Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/18/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/18/21


Written By Joseph

Philip tells Kate that he won't make a business decision based on problems in her love life. Kate responds that she doesn't have any problems. Philip asks why else she would have a problem with him acquiring Gabi Chic. Kate says that she doesn't and she's just trying to help him as he just became CEO of Titan so people are going to be watching his first move. Philip asks if she's not afraid of Gabi taking it back to Jake again. Kate asks why she would be afraid of that. Philip thinks Kate is worried that if Gabi is back in Jake's orbit then she could lose him. Kate assures that what they have is good and she's not intimidated by Gabi Hernandez. Philip suggests maybe she should be.

Jake finishes a call in the town square, saying he's heading to the office now but then he runs in to Gabi. Jake tells her that he's late for a meeting so he has to run. Gabi guesses he heard that Xander is out at Titan which Jake confirms. Jake asks if that means her deal is off the table and tells her she's crazy if she thinks she's bringing it back to him again. Gabi tells him that she just had a great meeting with Philip, who is very interested in her proposal since he knows Gabi Chic will crush Basic Black and how valuable she is as a partner. Gabi declares that letting her get away will be the worst decision Jake ever made.

Abigail says Laura was taken from them way too soon but she promises that Gwen is not going to get away with what she did to her. Gwen then appears at the grave site. Gwen tells Abigail that if she has something to say to her, to say it to her face.

Rhodes returns to Ciara and brings her food for breakfast. Ciara complains that it's cold. He tells her to be grateful she's getting anything at all after stealing his phone and trying to break out. Ciara asks where he went off to last night. Rhodes responds that he went to update Vincent about what she did as he thought he should know that she's getting to be more trouble than she's worth. Ciara asks what he said. Rhodes tells her that she'll be interested to hear that he has new marching orders.

Ben goes to Statesville prison and visits his father Clyde. Clyde says it's nice of him to finally visit him. Ben clarifies that he didn't come to see him, but to see Vincent. Clyde responds that he's afraid that's not going to happen because Vincent is out of the picture, permanently. Ben asks what he means. Clyde then reveals that Vincent is dead which shocks Ben. Clyde states that Vincent hung himself in his jail cell. Ben calls that impossible since he just called an hour ago and they said he agreed to see him. Clyde tells him that a lot can happen around here in an hour. Ben brings up Clyde saying he wanted to take care of Vincent for what he did to Ciara so he accuses Clyde of killing Vincent.

Ciara asks Rhodes what Vincent told him to do with her. Rhodes responds that Vincent didn't tell him anything because he didn't see Vincent at all. Rhodes then informs Ciara that Vincent is no longer reachable.

Abigail questions what Gwen is doing here. Gwen says she came to pay her respects to her grandmother. Abigail says not many would pay respects to someone they murdered. Gwen says it was an accident. Abigail says no one will believe that. Gwen argues that the police do so they released her and that Jack does too. Abigail argues that's only because he didn't hear what she said to her the other day. Gwen asks what she said. Abigail reminds Gwen that she said if she ever found out who paid off her mother to disappear, she'd kill them. Gwen calls that a figure of speech. Abigail guesses it's just a coincidence that she found out it was Laura and then Laura wound up dead in her hotel room the same exact day. Gwen insists it was an accident. Abigail accuses her of pushing her. Gwen asks what if she did and that Laura's dead because of her. Gwen asks what Abigail is going to do to her. Abigail responds that she will give her a real black eye this time and goes after her.

Kate asks if Philip is enjoying needling her about her relationship with Jake. Philip says he's only pointing out that it's natural to feel threatened by Gabi because she is ruthless and hates to lose. Kate assures that she's well aware of how Gabi operates as they used to be friends. Philip asks how she spoiled the friendship. Kate says it's in the past but Philip insists on wanting to know what she did. Kate explains that Gabi came back to Salem and made a play for Jake. Philip asks if it is about Jake then. Kate says that Gabi was making a play for DiMera and threw herself in as part of the package but Jake turned her down. Philip says she has nothing to worry about then. Kate says she knows how Gabi operates so she'll keep pushing. Philip asks if she's afraid it will be too much temptation for Jake to resist.

