Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/1/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/1/21


Written By Joseph

In the town square, Gabi hangs a Grand Reopening sign on the window of her Gabi Chic shop. Abigail approaches and questions her being back in business. Gabi confirms that Philip finally made the deal. Abigail reminds Gabi that she's looking to close a deal with her too so she asks if Gabi is going to help her nail Gwen or not.

Jennifer is in a hotel room in Boston, on the phone with Jack. Jennifer tells him that all is going smoothly thanks to Mike but selling her mother's house is more complicated than expected. Jennifer adds that she's grateful that she and her brother are doing it together. Jack asks how long she will be there. Jennifer is unsure, suggesting a week but says she'll have a better idea in a few days. Jack tells her there's no rush and to take care of herself. Jennifer says she misses him very much. Jack assures that he misses her too. They agree to talk later as they hang up. Jack then answers the door to see Gwen has arrived.

Kristen as "Susan" goes to bring pancakes to Brady but the doorbell rings and it's Chloe. "Susan" complains, asking what Chloe wants now.

Lani apologizes to "Kristen" for bringing pictures of her babies while she is missing hers. Susan then slips up and cries about her baby being so far away in Rome. Lani is confused and points out that Kristen's daughter Rachel is in Salem. Lani questions what is going on with her. She tries to cover and claims that Brady talked about wanting to bring Rachel to Rome the last time he visited. "Kristen" refers to Italy as the Old World. Lani feels that didn't seem like something she would say but goes along with it anyways.

Chloe tells "Susan" that she doesn't deserve to be talked to like that. "Susan" questions what she's doing here. Chloe says she thought Brady might like some breakfast but "Susan" tells her that she thought wrong.

Gwen apologizes to Jack for not calling first and says she thought she would just take her chances. Jack invites her in and asks what's going on. Gwen says she wanted to thank him again for coming to her room when she told him about Laura without asking questions and for believing her when she said it was an accident. Gwen adds that she's not used to people trusting her and taking her word.

Gabi questions why Abigail wants to team up against Gwen. Abigail thought she already explained. Gabi asks why she should care. Abigail reminds Gabi that Gwen drugged her and let Gabi take the fall for it. Gabi argues that Abigail hates her guts. Abigail disagrees. Gabi remarks that Abigail doesn't know how to make people pay. Abigail says she would've done that to her a long time ago if she did. Gabi declares that Abigail wants to get back at her sister but doesn't know how to do without her. Abigail reminds Gabi that she promised to think about it. Gabi reveals that she has thought about it and the answer is no. Abigail questions Gabi letting Gwen get away with drugging her and letting Gabi take the blame for it. Abigail reminds Gabi that she would've gone to prison again and Arianna would've grown up without a mother. Gabi brings up that Abigail didn't do anything about her doubts and let Chad and Julie pin it on her. Abigail brings up that Gabi did do it before. Gabi argues that she didn't drug her now and everyone knows it so she has her life back and her company back. Gabi tells Abigail that revenge is not that satisfying anymore so she's going to do the best she can for her business and her daughter. Gabi tells Abigail that if she wants to go after Gwen, she can do it. Abigail reluctantly admits that she can't do it without her.

Outside the Pub, Abe talks to Eli about the ongoing investigation of Laura's death. Abe notes that it will be tough on Jennifer, Mike, and her grandkids. Abe calls it a sad situation. Eli informs Abe about Rafe bringing in Sami for questioning over Charlie Dale's death. Abe talks about understanding Sami's rage but not supporting vigilante justice as he doesn't want the people of Salem thinking they can just take the law in to their own hands. Abe asks about the case against Sami. Eli says he doesn't know anything yet. Abe says he won't keep him if he's on his way home to his family. Eli mentions that he's on his way to pick up the twins from Julie and Valerie, who were babysitting. Abe questions Lani not being home. Eli informs him that Lani is at the prison visiting Kristen DiMera.

Lani tries to remind "Kristen" of when they were in Italy but then says she shouldn't remind her of their good times there, knowing how much she wants to take Brady and Rachel there. Lani encourages that when Brady is healed, he'll be visiting her all the time.

Chloe argues that "Susan" is not Brady's keeper so she doesn't take orders from her. "Susan" tells Chloe that she made pancakes so Brady doesn't need her muffins. Chloe suggests letting Brady choose what he wants to have for breakfast. "Susan" tells Chloe that Brady has already decided. Brady then comes out from his room and asks what has "Susan" so upset. She tells him that it's Chloe.

