Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/23/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/23/21


Written By Joseph

Kristen, now dressed as Susan, goes to Marlena's and is not pleased to find Brady shirtless with Chloe replacing his bandage in front of him. She yells at Chloe to get her hands off of Brady.

Sarah joins Xander in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander talks about how he can't wait to tell Maggie that they are engaged but then asks why Sarah looks so sad. Sarah responds that they aren't going to be able to celebrate with Maggie because she's gone.

Gabi goes to Titan where Philip informs her that he has decided that Gabi Chic is a great fit for Titan so he welcomes her to the team.

Kate paces at the DiMera Mansion and then pours a drink. Jake comes in and asks her what's wrong. Kate tells him that Charlie is denying the rape allegations. Jake questions who would believe him anyways. Kate informs him that the authorities are not going to pursue it so Charlie is walking around free. Kate wants to get her gun and make Charlie accountable all by herself.

Claire questions Charlie having sex with Allie against her will, meaning he raped her. Charlie finally admits that he did while Claire has her cell phone recording the conversation. Claire thanks Charlie for being honest and allowing himself to be vulnerable. Charlie asks if she really doesn't think less of him. Claire says she's in no position to judge after the things she has done. Charlie calls that amazing as he thought her family would have turned her against him. Claire says never and thinks this has only brought them closer. Charlie feels that way too. Claire tells him that this has been a lot for one day so she suggests he go home and she will call him tomorrow but Charlie responds that he's not going anywhere. Claire says she's kind of exhausted. Charlie says he gets that but he feels like they just had a big break through so he doesn't want to lose that feeling. Charlie wants to be with her, reminding her that not long ago they were in her room about to make love and it would've happened if Ben hadn't dragged her away. Claire doesn't know if she would've been able to sleep with him with her grandmother in the other room. Charlie says that's when they started poisoning her against him with allegations that he raped Allie. Charlie states that they were right about what he did but not about who he is. Charlie says now that she can get past it, there's nothing stopping them from being together. Charlie tries to kiss Claire but she pulls away so he asks what's wrong.

Jake tells Kate that she doesn't want to shoot Charlie. Jake encourages her to breathe and not do anything crazy. Kate questions if he really cares since he's been so wrapped up pining over Gabi. Jake asks how this became about Gabi. Kate brings up earlier when she saw him in the town square and says he was staring longingly at the Gabi Chic shop window. Kate questions if he was having second thoughts about letting the business decision go or the personal one.

Gabi tells Philip that he has made a very wise decision. Gabi assures that Gabi Chic will bring so much to Titan as they will crush Basic Black and decimate Jake. Gabi can't wait to see Jake begging for mercy and says he will think every hour about how he let her go. Philip stops her and says he's starting to think this isn't going to work out.

Chloe questions why "Susan" is freaking out when she was just changing Brady's bandage. "Susan" says it looked like Chloe was seducing Brady and he is spoken for. She adds that going after another woman's man is nasty. Brady insists that nothing is going on here. "Susan" argues that Brady needs to be specially cared for and she has some expertise unlike Chloe. She pushes Chloe aside and declares she is going to take care of Brady.

Sarah reveals to Xander that Maggie has left Salem to go to Las Vegas to be with Sarah's half sister Summer. Xander questions that after everything Summer has done. Sarah brings up that Summer's last visit set off a series of very sad events to think about. Xander tells her that he's still so sorry about everything that happened with baby Mickie but he's very grateful that she forgave him and agreed to be his wife. Sarah is grateful as well that they found their way back to each other. Xander asks if she's still worried about Summer. Sarah says she's worried about Maggie and how this is affecting her because Summer basically begged her to come by telling her she was dying. Xander asks if this means they have to put off their wedding.

Brady tells "Susan" that he appreciates her wanting to help but he's fine with Chloe helping him and prefers that. "Susan" insists and says it must be awkward for Chloe to be intimate with Brady. Brady argues that there's nothing intimate going on here as she was just changing his bandage. Chloe adds that they were married before so it's not she hasn't been close to him. "Susan" says that was a long time ago and she heard it didn't end well because Chloe put him in danger back then. Brady cuts her off and tells her to just let Chloe do it.

