Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/2/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/2/21


Written By Joseph

Abigail goes home where Jack greets her and mentions talking to Jennifer about dealing with Laura's estate. They hope she can come home soon. Jack informs Abigail that Gwen was just there while she was out. Jack apologizes for putting his family in this kind of position but Gwen is his daughter and he told her that she can count on him. Abigail doesn't know what to say. Jack knows Abigail hates Gwen and as long as she feels that way, Jack feels Abigail should stay away from Gwen.

Lani is then surprised at her door by her Aunt Paulina. They hug as Eli and Abe look on, surprised.

Kristen talks about wanting to take off her Susan disguise to be with Rachel and Brady. Kristen decides she can do just that and she can tell Brady everything and he will understand. She starts to remove her wig when the doorbell rings. She assumes it's Chloe, grabs a knife, and declares maybe it's time to put an end to this fool's visit once and for all.

Abigail tells Jack that she appreciates his concern but she can take care of herself. Jack clarifies that he wasn't talking about what Gwen did to her but what she did to Gwen.

Gabi goes to Gwen's hotel room. Gabi brings up Gwen saying that she let Gabi take the fall for drugging Abigail because Gabi stole Jake from her. Gabi says that Gwen wanted to know if they were even so she is here to give her that answer. Gwen asks what she decided. Gabi tells her that they are even which surprises Gwen as she expected it to take more work. Gwen says she's grateful because she heard so many stories about Gabi holding grudges so she thought she would want payback. Gabi responds that Abigail said the same thing.

Jack informs Abigail that Gwen told him that she attacked her at Laura's grave. Abigail mocks Gwen being the victim. Jack argues that all Gwen did was show up at the grave to pay her respects. Abigail remarks that she came to gloat and continues to accuse Gwen of killing Laura. Abigail says Gwen practically admitted to it so she attacked her. Jack insists that Gwen is just upset because people are accusing her of killing Laura. Abigail complains that Gwen has done nothing but lie to them since she walked in to their lives. Jack declares that Gwen lying in the past doesn't mean she's lying about this. Abigail questions Jack believing her which Jack confirms that he does.

Kristen answers the door as "Susan" to see Philip, who says he just came by to see how Brady is doing. She tells him that Brady is still resting and there's no visitors allowed. Philip asks her to let him know he came by and drops off a bag of Brady's favorite Cuban cigars, feeling it's the least he can do since he's responsible for Brady getting shot. "Susan" tells him that he's wrong about that because the only person responsible for Brady getting shot is Chloe.

Chloe walks through the town square and runs in to Sarah. Sarah informs Chloe that she's shopping for a wedding dress as she and Xander are getting married. Chloe instead advises Sarah to run for the hills. Sarah guesses Chloe is not a fan of Xander. Chloe tells her about how she was kidnapped a few years ago in Mexico and how Xander left her there. Chloe says she had to stab the Mexican drug lord and his death is still on her conscience. Chloe adds that it all could have been avoided if Xander stepped up and did the right thing. Chloe asks if Xander never shared that story with Sarah which she confirms he did not. Sarah tells Chloe that she's sorry that happened to her and she knows Xander wasn't the most admirable person. Sarah assures that Xander has worked really hard to change so he has earned her forgiveness for his past. Sarah states that they are really in love with each other and happy. Chloe wishes her all the best and apologizes for putting her nose where it doesn't belong. Chloe remarks that spending all this time with Susan Banks is starting to rub off on her.

Philip tells "Susan" that all Chloe did was try to keep him safe from the mob. She argues that it's no excuse and that Chloe blames herself too. Philip thinks she's being a little unfair. She tells him to face the facts that if Brady hadn't gone to Chloe's hotel room then he wouldn't have been in the line of fire. Philip assures that the last thing Chloe wanted is for Brady to get hurt, especially considering how she feels about him. "Susan" questions what he means and how she does feel about him.

Gwen questions Gabi talking to Abigail about her. Gabi says that she is all Abigail can talk about these days and congratulates her on being a Deveraux. Gwen acknowledges that Jack has been decent but Abigail and Jennifer hate her. Gwen says she won't apologize for anything. Gabi talks about Abigail apologizing to her for accusing her of drugging her champagne last year. Gwen argues that there's no proof it was her. Gabi talks about how Abigail thinks she should be just as mad at Gwen. Gwen tells Gabi to feel free to leave. Gabi brings up that Abigail thinks Gwen killed Laura and now she's out for blood. Gwen argues that she didn't and that it was an accident. Gabi says she doesn't care either way but she just wanted Gwen to know that Abigail suggested they form an alliance to take Gwen down.