Abe tells Eli that he appreciates Lani being loyal to the family but he wishes that didn't extend to Kristen. Eli admits he doesn't love it either but he knows Lani is convinced that Kristen has her back. Abe asks what Eli thinks. Eli points out that Kristen did confess to stabbing Victor so that Lani wouldn't be prosecuted for helping her escape. Abe notes that was after Eli leaned on Kristen to do the right thing. Eli argues that Kristen also got Lani to forgive him after he pressured her to confess while Abe says that was about the babies. Eli declares that Lani thinks Kristen is a changed woman so all he can do is take her word for it. Abe agrees he has no choice.

"Susan" tries to keep Chloe from Brady so Brady questions what has gotten in to her.

"Kristen" tells Lani that she's so worried about Brady after being shot. She then starts to blame Chloe for getting Brady mixed up with the mob which got him shot so it's like Chloe pulled the trigger. She remarks that Chloe is probably throwing herself at Brady as they speak. Lani questions how she could possibly know that.

Jack tells Gwen that he doesn't feel like he deserves her thanks as he really didn't do that much. Gwen points out that he called the police while she probably would've just tried to hide the body or something else that would have made her look guilty. Gwen swears that she did not kill Laura and it was an accident. Jack says he believes her while Gwen thought Abigail would've changed his mind because she thinks it was on purpose.

Abigail reminds Gabi how Jack didn't know about Gwen so she had a rotten life so now Jack feels guilty. Abigail feels she needs to do something before Gwen uses that guilt to turn Jack against their family. Gabi says she doesn't care so she will have to figure it out herself. Abigail says she's tried but Gwen always gets her so angry that she smacks her. Gabi encourages her not to play in to Gwen's hand. Abigail says this is why she needs Gabi because she could get under Gwen's skin and make her life a living hell without losing control like she does. Gabi questions why she would do that when she doesn't want to be collateral damage in their war. Abigail argues that Gabi has her own issues with Gwen like Jake. Gabi tells her to try harder. Abigail suggests making it a business transaction and asks what Gabi wants, saying that she will do anything. Gabi remarks about Abigail being willing to do whatever it takes to put the hurt on Gwen. Abigail responds that she's going to with or without her but she knows they could do more damage together. Abigail asks Gabi what it will take to get her on board. Gabi admits there is one thing she wants and that's Jake. Gabi declares that if Abigail breaks up Jake and Kate then she's in.

Jack tells Gwen that Abigail should not have attacked her but she's been under an enormous amount of stress. Gwen asks if she's to blame for that. Jack brings up that Gwen slept with Chad and he knows she drugged Abigail. Gwen decides she shouldn't have come here. Jack stops her and says he cares about her but he's also onto her. Gwen remarks that Abigail thinks she's capable of murder. Jack is sure when the facts come out, Abigail will accept the truth. Gwen doubts that or that she will ever be accepted into his family. Gwen wonders if Jack really believes what she told her about how Laura died or if he's just setting her up.

Abe instructs Eli to keep him updated on Laura and Charlie's cases. Eli says he will and now he has to go pick up the twins. Abe offers to help since Lani is visiting Kristen so they walk away together.

"Susan" tries to tell Brady that he can't eat Chloe's muffins. Brady says he's giong to take his chances but she slaps the muffin out of his hand. Brady questions what is wrong with her. She insists on Brady taking a bite of the breakfast she made. Brady notes that it's cold. Chloe decides to leave the muffins and go but Brady stops her and asks her to stay.

"Kristen" tells Lani that she's just guessing that Chloe is throwing herself at Brady. Lani thinks she's being paranoid but she disagrees. Lani then stops her and says she knows what's going on here.

Brady praises Chloe's muffins. "Susan" decides to take the rest of the muffins so Brady asks her to bring coffee. Chloe mentions bringing Brady their work. "Susan" tries to say no working but Brady says it's not her decision. She argues that Brady's in pain. Chloe asks if he is. Brady admits he has a little pain. Brady suggests they go to his room but "Susan" says absolutely not. Brady asks her if there's something going on that he's not aware of while Chloe comments on her treating her like the enemy. "Susan" decides she has no choice but to tell the truth.

