Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/12/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/12/21


Written By Joseph

Kate enters the interrogation room to confront Vivian. Vivian asks if she is the public defender, arguing that she has to get home to her children. Kate says she knows exactly who she is while Vivian claims to have never seen her before. Kate then brings in Jake and says maybe she'll know who he is. Kate asks if Vivian is going to say hello to her long lost son. Vivian complains that she's confusing her. Kate informs her that this is Jacob, Stefan's twin brother, who she met in Salem when she came back to kill Lani at her wedding when she died. Vivian argues that she's alive so Kate must be lying. Kate remarks that Vivian is denying her flesh and blood to save her own ass.

Rafe goes to Nicole's. Nicole asks if he came to visit his teddy bear Duke but quickly realizes this is serious. Rafe informs her that it's police business and asks if Allie is home because it's about Charlie.

Charlie enters Ava's hospital room and greets her. Ava tries to tell herself that he's not real because he was arrested. Ava thinks she's dreaming. Charlie says this whole thing has been a nightmare but it's over and he's going to live happily ever after.

Ben wakes up from a dream about he and Ciara as Romeo & Juliet and questions what the hell was that.

Ciara then wakes up in a panic from her dream about her and Ben as Romeo & Juliet, thankful that it was just a dream. Ciara declares that she and Ben both have to stay alive if she's going to come home to him.

Claire shows up at Ben's door and says she was just coming to check on him but he looks really pale. Ben responds that it might be because he just died. Ben explains that he was dreaming about Ciara and he doesn't know how he knows this but he's pretty sure she was dreaming about him too.

Rhodes looks in on Ciara reading Romeo & Juliet and says he hopes she's not getting any more ideas.

Ben explains to Claire that his dream was of he and Ciara as Romeo & Juliet and the dream was so real. Claire understands he's thinking about her on Valentine's Day. Ben tells her about how he was dead in his dream. Claire is sorry as it must have been awful. Ben says it was but it wasn't. Ben is pretty sure Ciara was having the same dream at the same time. Claire encourages him that it was just a dream. Ben argues that it was more than that and he can prove it to her. Ben then quotes Romeo's last line and says he's never seen the play, the book, or the movie so he questions how the hell would know that line. Ben says it's because Ciara knows the play and she was in his head and heart and this morning, they were together in their dreams.

Charlie tells Ava that he just came to give her the good news and he can't stay long because he has to go get Valentine's flowers for Claire. Ava tells him that he's dreaming if he thinks Claire or any other girl will want anything to do with him. Ava reminds him that Allie remembers that night and is ready to testify. Charlie claims he did nothing wrong and that the London police dropped all charges. Ava argues that it's not possible since the DNA test proved he was the baby's father. Charlie says he never denied being with Allie and claims that Allie rejected Tripp but chose him. Ava calls that impossible. Charlie calls her so predictable and says it doesn't matter because he and Allie are the only people who know what happened that night. Ava reminds him that he admitted it. Charlie calls that one of her delusions and claims anything he did with Allie was consensual. Charlie states that it's his story and he's sticking to it.

Nicole questions Rafe as to how no one believes Allie. Rafe says it's not about believing but proving if Charlie assaulted her or not. Nicole says Henry having his DNA is proof. Rafe calls that proof they had sex but not that he raped her. Rafe says he doesn't agree either but the London police said they can't make a case since Allie initially accused another man. Nicole doesn't want to hear it. Nicole stops and apologizes for taking her anger and frustration out on him. Rafe tells her it's alright and tells her to go ahead and unload on him if it makes her feel better. Nicole acknowledges that his job sucks. Nicole brings up Rafe wanting to ask her a question. Rafe says he was just wondering if she wants to tell Allie. Rafe clarifies that he will do it but he thought it would be better coming from her. Nicole doesn't know how to answer since it seems it would be better coming from her as a woman and friend but the problem is, she doesn't know if she can stop herself from saying Charlie is going to get away with it because he may not face a judge and jury but he will face her.

Vivian argues that Jake is not Jacob because Jacob is a tiny little baby at home with his sister Stefania where Ivan is taking care of them. Vivian complains about police keeping a mother from her children. Kate talks about Vivian stealing the babies. Vivian calls her an awful woman and asks why she is torturing her. Kate says she's trying to get Vivian to cut the crap. Kate tells Vivian that Jake is Jacob while her son Stefan was shot dead. Kate adds that Vivian got revenge on Lani by having Ivan steal her babies but Ivan no longer has the babies because he's in a police cell which is where Vivian will be finally.

Rafe tells Nicole that he's an on duty cop so she shouldn't be telling him about her threats to take the law in to her own hands. Rafe warns Nicole to stay away from Charlie because she could end up screwing up his only hopes of putting him behind bars.

