Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/9/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/9/21


Written By Joseph

Chloe comes out from the Brady Pub and runs in to Susan Banks. Chloe mentions that she is bringing soup to Brady at the hospital which Susan calls so thoughtful. Susan tells her to give her best to Brady as Chloe then walks away. Susan then gets a call from Kristen at Statesville prison.

Xander argues about what Philip did, putting them all at risk and nearly destroying Titan. Victor admits he can't argue with any of that. Xander questions Victor letting Philip keep his job as co-CEO which he confirms. Xander declares that Victor has clearly lost his mind then.

Chad removes his shirt, having got slime from the kids on it, as Abigail then walks into the room and greets him. Chad tells her about the slime battle with the kids. Chad decides he should go put a shirt on and exits the room.

Laura shows up at Gwen's door at the Salem Inn. Laura tries to introduce herself but Gwen acknowledges her as the monster that stole her future from her. Laura realizes Jack told her what she did and says she knows Gwen has every right to hate her. Gwen questions what she is doing here. Laura wants to explain her actions from all those years ago if she will let her.

Susan questions why Kristen is calling her. Kristen says she needs to speak to her face to face. Susan worries but Kristen insists that this will be a friendly visit. Susan questions if they are friends. Kristen says they have been through a lot together. Susan says the voices in her head are telling her not to go near her. Kristen responds that this is a matter of life and death but she can't get into it over the phone. Kristen asks if she can count on her to come. Susan agrees to be on her way.

Sarah checks on Brady in the hospital. Brady asks when he can get out. Sarah says she needs to know he has someone to help him because he can't do this alone. Chloe enters and wishes Sarah luck in convincing Brady of that.

Victor states that Philip is aware of the risks he caused and he wants to atone for it so he submitted his letter of resignation. Xander gets excited about that but Victor reveals that he did not accept Philip's resignation.

Gwen tells Laura that she already knows her so called reasons as she invites her inside. Laura tells Gwen that she's truly sorry as she knows how painful it must have been growing up thinking that her dad abandoned her. Gwen argues that she knows nothing. Laura says she knows what a big mistake she made now and talks about sending money. Gwen complains that her mother was a drug addict who overdosed which is why she went to foster care. Gwen argues that Laura never would've told Jack the truth. Laura admits that she didn't even care to find out because her own family was all that mattered to her.

Xander questions Victor letting Philip off the hook with no punishment at all. Victor wants Philip to remain in the company and says that Philip is his son so one day, the company will all be his. Xander asks what about him. Victor declares that for now there is no change and they will remain co-CEOs, suggesting they start with a clean slate but Xander disagrees.

Susan goes to prison to visit Kristen. Kristen thanks her for coming and says she was talking about Brady's life. Kristen talks about being worried about Brady and she knows Susan was in Brady's room in the hospital. Susan encourages that she has nothing to worry about as Brady is definitely on the mend. Kristen is relieved but continues to blame Chloe for bringing Brady into this mess. Kristen argues that Chloe is no good for Brady. Susan says she doesn't know about that and mentions that Chloe said Brady means a lot to her and that she was on her way to see him which upsets Kristen.

Brady insists if he is let out of the hospital, he will take it easy. Sarah asks Chloe to try to talk sense in to him as she exits to go finish her rounds. Chloe gives Brady soup from the Pub. Brady wants to be out of the hospital but Chloe says he needs to be here. Brady argues that he's feeling better so he can go home and heal on his own but Sarah and Chloe won't let him. Chloe encourages him and says she will be the one to help take care of him.

Chad returns to the living room with a clean shirt on. Abigail thanks Chad for taking the kids last night. Chad says he loves being with them and he has plenty of time these days. Abigail feels it's better they are here instead of her parents house since it's crazy and awkward there. Chad still can't believe everything with Gwen. Abigail states that Laura stole a lot from Gwen.

Gwen questions Laura caring more about her family than an innocent child. Laura admits she's not proud of it but she was so riddled with guilt that she wasn't thinking clearly. Laura cries that she felt that she couldn't let Gwen's mother turn Jennifer's life upside down because she already hurt her so much. Gwen asks what Laura did that was so terrible. Laura says it's not important but Gwen points out that Laura just said it was so bad that it clouded her judgment. Gwen questions what she did that was so awful. Gwen adds that if Laura wants her forgiveness, she will tell her what she did to Jennifer. Laura then reveals that she slept with Jack. Gwen busts out laughing and calls it just perfect. Laura explains that they didn't even know who each other were at the time. Gwen asks how it's possible. Laura says she was ill for many years and had never met Jack but they ended up on an emotional wellness retreat, using different names. Gwen continues laughing at the situation and guesses she tried to keep it a secret from Jennifer. Laura responds that eventually the truth came out. Laura says she couldn't let Gwen's mother keep Jack and Jennifer from getting back together as Abigail was little and needed her parents. Gwen asks what about her needing her father too. Laura says that she didn't know her and all she could focus on was the damage she caused Jennifer's marriage so she had to fix things. Gwen says that's even if it ruined her life.

Xander complains about what Victor did to him for a mistake while Philip gets in bed with the mob and doesn't even get a slap on the wrist. Xander argues that he should be promoted to the sole CEO, noting that he saved all of their asses by stopping Philip from laundering money. Xander says if not, he doesn't know what he's doing here.

