Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/24/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/24/21


Written By Joseph

Charlie gets Claire's phone and holds Belle back as he deletes the recording of his confession to raping Allie. Claire calls him a son of a bitch. Charlie tells Claire that it was a nice attempt. Claire argues that she can still tell what he said but Charlie says it will just be her word against his so it's hardly enough to convict him. Claire tells him that she hates him. Belle warns Charlie to get out of the house and swears to kill him if he comes near Claire again. Charlie dares her to try as he then exits the house. Belle hugs Claire.

Rafe and Nicole bring Ava home to Rafe's place. Rafe offers to take Ava's bag to her room but Ava says he's done more than enough just by letting her stay so she takes her bag to the room. Nicole says she should be the one thanking Rafe. Rafe assures that he's only doing this because of Nicole.

Tripp joins Steve in the town square and apologizes for making him wait. Steve says he's just happy to grab a meal with his son and asks what held him up. Tripp informs him that he went to see Allie to tell her that he accepts her apology. Tripp says he should've done it when she first came over to apologize but in the moment, he didn't know what to say. Steve guesses he just needed time to work through his feelings. Tripp assures that he's not upset at Allie as she was a victim of a horrible crime and she's working really hard to get her life back so he hopes that she can.

Marlena goes to see Allie and brings her a chocolate cheesecake. Allie thanks her and guesses she's really here to check up on her. Marlena confirms that she is and talks about how her and John were spending time with Rachel. Marlena says John had to get back to work on a case so he should be there now.

Charlie runs in to John outside. John questions what he's doing out free. Charlie doesn't want to hear it but John grabs him and warns him to stay away from Allie and Claire. Charlie suggests telling Claire to stay away from him which John questions.

Belle calls Shawn, leaving a message to call her as it's urgent. Belle worries to Claire about what would've happened if she didn't get here. Claire worries about Belle losing it and saying she was going to kill Charlie. Belle declares that she meant it because that monster doesn't deserve to live. Claire tells Belle that she can't hurt Charlie and says she would never forgive herself if Belle got in a trouble for a decision she made. Belle know how upsetting this is. Claire is upset with herself as she cries that she had his confession recorded and should've just grabbed her phone and ran. Belle cries that she's just glad Claire is okay, knowing what Charlie is capable of.

Charlie informs John that Claire called and invited him over to her place, saying she wanted to give their relationship another shot but it was all a lie as she was just trying to trick him in to confessing to a crime he didn't commit. John asks what he means. Charlie tells him that Claire said she can't be with him unless he's honest and admitted he's a rapist. John calls him a rapist but Charlie says he's not. Charlie claims he couldn't figure out why Claire was trying so hard to get him to say that he was but she had her phone recording the entire time. Charlie says he noticed or else Claire would have gotten him thrown back in jail. John tells him that he's going back to jail no doubt about it. Charlie argues that the police have nothing on him and neither does Claire. Charlie says Claire could've ruined his life but he stopped her. John grabs him and asks what he did to his granddaughter. Charlie says they talked and that's it. John demands to know what he said to her. Charlie says that he said he was in love with her, which he was until she stabbed him in the back, and then he left. Charlie adds that he told Claire never to mess with him again and now he's telling John the same thing. John asks if he really wants to get busted in half. Charlie responds that he wants to go home. John warns that if he even thinks about going near either one of his granddaughters, he's a dead man.

Nicole knows she put Rafe on the spot about taking Ava in and says she's grateful. Rafe admits he's not a huge fan of the arrangement but he knows he would catch hell for it if anything happened to Ava. Nicole assures that Charlie won't come here to the police commissioner's house. Nicole notices Rafe has Holly's favorite cookies out and asks if she can take some home. Rafe jokes that he can't say no to her. Nicole says she's lucky to have him as a friend, because he listened to her talk, cry, and vent. Rafe assures that he's here for her, whatever she needs. Nicole responds that she's here for him too and holds his hand until Ava comes back in. Ava apologizes for interrupting but they claim that she didn't. Ava mentions needing to pick up a few things from her old place but Nicole says no because she's here to be kept safe. Nicole says she will get whatever Ava needs because she's not going to risk Ava running in to Charlie.

Charlie warns John to get a handle on his temper. John tells him to walk away now. Charlie suggests anger management because he's this close to having a stroke. Charlie then walks away.

