Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/25/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/25/21


Written By Joseph

Charlie paces at home, complaining that they are all out to get him but says they can't stop him or take what is his as he won't let them. There's a knock at his door so Charlie answers it. Charlie puts his hands in the air and tells them not to shoot...

The Next Morning...

Ava is cooking breakfast at Rafe's house. Rafe is impressed but tells her that she doesn't have to go through all this trouble. Ava says making eggs doesn't make them even but she's very grateful. Rafe asks if her bed was comfortable. Ava says it was very so Rafe questions how come she didn't sleep in it then..

John greets Marlena at home. Marlena mentions making him a fresh pot of tea as she threw out the pot she made for him last night after he left the house. Marlena asks if they are going to talk about what happened last night.

Ciara has a dream about Ben coming to save her but then wakes up.

Ben wakes up from a dream about Ciara.

Christian enters to bring Ciara her food but she's not hungry. Christian claims he's trying to be civil. Ciara argues that he wants her dead but that's not going to happen because Ben is going to rescue her.

Claire calls Shawn from home and apologizes, saying she didn't mean to freak him out but she needed to talk to Allie and she knew that he wouldn't let her go because of what happened with Charlie. Claire assures that she's home now, perfectly safe, and no one can hurt her. Claire then hears the door and is startled. Claire calls out asking who is there but it's just Ben so she is relieved. Claire tells Shawn that she loves him and hangs up. Ben apologizes as he didn't mean to scare her but he was knocking and no one answered then he remembered he still had Ciara's keys. Claire tells him it's fine and asks what's going on. Ben hoped they could talk. Claire says of course and asks what about. Ben informs her that he had the strangest dream.

Christian mocks Ciara as she tells him that she had a dream and it was real. Ciara tells him that Ben is looking for her and he's going to find her. Christian reminds her that Ben thinks she's dead but Ciara disagrees. Ciara reveals that she called Ben. Christian says she doesn't have a phone. Ciara explains that Rhodes left his phone behind so she called Ben. Christian argues that it's not like Ben knows where she is. Ciara says it doesn't matter because Ben will find her. Christian asks what Ben said. Ciara admits the connection was bad but he heard her voice and she said she loved him so she knows he's looking for her right now.

Marlena reminds John that his blood pressure was high so she brought him home to rest but he left without a word. Marlena says she called him and texted him but got nothing. John apologizes. Marlena tells him that she was frantic and nearly called the police but then he strolled in like nothing happened and went to bed without saying a word. Marlena guesses he didn't want to talk about it but declares that now they are going to talk about what happened.

Ava tells Rafe that she did sleep in her bed but got up early to get the eggs. Ava jokes about Rafe having a problem with his houseguest making her bed. Rafe apologizes to her as they sit down at the table. Ava guesses the suspicion must be a cop thing. Rafe says it was just a question. Ava asks where he thought she was. Rafe admits he thought she went to see Charlie. Ava asks why she would do that. Rafe brings up that Ava was worried about Charlie threatening Tripp. Ava reminds him that he stationed two cops outside of Tripp's place so he would be safe. Rafe thinks Ava can understand why he was worried that she might have taken matters into her own hands. Ava admits she feels somewhat responsible for the horrible things that Charlie has done because he grew up without love from her, unlike Tripp who was the child of her heart and Steve's son. Ava says she lost Steve and her father took Tripp from her and then she just lost herself. Ava says her father just found her a new man in Jimmy Giacomo then one thing led to another and she got pregnant. Ava says her dad thought everything was good now but it didn't work out that way as she was still hurting from losing Tripp and Steve. Ava says when she gave birth to Charlie, she didn't feel a thing. Ava wondered what was wrong with her and what kind of mother doesn't love her own child.

John apologizes to Marlena for walking out the way he did. Marlena calls that a good start but asks where he was and what happened as she was worried sick. John says he didn't mean to make her worry but he couldn't stop thinking about his run in with Charlie. John complains how Charlie was so smug, telling him that Claire was the one who hurt him like he's the victim. John says he couldn't get it out of his head so he just went driving and didn't stop until he ended up at Charlie's.

