Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/17/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/17/21


Written By Joseph

Gabi goes to Titan to talk to Xander about working together but is surprised to find Philip at the desk instead. Philip asks why she's surprised since it is his office. Philip tells her a lot of things she thought are probably no longer true. Gabi asks where Xander is. Philip suggests the unemployment line.

Sarah surprises Xander in bed in his room at the Salem Inn. Xander says his day is off to a better start than expected now. Sarah is sorry she couldn't spend Valentine's Day with him so she hoped to make it up to him as they kiss.

At the Horton House, Jack, Jennifer, and Doug prepare for Laura's funeral. Julie comes in with pancakes for Jennifer, insisting she has to eat.

At the DiMera Mansion, Abigail thanks Chad for taking care of the kids. Chad says he loves being with them and they understand. Abigail doesn't want to lose it in front of the kids. Chad understands she lost someone she loves and needs to take care of herself while he takes care of everything else. Abigail remarks that Gwen really did a number on their family and she's been lying to everybody since she got here and now she's lying about killing her grandmother.

Gwen sits in the town square with her tablet, reading an article about Laura Horton's death and reads it that says questions remain on if there was foul play involved in Laura's death.

Jennifer tells Julie that she used to like the pancakes but had a bad experience with them once and can't look at them anymore. Julie offers to fix her something else but Jennifer says she doesn't have an appetite. Julie offers Doug and Jack the pancakes but they decline. Julie says she should've known nobody would feel like eating. Julie asks what Jack is thinking about. Jack recalls Laura telling him what she did about turning Gwen's mother away and never telling him about Gwen and how much he went in on her for it. Jack says him getting mad at Laura drove her to Gwen's room where she died. Jack feels that he kicked Laura while she was down and now she's dead. Julie insists that it wasn't his fault or Laura's. Julie blames Gwen. Doug suggests talking about it another time but Julie thinks there's no better time than now because they are burying Laura today while Gwen is carrying on like she's the victim for not getting the childhood she deserved. Julie declares that she will not cater to a sociopath's feelings. Jennifer stops Julie and tells her that's enough because she's talking about Jack's daughter.

Chad questions Abigail thinking that Gwen killed her grandmother. Abigail doesn't think it was an accident. Abigail brings up telling Gwen that it wasn't Jack who paid her mother off but someone else and how Gwen said if she ever found out who, she would kill them. Abigail declares that Gwen did find out and then Laura died in her room. Abigail argues that they know what Gwen is capable of. Chad says he's not disagreeing but there's no proof. Abigail declares that they will be because she's taking a page from Gwen's book and she won't let her get away with it. Abigail says she will make Gwen pay but first she's going to bury her grandmother. Abigail gets up and starts to break down so Chad hugs her and asks if she wants him to do this with her.

Sarah tells Xander how she had to spend Valentine's Day in the operating room and she was so tired after that she slept in the on call room at the hospital. Sarah talks about thinking of Xander being alone. She didn't want him to be alone after quitting Titan and in a way, his family. Xander says in his family, blow ups just blow over. Sarah jokes that it takes 30-40 years and asks if he regrets what he did.

Gabi asks Philip what happened since Xander said that Philip was the one on his way out. Philip responds that the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. Philip says that Xander is out and adds that he was never convinced that Xander was executive material. Philip tells Gabi that she can go. Gabi brings up how Xander looked over her proposal and was very interested in signing a deal with her. Philip says that may be true but whatever agreement she had with Xander is not worth the paper it's printed on. Gabi points out they didn't actually sign the deal yet but she left her proposal with Xander. Philip asks if she wants it back but Gabi says she'll wait until he reads it. Philip says there's no need if Xander thought it was a good idea but Gabi tells him to wait.

Xander tells Sarah that he hates that Philip thinks he won but he doesn't regret his decision as he's excited to see what's next. Sarah surprises Xander with his favorite cake. Xander says that's tempting but there's something else he'd like to do first.