Claire tells Belle that Charlie admitted that he raped Allie. Claire tries checking her phone for it but confirms that the recording is gone. Claire cries that she just wanted to help Allie. Belle tells her that she's so proud of her for that but tells her to never take a chance like that again. Belle gets a text from Shawn that he's on his way home. Belle says they can tell him all about it. Claire asks her to do it because she's really tired. Belle thinks Shawn will want to hear it from her. Claire promises to talk to him but she wants to go to bed. Belle tells her that she loves her as Claire then goes to her room.

Marlena checks on Henry and says he's sleeping like an angel. Allie talks about how he was crying all afternoon and mentions that she had some help from Tripp. Marlena is surprised to hear Tripp was there. Allie explains that Tripp came by to accept her apology. Marlena is glad that Tripp was so forgiving. Allie talks about how nothing was working to get Henry back to sleep until she let Tripp hold him and he was so sweet with him and said he was around if she needed any help. Marlena is glad they have made peace. Allie states that her son has so many strong women in his life so she thinks it'd be nice to add a guy in to the mix and Tripp is a really good guy.

Tripp tells Steve about holding baby Henry and feeling a connection. Steve points out that Tripp is his uncle and he's sure Allie was grateful for his help. Tripp mentions telling Allie that he's around if she needs any more help which Steve notes is very kind of him. Tripp adds that he didn't know what a good father was until he met Steve. Tripp says every kid deserves that but Henry's father belongs in prison so he'd like to be there for him and thinks Henry will need him in his life. Charlie then appears and says like hell he will.

Marlena joins John outside and says she got his text so she asks what happened. John tells her about his run in with Charlie and how he just wanted to break his face after the way he talked about Claire. John tells her that something just went down between Charlie and Claire. Marlena asks what happened.

Shawn comes home to Belle telling him that Charlie attacked Claire. Shawn can't believe it and wants to go find Charlie to arrest him but Belle says he can't do that because he never actually touched Claire. Belle explains that Claire was screaming for her help but she told Charlie to back off and he did. Shawn asks about the confession but Belle informs him that the recording is gone so it's still Allie's word against his. Shawn questions if they are supposed to do nothing. Belle says she will file a restraining order tomorrow. Shawn asks if she's sure she is okay. Belle says she's fine. Shawn is sorry he wasn't there. Belle is just glad she got home when she did. Shawn complains about Charlie torturing Claire and wants to go check on her but Belle tells him to just let her sleep.

Claire goes to see Allie and tells her that she snuck out so her parents don't know she's there. Allie questions what's going on. Claire informs her that she tricked Charlie in to confessing and she recorded it on her phone but he figured it out, erased it, and freaked. Allie asks if he hurt her. Claire says he would have if her mom did not walk in. Allie is glad she is okay. Claire cries that she had him and could've nailed Charlie to the wall and got Allie her justice but she blew it and she's sorry. Allie tells her that she's so grateful that she tried. Claire complains that she's so frustrated that Charlie could admit to doing something so horrible and then just walk out the door. Claire wanted to fix it but says she failed just like she failed to realize Charlie is a vicious freak. Allie understands Charlie lied to her. Claire declares that she fell for the most horrible person in the world.

Charlie tells Tripp that he will never be a part of his son's life. Steve stands up and says Tripp is his son. Steve warns that if Charlie messes with his family, he messes with him. Charlie asks if he's supposed to be scared. Tripp tells Steve that he's not worth it. Steve agrees but warns Charlie that if the authorities don't take care of him, he will. Charlie claims he did nothing wrong. Steve responds that Charlie raped a woman, got her pregnant, and almost ruined his son's life. Charlie laughs at Steve sticking up for Tripp. Steve says he always will because unlike Charlie, Tripp is a good and decent man. Charlie mocks him sounding like Ava. Steve calls him a rapist but Charlie argues that he has no proof because there is none and the cops let him go. Steve reminds him that he's still facing charges for kidnapping his mother. Steve states that Charlie tried to shut Ava up but she's talking now and made a statement to the police, telling them every sick thing he did to her. Charlie argues that Ava is mentally unstable so nobody will believe a word she says. Charlie says they can't keep him from his son. Tripp questions since when he has any interest in Henry. Charlie says he's showing it now and argues that Tripp knows nothing about him. Tripp says he knows he belongs in prison. Charlie tells him that he's not going away. Charlie tells Tripp that he can have Ava but Henry is his. Charlie promises that Tripp is not coming near Henry as he walks away.