Abigail questions how Jack could possibly believe Gwen. Jack states that she swore it was an accident. Abigail argues that her word means nothing, bringing up that Gwen tried to destroy Jack's marriage, drugged her, and slept with Chad. Jack says he's not excusing anything she's done. Abigail questions why he is defending her. Jack responds that Gwen is his daughter too. Jack hates what she did to her and their family but she's had a terrible life because he wasn't there for her growing up. Jack declares that part of him is trying to make up for it now and asks if Abigail can possibly understand that.

Lani introduces her aunt Paulina to Eli so she hugs him and compliments him. Lani then introduces Paulina to her father Abe. Paulina refers to Abe as the man who knocked up her sister.

Gwen questions Gabi about Abigail trying to recruit her for a revenge scheme against her. Gabi claims that she turned her down. Gwen asks why. Gabi says she realized that Abigail is her enemy more than Gwen is. Gabi adds that Gwen almost let her go down for something she did but Abigail actually framed her for Andre's murder so she went to prison, got beaten, and can never have another child. Gabi declares that she's not a fan of Gwen but she definitely hates Abigail a lot more.

Abigail tells Jack that she understands why he would want to help Gwen because she knows the kind of man and father that he is and that he feels guilty and responsible because he's a good person. Abigail argues that nothing that happened is Jack's fault because he didn't abandon or reject her and didn't even know she existed. Jack feels Gwen is scarred from her miserable childhood. Abigail complains that Gwen won't shut up about it and argues that people grow up hungry, poor, and without parents all the time. Abigail feels that Gwen isn't capable of loving anyone but herself. Abigail talks about believing Gwen was her friend while she was destroying her life from the inside. Abigail tells Jack that Gwen is playing her and begs him not to let that happen.

"Susan" asks Philip what kind of feelings Chloe has for Brady. Philip says he never should've said anything but she insists on hearing all of it and asks what he knows, what he's seen, or heard. Philip explains that he just thinks Chloe is romantically interested in Brady but admits she didn't actually say that. Philip informs her that he and Chloe have a history and he hoped they might get something going but she shot him down and he thinks it's because she's hung up on Brady but she denied it, though he didn't believe her. "Susan" calls Chloe a bitch. Philip tells her not to talk about Chloe like that and argues that she hardly knows Brady or Chloe. Philip questions what concern it is of hers anyways. "Susan" claims she's just grown to care about Brady and Rachel since she's been staying there and complains that Chloe is moving on Kristen's man. Philip clarifies that he didn't say Chloe was moving in on Brady, just that he thinks she still has feelings for him. "Susan" remarks that at least it's one sided. Philip says it seems to be which she questions. Philip says he never should've said anything but "Susan" presses on. Philip brings up when Brady came to Chloe's door and he answered the door without a shirt so Brady thought they slept together and he saw the look on his face. Philip says he's not saying there is anything going on between them but they were married. "Susan" argues that Brady has clearly moved on even if Chloe hasn't since Brady belongs with Kristen. Philip responds that Kristen tried to kill his father, so as far as he's concerned, prison is where Kristen DiMera belongs. Philip adds that the longer she's in there, the more likely it is that Brady and Chloe could get something together. "Susan" then tells Philip to do something about it.

Sarah questions Chloe about Susan. Chloe explains that Susan has been staying at Marlena's and is taking it upon herself to be Brady's nurse and protector. Chloe adds that she's been there a lot since she and Brady work together and Susan has not been happy about it. Sarah questions why she would care. Chloe calls it the weirdest thing and highly annoying since "Susan" insists on doing everything herself for Brady and won't let anyone near him. Sarah calls Susan so odd. Chloe talks about how mad Susan got when she brought Brady muffins. Chloe remarks that if Susan wasn't so in love with Roger, she would swear she has a crush on Brady. Sarah jokes that it kind of sounds like Susan is jealous of Chloe, though she doesn't know why since there isn't anything going on between Chloe and Brady.

Jack tells Abigail that he's very aware of what Gwen is capable of and she may be playing him. Abigail talks about still having hallucinations because Gwen drugged her and she may have to deal with that the rest of her life. Abigail insists that Gwen is dangerous and her only goal is to break apart this family which they cannot let her do. Jack feels he needs to give her a chance and believe that Gwen will see that she's not alone and doesn't need to lash out. Jack hopes Gwen may forgive him but Abigail points out there is nothing to forgive.

Gwen tells Gabi that not many people hate Abigail. Gabi argues that not many people know her like she does. They complain about how things are never Abigail's fault. Gabi wants Abigail to get a taste of the real world and tells Gwen that she is here to bury the hatchet in Abigail's back.

