Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/2/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/2/21


Written By Joseph

Outside the Pub, Nicole tells Rafe that she's sorry as she shouldn't be this upset. Rafe asks her what happened. Nicole explains that Eric told her that he's coming home the day after tomorrow and she was really happy and told Roman that she was going to throw him a party but she just got another call from Eric and the mission begged him to stay three more months so he said yes. Rafe tells her that he's sorry. Nicole knows she shouldn't be upset but cries that she really needs him right now.

At the hospital, Gwen reads the DNA test results. Jack takes them from her as Gwen calls him "daddy". Gwen points out that they ran the test twice so there's no denying that she is his anymore. Gwen argues that Jack turned his back on her when she was eight years old. Gwen remarks that Jack may hate her guts but he made her the way she is today. Gwen asks if he's proud of himself.

Jennifer asks why Laura didn't tell them that she was coming. Laura calls it a spur of the moment decision after reading an article in the Intruder about Chad and Gwen. Abigail says it didn't happen the way the article said as Gwen twisted the truth but what happened was bad enough. Laura tells Abigail that she's so sorry. Jennifer says it's been an awful time thanks to Gwen, noting that Gwen is part of the reason she and Jack were separated. Laura asks what Gwen has against them. Abigail informs Laura that Gwen claims to be Jack's daughter. Jennifer adds that they are about to find out if it's true. Jennifer explains that Gwen claims Jack always knew about her but refused to have anything to do with her and that he had her mother paid off by his secretary to stay away from them. Jennifer calls it all lies but Laura responds that it's not all lies which they question. Laura never thought she would have to tell them this but reveals the "secretary" who sent the checks to pay them off was her. Abigail doesn't understand. Laura responds that there is just so much that they don't know so she has to start from the beginning.

Eli and Lani are at a hotel in Chicago, waiting for Dr. Raynor to go to a park for a meeting that Xander has had set up. Lani worries about if Dr. Raynor doesn't show up but Eli insists and declares that they are getting their babies back today. Lani wishes she could be optimistic but remains uncertain about Dr. Raynor, who swore to Xander that she doesn't have the babies. Eli calls Dr. Raynor a fraud and a liar. Lani points out that if this time she's telling the truth then they have nothing.

Gwen guesses Jack is not pleased to find out he has another daughter. Gwen remarks that she no longer has to hear him deny the truth about her being his anymore. Jack responds that he accepts it and won't challenge the test results. Jack adds that the rest about paying off her mother is not true because he never saw her mother and neither did his secretary. Jack declares that neither of them knew Gwen existed. Jack doesn't know how to explain it. Gwen argues that somebody is lying and it's not her.

Jennifer questions Laura as to what she doesn't know. Abigail offers to leave them alone but Laura says it concerns her too. Laura talks about reading the Intruder and the name Rizczech hit her like a ton of bricks so she booked the next flight, hoping to get here in time to do damage control which Abigail questions. Laura wanted to stop Gwen from going public with her claims that she was Jack's daughter but she was too late so now there is nothing stopping her from telling everything she knows.

Nicole says she has no right to be upset with Eric. Rafe points out that Eric did tell her that he was coming home and then changed his mind so she kind of has a right. Nicole brings up how Eric turned down the job offer for her at first but she persuaded him to go. Nicole adds that now Eric didn't even ask her about staying, he just announced he was doing it. Rafe tells Nicole that as a guy, sometimes they feel guilty about the way they're treating the woman they love so they rush through it but it doesn't usually work. Rafe suggests Eric felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Rafe says Eric would be a fool to not come back to her and he's no fool. Rafe adds that everyone knows how much Eric loves her. Rafe encourages that three months is not an eternity. ?Nicole cries that he's right but she misses him so much as Rafe hugs her.

Jennifer tells Laura to just tell them what she knows. Laura argues that she has to start from the beginning. Laura states that 25 years ago was the beginning when she and Jack returned from the meadows and moved in with Jennifer. Jennifer notes that Abigail knows what happened between them. Laura calls it the biggest mistake of their lives. Laura recalls being careful and urging Jennifer to forgive Jack back then while Tiffany Rizczech showed up at the door to see Jack. Jennifer is shocked to learn that Gwen's mother really did come looking for Jack which Laura confirms.

Jack tells Gwen that he will get to the bottom of what happened to her mother all those years ago because she is owed an explanation. Jack insists that it didn't happen. Gwen asks Jack for a big hug for his long lost baby girl. Gwen then questions him not doing so for "Gwen Deveraux" but guesses it's because she's not Abigail. Jack remarks that he's sure she can understand why it's tough to welcome her in to the family after she spent months trying to destroy them. Jack brings up her drugging Abigail which could've killed or destroyed her and convinced Chad that she was having an affair while seducing him, making his grandchildren miserable. Gwen argues that she did not have to seduce Chad as he came on to her and their marriage isn't as happy as he thinks. Jack blames Gwen for revealing his affair with Kate while Gwen argues that all she had to do was make sure Abigail found out. Jack reminds her that they are in a hospital and tells her to shut up.

Jennifer questions Laura about Gwen's mother talking to Jack and if that means he lied to her. Laura says no and to let her explain. Laura flashes back to Tiffany informing her that Jack got her pregnant and that she named her daughter Gwen. Jennifer and Abigail can't believe it as Jennifer asks if Laura is saying that Gwen really is Jack's daughter.

