Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/4/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/4/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani return to their hotel room and wonder about the woman being referred to as "Madam". Lani goes over what they know and says it has to be Ivan, who came to Salem after their wedding last summer because that's what he calls Vivian. Lani declares that Vivian Alamain took their babies. Eli calls that impossible but Lani insists. Eli states that Vivian is dead while Lani points out that she has cheated death before so she asks what if she did it again.

Vivian tells Ivan that she's still not sure that she can raise twins and suggests he can return them but Ivan says that's impossible. Ivan declares that the children are hers now.

Ben goes to see Claire and asks if she's sure it's not a bad time since she has a lot on her mind and he can come back another time. Claire tells him that she would like to talk about Ciara more and says it was really nice sharing about how much they miss her. Ben tells her that right after Claire left, their wedding picture just fell over and he feels that has to mean something.

Ciara sits in the room she is held in, reading Romeo & Juliet. Ciara declares that her love for Ben is infinite and hopes that he can feel it.

Marlena finishes a call at home when she is surprised by Susan Banks showing up at her door. Susan is in a panic and tells Marlena that she had a premonition that something horrible is going to happen to someone that Marlena loves. Marlena questions Susan coming all the way from Memphis because of a premonition. Susan hoped she would get here in time to prevent it from happening. Susan then reveals that her premonition was that Brady was going to get shot and asks if she thinks she's crazy. Marlena then informs Susan that Brady was shot.

Brady wakes up in the hospital with Chloe by his side. Brady asks what's going on and where Rachel is. Chloe says she's with the babysitter and that everything is fine. Brady questions why he's in the hospital. Chloe asks if he doesn't remember as she reveals that he was shot.

Eli sits Lani down and says he feels the same about wanting to find their babies. Lani insists that Vivian could be behind this whole thing. Eli reminds her that Vivian died of a massive heart attack while in police custody in front of like 20 cops. Eli adds that he saw the death certificate. Lani brings up Ivan claiming Vivian's body almost immediately.

Ivan tells Vivian that the children can't just be taken back. Vivian argues about adoptions but Ivan insists that the deal is done. Vivian talks about the issues of raising a child. Vivian thought she would be traveling, shopping, and finishing her memoir so she is way past giving herself to two needy creatures. Vivian points out that they don't even have the same DNA. Vivian admits she thinks the babies would be better with a younger woman.

Rhodes brings Ciara food and asks if she's enjoying Romeo & Juliet. Ciara remarks that people call it the most epic love story of all time but they have nothing on her and Ben. Rhodes suggests Ben will commit suicide like Romeo did since he believes she's dead. Ciara argues that it won't happen because Ben will never give up on her. Rhodes suggests Ben could already have moved on but Ciara tells him to shut up. Rhodes mentions that he brought her Chinese takeout for dinner which makes Ciara emotional as she tells him about her and Ben having Chinese food a lot. Rhodes hopes it brings back happy memories because she won't be sharing a meal with Ben ever again.

Claire guesses it's weird that Ben's wedding picture fell over. Ben talks about how the picture landed directly on the fortune cookie that he refused to open. Ben suggests he won't have to imagine a future without Ciara as he shows Claire the fortune that read "Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart". Ben states that logic says he should just accept that Ciara's life was over when she was in that car but his heart says the opposite. Ben doesn't think the fortune was random or meaningless, he thinks it was Ciara. Ben thinks Ciara is alive and that she might be in trouble and in need of his help. Ben declares that in his heart, he knows it's true. Ben asks if Claire thinks he's losing it but Claire says she doesn't think so at all. Claire talks about couples who feel they share that psychic connection so she prays that Ben and Ciara do too. Claire mentions bringing dinner to Marlena and invites Ben to come with her so he can talk to Marlena about what he's experiencing. Ben admits he would really like to see her if Claire doesn't think she would mind. Claire says she would love the company.

