Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/5/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/5/21


Written By Joseph

Gwen wakes up tied to a chair in the wine cellar of the DiMera tunnels. Gwen looks around wondering where she is.

Abigail paces in the living room, noting that it's time to go check on Gwen. Abigail tells herself that she can face her but Chad enters the room. Abigail questions what he's doing there.

Gabi meets Philip in the town square and complains about the contractor not being there to work on her Gabi Chic shop. Philip points out to her that her grand reopening sign has been crossed out and the city put a stop work order preventing construction. Gabi argues that they can't do that. Kate and Jake then walk up and reveal that they are responsible for this.

Ciara tells Christian that she knows Ben is alive because he came to her in a dream and told her so. Christian questions her buying that.

Ben exits Marlena's office at the hospital while on the phone with Clyde and asks him about Ciara. Clyde tells him that he can't stay on this phone so Ben has to come to the prison. Ben asks if he can give him some idea as to what's going on. Clyde tells him to just get here because he's going to want to hear what he has to say in person.

Chad apologizes for startling Abigail. Abigail says she just didn't hear him coming. Chad says he wanted to tell her what it meant to him that they spent last night under the same roof. Chad feels having her and the kids there is a good first step. Chad adds that they don't have to sleep in the same bed until she's ready. Chad says he also wanted to tell her that he made a unilateral decision for the two of them to go to marriage counseling. Chad says the only availability they had was for an hour from now which surprises Abigail. Chad suggests they go get coffee but Abigail shuts it down, saying she can't do it today so he's going to have to cancel.

Gwen wonders how this happened and how she got in to this mess. Gwen then remembers drinking champagne with Gabi and calls her a double crossing bitch.

Gabi questions what Jake did or if Kate got to Abe, arguing that it's between Titan and DiMera. Jake informs them that Kate is now working for him. Gabi complains that Titan leased the space for her so whatever they are trying to pull is not going to work. Jake points out that she shouldn't hire a contractor before having a signed lease in her hand.

Chad tells Abigail that if he cancels the appointment, they won't be able to go for another week so he asks if she's sure she can't make it today. Abigail feels it's really sudden and wants time to think. Chad thinks it seems like perfect timing. Abigail complains that she doesn't know the therapist. Chad thought this is what she wanted. Abigail says it is but she has other really important things to do this morning. Chad questions it being more important than keeping them together. Abigail wishes he felt that way when he was listening to Gwen's lies over her. Chad admits he had that coming and apologizes for pushing her. Chad asks if a day next week works for her. Abigail tells him that any day next week is fine and says she appreciates him doing this. Chad then exits the room. Abigail then heads in to the tunnels.

Gwen struggles with being tied up, complaining that she will make Gabi wish she never did this. Abigail then enters the room and asks if Gwen was expecting someone else. Gwen admits she was expecting Gabi, who she identifies as Abigail's nemesis until she had her come and get her. Abigail claims not to know what she's talking about. Gwen tells her that Gabi told her the whole story last night and said she preferred her as an ally. Gwen says toasting champagne with Gabi was the last thing she remembered and then she woke up here. Gwen guesses Gabi didn't turn down Abigail after all. Abigail confirms that Gabi drugged her champagne and they then dragged Gwen here in a laundry cart. Gwen asks where exactly she is. Abigail says she would've thought Gwen would have scoped every piece of the residence. Gwen guesses it's somewhere that the tunnels lead which Abigail confirms. Abigail explains that after they dragged her here, she moved back in upstairs because Chad wants her back. Gwen tells Abigail that she's had her fun and games so she asks to be let go. Abigail says she would be happy to after Gwen admits to everything she's ever done to her and her family.

Gabi questions what Jake did. Jake says he had a chat with her landlord and they had a nice deal for rent but hadn't signed the lease. Kate reveals they offered more money, tore up Gabi's lease, and signed on the dotted line. Gabi doesn't believe it. Jake says it was easy because the landlord was getting sick of Gabi's demands and conditions anyways. Jake talks about maybe putting a Basic Black store there. Philip questions Kate being okay with Jake doing this to him. Jake adds that it was Kate's idea. Kate talks about promoting the business. Jake calls Kate a gem. Gabi still can't believe it. Jake says so much for running them into the ground.

