Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/10/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/10/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani remain in the room where Ivan locked them up. Lani worries and blames herself for being so desperate to get their babies back that she believed everything Ivan said. Eli says they will just keep trying to escape. Lani pounds on the door, screaming for Ivan to let them out.

Ivan has loud music playing to block out the noise which Vivian comes in and questions. Vivian worries about the babies and asks why it has to be so loud. Ivan tells her the louder, the better.

Chad asks if Abigail wants to put their marriage back together and if she will stay. Abigail responds that she will stay on one condition.

Jack finishes a call and informs Jennifer that Rafe just bailed on his interview and that was their front page article so they are going to have to change the layout. Jack asks what Jennifer thinks but notes that she's distracted so he asks if she's okay. Jennifer says she just thought her mom would be back by now but Laura didn't say where she was going and has been gone an awfully long time so she wonders what's keeping her.

Gwen stands in her room, looking down at an unconscious Laura on the floor with a blood stain next to her. Laura's phone then rings with a call from Jennifer as Gwen begins to worry.

Vivian complains that she can't hear a word and shuts off the music. She then hears Eli and Lani screaming for help. Ivan then informs her that they have guests in Eli and Lani. Vivian questions them being there. Ivan confesses that they have been in the upstairs bedroom since last night. Vivian asks why.

Chad tells Abigail to tell him what the condition is. Abigail tells him to have realistic expectations which Chad agrees to. Abigail says the reality is there is a lot of tension at her parents house since they found out about Gwen and Jack is really mad at Laura so it's not a healthy environment for the kids. Abigail says she will bring the kids home. Chad asks if that means Abigail coming home is about the kids and not because she wants to save their marriage. Abigail says she didn't say that.

Jennifer tells Jack that Laura didn't answer her phone so she hopes she is okay.

Gwen calls out to Laura and checks her pulse, confirming that she is dead. Gwen then pulls out her phone to make a call.

Jack suggests to Jennifer that maybe Laura went back to where she came from after the way he blew up at her. Jennifer says his anger was understandable. Jack knows Laura was trying to protect her by keeping Gwen's existence a secret. Jack then gets a call from Gwen, who asks him to come to her hotel room right away. Jack asks what's going on. Gwen says she can't explain over the phone and asks him to hurry. Jack responds that he's on his way and hangs up. Jennifer asks what that was about. Jack says he doesn't know as Gwen said she needed him to come over but wouldn't tell him why. Jennifer asks him not to go because it could be a set up. Jack says they don't know that but he is Gwen's father so he has to go if she needs him. Jennifer calls him a good man and asks him to be careful. Jack agrees to do so and then exits the house.

Abigail tells Chad that she wants to take this slowly, rebuild the whole foundation, and make it stronger. Chad says he wants that too. Abigail explains that she will take the separate bedroom and they will take counseling again. Chad blames himself and wants her to know he is the man she needs him to be. Abigail adds that she is going to live under the roof and do the work but she can't make any promises about their future. Chad says he understands and vows to rock the therapy sessions. Chad wants to show her that he loves her every day because he will do anything to make this right. Abigail decides she will go pack then. Chad tells her that this is her home. Abigail agrees and tells Chad to let the kids know she will be back home soon. Abigail then exits the mansion as Chad cries.

Eli and Lani continue to scream to be let out. Vivian questions Ivan as to what Eli and Lani are doing in Chicago in their home. Vivian asks what he's not telling her. Ivan suggests feeding the children first but Vivian demands answers first. Vivian says they have spent months in peace and quiet then one day he disappears and comes back with two babies. Vivian then realizes and asks if the babies are Eli and Lani's which Ivan then confirms. Vivian argues that Ivan said he got them from a legitimate doctor. Ivan says he did but the doctor got them from the University Hospital nursery. Vivian questions why he kidnapped them. Ivan brings up Lani killing Stefan and denying Vivian's chance to avenge his death. Ivan declares that Lani took Vivian's son from her so now she can take Lani's from her. Vivian questions him not telling her from the beginning. Ivan wanted to wait until the mission was finished and hoped she would be happy but she seemed against it. Vivian notes that he lied to her. Vivian applauds his initiative but now she has such deep feelings for the babies so she can't possibly let them go. Vivian declares that the question is what to do with their unwelcome guests.