Ava tells Charlie that no one will ever believe that what he did to Allie was consensual. Ava calls him an embarrassment to her family for raping a woman, getting her pregnant, and gloating about it. Ava says he disgusts her and she can't even look at him which Charlie mocks. Charlie tells Ava that he doesn't give a damn what she thinks about him anymore because he's made it his way on his own which Ava laughs at. Charlie argues that he's been cleared of the charges, he has a good job, and most importantly he has Claire, who he calls his soulmate. Ava questions if Claire wants to be with a man who assaults women. Charlie repeats that he was cleared. Ava says he wasn't cleared of drugging her and tying her up. Ava adds that this was in Salem where a cop found her tied up in his apartment and says this can't be called consensual. Charlie remarks that with her history, it could be looked at as her idea of a dream date. Ava informs him that she's given her statement to the police so that he will get locked up and won't be able to hurt her, Tripp, Allie, Claire or anyone ever again.

Claire tells Ben that everyone knows Romeo & Juliet so he probably saw it when he was young. Ben assures there wasn't a lot of Shakespeare where he was from. Claire insists that he must have seen the movie. Ben believes if he saw it, he would remember it. Ben then suddenly quotes Romeo again and asks how else would he know that unless he was with Ciara.

Rhodes tells Ciara that he made a mistake as he was sentimental and let her keep the Romeo & Juliet because it was Valentine's Day. Ciara insists that she and Ben saw each other in their dreams and that Ben's dream was the same as his where they were Romeo & Juliet. Rhodes questions her claiming to have a psychic connection. Ciara says she knows they do. Rhodes tells her to have her fantasy but reminds her that Romeo & Juliet is a tragedy. Ciara insists that she and Ben will be together, alive in Salem.

Ben tells Claire that Ciara is so smart for making him dream about Romeo & Juliet. Ben talks about how Romeo finding Juliet looking dead and killing himself but if he waited a few more minutes, everything would have been fine. Ben believes Ciara picked the play where the woman wasn't dead so she was trying to tell him that she's still alive and needs his help. Ben declares that he knows Ciara is alive so he's going to Statesville prison to talk to Vincent.

Rhodes delivers Ciara's food. Ciara still doesn't get why Rhodes is doing Vincent's dirty work for him since Vincent is locked up for life and when Ben finds her, he will be too. Ciara asks if the money is really worth it. Rhodes says that it is. Rhodes adds that he has some place to be so he will leave her to her fantasy life in be back in awhile. Ciara questions him leaving. Rhodes responds that it's Valentine's Day so he has a date, not some romance novel fantasy as he exits. Ciara then sees through the glass that Rhodes left his cell phone behind.

Vivian calls Kate an unpleasant person for accusing her of things she knows nothing about. Kate says she could list all of the things she has gotten away with. Vivian remarks that she seems unable to let go of the past. Kate says that's because Vivian took her unborn son Philip from her body and used her own body as an incubator for months to claim him as her own. Kate declares she will never let go of that and now she is willing to do whatever to make sure she pays for taking another woman's baby. Vivian suggests Kate needs her own padded cell as Jake holds Kate back and suggests taking a break. Jake tells Kate not to let Vivian get to her as she's not going anywhere. Kate then exits the room. Jake goes to follow her but Vivian stops him to ask if he could get her some sparkling water. Jake questions her wanting him to fetch her water. Vivian responds that she's always depended on the kindness of strangers. Jake remarks that he took a theater class in high school as he exits.

Rafe tells Nicole that Charlie is still facing kidnapping charges and Ava is willing to testify against him. Rafe promises to do everything in his power to make sure that Charlie is put away for a very long time.

Charlie tells Ava that he sees now it wasn't just because Tripp was her favorite, but she hated him. Ava says she hates what he has done. Charlie argues that it's not about right or wrong but Vitali revenge. Charlie remarks that he bested her and she is trying to pay him back by ruining his life. Ava argues that he didn't best her as he tied her to a chair and drugged her but he got caught so she's going to make sure he pays for what he's done. Ava calls him a loser but Charlie says not anymore. Charlie argues that she's done everything to belittle him but not anymore, repeating that he has an important job and Claire. Ava disagrees with him having an important job and brings up Claire being in a mental hospital. Charlie calls her a bitch. Ava warns him that the judge and jury will see him as a dangerous sociopath. Charlie remarks that the apple didn't fall far from the tree so maybe he is a dangerous sociopath. Charlie declares that since Ava is the one thing standing in between him and what he wants, he has to make sure she isn't able to testify on account of being dead. Ava questions him thinking he could kill her here and get away with it. Charlie suggests patients taking a turn for the worse. Ava warns that he's outmatched and calls him pathetic for threatening his mom and losing. Ava argues that she's a better fighter than him and that Charlie isn't man enough to take her down. Charlie says they will have to see about that and tries to grab her but she shoves him off as Rafe and Nicole enter the room. Rafe asks if they are interrupting anything.

