Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/22/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/22/21


Written By Joseph

Steve and Kayla go to the Brady Pub. Kayla can't believe he's hungry after their brunch in the honeymoon suite. Steve jokes that they were a little distracted from the meal. Steve adds that he didn't say he was hungry, he just wanted to pick up takeout so they don't have to bother making dinner because they have better things to do as they kiss.

Allie gets Henry to sleep at home and then Tripp shows up at the door.

Charlie gets a call from Claire and says he was just thinking about her. Charlie tells her that he misses her so much. Claire asks if they could get together which makes Charlie happy. Charlie asks if she's serious. Claire says yes unless he doesn't want to. Charlie says he didn't expect this because Claire said she never wanted to see him again yesterday. Charlie asks what changed her mind.

Susan watches Chloe taking care of Brady and then questions Chloe being there again. Chloe explains that Brady can't come to the office so she brought the office to him. Chloe looks at Susan and asks if she did something different with her hair. She says she went to the stylist and then gets a call so she says she's going to the Pub and hurries out. Susan answers the call from Kristen, who asks if she did what she asked. Susan confirms that she did and guesses she's about to find out if blondes really do have more fun as Susan pulls off her wig, revealing that she has dyed her hair blonde.

Chloe asks Brady if Susan seemed more strange than usual to him. Chloe feels Susan has been hovering around them and then just hurried out the door.

Susan tells Kristen that it broke her heart to change her hair and then complains about Chloe commenting on her hair. Kristen asks about Chloe being there. Susan tells her that Chloe is fussing all over Brady and spoiling him. Kristen calls Chloe a bitch and declares that they need to switch places now before Chloe seduces Brady. Kristen states that now that Susan dyed her hair, they need to do something about her teeth.

Claire tells Charlie that she doesn't want to talk about it over the phone and asks him to come over. Charlie says he's on his way and tells her how much it means to him that she reached out. Claire says she'll see him son and hangs up. Claire then declares that if the only way to make sure Charlie is buried behind bars is a confession, then she's going to get it.

Roman enters the Brady Pub where Steve and Kayla greet him. Kayla asks about Roman's visit with Carrie and Austin. Roman tells them that he's very happy they are back together. Roman guesses Steve and Kayla's wedding was a big success. Steve confirms they are officially married again. Kayla declares it will be the last time as she's not letting him go again.

Tripp notes that Allie seems surprised. Allie says she is. Tripp admits that Allie apologizing to him caught him off guard and he didn't know what to say. Allie understands and is so sorry for what he went through. Allie regrets things she said to him. Tripp assures that he forgives her and after the hell Charlie put her through, he'd be a jerk if he didn't.

Charlie goes to see Claire and asks what she wanted to talk about. Claire claims she's going to silence her phone so they don't get disturbed but she puts the recorder on. Claire tells Charlie that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him, what happened, and what he said. Claire claims she realized it doesn't matter what anyone thinks but her. Charlie asks if she changed her mind about him.

Kristen reminds Susan of what she has to do and tells her not to screw it up because she pulled a lot of strings to get her pearly whites and blue contacts. Kristen instructs her to go pick them up and get there as soon as she can because she can't take another minute when Brady needs her. Susan assures that she is coming. Kristen says she will expect her within the hour and hangs up. Kristen is then startled by Vivian appearing, commenting that it was an interesting conversation. Vivian guesses that Kristen is trading places with Susan again. Kristen calls that ridiculous but Vivian tells her to not even try to deny it. Vivian brings up Kristen saying she wanted to break out but not in the traditional sense so she realized she's switching with Susan. Kristen argues that she doesn't have much options because Chloe is sniffing around Brady and she needs to stop her. Vivian questions her pretending to be Susan Banks. Kristen says it's the best plan she could come up with on short notice and tells her to forget what she heard. Vivian argues that she also has other business on the outside so she thought she could get a few years off her sentence by telling the warden about Kristen's plan. Kristen asks what it will take to keep her mouth shut.