Ben tells Claire that he dreamed of Ciara being held behind a glass wall in a room he's never seen before. Ben talks about it being so vivid and real. Ben guesses it's what his mind came up with after Susan's visions. Claire suggests maybe they were sharing the same dream again. Ben guesses it's just wishful thinking. Ben brings up what he and Shawn discovered which Claire questions.

Christian asks Ciara how Ben is going to find her. Ciara wouldn't expect him to understand since he doesn't know what real love is. Christian tells her to shut her mouth. Christian then gets a call from Orpheus, asking if everything is okay. Christian says it's all good. Orpheus wants an update on their new project. Christian says so far it's exactly as planned. Christian tells him that Rhodes is taken care of and claims he thinks Ciara is warming up to him as Ciara then slams the plate of food against the glass. Orpheus congratulates Christian on completing phase one and says now it's on to phase two. Christian asks what that is. Orpheus wants him to take photos of their guest and send them to him as proof of life. Christian continues to question why. Orpheus explains that he can't ransom Ciara to Victor if he thinks she's dead. Christian questions a ransom. Orpheus tells him to keep up as he's going to have a chat with Victor about releasing him from prison if he ever wants to see his granddaughter again. Christian is surprised to learn that's the plan. Orpheus says he's doing the thinking and orders him to text him the photos. Christian is unsure but Orpheus says he has no choice since he can't walk in and hand them to him. Christian responds that actually he does have a choice.

Ben tells Claire that he took her advice and went to prison to see Vincent but found out that he's dead. Claire complains that he was their only link to Ciara. Ben says maybe not as he found out Vincent had a visitor named Allen Rhodes and he has a tattoo of a shark. Claire remembers that being what Susan said. Ben says they went to his address but he was already gone and all they found was junk. Ben is surprised Shawn didn't tell her any of this. Claire informs him that there was a lot going on last night.

Marlena asks what John did after going to Charlie's house. John responds that he doesn't know but he knows he was so angry that he could feel the rage boiling inside of him. John says he was about to get out of the car but he was slammed by a blinding pain his head. Marlena says that's what she was afraid of and asks if that's when he came home but John reveals he blacked out. Marlena asks how long he was out but John is not sure. John says something woke him up and he saw all of her messages so he knew she had to be worried sick and he tried to shake it off to get home. Marlena questions why he didn't tell her this last night.

Orpheus questions Christian saying he has a choice. Christian feels he's being used and he might choose to not be used. Orpheus says they are in this together as a team. Christian asks what he gets out of it then. Orpheus reminds him that once he gets out, they can go where ever they want. Christian asks what makes him think he's changed his mind about the quality time they've spent together. Christian talks about how all his life Orpheus has told him how he wasn't good enough to be a leader and was only good enough for taking his orders so maybe he doesn't want to do that anymore. Orpheus argues that he's not thinking clearly. Christian states that Ciara blew his life to hell but now he has her right where he wants her so maybe he wants to play with her and make her pay. Orpheus questions that being why he's upset. Christian declares that he's not upset at all because for the first time in his life, he's in charge and in control and it feels good. Orpheus says he can't have him challenging him. Christian asks what he's going to do about it. Orpheus calls him ungrateful so Christian hangs up on him. Ciara guesses that was his father on the phone.

Claire fills Ben in on how she got Charlie's confession but he found out she was recording him, freaked out, and cornered her but Belle came in and threw him out of the house. Claire adds that Charlie deleted the confession. Ben asks if she got him arrested but Claire says Charlie never actually laid hands on her so she didn't have enough to press charges but her mom is getting a restraining order. Ben says at least now she will be safe. Claire remarks that she's pretty sure Charlie Dale isn't going to come anywhere near her ever again.

John tells Marlena that if he would've told her last night, she would've dragged him to the hospital and he wasn't in the mood for that. Marlena questions him thinking a good night sleep would cure everything like a miracle. John says he does feel a lot better now. Marlena worries that he could've had bleeding on the brain so now they have to go to the hospital to get checked out. John realizes he doesn't have a choice so they exit the house together.