Jake tells Kate that maybe he was going to buy her a present from Gabi Chic. Kate points out that it's abandoned and she wouldn't want that trash anyway. Jake admits he ran in to Gabi but he doesn't see what the big deal is. Kate says he lied about it and asks why he didn't just tell her. Jake didn't want her to react the way she's reacting now and he didn't want to upset her because it didn't mean anything. Kate questions why she'd be upset if it didn't mean anything. Kate says she doesn't need Jake to protect her feelings, she needs him to be honest with her so Jake then admits that Gabi came on to him.

Gabi questions Philip saying it's not going to work when he already took the deal. Philip says now he's having second thoughts because after hearing her go on about Jake, he has concerns as she sounded a little obsessed. Gabi argues that she's not obsessed with Jake. Philip feels she was less about working for Titan and more about getting revenge on Jake.

Belle walks through the town square on the phone with Allie. They agree to meet at the Pub for dinner and Belle says she will call Claire to see if she can meet them.

Claire tells Charlie that she wants to be with him too but her parents could come home at any minute. Charlie questions why she invited him over then, knowing how her parents feel about him. Claire claims she's just been keeping an eye on the time and asks Charlie to go. Charlie tells her that they will have to deal with her family at some point but guesses it can wait. Claire thanks him and says she really is sorry. Charlie says she doesn't have to be. Charlie then invites her over to his place. Claire claims she wants to freshen up first and suggests Charlie go ahead and she will meet him there after she showers. Charlie suggests she come with him and they can shower together. Claire's phone then rings when Belle calls. Charlie thought she silenced her phone so they wouldn't be interrupted. Claire claims that she thought she did and says she will take care of it now. Charlie then takes her phone and says he'll do it for her. Charlie sees that her phone is recording as the audio recorder app is open and has been recording the last 20 minutes. Claire guesses she accidentally pressed record but Charlie feels this isn't an accident.

"Susan" talks about Chloe wanting to be Brady's nurse so bad because she's the reason he got shot in the first place. Brady says that's not true. "Susan" goes over how Chloe recruited Brady to help Philip. Brady mentions hearing that she had a premonition but questions her knowing the details. She claims to have heard it from Marlena which Chloe questions. She then admits she was eavesdropping. Brady says he doesn't know what she heard but he doesn't blame Chloe for what happened at all. "Susan" says Brady is such a forgiving man but argues that Chloe doesn't deserve his understanding. She asks what if Chloe got Brady killed then what would happen to his daughter Rachel while her mom is behind bars. Chloe questions since when Susan cares so much about Kristen. "Susan" claims she doesn't. Brady acknowledges that it's killing Kristen to be away from Rachel. "Susan" says she knows how she feels and asks where Rachel is.

Sarah tells Xander that they don't have to put off their wedding. Xander thinks Maggie should be there. Sarah says she will be in spirit and they can have the whole ceremony on video to watch over and over. Xander says if he's sure that she won't be upset. Sarah confirms that Maggie told her she'd be very upset if she postponed her wedding because of her. Xander wants to call her and thank her. Sarah says that Maggie would love to hear from him. Sarah adds that Maggie said she would love it if they had the wedding at the Kiriakis Mansion, probably so Victor could be part of it. Xander brings up how Victor undercut him after Philip's mafia fiasco and asks why he'd want either of them anywhere near their wedding.

Gabi admits that she wants to bury Jake as she doesn't enjoy being rejected. Philip appreciates her honesty but he doesn't want to be a pawn in whatever game she's playing with Jake. Gabi argues that her history with Jake means she's motivated to win which is good for Titan. Gabi asks if this has anything to do with his mother seeing Jake and asks if that bothers him. Philip responds that his mother's love life is her business. Gabi argues that it won't last anyways. Philip questions what exactly her goal is because he doesn't believe her. Philip questions if she's out to destroy Jake or if she wants Jake to take her back.