Rafe tells Ava to make herself at home as he finishes up work on his laptop. Rafe adds that she can help herself to food whenever she wants. Ava thanks Rafe for his generosity but assures she will be out of here as soon as possible. Ava says once they set a court date for Charlie, she will testify so he will go to prison and then it will be safe for her to go home. Ava knows Rafe didn't want her to stay here and that Nicole had to strong arm him in to it. Rafe tells her it's okay so she thanks him. Ava brings up the court system not being known for it's speed so she's thinking that as much as she wants to be out in a couple days, it might not end up that way. Ava thinks since they will be living together for awhile, that it might be good that they are honest with each other. Ava tells Rafe to just admit that he thinks she's a horrible person. Ava admits she's been pretty bad and done a lot of bad things as she went down a bad road but she's decided to go in a different, better direction. Ava declares that she wants to lead a better life. Rafe asks what made her realize that. Ava credits a good friend.

Nicole goes to Ava's to get her things but Charlie shows up at the door, saying he needs to see his mother. Nicole asks if he wants to kidnap her again. Charlie asks her to get out of his way but Nicole refuses. Nicole says she will be in his way until he gets what's coming to him. Charlie asks why they can't leave him alone. Nicole says it's because he's guilty and she's sure he feels good about lying about what happened with Allie to the cops so they let him go. Nicole warns that he's living on borrowed time. Charlie keeps asking her to move so he can go in. Nicole responds that Allie may not have been able to send him to prison but Ava will and tells him to stay the hell away from her.

Belle tells Shawn about how she lost it after seeing Charlie cornering Claire. Belle says she could've killed him and thinks she said she would as she still really wants to. Shawn tries to calm her down but Belle wants to figure out what they are going to do. John and Marlena show up to check on Belle. Belle says she's not okay and asks what they are doing here. Marlena informs her that John had a run in with Charlie. Belle responds that he was just there. John complains about Charlie while Marlena asks Belle to tell them what happened.

Claire tells Allie that she thought Charlie was a good guy and the one so she questions what is wrong with her. Allie tries to encourage her. Claire asks how she couldn't have seen that Charlie is a psycho. Allie says he hid it and put on a really good act. Claire assures that she hates Charlie and she wants to make him pay. Claire worries that their only chance might have disappeared with the confession. Allie brings up Ava being considered not a reliable witness. Claire asks if it's just over then. Allie responds not necessarily as it maybe time she stops relying on everyone else and just deals with him herself.

Ava tells Rafe that she had a serious conversation with Nicole while in the hospital about her future and her past. Ava says that Nicole basically told her that if she doesn't make big changes to her life, she will jeopardize everything that matters to her including her relationship with Tripp. Ava talks about how a mother is supposed to set a good example for her child but she's done the exact opposite. Ava says Tripp still wants to be close even though she didn't raise him. Ava just wants to be worthy of his love so she wants to take this second chance to be a better person for her son.

Tripp did not like how Charlie was talking. Steve tells him to forget it as he's full of it. Tripp felt he seemed pretty serious. Steve says Charlie just lashed out after hearing Tripp wanted to be part of Henry's life. Steve guarantees Charlie doesn't want to be a father. Tripp feels since he hates them all, Charlie might sue for custody out of spite. Steve argues that they don't grant custody to rapists. Tripp points out that he got off by lying so what's to stop him from telling a judge the same thing.

Nicole comes out with a suitcase causing Charlie to question where Ava is. Nicole responds that she's not here and she wouldn't tell him if she was. Charlie argues that Ava is not the victim here and that everything that has happened is her fault. Nicole brings up Charlie raping Allie. Charlie says he wouldn't have met Allie if Ava wouldn't have sent him to London to spy on Tripp. Charlie complains about how humiliating that was and declares that Ava's obsession with Tripp has ruined his life. Charlie adds that Tripp stole his mother's love from him and now he wants to steal his son. Nicole questions what he's talking about. Charlie tells her to tell Ava that if she thinks she's going to testify against him, she has another thing coming. Nicole tells Charlie that the drugs Charlie gave Ava still give her hallucinations. Charlie argues that she's always been crazy and asks why else she would choose Tripp over him. Charlie complains that he is the devoted and caring son who tried to make Ava proud while Tripp got everything and he got nothing. Charlie declares that Tripp thinks he's going to raise his son but that's not going to happen. Nicole asks why Tripp would want to raise Henry. Charlie complains that he heard Tripp say that Henry needed him as if he isn't enough. Charlie remarks that he'd rather see Tripp dead than anywhere near his son. Charlie then says that's not a bad idea. Nicole questions if he just threatened to kill his own brother. Charlie asks why not, saying that with Tripp out of the picture then maybe Ava would finally have enough love for him. Charlie then walks away, leaving Nicole shocked.

