Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/3/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/3/21


Written By Joseph

Sarah walks in on Xander in his room as he is having a seamstress adjust his Scottish kilt.

Kayla joins Steve outside the Brady Pub and apologizes for being late as she had to stitch up a patient. Kayla says dinner with him is heaven so they head in to the Pub where Justin and Bonnie are together. Bonnie invites Kayla and Steve to join them.

Jennifer tells Jack on the phone that she wishes she was there for him now. Jack says she is where she needs to be while the situation with Gwen and Abigail is something he needs to handle. Jennifer prays they can work things out since they are half sisters so they need to try to be civil. Jack hopes that is possible.

Abigail goes to Gwen's hotel room and knocks on the door, saying she knows Gwen is in there. Gabi then answers the door and tells Abigail that their plan worked like a charm as she invites Abigail inside, revealing Gwen is passed out. Abigail then asks if Gabi killed her.

Jack tells Jennifer that he doesn't want to keep her since she and Mike have a lot left to handle. Jennifer wishes dealing with her mother's estate was more simple. Jennifer talks about how her brother has been a comfort. Jack tells her that he loves her and can't wait until she's home. Jennifer tells Jack to try to let go of some of the guilt. Jack agrees to try and says he will talk to her tomorrow as they hang up. Chad then shows up at Jack's door and asks if Abigail is home but Jack says she left awhile ago. Chad asks if she said where she went.

Gabi tells Abigail that Gwen is not dead, just unconscious as she was careful about the dosage. Abigail brings up Gabi practicing on her. Gabi suggests thanking her instead of bringing up the past. Abigail questions how they ended up drinking champagne. Gabi explains that she told Gwen that they should team up against Abigail. Abigail talks about coming to Gabi for help because she's ruthless and amoral. Gabi argues that it wasn't easy to talk her way in and drug Gwen so she wants Abigail to thank her. Abigail thanks her and calls her a genius. Abigail asks what their next move is.

Kayla points out that Bonnie and Justin already finished dinner. Bonnie says they were going to have dessert and can wait for Steve and Kayla. Steve informs them that it's their date night. Bonnie suggests making it a double date. Steve says thanks but they will be eating alone. Bonnie says she just doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. Bonnie decides they don't need dessert, thanks Justin for dinner, and rushes out of the Pub. Justin sarcastically thanks Steve.

Xander tells Sarah that this was supposed to be a surprise. Sarah assures that walking in on him with the seamstress in front of him was a surprise. Xander explains that Sarah was shopping for her wedding dress so he thought it was the perfect time to adjust his kilt. Sarah jokes about when he might need a kilt until Xander reveals it's for their wedding as it comes from his great grandfather. Xander explains that the seamstress came at Maggie's recommendation. Xander asks Sarah to forget she saw it since it was supposed to be a surprise but Sarah says she will never forget any of this.

Gabi tells Abigail that they have to get Gwen out before she wakes up and starts screaming. Abigail is taken back by Gabi drugging Gwen without knowing what she was going to do with the body. Gabi says she just didn't want to over think things. Abigail tells her that she has an idea. Abigail brings up Stefano saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Gabi remarks that Abigail talks the talk while she walks the walk. Gabi complains that she's done all the heavy lifting and that ends now. Abigail jokes about Gabi having experience getting rid of bodies.

Chad asks Jack where Abigail went. Jack says he has no idea. Chad asks if she said when she would be back. Jack says no as they didn't exactly part on the best of terms because they had a huge fight after he told her to stay away from Gwen. Jack brings up the cops bringing Abigail in twice for going after Gwen. Jack argues that he's trying to protect Abigail but all she sees is him sticking up for Gwen. Chad argues that it's what he is doing. Jack points out that Gwen is his daughter too. Chad argues that Abigail's life hasn't been smooth either. Jack talks about Gwen never having a family and feeling abandoned. Chad brings up Abigail's mental illness and complains about all that Abigail has been through. Jack says Abigail's suffering does not negate that he has to take care of what Gwen is going through now too. Chad asks about Jack's fight with Abigail. Jack explains that she didn't take it well when he said he believed Gwen about Laura's death being an accident. Jack believes that Gwen now deeply regrets the lies she told and the pain she has caused. Jack says he wants to see the best in Gwen and he wants Gwen to have a decent life now. Jack argues that Gwen needs his love and support like anyone else. Chad argues that people with wretched lives still turned out to be good people. Jack insists that Gwen is trying to turn things around, noting that she never tried to cover up what happened with Laura and that she instead called him and agreed to turn herself over to the cops which she wouldn't have done if she intentionally hurt Laura. Jack remarks that if she did that, she would've done something stupid like try to get rid of the body...

