Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/26/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/26/21


Written By Joseph

Kristen as "Susan" is at John and Marlena's, on the phone with Marlena, assuring that she is taking care of Brady and Rachel. She hangs up and comments on if Brady only knew what she was going through for the love of him. Kristen then gets a call from prison from the real Susan. Kristen warns that she's not suppose to call her here or the jig will be up. Susan responds that it already is.

Eli and Lani are at home planning their babies' Christening. Eli informs Lani that Julie had her sights set on their baby Jules wearing an old family Christening gown while he forgot to tell her that Lani had already bought one. Lani says if it makes Julie happy, she'll take the one she bought back. Eli is surprised how easily that went and says he'll let Julie know on his way to drop the kids off on the way to work. Lani stops him and says she doesn't think she's ready to leave the twins with anyone yet.

Ava looks at an old photo of her holding Charlie as a baby. Ava thinks back to telling Nicole that she brought Charlie into this world so maybe she needs to take him out..

Allie wakes up and comes out to the living room to greet Nicole. Nicole tells her that she took care of Henry and put him down for his nap. Allie apologizes for sticking Nicole with his whole morning routine as she didn't plan to sleep in. Nicole says it's fine but notes that Allie is usually up by now so she asks if she's feeling okay. Allie says she's fine and just didn't get much sleep last night. Nicole asks why not.

Rafe goes to Charlie's apartment and finds Charlie dead on the floor. Rafe starts to make a call then pulls his gun when he hears someone coming. Rafe stands up and is shocked to see Sami Brady enter the apartment! Rafe asks what Sami has done now.

Eli tells Lani that he knows how hard this has been but assures that Ivan and Vivian are in prison so there's nothing to be afraid of. Lani says she knows that in her head but in her heart, letting the twins out of her sight is another matter. Eli says that's not practical and reminds her that she wanted to go see Kristen today so she can't take the twins while he has to go to work. Eli assures that everything will be fine. Lani says it will be great to see Kristen.

Kristen asks if Susan means that someone figured out she's not her. Susan says not yet but complains that Kristen brought here under false pretenses because there is no sundae bar. Susan complains about having to deal with Vivian too. Susan tells Kristen to get her out before she's dead. Kristen promises she is perfectly safe and claims she's doing God's work by saving Brady from Chloe and Marlena and John from losing their son. Kristen says it will only be a month and pleads with Susan not to give up.

Tripp goes to Rafe's to see Ava. Ava hugs him and says she's been so worried. Tripp asks if she's okay. Ava says she's fine. Tripp notes that she seems a little shaky. Ava says there has been a lot going on. Tripp mentions needing police protection for the first time and thanks her. Tripp asks about Charlie threatening him so he wants to know exactly what he said. Ava informs him that Charlie said he would be her favorite son if Tripp was dead. Tripp tells Ava not to worry about him because he knows how to take care of himself and there's nothing Charlie can do to hurt him now...

Sami is surprised to see Rafe and says he scared her. Rafe questions Sami being alone with a guy with a bullet wound. Sami tells Rafe to put the gun down but Rafe says no because he's at a crime scene so he's going to treat her like any other suspect. Rafe explains that he came on the call of a gunshot and found Charlie with a gun next to him while Sami is coming from the bathroom, wiping her hands off so she is a suspect. Sami accuses Rafe of jumping to conclusions. Rafe asks if she shot Charlie or not.

Kristen tells Susan that she's sorry there is no sundae bar. Susan argues that Kristen lied to her. Kristen encourages her not to give up now, saying John's life depends on her because he's in the hospital. Susan asks what's wrong with him. Kristen blames Chloe giving everyone high blood pressure. Susan asks if he will be okay. Kristen says only if they do their parts, claiming Susan isn't doing this for her but for John and Marlena. Kristen hangs up and goes back to pretending to be Susan as Ben and Claire show up at the door. Claire is thankful that she's there but "Susan" claims she's really busy right now. Ben says she's the only person that can help them right now.

Susan complains in prison until Lani shows up to see Kristen.

Allie tells Nicole that she just had a rough night and tells her about Claire showing up to tell her that she decided to trick Charlie in to confessing to what he did to her in London. Allie says he admitted to everything but he figured out Claire was recording him and freaked out. Allie says she wouldn't be able to live with herself if Charlie hurt Claire.

