Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/15/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/15/21


Written By Joseph

Ava says she should be getting out tomorrow and then they have her full cooperation. Nicole asks about Charlie. Ava knows he's her son but she can't let him get away with what he's done. Nicole clarifies that Allie said that Charlie is violent and he just threatened her so she can't go back to her apartment. Ava says that's sweet of her but she knows she doesn't have room for one more. Nicole responds that she doesn't, but Rafe does. Ava says that's too much to ask. Nicole disagrees and insists until Rafe asks to speak to Nicole in private.

Charlie walks outside and tries to call Claire but Claire then comes around the corner. Claire questions why he's not in jail. Charlie informs her that they dropped all charges against him. Claire questions how that is possible. Charlie claims he didn't commit a crime. Claire brings up the DNA test proving Charlie is Henry's father. Charlie admits that he had sex with Allie but claims that it was 100% consensual.

Allie makes ginger tea for Marlena as she recovers from food poisoning on Valentine's Day. Marlena is sorry she couldn't officiate Steve and Kayla's wedding. Allie is sure they understand. Marlena mentions Tripp saying that Abe was able to fill in. Allie then tells Marlena that she went to Tripp's the other night to apologize for accusing him of attacking her. Allie admits it wasn't easy but she feels terrible about everything she put him through when he didn't even do anything. Marlena is sure in time that Tripp will forgive him. Allie won't blame him if he never does since she almost destroyed his life.

Tripp exits the Brady Pub and sees Lucas. Tripp tells Lucas that he's heading out so if he wants to head inside, he can join the party. Lucas asks what party. Tripp informs him that Steve and Kayla just got married. Lucas says that's great and mentions that he's been out of town for a couple weeks so he doesn't know what's going on. Tripp welcomes him back and starts to walk away but Lucas stops him and asks if he has a minute. Tripp says it's not a good time as he's on his way to the hospital to see his mom. Lucas says he'll make it quick and it's important.

Ciara gets Rhodes' cell phone that he left behind and uses it to call Ben. Ben sees the call from an unknown caller. Ben looks back at the Romeo & Juliet book and answers the call, asking if it's Ciara. Ciara confirms that it is her and says she can't believe she finally got through to him.

Lucas tells Tripp about Allie finally remembering that Tripp was not the one who attacked her in London. Lucas says he obviously owes him a very big apology. Lucas tells him he's really sorry for losing it and going crazy but he knows it was wrong so he's truly sorry for it.

Marlena talks to Allie about how she didn't remember Charlie and the DNA results did seem to show that Tripp was the father. Allie still feels awful about Tripp. Marlena says they all do but they have to focus on the future and make sure that justice is served. Marlena asks how Allie feels now that she remembers what happened. Allie admits she's not feeling too well and is having trouble sleeping

At the hospital, Nicole tells Rafe how Ava needed to be somewhere safe. Rafe questions her offering her his place. Nicole argues that Ava can't go back to her apartment since that's where Charlie kidnapped her. Nicole reminds him that they found Charlie in Ava's hospital room. Nicole knows Charlie was threatening her. Rafe suggests a restraining order. Nicole thinks Ava could just stay with Rafe. Nicole says it won't be forever and only until she knows Charlie can't get to her. Nicole says Charlie terrorized Ava. Rafe suggests she stay in the hospital. Nicole says she would take Ava in but she has a full house and Allie wouldn't appreciate it. Rafe suggests another place aside from his.

Tripp admits to Lucas that it hurt a lot that so many people thought he could be capable of something so horrible but he gets that no one knew he had a half brother or that he was in London with him. Lucas asks what Charlie was doing there. Tripp calls it a long story but hopes that Charlie stays in jail now for a long time. Lucas guesses Tripp hasn't heard that the police let Charlie go because the authorities in London decided not to move forward with the case since Charlie claims it was consensual. Tripp calls that insane and a lie. Lucas says that Charlie claimed Allie invited him over and it worked because he's free now.

Allie asks Marlena if what happened to her in London is going to stay with her forever. Marlena says she'll always remember that it happened but it won't define her. Marlena says in time, the memories will fade and she will begin to heal. Marlena thinks she's already begun to heal. Marlena talks about what a wonderful mother she is to Henry. Allie brings up how she didn't want to keep him at first because she thought he'd just remind her of the worst thing to happen to her. Marlena points out that it all worked out. Allie says she now just sees Henry as her son and not of Charlie at all.