Jake tells Gabi that he didn't have to give her the rights back to Gabi Chic and could've let it die. Gabi asks if she is supposed to thank him. Jake calls it helping out an old friend. Gabi questions them being old friends and says they are about to be rivals. Gabi talks about Philip being a brand new sole CEO like Jake with everything to prove. Jake says he doesn't care but Gabi warns that he will when Titan starts taking off. Gabi asks how long the board will support Jake when Titan starts wiping the floor with him. Jake points out that she doesn't have a deal with Titan because if she did, she wouldn't be here filling him in. Gabi insists that Philip will say yes. Jake tells her not to crawl back to him when he doesn't. Gabi remarks that she'd rather do business with Julie than Jake. Gabi says that Jake had his chance and he blew it so she hopes it doesn't keep him up at night. Gabi drops her phone and bends over to get it in front of Jake. Gabi accuses Jake of staring and tells him that he could've had all of this but instead will end up with nothing.

Shawn arrives at Laura's grave site to break up Abigail and Gwen's fight, questioning what is going on. Abigail blames Gwen for Laura's death. Shawn tells Abigail that Laura would not want this here. Abigail says it's not on here. Gwen accuses her of attacking her. Shawn asks what started this. Abigail states that Gwen practically admitted to murdering Laura which Gwen calls a lie. Abigail calls Gwen a liar and accuses her of killing her grandmother. They each want the other arrested. Shawn declares that he hates to do this but he has to take both of them to the police station. Gwen argues that she did nothing wrong while Shawn escorts them both away.

Clyde tells Ben that he did not kill Vincent and that he needs to keep his voice down when throwing around accusations like that. Ben questions Vincent dying right before he came to see him. Clyde says he would've killed him if he had the chance but the guards wouldn't let him near him. Clyde adds that he won't shed a tear as Vincent got what he deserved for what he did to Ciara. Ben says Clyde doesn't understand. Clyde thought Ben would be happy. Ben tells Clyde that he needed Vincent because he's the only one who knows where Ciara is, which confuses him. Ben informs Clyde that he thinks Ciara is still alive.

Rhodes informs Ciara that Vincent died in his prison cell. Ciara points out that means Vincent is not paying him to keep her here anymore so he can let her go. Rhodes laughs and says that's wrong.

Shawn brings Abigail and Gwen to the interrogation room and says he'll make sure they don't kill each other. Gwen wants her lawyer. Shawn tells her that she will get her phone call but they first have to sit here and talk. Abigail questions leaving her in here with her. Shawn handcuffs Abigail and Gwen to the table. Shawn brings up Abigail and Gwen trying to press charges against each other for the last few weeks. Abigail accuses Gwen of murdering her grandmother. Shawn says the animosity between them must stop, pointing out that they are sisters. Abigail notes they are half sisters. Shawn adds that he hears Jack wants Gwen in his life so they are going to have to co exist. Shawn decides he will leave them to talk and exits the room.

Clyde questions Ben believing Ciara is alive. Ben knows it sounds crazy but he never fully believed she was gone. Ben argues that now he has proof that he was right and Susan Banks confirms it. Clyde asks what exactly Susan told him. Ben says that she saw a glass box and a shark. Ben knows that he can't explain it but that's why he was coming to see Vincent. Clyde wants to believe him but says he needs proof. Ben tells him that Ciara called him yesterday and he heard her voice but only for a second. Ben assures that he's not making it up. Clyde questions how that could happen and where she could be. Ben says she's obviously being held against her will but only Vincent knew where. Clyde says not necessarily.

Rhodes questions Ciara thinking he would just let her go. Ciara argues that he has no reason to keep her anymore. Ciara promises to forget this ever happened and she won't tell anyone that he was the one who held her hostage. Rhodes doesn't believe her but reveals there's another really good reason that she's not getting out.

Ben asks Clyde who else could know where Ciara is. Clyde suggests that Vincent had an accomplice on the outside and brings up that Vincent had a visitor yesterday although he never got to see him. Ben realizes if he finds out who the visitor was, maybe he can find out where Ciara is.

