Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/3/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/3/21


Written By Joseph

Gwen asks what Jack thinks she wants. Jack asks how much money it will take to make her go away and leave his family alone. Jack writes her a check for $50,000 and says after everything she has put his family through, he's sure that is more than generous. Gwen asks how much he has spent on Abigail in her life as she's sure it's a lot more than that.

Laura tells Abigail and Jennifer that she never saw or heard from Gwen's mother again then a few years later, she noticed she didn't cash her check so she called her bank and found out her account was closed because she had died and that's all she knows. Laura cries that she's so sorry. Abigail hugs her and tells her it's okay.

Dr. Raynor informs Eli and Lani that she had started over in New York and thought she had put her past behind her but one day there was a call from someone who said he knew about her switching babies and threatened to tell her new employers if she didn't do what he wanted. Eli asks what exactly he told her to do. She says that he instructed her to take the children when they were born. Lani guesses it's someone they know then.

Ivan enters a house with Eli and Lani's babies in their stroller as he calls out for Vivian, who then appears inside. Vivian questions where he has been and says she's been worried sick. Ivan says he's fine but Vivian explains that she was worried about herself because if anyone saw him, she would be arrested. Ivan assures he would never put her in jeopardy. Vivian talks about pretending to be dead and how she hoped that would never happen again. Vivian apologizes for lashing out at him. Ivan understands she is a passionate woman. Vivian talks about feeling so alone. Ivan assures that she has him and now she has them as he presents the stroller. Vivian questions what is inside.

Dr. Raynor swears that she doesn't know who the man was as he never said his name and just blackmailed her. Dr. Raynor says her back was against the wall. Eli warns her that this is a capitol offense. Dr. Raynor swears that she only saw him once. Eli wants every single detail of how things went down.

Laura cries about making a mess of everything. Abigail repeats that it's okay as she was just trying to protect Jennifer and Jack. Laura recalls how awful Tiffany was for being after money while Jack and Jennifer just got back together. Laura blames herself for what Gwen has done as she breaks down crying.

Jack asks Gwen if she's saying it's not enough. Gwen asks him again how much he spent on Abigail. Jack asks if she wants the check or not. Gwen then slaps Jack. Gwen tells Jack that he does not get to pay her off like her mother. Jack denies doing that and asks why he would lie. Jack insists that the rest of her story isn't true but now that he knows he is her father, he's ready to make amends. Gwen complains that he just doesn't want Jennifer and Abigail to know what a jerk he is. Jack argues that Gwen's mother raised her to hate him and lied to her. Gwen states that now that she's met Jack, she hates him even more. Gwen takes his check and tosses it as she then walks away.

Laura asks Abigail to give her and Jennifer a little time alone. Abigail understands they have a lot to talk about and she has things to do anyways. Laura hugs Abigail and says she loves her. Abigail then exits. Laura points out that Jennifer hasn't said anything and asks what she is feeling about what she did.

Dr. Raynor explains Eli and Lani that his instructions weren't very detailed and she's sorry. Lani demands she give them something. Eli tells Dr. Raynor to take him through this from the beginning. She repeats that he called while she was in New York and threatens to tell her employers what she had done in the past. She says she got an envelope with a plane ticket to Salem and a key to a motel room in Chicago where the man picked up the babies. Eli asks for the name of the motel and address. Lani demands that she take them there now.

Vivian asks Ivan asks who the babies are and why they are in her living room. Ivan tells her that they are twins and he brought them for her. Vivian questions why in God's name he would do that.

Laura tells Jennifer that she knows when she's angry. Jennifer says she's not angry but upset. Jennifer knows Laura was trying to do the right thing but what's done is done so there's no need to talk about. Laura wants to hear what she really thinks, insisting that she won't fall apart again. Jack comes home and questions what Laura is doing here. Jennifer informs him that she came to tell them something. Jennifer asks Jack if the DNA test was positive, adding that Laura knows what's going on. Jack confirms the DNA test was positive so he is Gwen's father. Jennifer says it's good to have confirmation. Jack is sorry as he swears he did not know. Jennifer responds that she knows and suggests Laura tell Jack what she just told her. Jennifer declares that this is between Jack and Laura as she storms out to go upstairs.

