Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/19/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/19/21


Written By Joseph

Outside the Pub, Abigail tells Gabi that she's glad she ran into her because they need to talk. Gabi disagrees but Abigail brings up Chad apologizing to her for accusing her of drugging her. Gabi says it's the least Chad could do since she was completely innocent. Abigail says she feels really bad as she knows what it's like to be accused of something you didn't do. Gabi tells her that she really sucks at apologizing.

Charlie sits in the town square, reading the Spectator on his tablet. Gwen approaches and joins his table as Charlie informs her that he was reading about her and how they found a dead lady in her hotel room. Charlie asks if Gwen killed her. Gwen tells him that she told the police it was an accident. Charlie asks why they questioned her then. Gwen responds that he of all people should know that speaking to the police doesn't mean you've done anything wrong.

Belle asks Claire about Ben having a psychic connection to Ciara. Claire tells her about how Ben feels Ciara is reaching out to him. Claire tells Belle about Ben's Romeo & Juliet dream when he's never read the play but he knew all the lines. Claire insists that Ben and Ciara are connected. Belle knows they shared a really deep bond but she thinks Ben is just having a hard time accepting that his wife is gone. Claire tells her that Ben doesn't accept it, especially since Ciara called him on the phone which Belle questions. Claire states that Ben is convinced that Ciara is alive.

Shawn and Ben prepare to enter Rhodes' last known address. Shawn orders Ben to stay behind him as he prepares to break in.

Rhodes tells Ciara that she doesn't need to know anymore because nothing has changed for her as she's still a prisoner and no one is coming to save her. Rhodes is then blasted by a gunshot from behind and collapses, leaving blood on the glass in front of him. Ciara asks who is there and asks if it is Ben.

Shawn and Ben break in to Rhodes' apartment but find that it is empty. Shawn exits to see what he can find out.

Ciara hopes that it's Ben but it turns out to be Orpheus' son, Christian Maddox that has returned.

Gabi wants Abigail to say she's sorry so she does. Abigail adds that she was never 100% sure that Gabi drugged her as she always had a feeling something didn't add up. Gabi complains that Abigail didn't do anything about that feeling and let her get arrested. Abigail wishes she did something but reminds Gabi that she thought she was losing her mind and was going to be taken from her family. Gabi doesn't care. Abigail is sorry she thought it was her fault and she knows she's saying it too late but she means it. Gabi responds that Abigail's apology still sucks but it's better than Chad's. Abigail knows Chad was hard on her but points out that he is not the person responsible for putting her through hell as that would be Gwen.

Charlie says if Gwen says she didn't kill Laura then he believes her, just like he believed she was some poor innocent nanny. Charlie asks Gwen what's next. Gwen says she could ask him the same thing since the last time they talked, he had kidnapped his mother and drugged her while now he's also a rapist.

Claire tells Belle that Ben thinks Ciara is reaching out because she's in trouble. Claire swears it's not denial or wishful thinking but that Ciara is alive so Ben is going to check it out which Belle questions. Claire explains that they think Ciara got out of the car before it exploded. Belle reminds her that they found Ciara's wedding rings and DNA inside the car. Claire points out that they didn't find her, because she escaped. Belle questions where she went. Claire says they think someone has taken Ciara and is holding her against her will. Belle argues that Vincent is the only one who would and he's in prison. Claire says it can't be him but has to be someone connected to Vincent so Ben has gone to prison to talk to him. Belle brings up that Vincent has only ever tortured and toyed with Ben so she questions why this would be any different. Claire admits it might not be but after that phone call, it's worth a shot. Claire declares that if Ciara really is alive, Vincent is the only person who can tell them where she is. Belle doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Claire prays that Ben finds any kind of clue at all.

Ben searches Rhodes' apartment but can't find anything as Shawn returns and informs him that a neighbor confirmed Rhodes moved out months ago and just disappeared in September. Ben notes that September is when Ciara went missing so he wonders if Rhodes moved out because he was ordered to get Ciara and take her somewhere else. Shawn admits that's possible but questions where.

Ciara questions what Christian is doing here. Christian confirms that Rhodes is dead. Ciara asks why he shot him. Christian asks why she cares when Rhodes was holding her prisoner. Christian guesses that she thought he would be Ben. Ciara asks again why he's here. Christian responds that it's not to let her go.

Gabi says she would like to punch Gwen in the face. Abigail then reveals that she already did and then attacked her at Laura's grave until Shawn took them to the police station. Abigail adds that she wanted to press charges but that would've meant sharing a cell with her. Abigail then reveals that Gwen is her half sister which shocks Gabi. Abigail explains that Jack had a one night stand with Gwen's mother but he never knew Gwen existed while Gwen thought Jack abandoned her. Abigail tells Gabi that Gwen's mother died so she went into foster care and has been plotting her revenge against her family ever since so she wormed her way into their lives. Abigail says she hired Gwen as her nanny and didn't know, thinking Gwen was her friend but she drugged her, tried to ruin her parents' marriage and then slept with her husband. Gabi can't believe Gwen slept with Chad. Abigail declares that now Gwen has killed her grandmother. Gabi remarks that she didn't expect that from Gwen and calls it kind of impressive. Abigail argues that Gwen committed murder and there's no way in hell she's getting away with it. Abigail says she will make sure of that so Gabi asks what her plan is.