Sami tells Rafe that Charlie got exactly what he deserved. Rafe asks if she shot him then. Sami clarifies that she didn't say that and complains that Charlie raped her daughter. Rafe says he already knows her motive and asks if she shot him. Sami asks him to stop badgering him. Rafe questions what she's even doing here instead of in Rome. Sami responds that she was in Rome but got in town awhile ago because Salem is her home. Rafe points out that this apartment is not her home so he questions what she is doing here and what the hell happened. Sami doesn't think she has to answer his questions. Rafe says she can either do it here or at the police station. Rafe then pulls out his phone and calls in a possible homicide.

Susan as "Kristen" is caught off guard by Lani's visit and doesn't know how to react. Lani asks if something is wrong. She complains about being worried about Brady and says she didn't get any sleep so she's not quite herself these days.

Kristen as "Susan" asks how she is supposed to help Ben and Claire. They tell her about how she helped them last time and how they want to find Ciara. They talk about Susan's vision and Ben tells her about his dream. Ben shows her the book from Rhodes' box and how Ciara was reading the sequel in his dream. Claire encourages how they need Susan. Ben calls her his and Ciara's last hope. Ben asks "Susan" to help them again.

Nicole encourages Allie that she is not responsible for what Claire or Charlie did. Allie says after Claire left last night, she couldn't stop thinking about what Charlie could've done to her when she was trying to help her. Allie says she needed Charlie to go to jail but that's not going to happen now. Nicole encourages that Charlie will still be punished as Rafe is going after him for what he did to Ava. Allie complains that it will never be enough and she can't keep on like this so she had to go do something to get this horrible feeling out. Nicole asks what she did.

Ava tells Tripp that he's right that Charlie can't hurt him anymore. Tripp asks what she means. Ava informs him that Rafe got a call about a gunshot at Charlie's apartment which surprises Tripp. Ava tells him that Rafe went to go check on it and she thought she would've heard from him by now. Eli shows up and informs them that Rafe told him that they would be here. Eli confirms to Ava that her son Charlie is dead.

Rafe brings Sami to the interrogation room. Rafe says they will start from the beginning and asks Sami why she came back to Salem. Sami tells him that Lucas called her and told her that there wouldn't be charges filed against Charlie for what he did to her daughter and that he was claiming it was consensual. Sami calls Charlie a filthy liar and talks about Marlena hypnotizing Allie so she could relive that entire ordeal but Charlie still didn't pay. Rafe remarks that getting killed is not getting away with it. Sami repeats that Charlie got what was coming to him. Rafe goes over Lucas telling Sami that Charlie wouldn't be facing charges so she immediately came to Salem without telling anyone and going straight to Charlie's apartment where he finds him dead. Sami argues that Rafe always puts things in the worst possible light. Rafe asks if Sami booked her flight out of Salem yet, assuming she planned on getting in and out without anyone knowing she was there. Sami guesses Rafe really thinks she did it. Rafe responds that he knows her and if she felt like she was being railroaded, she'd be screaming but she's eerily silent. Rafe says unless Sami can give him a very good reason as to why she was in Charlie's apartment then he thinks she did it.

"Susan" tells Ben and Claire that she's not feeling her powers very strongly at the moment. Ben argues that the book will help her since it belongs to the guy who has Ciara. "Susan" agrees to try but says she's not getting anything. Claire argues that's not how she did it last time so she says bite me.

Lani tells "Kristen" that she knows this all must be so hard. Lani assures that Brady is being taken good care of. Lani offers to go by and check on him but she says no. Lani asks her what's wrong. "Kristen" says she doesn't want to talk about herself and her problems but about Lani and everything happening since she last came to see her. Lani tells her that it's wonderful to have the twins back. Lani adds that Vivian and Ivan really did take care of them. "Kristen" questions it being Vivian. Lani questions her not knowing that, reminding her that it's why Vivian is in prison. "Kristen" says she hates Vivian even more because of that and will see what she can do about it. Lani warns that if she does anything violent, she'll be here even longer than she has to be. "Kristen" declares that she's only here for a month which Lani questions.

Tripp asks Eli what happened. Ava guesses Charlie took his own life. Eli calls it an ongoing investigation. Ava insists the walls were closing in on him. Tripp says they don't know what happened. Eli responds that all he knows is that the police are talking to a person of interest.