Christian questions Ciara believing her dream is the truth and guesses she's been locked up too long. Christian asks if she thinks he'd go through all the time and trouble to print up a fake paper to prove she's a widow. Ciara insists it's not going to work and that what happened to her was more than a dream. Ciara repeats that Ben's going to find her and get her out. Christian mocks Ben being so heroic and brings up the three women he killed. Ciara brings up Christian strangling his own baby's mother. Christian mocks Ciara and Ben's love. Ciara says she knows what Ben did and she hates it but no one hates it more than Ben does. Ciara talks about how their love made them better people and says they are not giving up on each other no matter what. Ciara says Christian can keep her here as long as he wants but she'll never believe a word he says. Ciara declares that Ben knows she's alive and that she's waiting for him. Ciara says Christian can just let her go because she won't shed a tear. Christian then admits that Ben is alive but warns that he won't be for long.

Ben goes to the prison to meet Clyde and tells him to tell him what he knows about Ciara. Clyde tells Ben that he was right that Ciara is still alive.

Chad returns to the living room and wonders where Abigail went. Anna enters and asks if he's seen Tony as she wants to surprise him with lunch. Chad says he hasn't and asks if she's seen Abigail. Anna says not since last night when she helped her with her luggage. Chad explains that Abigail was in here a bit ago and seemed distracted but she wouldn't tell him what else she had to do today. Anna suggests it was for the Spectator. Chad just wants to put this whole thing behind them and thought that's what she wanted too. Anna points out that Abigail and the kids did move back in but she's going to need some time since Chad did sleep with someone else. Anna acknowledges that they still love each other so she believes they will figure it out, it just might take a little longer.

Gwen asks Abigail what she's confessing to. Abigail suggests starting in order with drugging her before she even met her and then getting her to hire her as her kids' nanny. Gwen argues that she needed a nanny so she offered and didn't force her to hire her. Gwen mocks Abigail being desperate to get back to work instead of taking care of her kids on her own. Abigail argues that her kids are everything to her. Gwen asks why she isn't up there with her kids then instead of down here with her, plotting with Gabi. Gwen remarks that her kids hardly ever saw Abigail while she was taking care of them. Gwen says that Charlotte once asked her if she thought her mom loved her. Abigail calls that a lie. Gwen says she told Charlotte that her mom did love her but she didn't believe her and cried about her mother not tucking her into bed at night. Abigail argues that Charlotte never said that and says it's more lies designed to hurt her. Abigail says that's why it's so important to her to punish Gwen because she deserves to suffer for convincing her that she was her friend and then trying to ruin her parents' marriage. Gwen argues that Jennifer deserved to hear the truth. Abigail mocks Gwen caring about the truth. Gwen talks about sleeping with Chad and says they both thought it was great. Abigail yells at her to shut up. Gwen tells Abigail that she did not murder her grandmother. Abigail says it sounds like Gwen will be here for a very long time then. Gwen responds that she's used to not eating for long periods of time but she questions how Abigail will explain all the screaming people hear upstairs. Abigail informs her that the room is soundproof so they won't hear a thing. Gwen guesses they will have to wait it out then. Gwen says Abigail and Gabi went through so much trouble to pull this off but it won't work because Abigail doesn't have the stomach to let her starve to death and their dad will wonder where she is so she could just let her go. Abigail declares that Gwen just needs the proper motivation to confess as she then exits the room.

Jake asks Kate if she wants to look inside the building to make sure everything is okay. Kate thinks that's a good idea because of the damage Gabi could do. Philip asks for a word with Kate alone and pulls her aside. Jake tells Gabi that if she left anything in his store, he can get it out for her. Gabi tells him not to do her any favors. Jake remarks that he just doesn't want her stuff getting mixed up with his Basic Black line.