Abe assures Paulina that he had no idea her sister was pregnant when she left Salem and he doesn't think her comment is appropriate since she obviously was not told the entire circumstances. Paulina jokes that she's just messing with him and already knew. Paulina praises Lani and they talk about how long it's been since they have seen each other. Lani asks what exactly she's doing here after all this time.

Chloe assures Sarah that there is nothing going on with her and Brady as they are just friends and co-workers. Chloe admits she feels responsible for getting Brady shot because she asked him to help Philip and that's it while the woman he loves is Kristen. Sarah points out that Kristen could be in prison for years so a lot could happen in that time. Chloe questions what she is suggesting.

Philip questions why "Susan" is yelling at him. "Susan" encourages Philip to fight and not give up on Chloe, claiming that Chloe wants him as much as he wants her which he questions. "Susan" declares that he and Chloe belong together.

Abigail reminds Jack that he did nothing wrong since he didn't know Gwen existed. Jack argues that he knows now and she is his daughter too. Abigail argues that she is his daughter too and she can't forget what Gwen has done to her so she will never accept her and doesn't want her in her life. Jack complains but Abigail declares that it's not possible for Jack to be on Gwen's side and also on hers so she is asking him to choose; Gwen or her.

Gwen asks if Gabi is serious about the two of them going after Abigail. Gabi calls it a great idea and says they could have a lot of fun. Gwen talks about researching Abigail before she came to Salem. Gabi tells her to imagine what they could do together. Gabi proposes a toast so Gwen grabs the champagne.

Jack begs Abigail not to demand this of him because he can't choose since he loves her. Abigail tells him to protect her and the family then. Jack knows how hard this is for her after everything Gwen has done but he can't turn his back on her. Jack feels Gwen needs to know she matters and that he's there for her. Abigail questions even though she killed Laura. Jack asks if she ever thought Gwen was telling the truth that it was an accident and that she's just blinded by her anger so she can't accept Gwen being innocent. Abigail repeats that Gwen killed her grandmother and she's going to prove it as she then walks out of the house.

Sarah tells Chloe that she's not suggesting anything. Chloe repeats that there is nothing going on with her and Brady and there never will be. Sarah apologizes for saying anything. Chloe says it's just been a long day. Sarah mentions having to get back to wedding planning. Chloe tells her to call her if she needs help finding a dress even if she's not a fan of Xander. Chloe also thinks Sarah will have much better luck at Basic Black than Gabi Chic. Sarah thanks her and wishes her luck with Susan.

Philip tells "Susan" that he will think about what she said. She encourages him to just do something about it and ask Chloe out for dinner. Philip feels it's last minute but she questions what he has to lose so he agrees to call Chloe and ask if she wants to have dinner tonight. Chloe informs him that she already has plans to go back to John and Marlena's to check on Brady. Philip tells her that there's no point as he is there now. Chloe asks how Brady is. Philip says he's asleep. Chloe asks if he knows when he'll be having visitors as she's sure he will need something or to have his bandage changed. Philip informs her that according to Susan, he might be asleep for the rest of the night so if she changes her mind, the dinner offer is still on the table. Chloe calls it really sweet of him but thinks she's just going to call it an early night and go home then. Philip says he understands and will talk to her soon as they hang up. Philip tells "Susan" that her vibes must have short circuited because Chloe turned him down cold and was only worried about how Brady was doing. Philip declares that it seems Brady is the only man Chloe is interested in, whether she knows it or not and leaves the house. Kristen then declares that she's going to have to take care of Chloe herself.

Paulina tells Lani that she is here because Valerie told her that she had twins so she had to see her great niece and nephew for herself. Lani then introduces her to the twins, Jules and Carver. Paulina jokes that she's going to spoil them rotten and asks if she mentioned that she's very rich.

Jack calls Jennifer and says he hopes he's not calling too late. Jennifer assures that she's always glad to hear from him and asks if he's okay. Jack says not really as he just talked with Abigail and she is fixated on the idea that Gwen killed her mother. Jennifer admits Abigail has been going on about that with her too. Jack adds that Abigail is increasingly upset with him for giving Gwen the benefit of the doubt. Jennifer understands Abigail's feelings after all Gwen has put her through but says Jack's feelings are understandable too. Jennifer asks Jack to try not to be too hard on Abigail or himself as this will all work out eventually. Jack says he hopes so.

Abigail goes to Gwen's hotel room and knocks on the door, saying she knows Gwen is in there. Gabi then answers the door and tells Abigail that their plan worked like a charm as she invites Abigail inside, revealing Gwen is passed out from the champagne.

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