Brady and Chloe go over an upcoming clothing line for Basic Black. Brady mentions that they will be competing with Gabi Chic since Gabi is shopping her company to Titan which means their prime competition will be Philip. Chloe guesses they will have to give him a run for his money. Brady wants to run his ass in to the ground. Chloe asks about him not liking Philip. Brady says he took a bullet because of Philip. Chloe says it wasn't Philip's fault. Brady argues that Chloe always defends Philip no matter what he does even if he always plays mind games with her. Chloe says she doesn't think that so Brady asks why Philip accused her of having feelings for him out of the blue. Chloe notes that it wasn't exactly out of the blue because it was after Philip kissed her.

Charlie asks if this means Claire believes that what happened to Allie was consensual. Claire admits that she does not because she believes Allie. Charlie doesn't understand. Claire tells him that Marlena told her that Allie's memories are reliable so she's not lying, he is. Charlie questions why she invited him over then. Claire tells him that she thinks she can get past it. Charlie asks what she means. Claire states that what he did to Allie was terrible but she's done terrible things too. Claire brings up setting fires that almost killed Tripp, Haley, and Ciara so she could've taken three lives. Claire notes that Charlie knew of all that but never judged her so how can she can judge him.

Roman tells Steve and Kayla that he's sorry to hear about Laura's death and asks how Jennifer is holding up. Kayla says she's as well as could be expected. Steve and Kayla then tell Roman about Tripp being cleared of all wrongdoing. Roman reveals he had already talked to Nicole about that before he left and he's glad to hear it. Roman says he likes Tripp which made him more angry when he was accused of doing it but now he feels sorry for how bad he treated him. Kayla understands he was just trying to protect Allie. Steve adds that he and Tripp understand. Kayla is thankful Steve stood by Tripp as he always believed that he was innocent.

Allie thanks Tripp for telling Charlie to man up but she would settle for Charlie leaving town so she'd never have to see him again. Allie acknowledges that Henry is Charlie's son so she'd like to think part of Charlie is good and he just had a life that screwed up rather than being born a bad person. Henry wakes up crying so Allie goes to check on him.

Brady questions Chloe about Philip kissing her. Chloe says it was no big deal and she waved it off. Brady argues that Philip just can't accept the fact that Chloe doesn't want him back. They talk about it being crazy that Philip thinks Brady is in the way.

Kristen tells Vivian that her resources are not full power here but she'll do what she can so she asks Vivian what she wants. Vivian wants Kristen to end Kate and Jake's relationship. Kristen questions how she expects her to do that when she's going to save her own relationship. Vivian tells Kristen to think of something and asks if they have a deal. Kristen agrees to do her best but says Vivian needs to help her with one more thing. Kristen tells her that Susan will be there soon and they will switch identities so she begins to tell Vivian what she's going to do. Susan arrives at the prison and meets with Kristen. Kristen asks if everything worked as she arranged. Susan talks about getting used to the dentures. Kristen worries about Susan's accent and tells her to speak as little as possible. Susan is unsure about the dentures but Kristen assures that she will be fine.

Allie brings Henry in to the living room. Tripp offers to hold him while she gets his bottle but he understands if she doesn't want him to. Allie says it's fine and hands Henry to Tripp.

Roman talks about Charlie letting Tripp take the blame for something he did all this time. Roman says he owes Tripp a big apology. Steve mentions that Allie already came by to apologize. Roman brings up Claire dating Charlie and guesses that's over. Kayla assures that Claire was horrified and wants nothing to do with him. Roman hopes they lock Charlie up and throw away the key. Steve says he's afraid that's not going to happen.

Claire tells Charlie that she's been lucky that even after everything she did, her friends and family forgave her. Claire wondered why she got a second chance but Charlie hasn't and claims it's not fair. Charlie asks what exactly she is saying. Claire tells Charlie that she wants to give their relationship another try, as her phone remains recording the conversation. Charlie questions her wanting to get back together and says he can't believe it. Charlie calls it amazing. Claire tells him it won't be easy with her family, Ben, and the whole town freaking out. Claire claims she doesn't care because she can't lose the one guy who loved her for her. Claire says in spite of everything that happened, she still loves him. Charlie says he loves her too as they hug while Claire looks over at her phone. Claire asks if he really means that. Charlie says he does so Claire says they need it to take it slowly and rebuild trust with no more secrets or lies. Claire asks if he can do that. Charlie says no one has made him feel like she does so however she wants to build trust, he's in. Claire wants to start with being honest with each other about everything, like when she told him every single awful thing she had done. Claire says it was hard for her but she wanted him to know everything about her so now she needs him to be that honest with her and trust her with the truth, like she trusted him. Charlie guesses she means what happened with Allie which Claire confirms. Claire tells him that she needs him to look her in the eyes and be honest with her. Charlie says if it means having a future with her then he will tell her everything...