Charlie tells Gwen that he didn't do what they are saying and claims that having sex with Allie was consensual. Charlie suggests Allie just wants attention or is crazy. Gwen disagrees while Charlie insists that Allie is not telling the truth. Gwen calls him a smug son of a bitch and asks how they let him out of jail. Charlie responds that they don't have a damn thing on him. Gwen comments that he just walked away like nothing happened. Charlie tells her that something did happen as he lost the woman of his dreams.

Claire knows Belle is worried about her getting her hopes up about Ciara. Claire mentions being a fool about Charlie. Belle encourages that Claire had no idea of knowing who he really was. Claire says she knows now even though he denied forcing himself on Allie. Claire assures that she believes Allie. Claire tells Belle about running in to Charlie outside the town square and that he grabbed her when she tried to leave but she's fine as Ben came along and got her out of there.

Ben questions how they should know where Rhodes took Ciara, complaining that they have nothing. Ben says Rhodes was their last hope and they don't know a thing about him. Shawn suggests checking the storage room downstairs so they exit together.

Ciara tells Christian that Rhodes told her that Vincent killed himself in prison and then he took a job working for someone else. She asks if that someone was him. Christian responds that it's none of her business. Ciara asks why Christian would shoot Rhodes if he was his boss. Ciara brings up Christian getting 20 years in prison for murdering Jordan. Christian blames Ciara for putting him in prison but says unfortunately for her, he got out.

Abigail tells Gabi that she doesn't know how she's going to deal with Gwen yet but she was thinking that Gabi could help her. Gabi asks if she's joking and asks why she would do anything to help her, reminding her that she framed her for murder. Abigail says she was not in her right mind then. Gabi brings up going to prison. Abigail points out that she regrets that while Gwen does not and knew that Gabi was innocent while not saying a word when Gabi's life got turned upside down. Abigail thinks Gwen deserves a little bit of payback for that.

Gwen jokes that she can see how Charlie being arrested for violent felonies would put a damper on his relationship. Charlie questions her joking about him losing his soulmate. Gwen remarks that she had no idea a rapist could have a soulmate. Charlie states that he's not a rapist. Gwen says she's very curious as to who his soulmate is, asking what kind of woman could love him. Charlie responds that she's beautiful, smart, and funny and they have a connection that he's never had before with anyone. Charlie adds that he's in love with her and that they are perfect together. Charlie calls it a miracle that he found her and that she wants him. Charlie declares that he was going to be happy for the first time in his life, asking why they won't let him be happy. Charlie complains about his girlfriend being fed lies and that she wanted to believe him but then Ben Weston interrupted them and took her away. Gwen asks if she asked Ben to take her away because she was scared. Charlie argues that he loves her and when they are alone, it's perfect but then she talks to someone else. Charlie declares he will not lose the best thing to ever happen to him. Gwen asks what he's going to do. Charlie responds that he has to get her alone. Gwen doesn't think that's going to happen. Charlie feels he could fix things. Gwen doesn't think any sane person would want to be alone with him.

Claire tells Belle that she told Charlie that he is nothing to her. Belle worries about him being out there and dangerous so she thinks Claire needs protection. Claire insists that she's fine and that she's worried about Allie, asking how she will get justice and if Charlie will ever pay for what he did to her. Belle brings up the charges against Charlie for kidnapping Ava so they may can put him away for that. Claire notes that she doesn't sound sure. Belle admits the entire case hinges on Ava's testimony and she was drugged so she's not the most reliable witness which means Charlie might get away with it.

Ciara questions how Christian got out of Statesville prison. Christian tells her she's out of the loop as he had a mental breakdown in prison so they transferred him to Bayview where he got therapy and made progress. Christian thought he turned a corner when Orpheus broke out of prison to get Marlena to get him out of Bayview. Christian said Orpheus wanted them to leave town together but he couldn't do it, guessing he developed a conscience, so he knocked his dad out and left town thinking he'd never hear from him again but then out of the blue, he called him. Christian says he wanted nothing to do with Orpheus but then he was stopped cold when he told him that Ciara was still alive.

Ben and Shawn go back to the police station. Ben wants to look through everything again and tells Shawn to check Rhodes' file again but Shawn thinks they have hit a dead end. Ben brings up Rhodes having a tattoo of a shark and Susan saying she saw a shark with Ciara in a glass box. Shawn tells him that he wants to believe Ciara is alive but he has to deal in facts, not psychic vibes that Susan is feeling. Ben responds that he's feeling the vibes more every day. Ben tells him that Ciara called him on the phone and he heard her voice. Shawn believes that he believes that. Ben insists that Ciara is reaching out and trying to connect because she needs their help.