Lani tells "Kristen" that she doesn't know why she didn't think of this sooner and she doesn't have to pretend anymore. "Kristen" swears she didn't want to do this. Lani tells her that she understands which she questions. Lani talks about Kristen not getting any sleep because she's worried about Brady and it's too much for her. Lani encourages that she is her friend so she doesn't have to be strong for her. Lani reminds her of their time in the convent and how they would talk to God in the chapel. Lani takes her hands and prays for God to watch over Kristen, Rachel, and Brady. "Kristen" then prays for Chloe not to take Brady from her.

"Susan" argues that Chloe has been bad for Brady but Brady disagrees. "Susan" continues to blame Chloe for Brady getting shot. Brady questions why "Susan" is so protective of him. "Susan" claims it's John that she's worried about since he's not well and the men who shot Brady are still out there. "Susan" argues that Brady taking another bullet would kill John and leave Marlena a widow.

Jack talks to Gwen about being a reporter for so long that he can tell when people are lying. Jack mentions doing a background check on Gwen and her mother and how everything she told him checks out. Jack says he could see Gwen was telling the truth about what happened with Laura. Gwen talks about being on her own for most of her life so she's not used to people believing in her or standing up for her. Jack tells her to get used to it because that's what fathers do.

Abigail questions Gabi wanting her to go after Kate when she doesn't even know how to handle Gwen. Gabi asks why not, questioning what Kate has ever done for Abigail. Gabi reminds her that Kate backed her at DiMera and with Chad and then slept with Jack. Gabi argues that Kate is gettable now. Abigail feels Jake is such a nice person. Gabi questions if she's trying to say she's not good enough for him. Abigail just thinks Jake and Kate seem happy together. Gabi declares that if that's how Abigail feels then she can find someone else to help her take out Gwen.

Chloe tells "Susan" that they had no idea she was so concerned for John. Brady tells her that he understands and he's sorry so "Susan" hugs him.

Lani tells "Kristen" that it's okay to let her guard down and cry. "Kristen" asks her to bring her chowder from the Pub and a sundae next time she comes which Lani agrees to do.

Gwen tells Jack that it's a new experience for her to have a dad to talk to. She thanks him for listening. Jack acknowledges that he can't make up for all the years he lost with her but he won't abandon her again as he hugs her. Gwen tells him she won't pop in for family dinners or anything, knowing how Jennifer and Abigail feel about her. Jack encourages that it will take time. Jack knows she's still upset about the fight with Abigail. Gwen worries about what the police will do about it. Jack offers to make some phone calls. Gwen says that would be good because she'd rather just hear any bad news from him.

Gabi starts to leave but Abigail stops her. Abigail admits that she doesn't think Gabi is right for Jake and comments on Gabi wanting to turn Jake in to Stefan which she denies. Abigail thinks Jake and Kate have a good time but it's probably not that serious. Gabi asks if she will break them up then. Abigail agrees that she doesn't owe Kate anything and she won't sit by and watch Gwen destroy her family so she will take care of Kate if Gabi swears to help her make Gwen pay. Abigail asks if they have a deal.

Abigail goes home where Jack greets her and mentions talking to Jennifer about dealing with Laura's estate. They hope she can come home soon. Jack informs Abigail that Gwen was just there while she was out. Jack apologizes for putting his family in this kind of position but Gwen is his daughter and he told her that she can count on him. Abigail doesn't know what to say. Jack knows Abigail hates Gwen and as long as she feels that way, Jack feels Abigail should stay away from Gwen.

Gabi goes to Gwen's hotel room. Gabi brings up Gwen saying that she let Gabi take the fall for drugging Abigail because Gabi stole Jake from her. Gabi says that Gwen wanted to know if they were even so she is here to give her that answer.

Chloe tells Brady that they don't have to go over the documents for work together so he can just read them and call her later. Chloe offers to change Brady's bandage before she leaves but "Susan" insists that she can handle that. Brady says that's fine as he can handle his own bandage. Brady thanks Chloe for the muffins as she exits which makes Kristen as "Susan" happy.

Lani comes home where Eli is with Abe. Eli asks how it went with Kristen. Lani responds that not being able to be with Brady is really hard on her and says she's just not herself...

Susan remains in prison as "Kristen" and gets a vision that Lani is about to have another unexpected visitor..

Lani is then surprised at her door by her Aunt Paulina.

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