Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/4/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/4/21


Written By Joseph

Ben falls asleep holding a copy of the Alice in Wonderland book "Through the Looking Glass" as he dreams again of rescuing Ciara but then wakes up in a panic.

Ciara is asleep holding the same book and is woken up by Christian bringing her food. Christian says he also got a copy of the paper from Salem in case she wants to know about some pretty big news about her husband.

Ben looks at the book and he was holding and then grabs his phone.

Marlena wakes up next to John in his hospital bed and asks how he's feeling. John responds that with her by his side, he's never better. Marlena brings up that he blacked out yesterday so they have to find out what caused that. Sarah enters to Marlena asks about John's test results. Sarah says the good news is she found no evidence of another aneurysm. John asks what the bad news is.

Rafe enters the interrogation room where Sami complains about being kept here all night. Rafe says it's not his fault that Belle didn't pick up when she called. Sami assures that she didn't know it was her calling. Rafe offers his phone to let her try again but first gives Sami one chance to tell him whether she killed Charlie Dale. Sami says they already had this conversation. Rafe brings up finding Sami in Charlie's apartment where he was dead so he still wants to know what happened before he got there. Sami repeats that she's not saying anything without a lawyer. Rafe warns that she's making a big mistake. Rafe gives Sami his phone to use while he goes to check on the ballistics report. Sami calls Belle and tells her that she's at the police department and really needs her help. Belle questions why she would do anything to help her after the hell she just put her through. Sami understands she's still mad about Jan Spears but argues that they are sisters. Sami pleads Belle to get there because she needs her help, warning that lives are at stake.

Sarah clarifies that there is no bad news but she just doesn't have an explanation yet as to why John blacked out even after all the tests. Sarah says it's usually related to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Marlena notes that his blood pressure was high last night. Sarah asks if there was anything last night that could have caused John's pressure to spike. Marlena admits that there was an upsetting conversation about his granddaughter that did upset him. Sarah asks if that's it. John says that's it and he appreciates all the concern but he thinks it's much ado about nothing. John suggests Sarah cut him loose and go take care of patients who really need help. Sarah says John may be fine but just to be safe, she's going to keep him a little longer for observation. Marlena thinks that's a very good idea. Sarah says she'll be back to check on him soon as she exits the room. John complains that he wants out. Marlena says she loves him too much to take that chance. Marlena then gets a text from Ben, saying he needs to see her right away. Marlena tells John that she will tell Ben that it will have to wait but John encourages her to go, insisting that he's in a safe place here. Marlena says she'll be right back then and exits.

Orpheus calls Christian from prison and leaves a message saying he must be proud of himself for going rogue with Ciara but they have a plan to stick to that Ciara will be exchanged for cash and then they disappear. Orpheus orders Christian to stop playing games and call him back. Clyde enters the room as Orpheus hangs up. Clyde guesses he was talking to his son again.

Ciara asks Christian about the news about Ben and demands the newspaper. Christian then hands Ciara the paper, which has a headline claiming that Ben had been killed in a motorcycle accident. Ciara argues that it's a lie and that Ben is not dead. Ciara says Ben would never get on a motorcycle without a helmet on. Christian reminds her that Ben thinks she's dead so he suggests he wanted to join her. Christian tells her to let him know if she wants to borrow a dagger as he exits the room.

Orpheus reminds Clyde that he warned him about sneaking up on him. Clyde guesses he was right. Orpheus warns him to back off. Clyde mocks him being touchy this morning. Orpheus complains about Clyde refusing to mind his own business. Clyde tells him that he's not too stupid to realize that he and Christian are up to something involving Ciara and he's going to figure it out. Orpheus says that's not bloody likely. Clyde says it's funny he should mention blood.

Belle arrives in the interrogation room. Sami wasn't sure she'd come. Belle admits curiosity got the best of her as Rafe wouldn't tell her what he was holding her for. Sami calls it a big misunderstanding. Belle argues that Rafe doesn't hold people for misunderstandings. Sami claims he overreacted. Belle asks what Rafe thinks that she did. Sami explains that Rafe suspects that she murdered Charlie Dale.

Allie goes to the police station and tells Rafe that she wants to see her mother. Rafe responds that Sami is busy and is in talking with Belle. Allie questions if Belle is representing her. Rafe says they'll see. Allie asks why Belle would agree to be Sami's lawyer since she hates her for letting Jan Spears loose on the family. Rafe tells her that she knows how Sami is when she wants something. Allie agrees that Sami never takes no for an answer.

Sami asks if Belle is okay. Belle is shocked to learn that Charlie Dale is dead. Sami is surprised she hadn't heard as she thought it would be in the news or that Shawn would've told her. Belle assumes Shawn doesn't know either and asks what happened. Sami tells her that Charlie was shot to death. Sami argues that Belle can't be that surprised, given what he's done. Belle questions what she is doing here. Sami tells her that she needs a lawyer. Belle asks why Rafe brought her in. Sami admits that Rafe found her at Charlie's apartment with his dead body. Belle then asks if Sami killed him.