Gwen continues reading about Laura and notes that Jennifer didn't include the part about how Laura destroyed a young girl's life so she's not sorry for her loss. Gwen remarks that Abigail was lucky to even have a grandmother to lose in the first place.

Abigail tells Chad that he doesn't have to go because she knows how he felt about Laura. Chad says that's not as important as how he feels about her. Chad says he will go with her to the funeral and then walk away when it's over. Kate and Jake come in to the room and tell Abigail that they are sorry about her grandmother. Abigail says she didn't expect condolences from Kate. Kate knows they had a terrible history and she regrets that but she knows Abigail loved her so she's very sorry for her loss. Kate says that the obituary that Jennifer wrote was very moving to her as she saw how much she loved her. Abigail says she will let her know. Abigail says she was just on her way out and asks Chad if he's coming. Chad says if she is sure.

Jennifer assures Jack that she does not blame him as he had every right to be angry with Laura. Jennifer adds that she's the one who walked out and left him alone with her. Jack feels he shouldn't have lost control. Jennifer asks if they can just let it go. Jack tells her that he loves her. Julie cries that she's sorry for making things worse. Doug notes that Julie didn't get any sleep last night. Jennifer says none of them are at their best so they can just forget about it. Jennifer asks if they can not focus on who is to blame for what and not argue with each other. Jennifer suggests they be calm and realize how lucky they are to have each other. Doug praises the article Jennifer wrote on Laura. Julie talks about always remembering Laura at her best and the love she brought to the family.

Jake invites Kate to come with him to work and notes that she still hasn't answered him about joining him at DiMera. Kate responds that she hasn't decided yet. Jake says Gabi is bringing her business to Xander, making Titan more competitive, so he could use her help more than ever. Kate then gets a breaking news alert that Xander has resigned from Titan and that Philip will be the CEO. Jake wonders what that means for Gabi, which annoys Kate, as he points out that Xander was the one Gabi signed the deal with. Kate says she honestly doesn't know. Jake tells Kate that he needs to get going and asks if she wants to come. Kate says she needs a little more time. Jake says he'll see her later then and exits. Kate wonders what Philip is not telling his mother.

Xander tells Sarah that first he wants to talk about the future. Sarah asks if he decided what he wants to do. Xander says he'll come up with something as he has a lot of big decisions to make but he's already made one. Xander then pulls out a ring and proposes to Sarah.

Jennifer finishes a call with JJ, noting that she will be going to Boston to her brother Mike's to sort out Laura's estate and she will call him again from there. Julie asks how JJ is doing. Jennifer thinks he's okay. Jack tells her that it's time to get going. Jennifer declares it's time to say goodbye.

Jake walks through the town square and startles Gwen from behind. Jake sits with her and asks if she's going to the funeral to gloat. Jake says killing Laura is a new low for her. Gwen calls it an accident. Jake brings up Abigail spending months in a mental institution because Gwen drugged her and he thought that was as low as she could go. Jake states that Gwen destroyed Abigail and really hurt her this time. Gwen asks why he's talking to her like this. Jake says she's done terrible things to good, nice people. Jake asks if she's entitled to ruin people's lives because bad things happened to her. Gwen argues that she was in hell while Abigail got everything. Jake says they know she could have been born a princess and she'd still be trash.

Gabi tells Philip that she needs this. Philip asks why. Gabi thinks back to telling Jake that she was going in to business with Titan and that they would run him in to the ground. Gabi tells Philip that she has plenty of ideas and just because Xander drew up the deal doesn't make it a bad deal. Gabi asks if he wants to stick it to DiMera Enterprises which Philip admits he always enjoys. Gabi asks if they have a deal but Kate walks in and says she just heard the good news then questions Gabi being there.

Xander gets down on one knee and understands Sarah not saying anything because he really messed up last time. Xander says he thought he was doing what was best for her then but he learned his lesson and will never hurt her again like he did last year. Xander feels the one thing he can do to make his life make sense is to ask her to marry him and spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy. Xander asks what Sarah says. Sarah responds by suggesting they have cake.