Philip takes Kate to outside the Pub and asks for a straight answer. Kate calls it a business venture which Philip questions and asks if she's proud of stealing Gabi's store out from under her. Kate says the town square is prime real estate. Philip thinks she's being petty and making it personal. Kate disagrees and says Gabi is throwing herself at Jake. Philip argues that Kate is playing right in to Gabi's hands.

Gabi tells Jake to stop gloating and argues that he would never think of this on his own and had to have Kate come up with it for him. Gabi thought Jake wanted to run DiMera himself to prove himself. Jake asks why he wouldn't want his partner in life to be his business partner. Gabi argues that Kate will take the company away from Jake and kick him to the curb while he'll never see it coming. Jake insists that Kate is who he wants by his side because she's not afraid to go toe to toe with the enemy or back down from a fight.

Kate asks Philip how she's playing in to Gabi's hands. Philip says Gabi came to work for him so Kate took a job with Jake. Kate calls them two completely different companies. Philip argues that if Kate didn't do that, Gabi would be all taken up with Gabi Chic but instead Kate's first move was to steal Gabi's store out from under her. Philip declares that Kate threw down the gauntlet and made sure that Jake and Gabi will be locking horns from now on. Kate assures that Jake and Gabi as a couple are over. Philip says they were. Kate argues that he saw them in the town square and they despise each other. Philip remarks that they both know when ex-lovers are at each others' throats, things can turn sexy quickly.

Gabi questions Jake being attracted to a woman who doesn't back down from a fight. Gabi brings up Gwen and herself, who fights for what she wants. Gabi says when she wants something, she goes after it with a vengeance and never gives up. Abigail interrupts and asks to talk to Gabi in private. Gabi tells her that she's busy but Abigail insists and pulls her away.

Ben argues that Clyde is locked up in prison so he questions how he could possibly know that Ciara is alive. Clyde informs him that Orpheus is locked up here too and he knows how Orpheus acts when he has something going on. Clyde says he made it his business to find out what that was. Clyde talks about Orpheus sounding like he knows Ciara is alive. Ben questions how Orpheus could be connected to what happened to Ciara and worries that Orpheus is playing him. Clyde adds that he hasn't gotten to the good part yet. Clyde reveals that Orpheus has been calling his son Christian a lot. Clyde tells him that the two of them are up to something that has to do with Ciara. Ben asks how to find out more. Clyde then presents Ben with Orpheus' cell phone.

Ciara tells Christian to stop jerking her around and asks what he means by saying Ben won't be alive for long. Christian warns that he can make it happen because he'll kill Ben himself. Ciara argues that he can't. Christian says he killed Ben's sister and there is nothing Ciara can do to stop him because she's locked up while he's free. Ciara begs him not to hurt Ben. Christian feels he'd be setting the universe right since Ben should've died last year by lethal injection while he was happy with Sonny and David. Christian shouts that Ciara took the people he loved most in this world and now he finally has the chance to make her pay.

Anna tells Chad that Abigail will be back and invites him to join her and Tony's lunch. Chad thanks her but declines and says he'll just go to the park with the kids. Anna encourages him that things will get back to normal with he and Abigail. Chad hopes so as right now it seems like the only thing on Abigail's mind is Gwen. Anna thinks that's understandable given the circumstances. Chad talks about Abigail having it in her head that Gwen is responsible for Laura's fall. Anna points out all the other things Gwen has done to Abigail so she won't change her mind. Anna tells Chad to just give Abigail some time. Anna mentions needing to go down to the wine cellar for her lunch with Tony. Anna calls every day with Tony so much fun..

Kate tells Philip that he's just starting to aggravate her but assures that Gabi and Jake are history as they are now business rivals. Philip points out that they are now business rivals too. Philip warns that he will fight her and Jake. Kate responds that they'll be ready. Philip says he'd hate to see her get so focused on beating him that she ends up all alone again. Philip tells her that he now has to go find Gabi Chic a new place as he walks away.

