Sami is just like Claire when she was 2. Belle complains that Sami knew her fingerprints would be on the gun and that she would find out while she swore to tell the truth. Sami responds that she also knows Belle will help her because she's her sister and that's the most important thing. Sami says they might not get along but when things are really bad, there's nothing they wouldn't do for each other. Belle gives in and agrees not to walk out but warns this is Sami's last chance and swears she is done with her if she lies to her again.

Rafe questions Ava saying justice has been done. Ava says she's a mother just like Sami so she understands what it's like when you want to do anything to take your child's pain away. Ava acknowledges that her son hurt Sami's daughter in the worst way possible and almost got away with it. Rafe asks if she's saying Charlie deserved to get shot. Ava says she understands why Sami did what she did but she gets that Sami has to be punished. Ava adds that she's grateful that Rafe arrested her son's killer as no one should have to die the way that he did. Ava admits she's relieved that things are over and they can all start to heal. Rafe notes that he wouldn't go that far because the case is anything but closed as they are still in the early stages of the investigation so it will be a long and painful process for everyone involved. Ava knows it couldn't have been easy to arrest someone who means so much to him since Rafe loved Sami and maybe still does. Rafe admits that his relationship with Sami is very complicated. Ava says so was her relationship with her son.

Lucas questions why Allie would think this is her fault. Allie complains that if she hadn't told Sami about Charlie then she wouldn't be where she is. Lucas argues that Allie didn't tell Sami to do what she did. Tripp approaches and greets Henry then apologizes if he's interrupting. Allie tells him it's fine but Lucas suggests she be honest with him. Allie then tells Tripp that she's kind of glad they ran in to him because she wanted to reach out earlier but didn't know what to say about Charlie. Tripp doesn't know what to say either since he didn't even know he had a brother until a few weeks ago. Tripp admits part of him is relieved that Charlie is out of their lives for good..

Belle asks Sami why she picked up the gun. Sami guesses she just wasn't thinking clearly. Belle questions why she's being so cagey and not explaining why she touched the gun. Belle asks if Sami is protecting someone. Belle realizes that if Sami wasn't here, the number one suspect would be her daughter. Sami assures Allie had nothing to do with this and says she hasn't even talked to her in days. Belle asks how she knows Allie didn't shoot Charlie. Sami remarks that Allie is not a killer, unlike someone's daughter. Belle warns her to leave Claire out of this. Sami apologizes and says she's just very protective of Allie. Belle says she wasn't trying to imply that Allie was the shooter but a lot of peoples' minds are going to go there. Sami argues that Charlie had a long list of people who had it out for him. Belle agrees that a lot of people wanted to see Charlie dead..

Ava tells Rafe that if she had been a better mother to Charlie then maybe things would've been different. Rafe says Charlie was a grown man who made his own choices. Ava feels she was never there for him and didn't even try to understand him as she didn't have it in her to be a mother to him. Rafe understands she was going through her own stuff. Ava says whatever reason, Charlie is gone now and she doesn't know how to feel about it. Rafe figures she's probably still in shock. Ava decides she should start packing since it was no secret that Rafe wasn't thrilled to have her and now she's no longer in danger. Rafe stops her and tells her that she doesn't have to leave. Rafe says he has to go back to work as he's waiting on lab results. Ava thanks Rafe as he then exits the house.

Tripp says he shouldn't have said he was relieved since Charlie was his brother but if Charlie was still here, he might not be. Allie asks what he means. Tripp reveals that Charlie threatened his life which surprises Allie and Lucas. Tripp explains that Charlie overheard him talking to Steve about how he wanted to be in Henry's life and went nuts, saying he'd make sure Tripp was nowhere near his kid. Tripp adds that Charlie started telling him he would kill him if that's what it took. Lucas says they didn't know any of that. Tripp says he didn't want to upset Allie because she's been through enough. Allie says all she cared about is that Henry is safe. Tripp points out that now they are because they don't have to worry about Charlie anymore.