Nicole tells Rafe that she has to pull herself together and get to work. Rafe offers to buy her breakfast first but Nicole says she can't go back in to the Pub after just telling Roman that his son is coming home as she'll have to break the news to him and then she'll start crying again. Rafe invites her to his place for coffee and breakfast, saying he's returning the favor from Nicole taking him out for his birthday. Rafe doesn't feel Nicole should be alone right now so she agrees to go with him.

Eli asks Lani not to panic and insists that Dr. Raynor wouldn't stand Xander up while Lani worries that this is their only lead. Eli then sees Dr. Raynor arriving through the window so he and Lani rush out of the hotel.

Rafe and Nicole have breakfast at Rafe's but Nicole says she doesn't really have an appetite. Rafe hoped she would feel better after eating. Nicole doesn't think she's going to feel better until Eric comes home.

Abigail says she was so sure Gwen was lying. Jennifer questions how she didn't know that Gwen's mother came to their house. Laura says she's getting to that and continues her flashback where Tiffany complained to Laura that she was broke and saw Jack on TV so she felt he owed her child support. Tiffany had threatened to come back with her kid. Jennifer talks about she was in the other room feeding Abigail and never knew about any of this. Abigail feels Jack had to know but Laura tells her that she's wrong as Jack did not know either.

Jack apologizes to Gwen for raising his voice. Gwen doesn't believe him and shouts that she's not ready to shut up yet. Gwen tells Jack that she is his creation so he shouldn't be surprised that she turned out this way. Gwen brings up Jack's family and says if she's meant to be the villain, it's because she's a chip off the old block.

Dr. Raynor waits outside for Xander, wondering where he is. She then realizes that something is not right and that he's setting her up. Eli and Lani then confront her. She tries to run but Eli tells her that she's not going anywhere.

Nicole tells Rafe that she's going to go but accidentally spills her coffee. Rafe makes her laugh with his teddy bear. Rafe points out that he didn't get her to eat much but at least she's smiling.

Gwen comments that she and Jack do have one thing on common as Jack's birth parents didn't want him either and he was given to an orphanage. Jack says it wasn't quite like that but Gwen says his mother chose his sister so he wasn't the favorite. Jack tries to explain but Gwen says the difference was that Jack grew up with money. Gwen says she has standards because she would never throw her child away. Jack argues that he never knew she existed. Jack says she wants him to beg for forgiveness but he can't be sorry for something he had no part in. Gwen argues that he's not sorry at all. Gwen feels Jack is thankful that he never knew her and she didn't have to ruin his relationship with Jennifer. Gwen asks if his life would've been so much better if she wasn't a part of it. Gwen thinks Jack is happy that he didn't have to know her and that he wishes he didn't have to know her now.

Jennifer questions Laura as to how Jack could not have known. Laura says she was in a panic and didn't know what to say or do. Laura wanted to warn Jack so Jennifer wouldn't be blindsided by the woman's claims. Laura says she didn't know if there actually was a child or if she had really met Jack. Laura talks about how Jennifer and Jack were inching back together so she knew if Tiffany got to her, it would blow it all up so she was not going to let Jennifer be hurt like that again.

Nicole cleans up her spilled coffee and says it's the least she could do since Rafe was kind enough to throw her a pity party. Rafe reminds her that she doesn't have to go through this on her own. Nicole says she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and get to work because it's good to be busy. Rafe tells her that if she needs a hand, all she has to do is call. Nicole thanks him but says she's late and he has work to do too. Nicole goes to leave but Rafe stops her.

Dr. Raynor tells Eli and Lani that she doesn't know where the babies are now. Lani accuses her of lying but Raynor swears. Raynor says they are safe which Eli questions. She says she's sorry as she didn't want to do this but she had no choice. Eli argues that there's always a choice. Lani asks why she did it. Dr. Raynor reveals she was blackmailed so Eli demands an answer as to who.

Laura explains that she knew Jack well enough that if he heard Tiffany's story, he would meet with her and find out the truth so she was terrified that Jennifer and Jack wouldn't be able to recover from this. Laura explains that she decided to contact Tiffany and told her that Jack wanted to meet with her but she went instead as Jack's secretary. Laura says she was determined to protect Jennifer, Jack, and Abigail but cries that she didn't protect them at all so she's sorry.

Gwen says she knows Jack hates her but she hates him more. Jack tells her that she can go ahead and hate him but Jennifer and Abigail did nothing to her and she took it out on all of them. Jack asks what she wants now that she got her revenge on them. Gwen asks what Jack thinks she wants. Jack asks how much money it will take to make her go away and leave his family alone.

Jennifer questions Laura seeing a picture of Jack's daughter and then telling her mother that Jack wanted nothing to do with her while never telling Jack about her. Abigail asks about the money that Gwen told them about. Laura's flashback continues where she told Tiffany that Jack authorized her to give her a check. Tiffany warned her to tell Jack to keep them coming or she would be seeing her again. Laura tells Abigail and Jennifer that she never saw or heard from Gwen's mother again then a few years later, she noticed she didn't cash her check so she called her bank and found out her account was closed because she had died and that's all she knows. Laura cries that she's so sorry.

Rafe reminds Nicole that they agreed to share custody of Duke the teddy bear so he thinks she should have him today because he will give her good company. Nicole thanks Rafe and then exits.

Dr. Raynor informs Eli and Lani that she had started over in New York and thought she had put her past behind her but one day there was a call from someone who said he knew about her switching babies and threatened to tell her new employers if she didn't do what he wanted. Eli asks what exactly he told her to do. She says that he instructed her to take the children when they were born.

Ivan enters a house with Eli and Lani's babies in their stroller as he calls out for Vivian.

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