Kate asks Jake if Gabi propositioned him. Jake says she could say that as she was practically gloating about going in to business with Philip and leaned in like she was going to kiss him. Kate asks what happened. Jake jokes that they had sex right there. Kate asks if that's supposed to be funny. Jake tells her how ridiculous this is and confirms that he rejected Gabi again. Kate asks how that went. Jake thinks back to Gabi saying she knows Jake still wants her. Jake then tells Kate that he told Gabi she's desperate and nothing else matters because he's with Kate, not Gabi. Kate questions if he wasn't tempted at all. Jake declares that he's done with this conversation so either she trusts him and gets over it or they are done. Kate notes that went from 0 to 60 real fast. Jake asks how many times she's accused him of wanting to be with Gabi. Kate complains that he had an encounter with Gabi and chose not to tell her. Jake repeats that he told Gabi to hit the road. Kate argues that he still wasn't honest with her. Jake asks what it will take to convince her that he doesn't want Gabi and that Kate is the only woman he cares about. Kate says she doesn't know. Jake has a couple ideas and takes Kate with him.

Gabi tells Philip that even if she wanted Jake, he's made it clear that he wants to be with Kate despite her being twice his age and selfish. Philip reminds her that Kate is his mother. Gabi acknowledges that attacking the boss's mom is not the smartest move. Philip agrees and says neither is lying to him. Philip asks if Gabi has really given up on Jake. Gabi tells him that right before he texted, she gave it one last go and Jake turned her down, calling her desperate. Gabi remarks that maybe Philip doesn't know what it's like to be rejected but Philip reveals he has fresh wounds. Gabi points out that she opened up about Jake so she asks who had the audacity to not want Philip. Philip informs her that it was Chloe. Gabi says she should've guessed. Philip states that he wanted to get something going with Chloe again but she wanted no part of it.

Brady thanks Chloe for finishing his bandage and tells "Susan" that Rachel is with Marlena and John and they should be back shortly. "Susan" asks if Chloe should be going then so Brady can take care of Rachel. Chloe says she would be glad to stay and help because she and Rachel get along very well which Brady confirms. "Susan" remarks that Rachel has John, Marlena, and her so she thinks it's time for Chloe to go home now.

Charlie listens to Claire's recording of his confession on her phone and questions Claire recording the whole time. Charlie realizes she set him up and he can't believe he fell for her act. Claire tries to deny it but Charlie yells at her to stop it. Charlie says it's so obvious that all she wanted was a confession out of him. Charlie states that she betrayed him. Claire tells him to leave but Charlie says that's not going to happen. Charlie declares that she started this so now he's going to finish it.

Sarah asks if Xander is not okay with getting married in the Kiriakis Mansion then. Xander points out that she can't blame him after the way Victor championed Philip over him. Sarah admits she expected him to react this way. Sarah asks him to see that Maggie is stuck in the middle. Xander respects that Maggie is loyal to Victor. Sarah feels she is stuck in the middle because she doesn't want to disappoint Maggie but she wants Xander to be happy. Xander responds that he is happy as long as he's sharing his life with her. Sarah says they don't have to decide on a location or a guest list right now. Sarah says even though it's Maggie's dream for them to get married here, she is reasonable and understanding. Xander questions if she really said it was her dream. Sarah talks about how Maggie plans out everything in her head. Xander talks about how kind and generous Maggie is for forgiving him for his past and now she's off taking care of her dying daughter. Xander declares that if it means that much to Maggie, they can get married at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sarah is excited and hugs him, noting that Maggie will be so thrilled. Sarah tells Xander that she wants to express how grateful she is as they head upstairs together.

Chloe tells "Susan" that she wasn't planning on leaving until she and Brady finish their work. "Susan" argues that she shouldn't be working Brady in his weakened condition. Brady admits he is tired and could get some sleep so Chloe decides to call it a night. Brady thanks Chloe and says he'll catch up with her tomorrow as she then exits. "Susan" then tells Brady that they are alone at last.