Gwen returns to her hotel room, complaining that Jack thinks he can pay her off like nothing. Chad shows up at her door and informs her that he lied to the police that he didn't see Abigail lay a finger on her. Chad warns Gwen that because of her, he has nothing left to lose so he will do anything it takes to bring her down. Chad takes a napkin and wipes off Gwen's makeup that she used to embellish her black eye and says the case is dismissed. Gwen remarks that it's nothing compared to bringing Abigail's marriage down and what's in store for her next.

Ivan tells Vivian that this is not going the way he wanted. Ivan thought she would be overjoyed and that he could redeem himself. Vivian asks if he forgot his medication again. Ivan says he's just getting emotional as he pours a drink. Ivan talks about the years of guilt after Vivian losing her son Stefan while she can't see her other son. Vivian asks him again who the babies are and why they are in her living room. Ivan thought she would understand and says he brought them to her to atone for his lie years ago about her son being stillborn and not mentioning her other one. Vivian questions Ivan thinking these two babies can replace her sons. Ivan suggests he can help her raise them. Vivian asks where he got the children and who their parents are.

Dr. Raynor brings Eli and Lani to the motel room and explains this is where the man instructed her to go and wait for him. Lani searches the room and finds the bag of cash that he had given Dr. Raynor. Dr. Raynor talks about being afraid all the time. She says the man was here two nights ago. Lani wants to talk to the clerk who wasn't at the desk. Eli wonders if there's security footage but Lani is sure he took care of the cameras. Lani tells Eli not to take too long as he exits the room. Lani questions Dr. Raynor passing her babies off to a man that she knew nothing about, other than that he's a criminal. Dr. Raynor insists that she knows the babies are safe because when he took them, he was gentle and smiled so he doesn't want to hurt them. Lani makes a call and talks about what Dr. Raynor told her. Eli returns and says he had no luck as they erased security footage and the clerk from that day is no longer employed. Eli feels the man has to be nearby. Dr. Raynor swears that she doesn't know where he took them. Lani feels he could be anywhere by now. Eli assures that he couldn't get past security and can't go anywhere in public which means they are that much closer. Eli encourages Lani to have faith as he hugs her. Eli asks Dr. Raynor what she does know about the man, starting with her impression of him. She says he had every move planned and is used to people doing exactly as told. She also felt he was planning this for a very long time.

Vivian reminds Ivan of when she had Stefan and Jake, pointing out it was 30 years ago, and she is not the mother of these babies so she has no right to them. Vivian asks Ivan again where he got the babies and who their parents are. She asks if he stole them. Ivan argues that he didn't steal them and got them from a reputable doctor. Ivan adds that their parents are in no position to raise them so they need Vivian as a mother.

Laura fills Jack in on everything involving Gwen's mother Tiffany. Laura tells Jack about paying off Tiffany until she was told that she had died. Jack questions her never asking about the daughter. Jack says now he understands how Gwen could be filled with so much hate and rage. Laura cries that she's sorry and complains that her mother was horrible. Jack complains that Laura didn't think about his daughter and thanks to her, she never had a father. Jack screams at Laura, asking who gave her the right to play God.

Gwen tells Chad that it wasn't hard to get between he and Abigail as Chad was ready to believe her and wanted to find solace in her bed. Gwen doesn't believe Chad would hurt her. Chad repeats that he has nothing to lose. Gwen brings up that he could lose his kids if he comes off promiscuous and violent in divorce court, which is where this is headed thanks to her. Chad says he wouldn't' be so sure of that. Gwen says that's what she wants and what she wants happens. Chad warns Gwen to stay away from Abigail or she will regret it. Abigail then walks in and asks what's going on. Gwen tells her that Chad just threatened her after lying about Abigail assaulting her. Gwen says Abigail won't forgive either of them. Abigail comments on Gwen's black eye being gone. Gwen questions what she's doing here anyways and asks if Jack told her about the paternity test. Abigail confirms that she knows Gwen is Jack's daughter. Gwen tells her that everything she said was true. Abigail says not everything as Gwen was wrong about her father. Gwen disagrees because Jack just tried to pay her off like her mother. Abigail responds that he didn't pay off her mother. Gwen tells Chad and Abigail to leave. Abigail informs Gwen that she's not leaving until she hears what she has to say.

