Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/11/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/11/21


Written By Joseph

Abe and Valerie decorate at Eli and Lani's place for their twins returning home. Abe worries that they should've been here by now while Valerie encourages that they can stop worrying now. Eli and Lani then come home with their twins. Abe and Valerie are thrilled as Lani says she's been waiting for this day for so long. Abe and Valerie hold the babies while Eli and Lani wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day.

Tripp goes to Steve's and confirms to him that the roses were delivered to the nurses station and that he made sure Kayla won't find out that Steve is surprising her with a wedding today. Steve stops Tripp and says it looks like he wasted his time because it looks like the surprise wedding is off.

Ben sits in his room, talking about not being with Ciara today but vowing to find her and bring her home where his Valentine's Day card will be waiting for her.

Ciara sits in the room she is locked up in, reading Romeo & Juliet while wishing she was with Ben. Ciara then imagines being with Ben as if they were Romeo & Juliet.

Tripp asks Steve how the wedding can be off. Steve reminds him that he and Kayla had a firm agreement that Jack and Jennifer would stand up for them but unfortunately, Jennifer's mother just died. Tripp asks if she was sick but Steve says it was a sudden accident. Steve declares that if Jack and Jennifer can't be with them, it doesn't seem like the best day for a wedding. Steve is glad Kayla didn't know what he had planned because it would really upset her. Steve adds that thankfully Joey and Stephanie weren't on a plane already. Steve then gets a call from Jack and tells him that he's really sorry to hear about Laura. Steve asks what he can do to help.

Kate and Jake lay in bed together until Kate gets a call. Kate questions how that could be possible and how it happened. Kate asks if Abe has been told. Kate thanks them for letting her know and says she will tell Abe as she hangs up. Jake asks what happened and guesses it was something big. Kate informs him that it was the press office from the police station so she needs to give Abe a heads up. Kate then reveals to Jake that his mother is alive which shocks him.

Abe and Valerie talk to Eli and Lani about Vivian and Ivan being hauled off so they can't do any more damage. Eli explains that he doesn't think Vivian is up to her old tricks as Ivan said it was all his doing as he was trying to give Vivian something to live for. Abe gets a text from Kate that the police van just arrived at headquarters. Eli says he will go but Lani says no.

Ciara continues to imagine her and Ben as Romeo & Juliet.

Lani tells Eli that he can't leave when they just got home. Eli says he doesn't want to but somebody has to take Vivian's statement. Abe and Valerie argue that Eli is way too close to this situation. Eli feels Vivian needs to be done by the book and he wants to make sure she doesn't get out of this. Lani realizes she can't stop him and tells him to come back as soon as he can so they can spend Valentine's Day together. Eli kisses her and then exits.

Steve tells Jack to let him know if he and Jennifer need anything at all. Steve tells him to take care of Jennifer and then hangs up. Tripp asks what Jack said about the wedding. Steve informs him that Jack said life is too short to put off something this is important. Tripp asks if it's a go then. Steve says he first must find a new maid of honor, but his best man will be Tripp. Tripp argues that Joey could have been his best man if he didn't tell Joey and Stephanie not to come. Steve asks if he's saying he doesn't want to do it. Tripp feels he doesn't deserve it as Steve's known him for five years and all he's done is screw up his life. Steve tells him to stop talking like that. Steve talks about how much Tripp has added to his life and says he and Kayla love him so he's going to be his best man. Steve jokes with Tripp to go get his only suit. Tripp agrees and says he'd love to be his best man.

At the hospital, Kayla tells Sarah that she has to get going to lunch with Steve at the Pub. Sarah offers to go with her since she ordered a cake for Xander. Kayla mentions having the rest of the day off. Sarah compliments Kayla's dress. Kayla points out that it is Valentine's Day. Sarah comments that love is in the air.

Jake argues that Vivian can't be alive as they were both at her funeral. Kate recalls seeing Vivian in the casket and looking dead but she wasn't sure. Jake asks how this is possible. Kate says that people in Salem don't seem to stay dead. Kate guesses that Ivan woke her up, took her to Chicago, and she's been hiding out ever since. Jake questions how they found her. Kate informs him that Vivian had been plotting revenge against Lani for shooting Stefan. Kate reveals that Lani's babies being kidnapped was Vivian's revenge.

Eli enters the interrogation room and tells Vivian that he's here to take her statement. Vivian responds, asking who Eli is. Vivian then questions why she's being accused of kidnapping her own babies, who she refers to as Jacob and Stefania, and argues that they need their mother. Vivian tells Eli that this is all a mistake and demands her release immediately so she can go take care of "her' children. Eli tells her it was a nice try. Vivian continues to insist she has no idea what he's talking about and asking about the children. Eli corrects her that the babies' names are Jules and Carver. Eli says he knows what she's up to and it's not going to work.

Lani tells Valerie about being terrified for days and now she knows it's over but she can't seem to calm down. Lani worries about what if she dropped one of her babies or falls asleep while holding them. Lani adds that she's afraid to clip their nails. Valerie points out that they are asleep right now. Lani says there is so much to learn. Valerie assures that she will stay for awhile and encourages Lani that they've got this.