Marlena tells Susan that Brady is expected to make a full recovery which relieves her. Susan asks who shot him and why. Marlena explains that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Susan bets it had something to do with Kristen and says she doesn't know what Brady sees in her. Marlena tells her that they love each other and that Kristen broke out of prison to be with him after he was shot. Susan starts to worry but Marlena assures that Kristen is back in jail. Susan guesses Marlena is happy because she hates her as much as she does. Marlena clarifies that she doesn't and that Kristen has changed. Marlena says getting pregnant transformed Kristen, assuring that she and Brady really love each other. Susan remarks that when you love someone, you can go to extremes.

Eli wonders why they did release Vivian's body so quickly. Lani brings up Kate being at the memorial and hearing it was an Alamain custom. Eli questions Kate being there when she hated Vivian. Lani points out tha Kate also wanted to make sure she was dead. Eli questions if Ivan helpd Vivian fake her death to avoid prosecution. Lani guesses that Vivian then took their babies to get back at her for shooting Stefan.

Vivian worries about diaper changing and late night feedings. Ivan assures that he'll take care of it and all she has to do is love the children like she wasn't able to do with her own twins. Vivian guesses they could do worse than a mother like her. Ivan encourages her to imagine the life she could give the children. Vivian imagines reading to them and feeding them. Ivan assures that their love for her will be boundless and she will be their entire world.

Chloe reminds Brady that he was in her room with Philip when he got a phone call from Kristen. Brady recalls going in to the hall to talk to Kristen but then it's blank after that. Chloe informs him that there was a gunshot and they are almost a certain that it was a mob hit as the Vitalis were trying to kill Philip, but shot Brady instead. Chloe declares that they could have killed him and it's all her fault.

Susan tells Marlena that if all is well, she will hit the road. Marlena points out it's a long drive and suggests she stay for the night which excites her. Susan then goes to use the restroom. Claire and Ben show up at the door and greet Marlena. Claire says she brought dinner as they come in. Ben hopes she doesn't mind him tagging along. Claire adds that it was her idea because Ben has something he needs to talk to her about. Susan comes back in and screams upon seeing Ben, recognizing him as the Necktie Killer. Susan grabs a fireplace poker and say she won't let him hurt Marlena or Claire.

Ciara starts feeling pain as Rhodes questions what's wrong. Ciara tells him that it's the food and accuses him of poisoning her. Rhodes denies doing that and says Vincent is only paying him to keep her alive. Ciara argues that he has to help her. Rhodes suggests she lay down. Ciara insists that she has food poisoning and could die so he has to help her.

Marlena assures Susan that she's not in danger and that Ben is not going to hurt anyone as he had the same kind of intensive therapy that Susan had. Susan guesses she will believe that as long as he doesn't pull out a necktie. Susan talks about Marlena saying Kristen changed and is different now too because people love her.

Brady assures Chloe that this is not her fault. Chloe says she dragged Brady in to this mess. Brady argues that he chose to get involved. Chloe notes that Sarah says he will make a full recovery. Chloe adds that she should've listened to Brady and not let Philip hide out in her room. Brady says if anyone is to blame, it's Philip as he should've turned down her offer. Chloe thanks him but points out that Kristen blames her. Brady guesses Kristen is upset. Chloe says she's more than upset and she was so scared that she broke out of prison which shocks Brady.

Lani tells Eli that they have to pull together and focus. Eli says they can do this and they just have to think. Eli and Lani talk about where Vivian could have taken their babies. Eli brings up the explosion at the warehouse in Nashville and how Vivian and Dr. Rolf were found at some house in Chicago with Nicole and Holly. Lani says they were being held by Kristen and some thugs but wonders if she would go back there. Eli says if everyone thinks she's dead, why not. Lani asks if he knows where the house is. Eli says no but Nicole will so he decides to call her.

Ivan tells Vivian how the babies would prosper under Vivian's guidance. Vivian imagines raising the children and then agrees that she can give them everything. Vivian says she can turn them in to a masterpiece.

Marlena puts Claire's dinner in the oven. Claire says before they eat, Ben needs to tell her something about Ciara. Susan brings up seeing on the news that Ciara died in the explosion. Ben doesn't think this is the best time but Marlena wants to hear what he has to say.