Rafe urges Sami to talk to him. Sami questions if he thinks she's just going to confess to him and says she's not stupid. Rafe knows that she knows the drill. Rafe adds that CSI is already at Charlie's apartment and they have the gun so if her fingerprints will on it, they will find out exactly what happened. Sami says it sounds like he has it under control so he doesn't need her. Rafe argues that things will work out better for her if she talks to him. Rafe wants to help her if he can and says it will be for her own good if she tells him the truth.

Allie tells Nicole that last night, she realized that she has to put Charlie behind her because talking about him all the time was letting him control of her. Nicole says that's easier said than done while Allie declares that she will forget about Charlie as if he never existed.

Lani questions "Kristen" saying she's only going to be in prison for a month, reminding her that she's two years away from possible parole. "Kristen" claims she meant she's just taking it one month at a time. She repeats that she doesn't want to talk about herself and asks Lani for pictures of the babies. Lani gives pictures that she brought for Kristen. Lani then reveals that she wanted to ask Kristen to be their godmother.

Claire questions "Susan" saying "bite me". "Susan" tries to claim that it's from the book. Ben insists on trying again. "Susan" says she just did and she promised Marlena that she would take care of Brady so she tells them to go. Claire wants her to keep working with Ben but she says no and that she can't just turn on her visions. Ben thanks her for trying and exits with Claire. Kristen sits down and remarks that they aren't the only ones having problems.

Sami questions trusting Rafe. Rafe believes he has a strong track record of having her back. Sami points out they are on opposite sides of the law. Rafe insists that he wants to help her. Sami doesn't think she should say anything else without a lawyer. Rafe says that is her right and adds that he will send someone in to make sure she gets her one phone call. Rafe remarks that Sami can never just come to town to visit as he exits the room.

Tripp and Ava ask Eli who the suspect is. Eli says he can't answer that. Tripp questions if Charlie was murdered. Eli says that hasn't been determined yet but for now, he needs them to both account for where they were last night. Tripp thought he said he had someone in custody but Eli says he didn't say that. Tripp asks if they are suspects then. Eli says that's not what he is saying either but that both have close ties to Charlie and he also threatened both of them. Eli asks where they were last night. Ava says she was here and that he can check with Rafe. Tripp says he was at Ava's apartment and then came straight here as he had two cops outside the door. Eli thanks them and tells Ava that he's sorry for her loss as he exits.

Eli goes to see Claire and informs her that Belle's restraining order against Charlie was granted. Claire calls that such a relief. Eli then reveals that Charlie is dead.

Nicole admires Allie's attitude but says that Charlie is living in Salem so it won't be easy for her to pretend he doesn't exist. Allie adds that she won't let Henry make her think of Charlie. Allie mentions Henry being Tripp's nephew and says she went to apologize to Tripp then Tripp came over to accept her apology. Nicole understands why Allie believed what she did. Allie talks about Tripp being totally understanding and even helping with Henry. Allie says she has a lot of good things in her life right now so she won't focus on the negatives. Allie declares that as far as she's concerned, Charlie Dale is dead to her..

Tripp checks on Ava, who says she is fine. Tripp sees her photo of her holding Charlie as a baby. Ava talks about feeling like she created a monster. Tripp encourages that it wasn't her fault. Tripp says Charlie was still Ava's son so she must be feeling something. Ava responds that she is glad he's dead.

Lani apologizes to "Kristen" for bringing pictures of her babies while she is missing hers. Susan then slips up and cries about her baby being so far away in Rome. Lani is confused and points out that Kristen's daughter Rachel is in Salem.

Kristen as "Susan" goes to bring pancakes to Brady but the doorbell rings.

Ava tells Tripp that she knows it sounds awful but Charlie was sick and he hurt people and was going to go on hurting people. Ava thinks they are all better off without him.

Claire asks Eli what happened. Eli says all he can say is that it was a gunshot wound. Claire thinks back to Allie telling her how she wanted to go after Charlie with a gun. Eli asks Claire what it is but Claire claims it's nothing and she's just in shock.

Nicole offers to make Allie breakfast but Rafe shows up at the door. Rafe announces to Nicole and Allie that Charlie Dale is dead. Nicole asks what happened. Rafe informs them that he was shot and they have someone in custody; Allie's mom, Sami.

Sami remains in the interrogation room and thinks back to standing over Charlie's dead body, saying that he got just what he deserved.

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