Belle says she knows Claire's heart was in the right place but she made her promise to never take a risk like that again. John says he would've strangled Charlie if he walked in. Marlena tells him to stay calm, thinking Claire is sleeping. John yells about Charlie targeting both of his granddaughters. Belle calls Charlie a sick son of a bitch and assures she's just as upset as he is. Belle calls it terrifying what Charlie has done to Allie and Claire. Belle adds that she will file a restraining order tomorrow. John says he'll restrain Charlie himself. Shawn guarantees the police department will keep an eye on Charlie 24/7. John would rather just kill him. Marlena reminds John that getting worked up is not good for his health. Marlena decides they will get going and says to tell Claire that she's available to her at any time. Belle tells John to take care of himself. John hugs Belle and tells her that he loves her. Shawn thanks them for coming. Marlena says to let them know what happens in court as she and John exit. Shawn decides to call Rafe to let him know everything that happened. Shawn asks Belle to go check on Claire.

Nicole returns to Rafe's with Ava's belongings. Ava thanks her while Rafe asks Nicole what's wrong. Nicole says nothing but Rafe and Ava see that's not true so Ava asks what's going on. Nicole reveals that when she left Ava's apartment, Charlie showed up, but she made it clear that he is to stay away from Ava. Rafe asks if she's okay. Nicole say she's fine. Rafe wants to arrest Charlie for breaking in but Nicole clarifies that she ran in to Charlie outside the door. Rafe then gets a call from Shawn and steps out to answer it. Ava asks if Nicole is really okay. Nicole says that Charlie just startled her. Ava asks what he wanted. Nicole says he was all worked up and ranting about Tripp. Nicole doesn't want Ava to worry but Ava insists on knowing what Charlie said.

Claire asks Allie what she means by dealing with Charlie herself. Allie brings up how she went after Tripp with a gun. Claire questions what she's thinking. Allie responds that she thinks maybe she's go through with it now.

Steve tells Tripp that there is no way a judge will give Charlie custody of Allie's baby. Tripp feels they might if he lies. Steve argues that Charlie is on his way to prison for kidnapping Ava. Tripp worries that the judge will still try to make Ava out to be crazy. Steve blames Charlie drugging Ava but Tripp points out there's no proof of that either. Steve says he can't keep going and his road will have to end sometime. Tripp doesn't see how if he's going after Henry. Steve thinks that he would be laughed out of court but Tripp worries about how it could look for Allie if Charlie makes a case. Steve insists that no judge would ever buy it. Tripp declares that he's not taking that chance with an innocent baby. Steve asks what he can do. Tripp says he doesn't know but he's going to figure out something fast.

Ava tells Nicole that there is no way Charlie will hurt Tripp. Nicole says she will fill Rafe in as soon as he's off the phone. Ava worries that Charlie made a serious threat but Nicole says they need to let the police handle it. Ava declares that she's going to handle it. Nicole asks what that means. Ava responds that she brought Charlie into this world so maybe she needs to take him out..

Marlena and John go home. Marlena checks on John and notes his blood pressure is elevated. John can't stop thinking about how Charlie got away with what he did to Allie and Claire. Marlena says she's frustrated too but getting angry won't change anything. Marlena encourages John to relax and goes to make him some tea. John then gets up, grabs his keys, and exits the house.

Belle comes back to Shawn and informs him that Claire is gone.

Claire tells Allie that she can't do this. Allie argues that she knows where Kate keeps her gun and where Charlie lives so she asks why she shouldn't. Claire worries that she will get put in prison and Henry won't have a mother while her life will be over. Allie says not if she gets away with it.

Charlie paces at home, complaining that they are all out to get him but says they can't stop him or take what is his as he won't let them. There's a knock at his door so Charlie answers it. Charlie puts his hands in the air and tells them not to shoot...

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