Ciara continues complaining about her pain. Rhodes tells her to drink some water. Ciara says she has to go to a hospital and pleads with Rhodes to help her. Rhodes says he can't because no one can know she's alive. Ciara argues that she won't be for much longer if he doesn't help her. Ciara then collapses on the floor so Rhodes enters the room to check on her.

Ivan asks if this means Vivian will keep the babies. Vivian confirms that she will and says she feels her motherly instincts in full bloom. Vivian says there is so much to be done. Ivan tells her that he has ordered all the supplies and encourages her to meet her babies. Vivian decides the babies will be her Jake and Stefan but then realizes one of the babies is a girl. Ivan explains that he tried to find twin boys but this is the best he could do. Vivian decides it's alright and that she will name her Stefania.

Eli and Lani go to the house in Chicago where Vivian was previously. Lani says they can't go in guns blazing if the babies are inside. Eli agrees that they need a plan.

Brady tells Chloe about Kristen forcing Tony to bring her to the hospital. Brady can't believe Kristen broke out and asks what happened when she got here. Chloe tells him that she came to see him and she was upset. Brady asks if Chloe saw her. Chloe confirms that she did briefly but Marlena, Tony, and Chad convinced her to give up her gun. Brady is upset and worries that she could have added a couple more years to her sentence. Chloe encourages him to remain calm and says she will let his family know that he's awake as John has been there around the clock. Brady thanks her. Chloe adds that she's so happy that he is going to be okay as she exits the room.

Ben tells Marlena about the wedding picture falling and shows her the fortune that reads "Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart." Ben asks if she thinks it means anything. Marlena is not sure and suggests they talk about it at their next session. Marlena then gets a text that Brady is awake which excites her. Claire calls it great news. Marlena says she's going to the hospital. Claire decides that she and Ben will keep Susan company while she's gone and keep the food warm until she gets back. Claire sends their love to John and Brady. Marlena says she will be back in a bit and exits the house. Susan asks Ben about the wedding picture falling on the fortune cookie. Claire explains that Ben thinks the fortune is a message from Ciara. Susan argues that Ciara is dead but Ben thinks she's alive and in trouble. Ben feels that Ciara is trying to reach out to him because she needs his help and it's just something he feels in his heart. Susan relates to having premonitions and talks about coming here because she had a premonition that Brady would be shot and she was right. Ben asks if she thinks Ciara could be trying to reach out to him then. Susan assures that it could be possible and talks about the vision she had years ago that EJ was alive and she was right. Susan declares that if Ben believes Ciara is calling out to him, she believes it. Susan adds that she wants to do everything she can to help him find her.

Rhodes checks on Ciara and tells her not to die or Vincent will kill him. Rhodes worries that he needs help. When he turns his back, Ciara opens her eyes with a smile.

Chloe comes back to Brady's room and tells him that John will be there in a minute as he wanted to call people with the good news. Brady wants to talk more about Kristen and the gun situation as he feels Chloe isn't telling him the whole story. Chloe says it can wait but Brady can tell she's keeping something from him. Brady says he's going to worry more if she doesn't tell him. Brady asks what Kristen did. Chloe then admits that Kristen was very angry and panicked and asks about what happened to him so she told the truth that it was her fault. Chloe adds that Kristen then pointed her gun at her and said she was going to kill her. Brady says he's sorry. Chloe tells him that John showed up and talked her down but she did run in to her again later while she was being escorted out by police and that Kristen told her this isn't over.

Eli and Lani wonder what they are walking in on.

Vivian watches over the babies until the doorbell rings so she wonders who that could be.

Ben tells Susan that it's nice of her to offer to help but questions how she would do that. Susan says she can feel how much Ben loves Ciara so maybe Ciara feels that and needs his help like he said. Susan asks to see the fortune so Ben hands it to her. Susan reads the fortune and then calls out to Ciara, asking if she's reaching out from the other side. Susan then starts screaming that Ciara is alive.

Rhodes pulls out his phone to make a call and when he turns his back, Ciara gets up and knocks him out with the food tray. Ciara then declares for Ben to hang on because she's coming home.

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