Gwen tells Abigail that Shawn is insane if he thinks they can peacefully co exist which Abigail agrees with. Gwen suggests they not talk until their lawyers get there but Abigail says no and suggests they finish what they started with her confession. Abigail urges Gwen to admit that she murdered her grandmother in cold blood. Gwen refuses to say anything to her. Abigail says Laura did her wrong and Gwen finally made her pay so it wasn't an accident and she's proud that she got away with it. Gwen informs Abigail that Laura came to her hotel room to apologize like a few words would just erase a lifetime of pain. Abigail asks what Gwen did then. Gwen says she told Laura that she destroyed her life and then she asked her to leave. Gwen asks if Abigail really thinks she's that stupid. Gwen calls the Intruder more interesting than the Spectator and says they just busted Vivian for a private conversation in this very room so she thinks this whole thing is a setup by Abigail and Shawn. Abigail questions what she's talking about. Gwen says she won't let Abigail entrap her. Gwen shouts that she didn't kill anyone and it was an accident then remarks that she probably deserved it after what she did to her. They then call each other a bitch.

Ben goes to the police station and tells Shawn that he needs to talk to him about Ciara.

Ciara questions what possible reason Rhodes could have to keep her. Rhodes informs her that someone else is calling the shots now. Ciara questions him working for somebody else now already. Ciara argues that he doesn't seem broken up about Vincent's death. Rhodes says his new employer made a very generous offer. Ciara asks who on earth would possibly want him to keep her here.

Clyde goes to see Orpheus, who says he heard about Vincent. Clyde thanks Orpheus for giving him a heads up about Ben coming to visit and asks how he knew about that. Orpheus responds that he knows everything. Clyde feels he wouldn't be in here if that were true. Orpheus brings up when they broke out and says it's not his fault that Clyde got bested by a woman and a baby. Orpheus remarks that Clyde always had a thing for Kate. Clyde notes that was before she shot him.

Kate tells Philip that Jake can control his instincts. Philip remarks that Jake would not be the first guy to fall prey to Gabi's charms so it's a lot to resist. Philip says he appreciates a beautiful woman but can also control his instincts. Kate brings up Chloe and Mimi. Philip responds that Kate's love life has always been like a dumpster fire. Philip then asks why Kate is pushing him to make a deal with Gabi at Titan and if she's not worried that he will get devoured by her since she's such a man eater.

Gabi tells Jake that it's not too late but it will be soon. Jake repeats that they are done. Gabi says if he was done, he would've walked away 20 minutes ago. Jake says he's walking away now. Gabi argues that she knows what he's doing because his feelings were hurt when she left town. Jake says he got over it. Gabi questions if he really wants to be with Kate or if he just doesn't want to hurt Kate because he can't keep his hands off of her.

Kate suggests Philip should watch his back with Gabi. Philip questions if she'd rather sacrifice him at the altar of Gabi than have her anywhere near Jake. Kate brings up that she knows he's trying to give it another try with Chloe. Philip asks if she would really rather he be with Chloe. Kate clarifies that if she had to choose between Chloe or Gabi, she'd rather he be single for the rest of his life. Kate argues that Philip has other options. Philip then tells Kate that he was already going to make the deal with Gabi before Kate told him to. Kate encourages that Gabi Chic is a great brand and reminds him to keep it strictly professional. Kate adds that she's so proud of him for becoming the sole CEO of Titan as she wants him to be successful but not too successful as she might end up working or the competition. Kate informs him that he's not the only one exploring new opportunities. Kate suggests he get the champagne so they can make a toast.

Jake tells Gabi to get her paws off him. Gabi argues that he wasn't complaining a few seconds ago. Jake says he wanted to see how far she would take it and calls it desperation. Gabi mocks him choosing someone old enough to be her mother. Jake tells her to make all the age jokes she wants but Kate knows things she could never imagine. Gabi remarks that Kate was a professional whore. Jake tells her that Kate makes him happy and she is all he wants. Gabi says he can keep telling himself that and that the night they spent together doesn't haunt him. Gabi insists that Jake is terrified of how much he still wants her as she then walks away.

Ben informs Shawn that he snuck a look at the visitors log at the prison to see who visited Vincent and found the name "Joseph Glynn". Shawn says it doesn't ring a bell and brings up that Hope recently tracked down a lead on Ciara but it was another dead end. Ben says maybe this one is too but his gut is telling him different as he truly believes Ciara is alive. Shawn wants to believe him but they keep coming up empty handed. Ben insists that Ciara called him on the phone. Shawn agrees to run the name Joseph Glynn in the system to see if he has a record.

