Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/16/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/16/21


Written By Joseph

Vivian sits in the interrogation room, complaining that her acting like she lost her mind was working until Kate had to gloat about having sex with her son Jake.

Rhodes goes to see Vincent in prison but ends up seeing Orpheus instead. Orpheus says that Vincent is unavailable at the moment so he will have to deal with him.

John tells Marlena that he's feeling well enough to go pick up Brady from the hospital. Marlena is sorry for not checking the expiration date on eggs when they got sick with food poisoning. John assures her that for them, every day is Valentine's Day as he kisses her. John opens the door to leave as Ben and Claire arrive. John says he's sorry but he's going to pick up Brady at the hospital. Claire says it's okay as they came to see Marlena. Claire tells John to tell Brady that she's happy he's coming home. John agrees and exits. Marlena asks if Claire wanted to talk to her about something. Claire clarifies that they came to see Susan and asks if she's still there but Marlena reveals that she is not.

Susan is at Julie's Place when she gets a call from Kristen at Statesville prison. Kristen tells Susan that Brady is coming home from the hospital today so she needs to make up her mind now as to whether she will switch places with her or not.

Chloe goes to Brady's hospital room. Brady tells her that he's waiting for John to pick him up so he can go home. Chloe is glad he's getting out and gives him a Valentine's Day card from his daughter Rachel. Brady is touched and mentions that Kristen will love seeing this.

Susan asks if Kristen is talking about switching places this minute. Kristen argues that she has to help her because Brady's life is at stake. Susan complains that she always exaggerated. Kristen says that Chloe has her sights set on Brady.

Ben asks Marlena if Susan went back to Memphis. Marlena confirms that she did not leave town, she just went out for awhile. Marlena mentions her and John being sick this morning so they were no fun to be around but they are alright. Marlena asks what this is about. Claire says she won't believe this. Ben declares that he knows for a fact that Ciara is alive.

Rhodes asks what Orpheus has done to Vincent. Orpheus responds that he's fine but they had a talk and persuaded him that it was in his best interest to let him take this meeting. Rhodes argues that his business was with Vincent and he's never met Orpheus. Orpheus then introduces himself and says he looks forward to getting to know him.

Vivian continues complaining until Ivan is brought in to the interrogation room. Ivan tells her that he failed her but Vivian says he's just in time to help her and they have to act fast. Ivan asks what he can do. Vivian orders him to kill her right now because she can't face prison. Ivan says he doesn't have access to the herbs that simulate death as he used his last bit of influence to get this moment with her before they have to go their separate ways. Ivan adds that he did manage to bring her a present, a paper heart.

John goes to Brady's hospital room. John tells Brady and Chloe about his food poisoning on Valentine's Day. John adds that Sarah wrote Brady's release from the hospital. Brady talks about being ready for his own bed. John says that until Brady fully recovers from the bullet wound, he's coming home with him. Brady tries to argue but John insists and Chloe agrees with him. Brady argues that he's fine and capable of taking care of himself but feels pain when he tries to get up. Brady asks Chloe but she agrees with John that it'd be a good idea to stay with he and Marlena for a bit. Chloe adds that she will check on him every day.

Kristen tells Susan that she is her only hope. Susan insists that Brady and Chloe are just friends and she saw no romance in their future. Kristen argues that Chloe can pull the wool over her eyes, insisting that she wants Brady. Kristen says Susan doesn't know Chloe like she does and blames Chloe for Brady getting shot. Susan talks about giving herself a hot fudge sundae for Valentine's Day and how it needs her attention. Kristen tells her that she can make her own sundae every Thursday in prison which excites her.

Ben swears to Marlena that he heard Ciara's voice on the phone but then the line went dead. Marlena asks how he can be so sure. Ben says he loves Ciara and knows her voice. Marlena asks what Susan has to do with it. Ben explains that Susan had a vision of Ciara. Claire adds that it was like Susan could see what was happening to Ciara. Ben notes that Susan swears that Ciara is alive.