Charlie tells Claire that he knows he should've told her a long time ago but he couldn't. Claire questions him sitting back and letting his brother get crucified. Charlie says he didn't know what else to do. Claire suggests telling the truth. Charlie tells her that he was scared because they were getting close and he worried that he would lose her if she found out he had a one night stand with her cousin. Claire questions if he planned to just avoid Allie forever and that she wouldn't remember. Charlie argues that what happened with Allie meant nothing but Claire means everything as he hasn't felt this way about anybody. Charlie tells Claire that he is head over heels in love with her and he felt if she knew the truth then she would hate him. Charlie asks if she hates him or if she feels the same way he does. Charlie wants her to say she believes him and that she loves him too.

Ben can't hear the other line of the phone and says he has to go. Ciara pleads with him not to hang up but Rhodes returns and demands Ciara hang up the phone.

Nicole acknowledges that Ava has hurt a lot of people but tells Rafe that reuniting with Tripp has changed her. Rafe doesn't believe that but Nicole insists. Rafe suggests Nicole tell Ava to take some of her mob money and buy a new house with a nice security system. Nicole asks why she would do that when she could move in with the police commissioner. Nicole says she doesn't mean to push him but if Charlie hurt Ava or Ava hurts him and ends up in prison then she could never forgive herself. Nicole asks Rafe to please do it for her.

Tripp goes to see Ava in her hospital room. Ava tells him that she's getting released. Tripp says that's great news but what's not great is that Charlie is free from jail. Ava informs him that Charlie was just there and claiming being with Allie was consensual. Tripp mentions that he heard from Lucas. Tripp can't believe Charlie is saying that he didn't attack Allie when he already admitted to Ava that he did. Ava can't believe he lied to her face. Ava says Charlie just wanted to talk about his future with Claire because he doesn't think he's going to prison. Tripp calls Charlie delusional. Ava brings up the charges of kidnapping her and that Charlie promised not to let her get away with ruining his life. Ava tells Tripp that Charlie said he would silence her to make sure she never testifies in court. Tripp questions if he threatened her. Ava assures that she's not afraid of Charlie and that if he tries to come near her again, he will regret it. Tripp points out that Charlie has already put her in the hospital once so there's no telling what he might do.

Claire tells Charlie that she feels like he is disgusting by making it seem like Allie asked for it. Charlie claims that's not what he meant and it came out wrong. Claire tells Charlie that nobody will ever believe him because Allie remembers. Charlie doesn't know how she could since she was wasted. Claire says the memories were still there so Marlena hypnotized her. Charlie claims they slept together but Claire talks about how Allie went to sleep and waking up to him standing over her then pinning her down and raping her.

Lucas goes to Marlena's to see Allie. Allie mentions that Henry is napping in the other room. Marlena adds that Allie had been taking care of her and John since they were under the weatehr. Lucas mentions hearing Steve and Kayla got married. Lucas adds that he ran in to Tripp outside the Pub and apologized to him. Allie says she did too because she feels terrible for what she put him through. Lucas can't believe Ava had another son. Lucas then brings up Charlie saying what happened was consensual which shocks Allie and Marlena. Allie quickly says that is not what happened.

Charlie tells Claire that Allie is lying and he doesn't know why. Claire complains about what he did but Charlie yells that he would never do that and she has to believe him. Claire says he makes her sick and tries to walk away but Charlie grabs her and says she is not leaving right now.

Ciara cries for Ben to help her as Rhodes enters and grabs her. Ben can't hear through the phone until Ciara shouts that she loves him as Rhodes takes the phone away. Ben hears that and calls out for Ciara but drops the call and can't get through when he tries to call back. Ben then rushes out of his room.

Nicole asks Rafe if it's really too much to ask. Rafe says it is and he also has Gabi staying with him. Nicole points out that he still has an extra room. Rafe tries to claim it belongs to Duke the teddy bear they share. Rafe remarks that it's ridiculous for Nicole to take in a mentally unstable mob princess. Nicole asks if he's saying no then. Rafe responds that he's trying to say no but she's making it difficult.

Allie can't believe Charlie is saying it was consensual. Lucas is sorry as he thought she knew. Allie questions how he knows. Lucas explains that Shawn told him everything. Allie asks what else Shawn said since he was waiting on the London authorities. Lucas tells Allie that he's so proud of her but informs her that the authorities in London decided not to pursue the case because they don't have enough physical evidence of the assault so they had to let him go. Allie can't believe that Charlie is out of jail and worries that he could be doing this to another woman as they speak.