After Laura's funeral at the cemetery, Jack tells Jennifer it was a beautiful ceremony and asks if she's ready to go. Jennifer says people say the funeral is supposed to make it all real but it doesn't feel real that she'll never see her mom's face again or hear her voice. Jack hugs her as she breaks down crying. Jack suggests taking her home and says everyone will understand by Jennifer insists that she wants to go and be with people who knew and loved her mom. Jack agrees that it's a good idea. Abigail asks if she's okay. Jennifer says she is and they are going to Julie's Place. Jennifer asks if Abigail is going to come. Abigail says she will but she just wants to say goodbye. Jack tells Abigail that he loves her as he and Jennifer walk away. Chad tells Abigail that he will go but she decides she'd really like it if he stayed.

Kate asks if Gabi and Philip are going in to business with each other. Philip says maybe and asks if Kate has a problem with that. Gabi argues that Kate's going to tell him not to trust her. Kate claims she wasn't thinking anything like that since Philip is more than capable of making his own decisions. Kate says if Philip thinks it's a good idea, he should go for it. Gabi guesses that Kate just doesn't want her to take her proposal back to Jake because she's scared that he still wants her.

Gwen tells Jake that she will never understand how Abigail has every man she ever met feeling sorry for her. Jake says Gwen is feeling sorry for herself. Gwen argues that she takes care of herself. Jake remarks that she takes care of anyone who gets in her way. Gwen tells Jake to leave and suggests he can go arm wrestle Chad over Abigail. Gwen complains that Abigail is in so much pain but so is she. Gwen says her name is being dragged through the mud and talks about Laura barging in to her hotel room but no one will believe her side of the story. Gwen talks about the Hortons putting her on the front page but insists this was an accident. Jake notes that she's scared because it's hitting her that this time she really stepped in it and she might actually have to pay for something she's done.

Abigail thanks Chad for being there on a really hard day as she doesn't know if she would've gotten through it without him. Chad tells her that she and the children mean everything to him. Abigail wants him to go be with the children and tell them that she's okay. Chad asks if she is okay. Abigail says she has to be for their sake. Chad tells her that he loves her and then walks away. Abigail places flowers at Laura's grave.

Gwen tells Jake that she's not scared because she didn't do anything wrong and she doesn't need to defend herself to him because she doesn't owe him anything. Gwen then gets up and walks away.

Kate tells Gabi that if Jake wanted anything to do with her, he would have made the deal but he turned her down. Gabi says that's just because he knew there would be hell to pay when Kate found out. Philip admits Gabi made an interesting offer so he'll look it over and see what it means for the company. Gabi tells him not to take too long because she's a very hot property as she walks out of the office.

Xander questions Sarah wanting cake when he just asked her to marry him. Xander asks if this is her way of turning him down. Sarah insists that he just open the cake. Xander calls it really weird but then he opens the box to see that Sarah wrote "Will you marry me?" on the cake. Xander says of course he will marry her. Sarah wanted him to know she wants it as much as he does as they kiss.

Kate asks Philip if he has champagne to toast his new position. Philip asks if Gabi was right that Kate wants him to keep her away from Jake because she's scared that Gabi will get Jake back.

Jake finishes a call in the town square, saying he's on his way to the office now but then he runs in to Gabi.

Jennifer and Jack go to Julie's Place. Jennifer tells Jack that Mike will pick her up at the airport. Jack says that will be a comfort. Jennifer says they have a lot do in going through Laura's estate and her belongings. Doug and Julie come over with champagne to make a toast to Laura.

Abigail remains at Laura's grave, talking about how much she will miss her and how she always took good care of her. Abigail thanks Laura for everything that she's done for the entire family. Abigail says she was taken from them way too soon but she promises that Gwen is not going to get away with what she did to her. Gwen then appears at the grave site.

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