Kristen continues telling Susan about the sundae she made in prison in attempts to entice her. Susan says that sounds great but she doesn't want to go from living with Marlena to a prison cell. Kristen argues that it will only be for a month and asks what else she has to do since Roger is on tour. Kristen calls it an adventure for her until he gets back. Susan then gets another call. Kristen tells her to ignore it but Susan says it's Marlena so she has to take it. Susan then hangs up on Kristen to answer Marlena's call. Marlena asks Susan to come back to her place as it's important. Susan says she'll be there in a flash as they hang up. Marlena informs Ben and Claire that Susan is now on their way back. Ben declares that Susan Banks is the only connection they have to Ciara.

Rhodes tells Orpheus that his reputation precedes him which is why he has nothing to do with him and has no interest in getting to know him. Rhodes starts to leave but Orpheus says he would have made a long trip for nothing so he suggests that Rhodes hear him out.

Ivan tells Vivian that this is all his fault for kidnapping the twins and asks if she can forgive him. Vivian knows he did it because he's loyal. Ivan says she will always have his love as he kisses her hands and is then escorted out of the room.

Orpheus says he knows this isn't the first time that Rhodes has visited Vincent here and that it's because he's guarding a treasure that Vincent values a great deal. Orpheus adds that Rhodes doesn't have to tell him anything because he already knows that Ciara Brady is alive and that Rhodes is the one who has her.

Susan goes home where Ben tells her that she has to help them because he got a call from Ciara and heard her voice. Susan asks for his phone which Ben hands her. Susan tells him to keep an open mind and heart. Susan then gets another call from Kristen so she answers and tells her now it's not a good time and hangs up. Ben gets upset thinking that could've been Ciara so he questions who the hell that was.

Kristen hangs up the phone and says she can't believe Susan didn't take her call while Chloe is dangling her cherries in Brady's face.

Brady gets out of his hospital bed to get dressed. Chloe comes back in and helps him put his shirt back on. John then comes back in and announces Brady is free as the paper work is all signed. Brady, John, and Chloe then exit together.

Susan tells Ben that it was not Ciara on the phone right now. Ben argues that this can't wait as Ciara needs them. Marlena thinks Susan could use a break. Ben tells Susan that he appreciates everything she's doing for them and that Claire will check in with her later. Ben and Claire then exit. Ben stops to ask if Marlena doesn't believe it. Marlena thinks he does and that when the subconscious is involved, anything is possible. Marlena adds that she'd like to believe it for her own private reasons. Ben thanks her as he and Claire walk away. Marlena shuts the door and asks Susan what is troubling her. Susan claims she's not troubled. Susan gets another call which she ignores so Marlena asks who keeps calling her.

Kristen complains about her call to Susan going to voicemail. Vivian then comes over and remarks that it looks like somebody's having a very bad day. Upon seeing Vivian now in prison, Kristen responds that it just got a lot worse. Vivian says it's nice seeing a familiar face even if it's not totally a friendly one. Kristen says there was a time they were sympathetic to each others' causes but not this time because Lani is her best friend. Vivian argues that Lani murdered her son. Kristen talks about how the bullet was meant for her so if not for her, Stefan would still be alive. Kristen adds that she's not afraid of Vivian. Kristen warns her not to mess with her and to leave Lani alone if she wants them to get along in here. Kristen talks about how Lani's babies being kidnapped had her terrified. Vivian says that Lani has them back now and adds that the kidnapping was not her idea. Vivian says they both have had children taken from them and it can make them insane. Kristen brings up her daughter that she never gets to see. Vivian says she's sorry but Kristen declares that situation is about to change.

Susan calls Marlena's friendship the best thing to ever happen to her. Marlena hopes she knows that she can always talk to her if something is troubling her. John then comes home with Brady and announces that he's convinced Brady to stay with them until he's feeling stronger. Marlena notes that Brady is looking well. Brady says he didn't know Susan would be there. Brady adds that he won't be there that long and asks how long Susan will be there. Chloe then walks in so Susan questions what she's doing there.