Kate looks through the window of the interrogation room at Vivian. Kate tells Jake that she's sorry for blurting out about his mother. Jake states that Vivian is his mother by definition only. Jake understands that Kate hates her and sees what she just put Eli and Lani through. Kate agrees that she let Vivian get to her and reacted angrily but Vivian doesn't care because she doesn't have a soul or a conscience. Kate declares that she will never give up and she will just change gears.

Claire stops Ben from leaving and says she doesn't know how he did it but he's convinced her. Claire thinks Ben is right about the dream that Ciara is alive but she doesn't think he wants Vincent to know that he knows. Claire argues that Vincent won't help and will only mess with his head. Claire worries that Ben tipping his hand could be dangerous for Ciara. Ben declares that if Vincent knows where Ciara is, he's going to make him tell him. Claire urges him not to act in the heat of the moment like Romeo and think if going to see Vincent is really the best idea. Ben agrees with Claire and thanks her for talking sense in to him. Claire adds that there is one more thing she wants to say. Claire says there is someone who can help him connect with Ciara, who only wants to help. Ben guesses she means Susan Banks.

Ciara tries to reach under the glass for the table that Rhodes left his phone on.

Kate tells Jake that she really thought seeing him would shake Vivian out of this. Jake doesn't think he matters enough. Kate argues that Vivian's one shred of humanity is that she cares about her kids. Jake questions how she treated him then. Kate thinks Vivian would strike if Jake was in danger so they need to make her think he's in jeopardy. Kate decides she will do something to scare Vivian even more.

Charlie questions if it's a crime to visit his mother in the hospital. Nicole says it is if he's the one who put her there. Nicole asks if Ava is okay. Rafe asks if she wants Charlie gone which she confirms. Charlie remarks that she should've told him that she was tired. Charlie tells her to get some rest and then she can come home soon as Rafe escorts him from the room.

Ciara tries using a clothes hanger to reach Rhodes' phone.

Ben tells Claire that Ciara is alive. Claire reminds him that Susan is the one who told them that Ciara was alive and being held captive by some guy. Claire thinks Ciara would have given him an address if she could. Claire says Susan is a psychic so they have to interpret what she saw. Claire thinks Ciara reached out to Susan too so they can't turn their backs on that. Claire insists that Susan has a way to connect with a person on the other end.

Ciara continues trying to pull the table closer to her.

Ava says it's a good thing Nicole and Rafe showed up when they did because she was going to hurt him. Rafe asks if she's still willing to testify against Charlie. Ava responds that it goes against everything the Vitali family stood for but since he hurt a woman and bragged about getting away with it, she is going to do everything she can to stop that from happening again.

Claire tells Ben that Susan stayed with Marlena last night so she bets she is still in town. Ben says they should go then. Claire suggests she go since Ben can get intense and scare her off. Claire says she will talk to Susan to get her on board and then they can figure out where Ciara is.

Ciara successfully gets Rhodes' cell phone.

Kate and Jake bring Vivian her sparkling water. Vivian says she needs to get home to her babies. Kate says before they leave, she wanted to share something with her. Kate informs Vivian that she has a new man in her life. Vivian asks if she was patrolling nursing homes again. Kate says it's a younger man and someone she knows. Vivian questions her telling her this. Kate then informs her that it's Jake DiMera. Kate then gets close with Jake until Vivian stands up and shouts at her to take her hands off her son. Kate then declares that she got her. Vivian realizes that was staged and asks if they are not actually intimate. Vivian asks if she's lying but Jake confirms it's true. Kate asks if they have her blessing. Vivian calls her a bitch. Kate wonders when it will sink in when this whole conversation has been recorded so that Vivian blowing up her insanity plea is all on camera. Kate warns that Vivian will be in prison for a long time.

Ava says she should be getting out tomorrow and then they have her full cooperation. Nicole asks about Charlie. Ava knows he's her son but she can't let him get away with what he's done. Nicole clarifies that Allie said that Charlie is violent and he just threatened her so she can't go back to her apartment. Ava says that's sweet of her but she knows she doesn't have room for one more. Nicole responds that she doesn't, but Rafe does.

Charlie walks out of the town square, telling herself that Claire has to believe him as he calls her. Claire then walks up behind him so he greets her there.

Ben returns home with a copy of Romeo & Juliet, wanting Ciara to keep talking to him and trying to reach him.

Ciara uses Rhodes' phone to call Ben. Ben sees a call from an unknown number and answers, asking if it's Ciara.

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