Jack argues that he shouldn't be surprised that Laura would do something like this and talks about Laura preventing Mike from knowing his real father for years but this is far worse, cruel, and heartless. Laura says she didn't see it that way. Jack yells at her that he won't sweep this all away and he doesn't care about her pain. Jack complains that Gwen grew up thinking that he didn't think she was worth knowing and blames Laura for that.

Vivian tells Ivan that he should clear things with her before taking any action because on his own, he does stupid things. Vivian points out that this is a federal offense. Ivan assures that there is no way this could be traced to either of them. Ivan repeats that their parents are in no position to raise them. Vivian offers to call the parents to thank them but Ivan says no so Vivian guesses this is not on the up and up. Ivan claims the parents want no communication. Ivan encourages Vivian to look at the babies and hold them while thinking of their future growing up with her. Ivan declares that Vivian will finally have the babies she always wanted and will be fulfilled.

Dr. Raynor tells Eli and Lani that the man said he wasn't going to sell the babies on the black market and he was very gentle with them. Dr. Raynor mentions hearing him on the phone with the person he was getting the babies for. Lani questions her just now telling them that he was working for someone. Eli asks about the call. Dr. Raynor says it was after he left but she heard his voice. Eli asks exactly what he said. Dr. Raynor says she was scared to open the door so she only heard through the door. Eli demands to know what she heard. Dr. Raynor informs them that she heard the man refer to the person on the other end as "Madam" and then he left. Dr. Raynor knows she has to pay for what she did and they need to get back to their search but she hopes they find their babies. Eli warns that she better pray that they do. Lani leaves the room to get some air. Eli then takes Dr. Raynor out of the room.

Ivan talks about never hearing Vivian say she couldn't do something. Vivian calls this different. Ivan insists that once she bonds with the children, she'll never be able to let them go. Ivan tells her that those babies are her destiny. Ivan says he will never forgive himself for failing her with Stefan and Jake so he wants to make it up to her. Vivian calls it thoughtful of him.

Laura agrees with Jack that it's all her fault as she was only thinking about Jennifer and didn't think about what she was doing to that child. Jack shouts that it was his child and Laura decided that he didn't need to know she existed. Jack brings up what Jennifer and Abigail have been through because of that child. Jack accuses Laura of creating a monster. Laura cries that she's more sorry than he will ever know as she walks out of the house.

Gwen asks Abigail what the spin on all this is. Abigail says it's the truth as Gwen's mother was paid off but not by their dad. Gwen says she knows it was the secretary so Jack wouldn't get his hands dirty. Abigail informs her that Jack's secretary Gladys knew nothing about it earlier but she knows who it was and it wasn't their dad or his secretary because Gwen's mother never spoke to Jack or his secretary. Abigail reveals that the person who did pay her off now admits to it and said that Jack never knew about Gwen or paid her mother off. Abigail tells Gwen that she can resent her for having a nice life but Jack had nothing to do with it. Gwen assures that she does resent the hell out of Abigail but whoever turned her mother away, she will find them and kill them. Abigail says that is why she will not tell her their name. Gwen adds that this does not exonerate their father. Abigail tells her that Jack never lied to her but if her mother told her that Jack turned her away, then she was lying and that's the truth if it means anything to her at all. Abigail then exits the room and Chad follows her out.

Jennifer rejoins Jack in the living room and hugs him.

Chad catches up to Abigail in the town square. Abigail says she needs to get home. Chad asks if what she said was true that it wasn't Jack that paid off Gwen's mother. Abigail confirms that it was her grandmother.

Laura cries as she walks away from Jennifer's house.

Jack complains to Jennifer that Gwen is his daughter and he has done nothing for her. Jennifer tells him that it's not his fault. Jack says the damage has been done.

Gwen looks at her phone, wondering if Jack really didn't know.

Eli and Lani return to their hotel room and wonder about the woman being referred to as "Madam". Lani goes over what they know and says it has to be Ivan, who came to Salem after their wedding last summer because that's what he calls Vivian. Lani declares that Vivian Alamain took their babies.

Vivian tells Ivan that she's not sure it's a good idea. Ivan insists that it is but Vivian isn't sure she can. Ivan continues to encourage her and tells her to look at her children. Vivian finally takes a look and looks back at Ivan surprised.

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