Abigail and Gabi drag Gwen's body in to the laundry cart. Gabi goes to get towels from the bathroom and orders Abigail to remove the sheets from the bed which they use to cover Gwen up in the cart. Abigail points out that Gabi said Gwen would wake up in 30 minutes and this took 15. Gabi decides they should get the hell out of here so they begin pushing and pulling the cart out of the room.

Chad questions if Jack is surprised that Abigail blew up. Jack says he was just trying to get Abigail to see reason. Chad argues about Gwen drugging Abigail and going after their marriage. Chad questions how Abigail is supposed to react to a woman who tried to ruin her life. Jack insists he's not trying to defend Gwen, but to protect Abigail. Jack says he knows Gwen has pushed Abigail unmercifully so he's just trying to keep her from being pushed over the edge.

Abigail and Gabi drag the cart with Gwen's body through the town square. They argue with each other about what they are doing. They try to then keep going until they run in to Bonnie, who questions what they are up to.

Kayla tells Justin that she's sorry. Justin remarks that Steve is not. Steve questions why he should be sorry for hurting Bonnie's feelings when she didn't care about Adrienne. Justin says they all know what she did. Steve asks if he's really supposed to forget what she did. Justin mocks the idea of Steve living a blameless life. Steve argues that he's trying to get past his feelings towards Bonnie but she pushes too hard. Steve says he was civil to her and now she acts like they are old friends. Steve declares they aren't friends and never will be. Justin tells him to enjoy his dinner and gets up to leave but Steve stops him.

Bonnie remarks that it's a little late for Abigail and Gabi to be doing their laundry and questions the DiMeras not having someone do their laundry. Abigail and Gabi try to explain until Bonnie asks if they have a body in there.

The seamstress tells Xander that she got the measurements she needs and exits. Xander questions Sarah being back so soon and if that means the wedding is off.

Steve apologizes to Justin. Steve tells him that he still doesn't get it because he knows how much he loved Adrienne. Justin acknowledges that Bonnie screwed up but she's trying to change and no one in this town is making it easier for her to do that. Justin adds that sometimes, when he's with Bonnie, he can forget about his own life for awhile. Justin goes to leave but Kayla stops him and asks him to give them a second. Kayla then steps outside with Steve.

Abigail laughs off Bonnie asking if they had a body in the cart. Bonnie gets a text message which Gabi points out. Bonnie asks if they are trying to change the subject. Abigail asks if she really thinks they'd be rolling a body right through the town square. Bonnie brings up running in to a woman kidnapping Eli and Lani's twins right through town. Bonnie says because of her, they were able to figure out who the woman was. Gabi tries to say they have to get back to their children but Bonnie brings up that Justin told her that Gabi's daughter is in Phoenix. Gabi says she still stays goodnight to her every night. Abigail says they will see her around but Bonnie stops them, pointing out that they still haven't told her what's in the cart...

Chad tells Jack that he's worried about Abigail going over the edge too which is why Gwen needs to go to prison for what she did and so Abigail doesn't have to spend every minute worrying about what she will do to her next. Jack says he knows what Gwen did but asks about what was done to her. Jack adds that Gwen is the person who did all those terrible things because she believed her father turned his back on her. Jack questions what will happen to his daughter if he turns his back on her now. Chad questions what will happen to his other daughter if he doesn't. Chad argues that Abigail hasn't lived in a sane world since Gwen drugged her. Chad knows this is hard on Jack but not as much as Abigail. Chad adds that he can't help Abigail because of Gwen and his own idiocy. Chad states that there is a strong possibility that his relationship with Abigail might never be what it was. Chad says he doesn't want that to happen to Jack as he then walks out of the house.

Abigail tries telling Bonnie that the laundry is a disguise. Bonnie asks what for so Abigail turns to Gabi. Gabi claims it's the new designs for Gabi Chic and they are sneaking them in to the new store before anyone sees them. Bonnie wants to see them but Gabi claims it's bad luck like seeing a bride's dress. Abigail tells Bonnie that if she comes to the grand opening then Gabi will give her a whole ensemble for free. Bonnie then questions if it's for Gabi's store then why is Abigail helping her. Abigail claims that she's just helping a friend in need. Bonnie points out that they aren't friends and they hated each other. Bonnie adds that when she ran in to them, she didn't hear what they were saying but she heard their tone and it wasn't two friends talking. Bonnie questions them not leveling with her.

Sarah asks Xander what he means. Xander explains that she went out looking for a wedding dress but she came back early and cranky. Sarah says it just didn't take long and she's not cranky, just taken back by walking in on him. Sarah assures that she did not get cold feet and praises his kilt. Xander asks if she found a dress. Sarah says no as she was window shopping at Gabi Chic and then ran in to Chloe. Xander jokingly asks if she sent him her love. Sarah says no but Chloe did make her see that she's not a Gabi Chic girl and is looking more Basic Black. Xander is glad since Gabi Chic is part of Titan now.