Gabi tells Philip that before he says anymore, he is way out of Chloe's league. Gabi calls Chloe phony and dumb. Gabi feels Chloe is a fool for rejecting Philip, questioning if she's in love with someone else. Philip responds that he thinks Chloe has her sights set on Brady. Gabi asks if Chloe told him that. Philip says Chloe denied anything going on but he can see she is still attracted to him which Gabi calls interesting. Gabi says she and Philip are both coming from hurt and rejection. Gabi adds that it's not just Jake that is their competition but Chloe works for Basic Black with Brady. Gabi calls it the perfect opportunity for Philip to let out his frustrations on their business. Gabi finds that nothing takes the sting out of rejection more than crushing your enemies.

After having sex, Jake asks Kate if she still wants to talk about Gabi. Kate says no so Jake hopes they have put that to bed for good. Jake then tells Kate that he has a proposition for her if she has stopped fantasizing about killing Charlie.

Charlie argues that he trusted Claire and she stabbed him in the back. Claire tells him to stay away from her and threatens to hit him. Charlie tells her to go ahead and try. Claire screams for help as Belle then bursts in and orders Charlie to stay the hell away from her daughter.

Philip tells Gabi that Chloe is not his enemy as he cares about her. Gabi tells him that if they run DiMera into the ground then Basic Black would be collateral damage which would stop Chloe and Brady from working together. Philip admits he does like that. Gabi encourages that Philip could be the one to win the Kiriakis-DiMera war. Gabi declares that with her on his team, Titan will thrive while DiMera will fall apart. Gabi knows Victor gave Philip a huge opportunity to prove himself. Philip agrees that nothing would make Victor happier than crushing the DiMeras. Philip and Gabi shake hands and agree on a deal again. Gabi promises it's the start of a very rewarding partnership.

Jake reminds Kate that he's asked her numerous times to come work with him at DiMera. Kate reminds him that she already has a job. Jake argues that she's so intelligent that he thinks it's a waste for her to be working for the local mayor. Kate says she likes working for Abe. Jake thinks she doesn't want to work for him because of her son now being the head of Titan and he would sort of understand. Kate says Philip can take care of himself and if he wants to play in the big leagues, he'll have to deal with the big girls and boys. Jake asks if that's a yes. Kate confirms that Abe will have to find a new PR guru which thrills Jake. Kate asks if he really thinks they can do this together. Jake confirms he does and that he needs her now more than ever, especially after what Gabi said when he sent her packing. Kate guesses she said that Gabi Chic and Titan would destroy DiMera. Jake assures that Gabi is hellbent on running them into the ground. Kate says to let her try as they hug.

Belle questions what Charlie is doing here. Charlie says that Claire invited him over. Belle says he's lying but Claire reveals it's true as she had a plan and it worked. Charlie argues that Claire thought she could set him up. Claire states that Belle said a confession could put Charlie away so she got it and it's right there on her phone. Charlie and Belle then race to get to Claire's phone.

"Susan" makes Brady a grilled cheese sandwich just the way he likes it. Brady questions how she knew how he likes it made. She claims that Marlena told her.

Kate tells Jake that she's going to shower and change so she can go give Abe her letter of resignation. Jake suggests e-mailing the letter. Kate thinks Abe deserves better than that. Kate says once she does this, she is all his. Jake then gets a text from Gabi that she and Philip just made a deal and declares that it is war.

Charlie gets Claire's phone and holds Belle back as he deletes the recording. Claire calls him a son of a bitch. Charlie tells Claire that it was a nice attempt. Claire argues that she can still tell what he said but Charlie says it will just be her word against his so it's hardly enough to convict him. Claire tells him that she hates him. Belle warns Charlie to get out of the house and swears to kill him if he comes near Claire again. Charlie dares her to try as he then exits the house. Belle hugs Claire.

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