Steve and Tripp go to the Brady Pub where Steve gets a call from Marlena. Steve asks if they are on their way but Marlena informs him that she and John have food poisoning and won't be able to make it. Steve is sorry to hear and tells her to feel better as he hangs up. Steve informs Tripp that Marlena was supposed to perform the ceremony. Tripp asks what he's going to do now. Steve says he will let him know when he thinks of something. Abe walks by and greets them. Abe says he's doing great since Lani, Eli, and the babies are home. Steve calls that great news. Abe figured Eli didn't have time to get a Valentine's gift for Lani so he figured he'd come to the Pub to get a fancy dessert. Steve asks if Abe has to get right back. Abe says he doesn't since Valerie is there. Steve offers to buy his dessert and a bottle of champagne if he does him favor and marries he and Kayla in about ten minutes. Steve adds that Kayla doesn't know anything about the wedding. Abe points out that he doesn't have his book with him. Steve believes Abe should have it memorized and notes that Abe married them before so he can do it again. Steve adds that he would've asked Abe in the first place but the babies were missing so he didn't want to bother him. Abe tells Steve that he's in as they shake hands. Steve tells him that he will never forget this as he thanks him. Steve declares that they are saved.

Ciara's dream of her and Ben as Romeo & Juliet continues with them kissing in bed. The dream then changes to Ben as Romeo's death next to Ciara as Juliet.

Eli comes out of the interrogation room as Jake and Kate arrive. Jake questions if his mother is alive which Eli confirms. Eli adds that Vivian is not herself and is claiming his babies as her own. Kate believes Vivian is faking it while Jake wonders if she's lost it. Kate thinks Vivian is looking for a way to a sanitarium instead of a maximum security cell like she deserves.

Kayla and Sarah go to the Brady Pub where Steve, Tripp, and Abe are inside. Kayla asks what this is. Steve asks if she's ever been to a surprise wedding. Kayla can't believe he did all of this without her knowing. Steve says the major hang up was not having Jack and Jennifer because of what happened to Laura but Jack said they didn't want them to postpone. Tripp hopes Kayla doesn't mind him filling in as best man. Kayla calls it great but notes that she doesn't have a maid of honor. Sarah asks what about her. Kayla reminds her about getting a cake for Xander. Kayla says that's for later so she would be honored to be there for Kayla. Steve asks if Kayla will marry him. Kayla responds that she'd never say no to him. Abe then begins the ceremony.

Lani and Valerie get the babies back to sleep after they finish eating. Valerie praises Lani. Lani decides maybe she will get the hang of it. Valerie says she's already a wonderful mother. Lani knows Eli will be an amazing dad. Valerie agrees and notes that Eli didn't have that growing up. Lani guesses it was really hard raising him alone. Valerie admits it wasn't easy and she had a demanding career but she found a great nanny. Valerie adds that she still felt guilty about the time she spent away from him and worried. Lani feels she did all the right things because Eli couldn't be more wonderful.

Eli agrees that Vivian is trying to act her way out of prison and a sympathetic judge will buy her act so they need to prove now that she is faking it. Kate feels she's an expert on Vivian's vulnerabilities so she wants him to leave Vivian to her. Eli decides he's wasted enough time on Vivian as he wants to get home to his babies that she stole from them. Eli agrees to let Kate see what she can get out of her but warns Kate not to threaten her or lay a finger on her because it could jeopardize the whole case. Kate assures she won't do that. Eli mentions that he'll have an officer outside just in case as he exits the station. Jake asks what Kate is going to do to her. Kate responds that she knows exactly how to push Vivian's buttons so he's going to find out exactly who his mother really is.

Steve begins his vows, talking about how he almost lost Kayla and he knew he was going out on a limb by arranging this wedding but he couldn't wait any longer. Steve adds that it is Valentine's Day and says everything that has happened lately has reminded him to cherish every day and make the most of every moment. Steve talks about Kayla always having his heart through the years. Steve says he loves her and always will and that's a vow that can never be broken. Kayla begins her vows, saying she could never love a man the way she loves him. Kayla praises Steve and jokes that this is the last time they are doing this because she's never letting him go again. Steve and Kayla exchange their wedding rings. Abe then pronounces them husband and wife, joking that they know what comes next after three marriages as Steve and Kayla then kiss.

Eli goes home and kisses Lani, asking if everything is good. Lani confirms everything is great. Lani adds that Valerie taught her so much. Lani mentions that Abe and Valerie left to give them time alone with the babies. Lani asks how it went with Vivian. Eli tells her that Vivian acted like she didn't know who he was and that their babies are her twins. Lani questions her going for an insanity defense and asks what they are going to do. Eli tells her that Kate and Jake showed up and Kate swore that she could get Vivian to crack so he allowed it. Lani notes that's not in the rule book. Eli doesn't want to talk about the rule book or Vivian and just wants to spend Valentine's Day with his family. Lani agrees and then the babies wake up. Lani declares daddy is home as she and Eli kiss.

Kate enters the interrogation room to confront Vivian. Vivian asks if she is the public defender, arguing that she has to get home to her children. Kate says she knows exactly who she is while Vivian claims to have never seen her before. Kate then brings in Jake and says maybe she'll know who he is. Kate asks if Vivian is going to say hello to her long lost son.

Ciara's Romeo & Juliet dream of her and Ben ends with her death next to him. Ciara then wakes up, thankful that it was just a dream. Ciara declares that she and Ben both have to stay alive if she's going to come home to him.

Ben wakes up from a similar dream and questions what the hell was that.

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