Gwen directs Anna to a box cutter to untie her. Anna instead walks past the box cutter and picks out a bottle of wine. Gwen questions what she's doing. Anna explains that she's finding the right wine for lunch as Tony is waiting for her. Gwen asks what she's talking about. Anna questions Gwen really thinking she was going to set her free after what she's done to her sister in law. Anna declares she wouldn't lift a pinky to help her out.

Gabi brings up all the horrible things Abigail has done to her and mocks Abigail being sorry. Abigail asks her to hear her out. Abigail then asks Chad to leave them alone because it could get intense and she'd hate for the kids to overhear. Abigail assures that she'll be okay so Chad says he'll see her back at home and goes back to playing with the kids. Abigail questions Gabi as to what the hell that was about. Gabi says she had to make it believable because Chad wouldn't buy that she'd just accept without fighting back. Abigail asks if it was an act then. Gabi admits it did feel good. Abigail points out that Gabi has already accepted her apology in real life. Gabi argues that they made a truce but she'll never be totally over what she did to her. Abigail understands and says the same to her. Gabi suggests they get this going. Abigail declares that they will go make Gwen pay.

Allie informs Tripp that the police arrested her mother for Charlie's murder. Tripp thought Sami was in Europe. Lucas says that's what they thought too. Allie adds that the gun they found had Sami's fingerprints on it and says she's so sorry which Tripp questions. Allie just wishes none of this ever happened because so many lives have been affected. Tripp says he's just glad Henry is okay. Tripp adds that he meant what he said if Allie needs any help with Henry, he's there. Allie thanks him. Tripp knows it may be a lot to ask but his mom has been having a tough time since Charlie died and keeps staring at a picture of Charlie as a baby. Tripp asks if Ava could meet Henry, repeating that he knows it's a lot to ask and he understands if she's not comfortable with that. Allie responds that it's fine. Lucas reminds her that she's talking about Ava Vitali. Allie acknowledges that Ava is Henry's grandmother so she thinks it's important for her to meet him which makes Tripp happy.

Abigail asks Gabi where Dr. Rolf keeps his secret drug stash to they can get it and get this over with. Gabi still doesn't get why they have to threaten Gwen with the same drug. Abigail points out that Gwen has seen it up close. Gabi makes sure they are just going to threaten Gwen and not inject her with it. Abigail says she would never do that and questions Gabi growing a conscience about drugging people. Gabi asks if she wants her help or not. Abigail asks if she wants Jake back or not as they walk off together.

Gwen warns that Anna is an accessory to kidnapping if she leaves her. Anna remarks that all she saw down here was a large rat. Gwen questions her just walking away. Anna reminds her that the walls are soundproof so she shouldn't bother yelling. Gwen insists that someone will find her. Anna asks who even cares enough to notice that she's gone. Gwen calls her a miserable bitch as Anna then exits the cellar, leaving Gwen tied up.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room, surprised to see Belle is still there. Sami admits that Belle tried to quit. Belle responds that she's satisfied that Sami is actually telling the truth this time. Rafe asks if Sami told her why her fingerprints were on the gun. Belle reminds Sami that she will do the talking now. Belle tells Rafe that Sami picked up the gun in a moment of panic and then put it right back down. Rafe questions Sami not mentioning that before. Belle argues that Sami was petrified because of how this looks with her history. Rafe questions the story being that Sami never fired the gun. Sami thinks back to standing over Charlie and confirms she never fired the gun. Belle says she knows Rafe has a lot of other suspects but Rafe reveals the fingerprints is not all they've got on Sami by a long shot. Belle tells Rafe that Sami has assured she's innocent so she asks what more he could possibly have. Sami insists that Rafe is bluffing. Rafe reveals he just got the full ballistics report from the lab and they tested Sami's clothes which have gunshot residue all over them.