Eli tells Lani that they need a plan B. Lani says they have been trying to get out for almost 24 hours and have thought of everything. Eli promises they will get out and get their babies. Lani questions how this is happening. Lani cries that the babies are on the other side of the door and there's nothing they can do. Eli insists they can do this and will not give up now.

Julie goes to the DiMera Mansion and informs Chad that Rafe just told her that Eli and Lani have tracked down the twins and should be rescuing them now. Chad is relieved and hopes the monster who took them gets what is coming to them. Julie adds that while she was at the station, she questioned Rafe on his progress with arresting Gwen but was not encouraged. Chad says that's tough when the only proof is Dr. Rolf admitting to giving Gwen the drugs. Julie talks about Gwen just gloating over this. Chad says it's unfortunately not a confession so it's not nearly enough. Julie encourages that they can't give up any more than Chad and Abigail can give up on their future. Chad informs Julie that Abigail is coming home and is packing her things now. Julie calls that the best news. Julie says she knew their marriage was so strong that it could not be broken by some British sociopath. Chad says there is no guarantees and they are taking it slow. Julie calls it a wonderful first step and she has an idea for the second step. Julie states that when it comes to relationships, nobody knows what to do and what not to do better than she does.

Abigail goes to the Horton house where Jennifer asks how things went with Chad. Abigail says it went well enough so she thinks she and the kids are going to move back in to the DiMera Mansion. Jennifer says that's wonderful but Abigail admits she almost changed her mind on the way over. Abigail says there is so much going on that she can't think straight. Jennifer encourages her to focus on Chad and her family. Abigail points out that Gwen is technically now family too. Jennifer can't imagine how hard this is for her. Abigail talks about how Gwen still being as hateful as ever. Jennifer says Jack is trying so hard to make up for everything Gwen has been through to see the good in her. Jennifer adds that Gwen called a while ago, saying she needed to see Jack so he went. Abigail does not like the sound of that.

Jack goes to Gwen's hotel room and asks what the emergency is. Gwen brings up Jack saying he didn't know how to make up for her miserable childhood but she thinks she knows what he can do. Gwen adds that she will need him to keep an open mind. Gwen then invites Jack in to her room, where he finds Laura dead on the floor. Jack checks Laura's pulse and confirms there is not one. Jack asks if she called an ambulance. Gwen responds that she died instantly. Jack questions what she did to her. Gwen complains about Jack assuming she's a murderer. Jack demands to know what happened. Gwen says she didn't do anything to her. Gwen explains how Laura came over to talk and wanted to apologize but she wouldn't forgive her for ruining her life. Jack asks if she killed her. Gwen says that Laura tried to leave, thinking she made things better but it didn't so she grabbed her arm and then Laura pulled away, lost her balance, and hit her head on the corner of the desk. Gwen swears it was an accident but now everyone will think she pushed her on purpose. Gwen urges Jack to believe her and says he is her only hope as she needs his help.

Lani continues pounding the door and screaming for Ivan to let them out. Lani hears the babies crying and complains that she can't even comfort her own child. Eli insists that both babies will be in her arms before she knows it.

Ivan suggests taking the babies and running. Vivian questions what good that would do and thinks they need a permanent solution. Vivian then pulls out a gun and declares that it's time for her to finish what she started.

Julie tells Chad that she has ordered Abigail's favorite food from Julie's Place and they have wine, candles, and flowers to celebrate Abigail returning home. Chad thanks her for the idea. Julie says after everything they have been through, Chad can take it from there.

Jennifer encourages Abigail that she and Chad can work on their marriage without Gwen meddling. Abigail thinks Gwen will still make their lives as miserable as possible. Abigail can't believe that she didn't see through Gwen's act. Abigail is grateful that Gwen never hurt her kids. Jennifer questions if Gwen is capable of hurting a child. Abigail thinks Gwen is capable of just about anything.