Ciara questions how Orpheus knew she was alive. Christian responds that Vincent told him. Ciara questions them knowing each other. Christian tells her that prison is a lonely place where strangers reveal things like long grudges. Christian states that Vincent's grudge is why Ciara is here because Vincent wanted to get back at Ben, so he kidnapped her and made everyone think she was dead until Orpheus recruited Rhodes to find out where she was. Christian says he wasn't going to just take his dad's word for it that Ciara survived the explosion. Ciara still doesn't understand what he wants from her. Christian declares that he's taking the golden opportunity to pay her back for destroying his life.

Belle tells Claire that Allie could still sue Charlie in civil court and she would help her with that. Belle says it would give her acknowledgment that what happened was real but it wouldn't send Charlie to prison. Claire asks if anything could. Belle says he would have to confess but he would never do that. Claire argues that Allie deserves justice and that Charlie shouldn't just get to lie. Claire feels there has to be a way to make him pay. Belle says they just have to accept that the law is the law as she hugs her.

Gwen advises Charlie to stay away from Claire. Charlie says the more Gwen says awful things, the more he wants to go find her. Charlie says he can't let her keep thinking horrible things about him. Gwen relates to people thinking horrible things about her. Charlie says he's not a rapist while Gwen says she's not a murderer. Gwen suggests they get something to eat but Charlie says he's lost his appetite and walks away.

Gabi questions Abigail wanting to team up. Abigail says Gabi is the last person she wants to turn to for help but she desperately wants to see Gwen get what she deserves and she thinks they could strike harder if they work together. Gabi is unsure, saying she has a lot going on right now. Abigail argues that Gabi has always managed to carve out time for revenge and she's pretty damn good at it. Abigail asks how satisfying it would be to watch Gwen get what she deserves. Abigail declares that she and Gabi could make it happen in spectacular fashion and then toast her demise with the best champagne they can find. Abigail tells Gabi not to answer right now and to just think about it. Gabi agrees but says there's no promises as she walks away.

Ben insists to Shawn that Ciara is in trouble and needs their help. Shawn promises to do whatever he can to help but he's concerned about Ben's level of certainity. Shawn thinks Ben needs to prepare for the possibility of finding Rhodes and he doesn't have Ciara.

Christian tells Ciara that bottling up emotions is toxic rather than feeling the anger and expressing it in a satisfying way. Ciara asks if this is all about him being angry at her. Christian blames her for his whole life falling apart. Ciara says it fell apart because he killed Jordan and let Ben take the fall, almost getting him executed. Christian remarks that Ben deserved it but Ciara stole his future so when he heard the car exploded with Ciara in it, he felt joy knowing that her and her dreams were blown to hell but she's alive and well so now he's very angry again. Ciara asks if Christian is going to kill her like he killed Rhodes and tells him to just shoot her right now.

Gabi walks in to the town square and approaches Gwen, questioning if she's dining alone. Gwen says she hasn't seen Gabi since she was with Jake. Gabi tells her that their sex was mind blowing. Gwen calls her a disgusting slut. Gabi brings up that Gwen said she was going to kill her back then and now she sees that she's done serious damage. Gabi brings up Gwen drugging Abigail and letting her take the fall, when she didn't even know her at the time. Gwen argues that there is no proof that she drugged Abigail. Gabi says they both know she did. Gwen says it was never her intention to have Gabi take the fall but suggests calling it even from Gabi mounting her boyfriend. Gabi says that is one of many options as she walks away.

Belle joins Shawn at the police station and tells him about Claire being so frustrated that Charlie might get away with what he did to Allie. Belle notes Shawn is distracted and asks if everything is okay. Shawn tells her about trying to track down one of Vincent's associates and getting nowhere. Belle guesses Vincent won't help. Shawn then reveals to her that Vincent killed himself in his cell earlier today. Belle looks at the file of Allen Rhodes. Shawn explains how Ben thinks Rhodes has Ciara. Belle notes that Ben convinced Claire that Ciara escape the explosion too. Belle asks if he thinks she's right. Shawn says they need to talk to Rhodes.

Ciara tells Christian to hate her all he wants because she does not regret what she did as she was not going to let the man she loves be killed for a crime that Christian committed. Christian tells Ciara that she talks too much. Ciara tells him to shut her up by shooting her then. Christian responds that he'd love to but he and Orpheus have other plans for her. Ciara asks about the plans. Christian tells her that she will find out but first he has to take out the trash as he drags Rhodes' body out of the room.

Ben returns to his home, wondering what he's not seeing. Ben looks at he and Ciara's wedding photo and declares nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart. Ben says he hears Ciara and he's never giving up on her.

Charlie goes home and talks to himself about how he should have just found Claire and talked to her but not with the army of bodyguards around her. Charlie tells himself that there must be some way to make this happen. Charlie then gets a call from Claire and says he was just thinking about her. Charlie tells her that he misses her so much. Claire asks if they could get together which makes Charlie happy.

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