Abigail tells Bonnie that she's right that she and Gabi aren't friends. Gabi claims that Abigail works for her now. Bonnie brings up Abigail's job as a journalist. Abigail says she and her dad are not seeing eye to eye. Gabi adds that she needed the help so it works for both of them. Bonnie questions Abigail working for someone who drugged her. Abigail says that's part of the reason they are sort of getting along since it turns out Gabi wasn't the person who drugged her this time. Gabi says after months of accusations, she decided to help Abigail in her time of need. Abigail informs Bonnie that it was Gwen who drugged her. Bonnie recognizes Gwen's name from the paper and asks if she clawed her eyes out. Abigail says not yet.

Kayla tells Steve that when Justin lost Adrienne, he tried to get his life back with her but they both know how that turned out and now he's trying to get his life back with Bonnie. Kayla admits that Bonnie wouldn't be her first choice but after how Justin graciously backed away for them, they should support him. Steve agrees and apologizes. Kayla says she will go talk to Justin but Steve decides he will as they head back in to the Pub. Steve tells Justin that he really is sorry. Kayla decides to let them talk and walks away. Justin jokes that Kayla read Steve the riot act. Steve admits he deserved it. Justin understands and says he would react the same way if he was Steve. Steve tells Justin that he understands how he would find comfort with Bonnie since she looks so much like Adrienne. Steve agrees that he has screwed up so many times in his life and been forgiven so it'd be hypocritical of him not to forgive Bonnie and give her a second chance. Justin thanks him and says he doesn't expect them to be thrilled that he's involved with Bonnie. Justin admits he has his own misgivings but being with her lifts his spirits and she makes him laugh. Steve is glad and hopes that continues. Steve asks if he wants to set up a double date for next week. Justin agrees to ask Bonnie. Steve tells him to tell Bonnie that he's sorry for how he acted. Justin agrees to and is sure Bonnie will accept as she's a very forgiving person these days. They agree on dinner and live music.

Gabi tells Bonnie that they have to get going. Bonnie points out where Gabi Chic is. Gabi says they are going around the back. Abigail says they'll see her at the opening. Gabi and Abigail drag the cart with Gwen's body out of the town square. They talk about being thankful it was Bonnie and no one else or they would have been busted.

Sarah asks Xander if he's sure about getting married at the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander assures that family is still important to him even if they aren't getting along. Sarah suggests he learn more about the other side of his family. Xander mentions being half Scottish and half Greek as he and Sarah kiss.

Bonnie sits alone in the town square, looking sad with a piece of cake until Justin arrives and says he hopes she has an extra fork which makes her happy.

Gabi and Abigail bring Gwen's unconscious body to a room in the DiMera Tunnels. They argue over who will tie Gwen to a chair. Abigail beats Gabi in rock, paper, scissors so Gabi has to do it. Abigail then leaves the tunnels into the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Chad sees her and comments that she's full of surprises.

Sarah jokes with Xander about wondering what men wear under their kilts. Xander tells her there's only one way to find out as they continue kissing.

Bonnie tells Justin that it really seemed like Steve still hates her guts. Justin gets if she doesn't want to go out with them but says they are trying to move passed the past. Bonnie doesn't want to put Justin in the middle between her and Steve. Justin responds that he's not in the middle, he's on her side, which makes her smile.

Kayla tells Steve that things sounded intense and she knows it was hard for him. Steve knows it was the right thing to do thanks to her and says Justin was very gracious in accepting his apology. Steve adds that in spite of that, he's kind of worried about Justin. Steve wants to believe that Bonnie has changed and that she cares about Justin but he's skeptical that it will last and that she won't end up hurting him. Kayla asks if Steve thinks Justin is wrong about Bonnie changing. Steve responds that he doesn't know but suggests not talking about Bonnie anymore as they are alone like they were supposed to be. Kayla agrees on them being alone but Jack then arrives and sits with them. Jack tells them that he thinks he just made things with Abigail and Gwen even worse. Steve reluctantly tells Jack to tell them all about it.

Abigail claims she doesn't know what Chad means. Chad says he's just surprised to find her here since he didn't see her come in. Chad mentions going to see her but Jack said she left. Abigail mentions that they had a fight. Chad tells her that he let Jack have it because she doesn't need to hear anyone stick up for Gwen. Abigail thanks him. Chad asks what she's doing here. Abigail says she's moving back in like they talked about and asks what else she would be doing here.

Gabi ties Gwen to a chair and remarks that tomorrow will be Gwen's worst nightmare as she exits the room.

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