Claire pleads with Charlie to let her go and says that he's hurting her. Ben arrives and demands Charlie get his hands off her. Charlie tells Ben that this is a private matter and asks him to leave. Claire responds that she is the one who is leaving. Charlie wants her to listen but Claire says she doesn't believe him or love him. Claire calls him nothing to her and then walks away. Ben warns Charlie that he'll be sorry if he comes near her again as he then exits with Claire.

Nicole asks Rafe if he's saying maybe. Rafe asks why it's so important that Ava stay at his house instead of just having one of the Vitali goons look after her. Nicole says she's been trying to encourage Ava away from that line of work and she thinks Rafe would be a good influence on her. Nicole thinks Rafe could inspire Ava to change her ways, comparing it to the fact that Gabi was in prison too and is now a successful business woman and mother. Nicole thinks Rafe deserves some of that credit so she thinks he could be a good influence on Ava. Rafe questions being a big brother to Ava Vitali and says he'll pass. Nicole insists until Charlie gets locked up. Nicole repeats that she really thinks Rafe could make a difference in Ava's life. Rafe says she's relentless so Nicole asks if that's a yes.

Ava tells Tripp how Charlie always plays the victim. Ava says that Tripp didn't have it easy growing up either but he chose to be a doctor and help people while Charlie chose to assault women. Ava says she should be getting out soon and is just waiting for the doctor to sign her out. Tripp tells her that the place is clean, the fridge is stocked, and he even had the locks changed. Tripp adds that he'll be right there to make sure she's safe.

Marlena assures Allie that Charlie is not off the hook as he still has to face charges for kidnapping Ava. Lucas hates to see Allie in pain so he suggests they just hang out and talk. Lucas invites them to dinner. Marlena says she'll take a rain check and stick with tea. Allie hugs Marlena and tells her to feel better, saying she's lucky to have her in her life.

Ben and Claire walk past the Brady Pub. Ben asks if she's sure she's okay. Claire says she's fine but just furious and disgusted. Ben assures he will never let Charlie mess with her again. Claire say she's also upset because Charlie held her up from talking to Marlena about Susan because she thinks Susan can help Ben connect with Ciara. Ben then informs Claire that he already did because Ciara called him.

Ciara thought Rhodes had a hot date for Valentines. Rhodes acknowledges that he forgot his phone and sees how Ciara got a hold of it. Rhodes says he told her not to pull any more stunts but she didn't listen and that makes him angry. Ciara asks if he's so angry that he wants to kill her.

Claire questions what Ben means. Ben swears that he heard Ciara's voice on the phone. Claire calls that amazing but asks if he's sure. Ben says he's positive. Claire suggests sometimes their minds can play tricks on them. Ben assures it wasn't a trick or a dream, it was real. Ben says he's never been so sure of anything in his life.

Rhodes tells Ciara that he won't kill her but warns her not to cross him again because she has no idea what he's capable of. Ciara says she's heard that before, recognizing it as a quote from Al Capone. Rhodes tells her about the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and how the case remains unsolved. He warns that people get away with murder more often than she thinks.

Lucas and Allie walk through the town square with Henry in his stroller. Charlie then approaches, looking at the baby. Allie has flashbacks to the night Charlie raped her. Charlie then asks if that's his son. Lucas steps forward and asks if he's Charlie Dale which Allie confirms. Lucas then shouts that he's going to kill him.

Ava thanks Tripp for being the most wonderful son. Tripp offers to go check on her release so they can go home and watch movies. Ava responds that she'd love to but she might not be going home but staying somewhere else. Tripp asks where as Rafe and Nicole return to the room and Rafe reveals it's with him.

Lucas grabs Charlie until Allie pulls him away. Lucas says he has to pay for what he did. Allie says not like this. Lucas warns Charlie that he will pay for what he did and if the police don't handle it, he'll do it himself. Charlie asks what he means by that. Lucas repeats that he will kill him. Allie tells Lucas that's enough and they walk away.

Ciara cries out that she's so sorry to Ben as she really tried. Ciara says they can lock her in a room and make Ben think that she's dead but their love is too strong and their connection is too powerful. Ciara knows in her heart that Ben heard her.

Ben tells Claire that Ciara is alive. Claire asks what else she said. Ben says the connection was so terrible that they got cut off so he couldn't ask her anything. Claire declares they need to find Susan as she knows that she can help them.

Rhodes goes to see Vincent in prison but ends up seeing Orpheus instead.

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