Steve tells Roman that without a confession, there's no case because Charlie claims the sex was consensual. Roman remarks that this is the kind of thing that makes people want to take matters into their own hands. Steve feels a lot of people in this town are on the same page. Kayla asks if Steve condones vigilante justice. Steve says he doesn't but it's hard to take that Charlie is walking around free after getting away with rape.

Allie thanks Tripp for holding Henry. Tripp says it was his pleasure and adds that if Nicole's ever busy, she can always ask him to help as he'd be happy to. Allie thanks him and says that's really sweet. Tripp hands Henry back to Allie. Allie takes Henry to put him back to sleep.

Brady continues to question Philip kissing Chloe. Chloe assures that she made it clear that she doesn't have feelings for Philip. Brady doesn't think that will stop him. Chloe suggests he stop dwelling on Philip and get back to working on their marketing strategy. They start to but Brady goes back to saying that it's so obvious Philip wants Chloe back. Chloe shows Brady notes to go over but Brady gets pain and guesses it's time to change his bandage. Chloe decides she will do it for him. Brady asks what he would do without her. Chloe says he won't have to find out because she will be there as long as he needs her. Brady thanks her.

Susan gives Kristen the key to Marlena's house. Susan says she's all for Kristen saving Brady from Chloe but she thinks the plan feels a little too risky. Vivian then comes back in. Susan is surprised to see her and comments that she hasn't aged a bit, suggesting that means she's a vampire. Vivian decides she can't be in here with Susan. Kristen urges Susan to trust Vivian because this is all going down right now. Kristen asks Vivian if she's ready. Vivian nods and begins pretending that she's having trouble breathing, complaining that she's dying as Kristen calls for help from the guard.

Allie thanks Tripp for helping with calming Henry down. Tripp says it was his pleasure and decides he should probably go. He stops to wipe apple sauce from feeding Henry off of her face. Tripp tells Allie that he will see her around and then exits, leaving Allie with a smile.

Roman talks about how sometimes people pay for crimes they didn't do while guilty people go unpunished. Kayla prays that Charlie gets the justice he deserves.

Charlie tells Claire that he let himself in to Allie's place. Claire questions Allie not calling to invite him over like he said. Charlie admits that she didn't and explains that at the club, he thought she was in to him but she left with Tripp so it hurt his feelings as he was always second best. Claire says she can relate and asks what happened next. Charlie says Allie was asleep and he was just looking at her. Charlie states that he was going to leave but then Allie woke up and freaked out and grabbed her phone to call the police so he had to stop her. Charlie admits he grabbed her arms and she kept fighting him but then it just happened. Claire asks him what happened and tells him it's okay to tell her. Claire promises nothing is going to change between them and it will only bring them closer because she will always be able to trust him to tell her the truth, no matter how hard it is. Charlie tells her that the truth is that he was angry and she was yelling and hitting him. Charlie says he didn't know how to shut her up and then he couldn't stop himself. Claire questions him having sex with Allie against her will, meaning he raped her. Charlie finally admits that he did.

Vivian startles Susan, now dressed as Kristen in prison. Susan asks if the clinic bought Vivian's heart attack. Vivian tells her that they just said it was indigestion from her lunch. Susan asks about the ice cream sundae bar and says maybe prison won't be so bad. Susan admits to being scared about being stuck in here for a month. Vivian tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Susan knows they are not BFFs but suggests they could protect each other and be cellmates. Vivian asks if she's sure she wants that and jokes about being a vampire which freaks Susan out. Vivian remarks that it's going to be a long month.

Kristen, now dressed as Susan, goes to Marlena's and is not pleased to find Brady shirtless with Chloe replacing his bandage in front of him.

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