Jack questions what exactly Gwen is asking him to do. Gwen tells him that if the police come and see a dead body in her hotel room with her fingerprints then she is screwed. Gwen asks Jack to help her get rid of Laura's body. Jack says he can't do that. Gwen brings up Laura telling her about her affair with Jack and how that was her excuse for ruining her life. Gwen complains that Jennifer and Abigail were the ones that needed to be protected and tells Jack that it's time someone protected her. Gwen questions if Jack will put proper disposal of a dead body above the needs of her living daughter. Jack questions what he's supposed to tell his wife now that her mother is dead. Gwen cries that she's horribly sorry. Gwen adds that of everything she's done, she has never killed someone. Gwen swears that it was an accident but worries that Jack doesn't believe her. Gwen complains that if Jack doesn't believe her then no one will. Jack tells Gwen that he does believe her and hugs her. Jack declares that he's going to help her. Gwen thanks him and says the body shouldn't be too heavy for the two of them. Jack stops her and says that's not how they are doing this because trying to cover it up will only make it worse. Jack says he will call someone he knows and he will be with her every step of the way. Jack now asks Gwen to trust him. Gwen feels he's given her no choice. Jack then pulls out his phone and calls Rafe, who is working in his office and wondering why Eli hasn't gotten back to him yet. Rafe answers the call from Jack, who informs him that he is calling to report a D.O.A.

Vivian tells Ivan that she plans to raise the babies as her own and says the satisfaction will be all hers. Vivian tells Ivan to turn the music back on so the children don't hear this. Vivian then takes her gun and heads to the back.

Julie encourages Chad about Abigail giving him another chance. Julie jokes that they survived Gabi so they can survive Gwen. Julie says as much as they all hate it, Gwen is officially part of the family and not going anywhere so Abigail is going to have to come to terms with her half sister which won't be easy. Julie is thankful that Chad will be there to see her through it.

Jennifer knows how upset Abigail is about Gwen but says they have to trust that the police will take care of everything. Abigail points out that Rafe already said the cops can't do anything. Jennifer can't believe Abigail punched Gwen. Abigail comments on how good it felt. Jennifer tells Abigail that Chad loves her which she admits she knows. Jennifer comments on how hard it is to trust that love, relating to how she felt after finding out about Jack and Kate but they decided to work through it together so there are no more secrets and lies. Jennifer states that they have never been happier or stronger and they are there for each other in every way which is a wonderful feeling.

Rafe goes to Gwen's hotel room. Jack thanks him for coming. Rafe questions what happened to Gwen's black eye. Jack says nevermind about that right now. Rafe then comes inside and sees Laura dead on the floor and questions what happened. Gwen tells Rafe that Laura fell. Jack adds that it was an accident. Rafe asks if Jack saw it happen. Jack admits he did not but he believes his daughter. Rafe is surprised to learn that it's true that Gwen is Jack's daughter. Rafe brings in paramedics for Laura and says he will be sending in a forensics unit because it's now a crime scene. Gwen repeats that it was an accident. Rafe says he still has to take her in with him. Gwen tells Jack that she thought she could trust him. Jack assures that she can and that Rafe will just be asking her questions as per standard operating procedure. Rafe and Jack call this a shock. Rafe adds that he's sorry for his loss and asks if Jennifer knows. Jack says no and says he would like to be the one to tell her which Rafe agree with. Jack tells Gwen that he would go with her. Gwen remarks that she knows he has to go be with his real family. Jack tells Gwen that she is his real family too. Gwen cries that Jennifer needs him. Gwen thanks Jack for being there when she needed him as he then exits.

Ivan watches over the babies as Eli and Lani then come out with the gun held on Vivian. Ivan questions what happened. Eli declares that it turns out Vivian was no match for two cops getting their kids back. Lani then handcuffs Ivan.

Abigail packs her bags and admits to Jennifer that she's a little excited to go home. Jennifer assures that everything will work out fine. Abigail asks where Laura went to say goodbye but Jennifer says she hasn't been able to reach her since she left this morning. Jack then comes home and tells Jennifer that they need to talk. Jennifer asks what happened. Jack tells her to sit down. Abigail questions what's going on and if it has to do with Gwen. Jack says it has nothing to do with Gwen as it's about Laura. Jack then informs Jennifer and Abigail that Laura is dead which shocks them. Jack and Abigail hug Jennifer as she cries.

Rafe brings Gwen to his office at the police station and says he's going to ask her some questions and she will tell him the truth. Rafe says he would love to start by questioning her black eye that magically disappeared but says he will take it one case at a time. Gwen argues that she did nothing wrong. Rafe reminds Gwen that she's already under investigation for poisoning Abigail. Gwen complains that she's guilty of everything. Rafe suggests she not make another misstep. Rafe then begins recording his interview of Gwen about the death of Laura Horton.

Eli and Lani tearfully reunite with their babies after handcuffing Vivian and Ivan.

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