Orpheus tells Rhodes that it wasn't hard to put the pieces together as he was aware that Vincent and Eve were playing mind games with Ben and when Vincent's techinques didn't achieve the desired results, he took Ciara hostage to torment Ben and Hope by saying he killed her. Orpheus notes that Ben is stubborn like his father and so are the rest of the Bradys since they were reluctant to believe Ciara's death. Rhodes comments on Orpheus quoting Hamlet. Orpheus respond that Shakespeare is something else they have in common.

Ben and Claire go to Julie's Place. Claire knows he's bummed that Susan couldn't help them today and she feels the same. Ben asks if she really believes that Ciara is alive. Claire admits that she didn't at first but then he told her about the Romeo & Juliet dream. Claire believes that Ciara sent him that dream because they are so connected. Claire adds that she does think Ciara was on the phone. Claire says the only reason Ciara hasn't come home to him is because someone is keeping her from doing that. Ben wonders who is keeping his wife locked up as their prisoner. Claire doesn't know but she has an idea about how to start looking. Claire says they have to go back to square one and look at everything differently. Claire adds that they know now that Ciara wasn't in the car when it exploded since she's alive. Ben brings up how they found her rings in the car so she was in it at one point. Claire suggests she was thrown from the car in the explosion. Ben says she would've been injured and couldn't have gotten far while he and Hope searched the entire area with no trace of her. Claire concludes that means Ciara wasn't in the car. Ben says that means someone has her locked up and wonders who it is if not Vincent.

Orpheus reminds Rhodes that Hope is on a mission right now to find her daughter. Rhodes says that Hope is looking in all the wrong places. Orpheus points out that others may be much closer to finding Ciara. Rhodes says he's not worried about that. Orpheus warns that he should be worried about him having a talk with the warden because he might find it very interesting that one of his inmates is paying an associate to keep a young lady against her will. Orpheus remarks that it would put him at the top of the inmate list and Vincent in a heap of trouble. Orpheus tells Rhodes to face the reality that they can be friends or enemies but there's no middle ground. Orpheus asks him what's it going to be.

Chloe helps Brady get seated at John and Marlena's. Chloe tells Marlena that she's sorry to hear that she and John were sick. Marlena assures they are not contagious and feeling fine. Chloe says she's happy to come by every day to help. John says that's sweet but he, Marlena, and Susan will be there. Chloe still wants to because she feels responsible for Brady getting shot. Susan remarks that guilt can be a good thing and stop one from doing something even worse which Chloe questions. Marlena explains that she and Susan were having a separate conversation and suggests continuing that somewhere else but Susan says she's feeling much better. John decides he will go get Brady's stuff from the Salem Inn. Marlena decides to go with him and pick up Rachel. Chloe promises to keep an eye on Brady.

Vivian asks Kristen how she's going to see her daughter since she can't imagine her getting out on good behavior. Kristen says she can't either after breaking out. Vivian asks her again but then guesses she's going to try to break out again. Vivian declares that if she is, she wants in.

Claire says Vincent is in prison so he can't have Ciara and it can't be some random person. Ben talks about how Vincent had to be planning to fly private from the air strip so he must be working with someone. Ben declares that they have to go to Statesville prison and start asking questions.

Rhodes asks what Orpheus wants from him. Orpheus thinks they can come up with something that would make their interests align.

Vivian asks if Kristen is planning an escape. Kristen says not in a traditional sense. Kristen questions Vivian wanting her to share her private plans with her. Kristen tells Vivian that she can count on seeing her face for the foreseeable future. Vivian calls her impossible and exits. Kristen declares that it will just be a little bit longer until she can get out and save Brady from Chloe.

Chloe brings Brady a sandwich as Susan watches. Susan gets another call from Kristen and answers. Susan pretends she's on the phone with Beulah from Memphis. Kristen realizes she can't talk right now. Susan mentions how Brady just got home from the hospital and that Chloe is with him. Susan tells Kristen that Chloe is moving in on Brady. Kristen asks if that means she's changed her mind and that she will switch places with her. Susan confirms that is what she means.

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