Ava puts away her photo of her and Charlie as a baby. Tripp then comes in and says he hopes it's an okay time as he brought someone to see her that might cheer her up. Allie then brings in Henry as Tripp asks if Ava wants to meet her grandson.

Abigail and Gabi return to Gwen in the wine cellar. Gwen informs them of Anna coming in for her daily wine run. Gabi questions Anna knowing. Abigail assures it's alright and assumes that Anna refused to help Gwen. Gwen complains about them and repeats that she's not confessing. Gabi says that's why Abigail brought reinforcements. Abigail declares they have to take it to the next level as she reveals the drug and asks if Gwen recognizes it.

Chad comes home to the DiMera Mansion and asks Anna how her lunch with Tony was. Anna calls it delicious and very romantic as she finishes her wine. Chad comments that he sees Anna found a little something in the basement. Anna questions what he's talking about. Chad asks what's going on because he asked her about the wine and now she seems all panicked. Anna realizes he's talking about the wine and says she did find that in the basement. Chad questions what she thought he was talking about.

Abigail talks about Gwen scoring the drug from Dr. Rolf and drugging her champagne so she'd have a psychotic break. Abigail loads a needle with the drug. Gwen argues that she wouldn't. Abigail asks Gabi to record the confession. Gwen complains that they would be recording a crime and asks if she's trying to get arrested. Abigail says she knows a lot of people on the police force so it'd be fine. Gabi starts recording on her phone but then says she first wants to hear all about how Gwen put the drug in Abigail's champagne since she accused her and let her go to trial for it. Abigail tells Gabi to stay focused. Gabi questions only caring about the crimes against Abigail's family. Gwen suggests they didn't think this all through. Abigail then orders Gwen to answer Gabi's question then her own. Gwen tells them both to go to Hell. Abigail suggests rethinking that answer as she threatens her with the needle.

Ava asks if it would be okay if she held Henry which Allie allows. Ava introduces herself to Henry as his grandma.

Belle questions there being gunshot residue on Sami's clothes. Rafe says she's welcome to look at the report. Belle says that won't be necessary. Sami argues that she can explain. Rafe questions if Sami thought she could just wash the evidence from her hands when she held the murder weapon and pulled the trigger. Rafe shouts that there is obviously no other explanation. Rafe tells Sami to just tell them what happened, asking if she killed Charlie Dale.

Ava tells Allie that this was very kind of her to do, especially after their first meeting. Allie can't blame her for attacking her innocent son. Ava admits her other son wasn't innocent so she's sorry for what he did to her. Ava says she's sad for what Charlie's life could've been and the pain he caused. Tripp declares that a guilty man has finally been punished so they are all better off.

Rafe is sure Belle and Sami have a lot to talk about while he goes to meet with the district attorney. Rafe tells them to expect an arraignment soon. Rafe adds that he really wanted to help Sami, but now there's nothing he can do, as he exits the room. Sami tries to explain but Belle cuts her off and tells her to just stop because she doesn't want to hear it. Belle reminds her that this was her last chance and she blew it by lying to her again. Belle declares that she quits for real this time so Sami is on her own as she then walks out of the room.

Anna tells Chad that she was talking about the wine and asks what else she could've possibly found in the basement. Chad says she just looked panicked when he brought it up. Anna suggests she just had too much to drink. Chad says she just reminded him of wine in the basement that he's been waiting for a special occasion to open. Chad wants to have a welcome home dinner for Abigail and decides to go grab the wine but Anna stops him and tells him not to go down there. Chad questions why not.

Abigail tells Gwen that she can confess now. Gwen argues that she doesn't have the guts to do it and that she sent Gabi to do her dirty work. Gwen says that Gabi is almost as ruthless as her but not Abigail. Abigail tells her to shut up. Gwen tells her to drop it and move on. Abigail warns that she underestimated her which was a very big mistake as she raises the needle towards Gwen...

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