Chloe tells Brady that she is offering to be his nurse, who checks on him throughout the day since she lives down the hall from him. Brady calls it sweet but doesn't think it's a good idea because of Kristen.

Kristen questions Susan about seeing Chloe on her way to see Brady. Susan mentions that Chloe said she was glad Brady is okay and that he means a lot to her. Susan finds it sweet that Chloe cares about Brady. Kristen argues that Chloe wants to steal him while she is locked up here.

Gwen tells Laura that her whole life changed because two messed up people couldn't be honest with each other. Gwen says maybe if Laura never met Jack, she would have had a home and a father and she'd be completely different. Gwen suggests maybe she and Abigail could have grown up close together and she wouldn't be the vindictive, miserable bitch that she is now.

Susan questions Kristen thinking that Chloe is moving in on Brady. Kristen declares that she has to do something to stop her and Susan is the only one who could help her. Susan guesses Kristen wants her to keep an eye on them and then report back to her. Kristen responds that the only one who will keep an eye on them is herself.

Brady reminds Chloe about Kristen threatening her life and he doesn't want that happening again. Chloe points out that Kristen is still in prison and not getting out any time soon so she asks what he's worried about. Brady explains that Kristen wasn't just upset about him getting shot but that she caught him in a lie since he had told her that he wasn't with Chloe when he got shot. Brady mentions Kristen's history of extreme actions to get rid of her competition. Brady asks if Chloe is sure she wants to put herself in that line of fire.

Victor tells Xander that he has made his decision that he and Philip will remain co-CEOs so nothing is changing. Xander doesn't know why he expected this time to be different since Victor always gives Philip the benefit of the doubt and no matter how much he does, Victor will never see him as truly part of the family. Xander brings up switching the babies for Victor because he wanted to protect Maggie. Victor says they are family. Xander complains that he has given Victor everything he has but deserves so much more in return. Victor asks what he's saying. Xander then declares that he quits.

Susan questions how Kristen will keep an eye on Brady and Chloe while she is in prison. Susan asks if Kristen will break out of prison again. Kristen says she is done with prison breaks but she has a way to walk out without anyone knowing which Susan questions. Kristen says she has her.

Victor doesn't have time for Xander's grand standing. Xander insists that he's out. Xander hoped he would find his place at Titan but it's time to accept that will never happen. Victor says he won't chase after him to convince him to stay. Xander responds that even if he did, it's too late, as he walks out of the room. Victor guesses that made Philip's day. Philip says that it did not.

Abigail tells Chad that she overheard him talking in Gwen's room yesterday and he was tough on her. Chad feels he was not tough enough. Abigail points out that she punched her so his way was less risky. Abigail thanks Chad for sticking up for her. Chad feels it's the least he could do. Abigail thanks him again for taking the kids last night. Abigail decides she will go get the kids even though she's sure they won't be pleased to be leaving. Abigail notes that it will take time for them to get used to going back and forth. Chad suggests that she could move back in.

Laura acknowledges that Gwen is in a lot of pain right now but suggests there's something she could do to make up for it. Gwen argues that she wants her childhood back and asks if Laura can give her the life she would have had if she didn't keep the truth from her father. Laura wishes she could but argues that it doesn't mean she can't get to know her family now. Gwen thinks it's a little late for that. Laura encourages that she's still young. Gwen brings up everything she has done to Abigail and questions her just welcoming her as her sister. Laura admits it won't be easy. Gwen says Jack was keen to be her dad but feels that was all guilt and he doesn't really want her in his life because she would just get in the way of his real family. Gwen declares that the damage Laura did cannot be undone. Laura apologizes and says it was probably a mistake for her to come. Laura goes to leave but Gwen stops her. Laura repeats that she's sorry and asks what else she wants. Gwen declares that she wants revenge because Laura ruined her life and won't get away with it as she grabs Laura.

Abigail questions Chad thinking she and the kids should move back in. Chad thinks it would be good for their kids and for them. Chad would really like a chance to prove she can trust him again. Chad adds that he will work twice as hard on their marriage as he ever did and do whatever it takes. Abigail says she's heard that before. Chad hates that he believed Gwen for months but all they can do is try to move forward.

Susan questions Kristen wanting to switch places with her. Kristen says they are practically twins, bringing up how Stefano brought her in to impersonate her in the first place. Kristen adds that she pretended to be Susan before and nobody knew the difference. Kristen says she won't try to force her but points out that Chloe nearly got Brady killed so the next time he might not be so lucky. Kristen brings up how John would take losing his son and what that would do to Marlena. Kristen declares that if Susan cares about Marlena and John at all, she will help stop this tragedy.

Chloe tells Brady that she doesn't have feelings for him so there's nothing to worry about. Brady just wants her to know what she might be in for with Kristen. Chloe asks if Brady will let her help him. Brady acknowledges that he has a long road back so he won't turn her down. Chloe promises to be careful when it comes to Kristen. Brady responds that it's not like she's going to know.

Susan tells Kristen how much John and Marlena mean to her. Kristen talks about wanting to monitor the situation and make sure Chloe is staying away from Brady. Susan says she needs to think about it. Kristen warns her not to take too long because lives depend on it.

Chad tells Abigail that he doesn't want to pressure her but he worries that the longer they are apart, the greater the distance grows between them. Abigail says he might be right about that. Chad asks if she wants to put their marriage back together and if she will stay.

Gwen stands in her room, looking down at an unconscious Laura on the floor.

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