Rafe says what Ava's father put her through must have been hard on her and traumatizing. Ava felt Charlie was just a reminder of what she had lost. Ava says he wasn't Tripp and his father wasn't the man she loved. Ava adds that she could barely look at him or take care of him so her father arranged for Jimmy to raise Charlie. Ava mentions that Jimmy brought him by sometimes and she tried to act like a mother but he could see right through it. Ava tells Rafe that the saddest part is that Charlie thought it was his fault and he never stopped trying to please her but she could never give him the love that he desperately tried to give to her. Ava says even as an adult, Charlie did anything she asked. Rafe brings up how she sent him to check up on Tripp. Ava blames herself for what Charlie has become because she gave him nothing and treated him like nothing when all he wanted was love. Ava declares that she is the reason Charlie turned into a monster. Rafe holds her hand as she gets emotional.

Clyde approaches Orpheus and says he couldn't help but hear his end of the conversation. Orpheus asks if he has nothing better to do than eavesdrop. Clyde says he was reminded of how he used to talk to his son so he guesses Orpheus was talking to his son. Clyde asks if his son refused to listen to his daddy. Orpheus asks why it matters to him. Clyde says he's curious and wonders if it has something to do with Ciara.

Christian tells Ciara not to worry about who he's talking to. Ciara calls a ransom a total Orpheus move. Christian admits that's exactly what he wants. Ciara tells him that he should totally do it because Victor would pay anything to get her back and he'd be filthy rich. Christian responds that some things are more important than money.

Ben calls Claire a little badass. Claire calls herself the idiot who fell for the guy who raped her cousin so she felt she had to do something. Ben is glad she's alright. Claire says she was just really pissed off and for once, decided to channel that anger in to helping someone instead of hurting them. Claire argues that Allie deserves justice and Ciara deserves to come home so she will do whatever she can to help him. Ben thanks her and says they have to find her. Ben says the dreams and signs are not exactly concrete clues to figuring out where she is. Claire asks if there is really no way of tracking down Rhodes. Ben says all they found was a box of junk. Claire suggests that Susan could figure out by touching something from the box. Claire says they will need the box and asks if Ben still has it.

Rafe suggests to Ava that there could be some healing but Ava thinks it's too late for that because she doesn't think Charlie will ever forgive her for how she screwed up his life. Ava feels Charlie will lash out at everyone and continue to commit horrible, violent crimes. Rafe suggests getting help like a shrink or meds. Ava argues that it can't turn a sociopath in to an upstanding citizen. Ava says she's trying to turn her own life around but she has the motivation of the love of her son Tripp and she wants him to proud of her while Charlie has no motivation or reason to turn his life around. Ava adds that Charlie's anger and hatred runs so deep. Rafe questions just giving up on him. Ava says she's just facing the reality that the damage done to him is too deep. Ava would like to believe it could be reversed but she doesn't think it's possible with Charlie. Rafe then gets a call. Rafe answers and asks when this happened. Rafe says he's on his way and hangs up. Ava notes that he sounded serious and asks what happened. Rafe reveals that there was an anonymous call that someone heard a gunshot at Charlie's apartment. Ava starts to worry and wonder if Charlie killed himself because he's lost everything in the past few days and everything he thought about his future is gone. Rafe tells Ava that he will call her and let her know how it turns out as he exits.

Orpheus advises Clyde to mind his own business. Clyde responds that this is his business and he intends to get to the bottom of it as he walks away.

Ben and Claire look through the box found at Rhodes' apartment. Claire agrees it's a box of junk with nothing to go off of at all. Ben says there has to be something to bring to Susan. Claire finds an Alice in Wonderland book and mentions the sequel "Through the Looking Glass". Ben then has a flashback and realizes that Ciara was reading Through the Looking Glass in his dream. Ben declares that where ever Ciara is, she has Rhodes' books.

Ciara asks Christian if revenge is more important to him than money. Ciara asks why he doesn't just shoot her if he hates her that much. Christian warns her that next time she throws her food, she won't get breakfast. He tells her to enjoy her book as he exits the room.

Marlena gets John in a hospital bed. John insists that he's fine but Marlena says the doctor wants CAT scans. Marlena says she will check to see how long they will be there. John tells her that he loves her. Marlena makes him promise to stay put as she exits the room. When the door shuts, John seems to recall hearing a gunshot.

Ava looks at an old photo of her holding Charlie as a baby.

Rafe goes to Charlie's apartment and finds Charlie dead on the floor. Rafe starts to make a call then pulls his gun when he hears someone coming. Rafe stands up and is shocked to see Sami Brady enter the apartment!

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