Roman goes to see John in the hospital. John tells Roman about his run-in with Charlie and how Charlie stopped Claire from recording his confession before getting to the cops. John says he and Marlena checked on Claire afterwards and she's okay but when he heard what Charlie did to Claire, he totally lost it. John adds that Marlena tried to calm him down but he couldn't so he decided to go pay Charlie a visit. Roman hopes John gave him hell. John admits that he doesn't know what he did because that's when he blacked out in his car.

Orpheus tells Clyde that they can talk about this but Clyde declares he's done talking. They grab one another but Clyde stabs Orpheus and steals his phone as he then exits the room.

Ben goes to see Marlena in her office and explains how he and Shawn went to Rhodes' apartment but it was cleared out. Ben adds that they found a box of his stuff in the basement that looked like a bunch of junk but Claire insisted taking something from the box to help Susan with her visions. Ben tells her that he and Claire found a copy of Alice in Wonderland which Ciara had as a kid. Ben says he remembered his dream where Ciara was holding the sequel, Through the Looking Glass, and how it was an exact match to the one in Rhodes' box so it was part of a set. Ben says they figured that where ever Ciara was, she has Rhodes' books, but bringing it to Susan didn't work. Ben talks about how last time Susan was so enthusiastic about helping but this time it was like she didn't even care. Marlena says she's just focused on Brady right now. Ben says he's not blaming Susan but he thinks he found another way to track down Ciara. Ben tells her about having another dream of Ciara where he found her in a room behind a glass wall which connects to Susan's first vision. Ben wants Marlena to hypnotize him again, so he can find his wife. Ben insists that Marlena can help him again. Marlena argues that it doesn't work that way unless it was a real memory as she can't take him somewhere that he's never been. Ben argues that he has been there and he saw Ciara through the glass. Marlena insists that she wants to help him so Ben pleads with her to do it. Ben admits maybe it won't work and he won't remember anything else but he knows he and Ciara are connected and that she's desperately trying to connect with him because she needs his help so he really needs Marlena's. Ben asks her to at least try.

Ciara cries that Ben's death can't be true and prays for a sign to let her know that Ben is still alive.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Ben.

Allie tells Rafe that she knows Sami has done crazy things and that he found her in Charlie's apartment but questions if there's any actual evidence that she's guilty. Rafe says he should have the ballistics and forensics report soon, as well as the autopsy and then he'll be able to tell if the district attorney can charge Sami. Allie brings up how the D.A. refused to press charges against Charlie for assaulting her. Rafe reminds her that it was beyond the jurisdiction. Rafe talks about wanting Charlie to go to jail or at least admit what he did to her for vindication but he's sorry for the way things turned out. Allie responds that she's not and she doesn't think Rafe should be sorry either. Allie declares that everybody knows Charlie got exactly what he deserved. Allie asks Rafe to just drop it, questioning why it matters who killed him.

Sami can't believe Belle just asked her if she killed Charlie. Belle argues that she just said Rafe found her in his apartment. Belle adds that she can't help her if she doesn't answer her question. Sami responds that she's not saying anything unless she guarantees that she has confidentiality. Sami asks if Belle will represent her. Belle responds that she hasn't decided yet as she needs more information. Sami complains that it's too much to think her family would have her back. Belle then gets up to leave so Sami stops her and asks what she wants to know. Belle tells her to start with what she was doing in Charlie's apartment. Sami informs her that Lucas called and told her that they were dropping the charges against Charlie because he claimed what happened with Allie was consensual. Sami says she wasn't going to let Charlie get away with it so she got on a plane and went straight to Charlie's place to confront him. Belle asks if she went to confront him or shoot him. Sami asks if she will be her lawyer. Belle tells her to answer the question. Sami asks if she will represent her. Belle points out that Sami is suspected of murder and is trying to negotiate. Belle argues that Sami thinks the world revolves around her but she's done. Belle warns that if she stalls her one more time, she's on her own so if Sami wants her help, she will answer the question. Belle asks again if Sami shot Charlie Dale.

Roman informs John that he just got a message that Charlie Dale is dead, which shocks John. Roman notes that it says it was a gunshot wound and that the cops have a suspect in custody but it doesn't say who.