Gabi questions Abigail as to what was so important that she had to drag her away from Jake. Abigail questions what was going on between them anyways. Gabi says nothing and asks what's going on. Abigail tells her that she needs her help with Gwen. Gabi argues that she already did that so phase two is all her. Abigail says she tried but it didn't work so they will move on to phase three. Abigail brings up Gabi asking Dr. Rolf about his secret stash of drugs and says she's going to need Gabi to take her to it.

Ben questions how Clyde got Orpheus' phone. Clyde admits that he stabbed him but he's going to be fine. Ben asks if he's out of his mind because Orpheus is going to get out and come after him. Clyde says he's been taking care of himself since he was born and he's still here. Clyde tells Ben to forget about Orpheus and focus on what's important. Ben asks what's on the phone that connects Orpheus to Ciara. Clyde says he happened to call the last number dialed and he talked to Christian Maddox. Ben questions how it was talking to the man who killed his daughter. Clyde says he told him that he was a friend of his dad's and he started talking. Clyde reveals that Christian ended up bragging that he has Ciara.

Kate returns to the town square and comments on Jake still being there. Jake says he wouldn't leave her and asks what Philip wanted. Kate says Philip just loves to lecture her but it rarely ever works. Kate asks about Gabi. Jake tells her that Abigail came up to talk to her which is strange because he thought they couldn't stand each other.

Gabi questions Abigail wanting Dr. Rolf's drug stash. Abigail says she just wants the hallucinogen used on her. Gabi asks if she's going to use it on Gwen and if she's nuts. Abigail says Gwen still is not talking despite not being fed so she wants to threaten her with it so it has to have Rolf's label or else Gwen will know she's bluffing. Abigail tells Gabi to just help her get the drug and then she will help her admit what she did. Gabi mocks the plan but Abigail says she wants it done today because she can't handle another day knowing Gwen is in her basement. Gabi remarks that Abigail doesn't have the stomach for this kind of work. Abigail reminds Gabi that the sooner they get Gwen to spill her guts, the sooner everyone will know that Gabi didn't drug her and then she can start helping Gabi get Jake back. Abigail notes that Jake is her friend so he listens to her. Abigail adds that she saw the way Gabi was looking at Jake so he's obviously still a priority for her. Abigail asks Gabi what it's going to be.

Ben questions Christian having Ciara. Clyde warns him to keep his voice down so it doesn't get back to Orpheus. Ben realizes his dream is real and asks if he got a location. Clyde says no as once Christian shot off his mouth about Ciara, he got off real fast but that doesn't mean Ben can't use this to find him and get Ciara back.

Christian talks to Ciara about wondering how he's going to kill Ben. Ciara pleads with him not to hurt Ben. Christian remarks that he has to get Ben before Ben gets him. Ciara argues that he could just let her go and she'll never tell anyone that it was him so he can go start a brand new life. Ciara encourages that Ben did it so he can too. Ciara urges Christian to forget about revenge.

Kate wonders what Abigail would want with Gabi. Jake notes that she didn't say. Kate questions why Gabi went with her. Jake suggests maybe they finally found something they agree on.

Gabi asks Abigail if she would even know what drug to look for. Abigail says she does because it was in her lab report. Gabi tells her this better work since Abigail won't leave her alone. Gabi then walks off but before Abigail can follow her, Chad comes over to retrieve a ball from playing with the kids and ends up running in to Abigail.

Gwen screams for help until Anna enters the door to the wine cellar to find Gwen tied up.

Clyde advises Ben to put the phone away so a guard doesn't take it from him. Ben asks what if Christian doesn't have the phone he called. Clyde says it doesn't matter since he can take the phone to the cops and have them track the number to find out which cell tower it's off of and that's how he finds Ciara. Ben thanks Clyde as he tells him to go find his girl. Ben then rushes out of the prison.

Ciara asks if Christian is thinking about letting her go. Christian tells her that him finding true love is a crap shoot so he's sticking with revenge and killing Ben. Christian says he won't leave her hanging and he'll bring back proof. Ciara begs him to just let her go and not to hurt Ben. Christian pulls the curtain shut over the glass and exits, leaving Ciara in a panic.

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