Rhodes asks Ciara why he should tell her who he works for. Ciara decides she'll figure it out on her own and says it must have happened at the prison. Ciara asks if it's Eve Donovan since she worked for Vincent before but Rhodes says she's very cold. Ciara asks who else on earth even knows she's alive.

Shawn starts to run Joseph Glynn through the database but gets a call from the district attorney so he steps away to answer it.

Abigail tells Gwen that she doesn't need her to admit that she killed Laura because she already knows it and so does God. Gwen laughs at her bringing God in to this and argues that Laura played God with her life because she felt guilty about jumping in to bed with Jack. Abigail says that was a long time ago and she isn't here to defend what she did. Gwen argues that she always has an excuse for Laura but asks if she can't find it in her cold heart to care just a bit about her life and how she was brought up in poverty. Abigail remarks that she lies about everything else. Gwen says it's too late for sorry so she can just admit Laura was wrong. Abigail won't say Laura was a perfect person but she loved her and Gwen doesn't know all that was going on back then. Abigail brings up Laura spending years in a mental institution. Gwen remarks that Laura is not the victim, she's dead. Abigail argues that Laura may have played God with Gwen's life but she doesn't get to play judge, jury, and executioner with hers and she's going to make sure of that. Shawn then returns and comments that this is going well. Shawn says he just talked to the district attorney so they can either press charges against each other and he books them both or they can mutually agree to drop this matter. Shawn warns that they only have one holding cell for them. Gwen complains that she can't spend another minute with Abigail so Shawn goes to get their paper work. Shawn goes back to the computer and finds that they have a match in the database for Joseph Glynn.

Gwen returns to Laura's grave and says it's just them now.

Gabi walks past the Pub and texts Philip that she's waiting on an answer to her proposal and she can't wait much longer. Abigail then walks by and sees Gabi.

Rhodes tells Ciara that his new employer made it very clear that he wants to remain anonymous or else he won't get paid and if he doesn't get paid, he has no use for her. Ciara questions what he wants from her and what his new boss is going to do to her.

Clyde tells Orpheus that their prison escape didn't go to well for him either since his son Christian turned on him. Orpheus says it wasn't Christian's fault that his mind got turned around by doctors. Clyde relates to he and Ben not always having the best relationship but he would never turn his back on him now. Orpheus questions why Ben was coming to see Vincent. Clyde informs Orpheus that Ben is really hurting because he's convinced that his dead wife is still alive out there somewhere. Orpheus asks what makes him think that. Clyde calls it a gut feeling but the trouble is, Vincent knew the truth and it might have died with him.

Shawn informs Ben that Joseph Glynn may not have a record but it's an alias for Allen Rhodes, who has a list a mile long including armed robbery and kidnapping. Ben notices that Rhodes has a tattoo of a shark so he realizes Susan was right. They find his last known address and rush out of the station.

Jake remains in the town square where Kate finds him and says she thought he had a meeting. Jake says he does but he got held up. Kate asks what held him up but Jake says it's not important as they stand in front of the former Gabi Chic shop.

Philip texts Gabi back to call him when she gets this as he has made a decision about Gabi Chic.

Abigail tells Gabi that she heard she was back. Gabi thought they would have run in to each other sooner and asks if she's trying to avoid her. Abigail says she is actually glad to have run in to her because they need to talk.

Gwen tells Laura's grave, now that they are alone, how very sorry she is for what happened between them in the hotel room.

Orpheus tells Clyde it's tragic about Vincent but you never know who is out there that may have information about Ciara. Clyde says they figured he's got an accomplice but realizes that Orpheus is trying to tell him something. Clyde asks if he knows something about Ciara. Orpheus asks what he would know but then repeats that he does know everything.

Ben and Shawn go to Rhodes' last known address, hoping to find Ciara.

Rhodes tells Ciara that she doesn't need to know any more than he has told her because nothing has changed for her, she's still a prisoner and no one is coming to save her. Rhodes is then suddenly blasted by a gun shot.

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