Sami questions if Belle honestly thinks she could murder someone. Belle brings up that Sami has shot multiple people. Sami argues that it was only when she had good reason. Belle talks about all of the selfish and reckless things that she has done to hurt her own family. Belle brings up how Sami unleashed a psychopath in Jan Spears. Sami says she's sorry. Belle tells her about how Jan terrorized everyone at her wedding and held her at gunpoint. Sami admits she made a mistake and repeats that she's sorry but claims she did it out of love for her children. Belle believes that when Sami found out Allie's rapist wasn't going to face any consequences, she must have been enraged, so she could see Sami take the law into her own hands. Belle asks Sami one more time. Sami then tells Belle that she did not kill Charlie Dale, revealing that when she got to his apartment, he was already dead. Belle asks about the gun. Sami thinks back to holding the gun and standing over Charlie, saying he got what he deserved. Sami claims to Belle that the gun was on the floor and she didn't touch it. Belle warns that she better not be lying to her because if she finds out that Sami told her one false thing, she will quit. Sami says she understands. Belle asks Sami what came after her entering the apartment. Sami says that Rafe showed up, gave her the third degree and kept her here overnight. Sami argues that she should be let go because she's innocent. Belle says if that's the case, she doesn't need her help and can just tell Rafe what happened. Sami complains that the truth doesn't matter, bringing up that Gabi went to prison for a murder she didn't commit. Sami argues that no one will believe her word because they always believe the worst of her. Sami complains that Belle can't let her go to prison. Sami adds that Jan can't come after Belle now since she's in a coma so she should get over it. Belle reminds her that John is still facing charges for strangling Jan for telling him that Belle was dead. Belle adds that John is still suffering because of the damage Sami did. Sami tells her that she can hate her for the rest of her life but right now, she needs her help. Sami admits that she's scared of what will happen if Belle doesn't help her.

Allie asks Rafe to just let this go. Rafe questions just dropping a murder investigation because the victim was a criminal. Allie argues that Charlie wasn't a victim while she and Ava were and Claire almost was too. Rafe understands her frustrations, but as police commissioner, he needs to make sure that the person who killed Charlie is held accountable. Allie asks even if that person is Rafe's ex-wife.

Clyde uses Orpheus' phone to call back the last number he called. Christian answers and says for his dad to stop calling him. Clyde informs him that this isn't his dad but a friend of his, claiming he asked him to give him a call. Christian asks why.

Marlena continues her hypnosis of Ben. Ben describes seeing the glass room that Ciara is in and the "Through the Looking Glass" book. Ben then sees Romeo & Juliet as well and talks about how he dreamed of he and Ciara performing the play even though he never read it. Marlena asks what he sees Ciara doing now. Ben says she's on the bed and looks sad, like she's crying. Ben declares that he has to find her and get her right now.

Ciara cries for Ben to still be alive, then imagines Ben coming to her rescue. She tells him that Rhodes was killed so Ben questions who is keeping her here.

Clyde informs Christian that Orpheus has had an unfortunate injury. Christian asks if it's serious. Clyde tells him that it's serious enough that he can't move forward with their plan for Ciara. Christian asks who this is again. Clyde claims his name is Pete. Christian notes that Orpheus never mentioned him. Clyde says that Orpheus trusts him to move forward with the plan in his absence. Clyde asks Christian to bring him up to speed on what he has planned and says they'll take it from there.

Rafe tells Allie that he loves her and Sami but unfortunately, he can't just make this magically disappear. Rafe promises to personally oversee every aspect of the investigation so that it's done right. Rafe gets a text that the ballistic reports are in. Allie wants to talk to Sami but Rafe thinks it's better if she lets her finish with Belle. Rafe says he'll let her know any news and walks Allie out of the station.

Sami asks Belle to do it for her kids if she won't do it for her. Sami brings up what will happen to her kids if she goes to prison. Sami declares that if Belle helps her now, she wil owe her for the rest of her life. Belle warns her not to make her regret it as she agrees to represent her. Sami hugs her and cries that she's the best. Rafe then enters the room and says he wasn't expecting this. Sami informs him that Belle is going to represent her. Belle confirms that and asks Rafe to release Sami immediately. Rafe responds that he's afraid he can't do that. Belle questions why not and says she knows he found her at the crime scene but argues that he can't arrest her without any evidence against her. Rafe then reveals that he does.

Christian says whoever is on the phone is full of it because Orpheus knows that he wants no part of his plan and he will never ransom that bitch back to her rich grandfather. Clyde questions Christian bailing on Orpheus. Christian declares that Ciara cost him his son and now he has the chance to make her pay. Christian says he can watch Ciara cry, hear her scream, and feel her suffer. He adds that he will enjoy every second of it and then hangs up the phone.

Ben remains under hypnosis, asking Ciara who killed Rhodes, but he's broken out of it by his phone ringing. Ben answers the call and it's Clyde. Ben tells him it's not a good time but Clyde says he's going to want to hear this as it's about Ciara.

Christian returns to Ciara and asks if she's still upset about her dead husband. Ciara tells him that Ben's not dead and the paper is fake. Christian tells her that she can deny it but the reality will set in soon enough. Ciara tells him that the reality is that Ben is alive and he's coming to get her.

John checks his phone but there's no updates so he wonders what the hell happened to Charlie as he recalls hearing a gunshot.

Roman goes to see Allie and says he was with John when he got the news about Charlie so he just wanted to make sure she's okay. Allie calls it a lot to process. Roman mentions reading that there was a suspect in custody but they didn't give a name. Allie then reveals that it's her mom.

Sami calls it impossible for Rafe to have any evidence against her since she didn't kill Charlie. Belle tells her to let her do her job and asks Rafe what he has. Rafe presents the ballistic report. Belle tells Rafe that Sami just assured her that she never touched the gun so Rafe asks why her fingerprints are all over it then.

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