Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/1/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/1/21


Written By Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, Jake looks over Gabi's business proposal then thinks back to Gabi kissing him until Tony walks in. Jake informs Tony that he's been fielding calls from reporters all day about Kristen breaking out of prison last night. Tony confirms Kristen held him hostage but he's fine. Jake would've appreciated a heads up on another family scandal. Tony responds that he's sorry but he was all tied up. Tony sees the proposal and asks what Gabi is up to now. Jake informs him that Gabi wants to start her company again under DiMera. Tony offers his input but Jake argues that Tony is team Chad all the way so he won't let himself get sabotaged this early. Tony says he's ultimately team DiMera so he has some advice that Jake would like to hear unless he's so confident in running a multi national company based on his experience. Jake gives in and hands Tony the proposal, telling him to knock himself out.

Gabi greets Rafe at home and asks about his teddy bear. Rafe informs her that it was a gift from Nicole which Gabi questions.

Nicole goes to the Brady Pub and tells Roman that she has some news that he's going to love. Roman says that would be a welcome change as Nicole then reveals that she spoke to Eric last night and he's finally coming home.

Jack finishes a call at home and informs Jennifer that the results of the test will be back later this morning. Jennifer says they have time to prepare and asks if he's thought any more about if he could be Gwen's father. Jack admits he has no idea. Jennifer feels Rizczech is not a name to forget. Jack admits it's possible that he didn't know her name. Jennifer questions if Jack is saying he slept with so many cocktail waitresses that he doesn't remember them all.

Abigail visits Julie in the hospital and asks how she's feeling. Julie says she's better but questions how she can avoid stress when her great grandchildren have been kidnapped. Abigail mentions a promising lead. Julie informs Abigail that Dr. Raynor has the babies but Eli and Lani are on her tail so she's praying it turns out well. Abigail agrees to pray too. Julie asks how she is doing. Abigail claims she's fine but Julie says that Jennifer told her what Gwen did. Abigail tells her not to worry as she took care of that.

Gwen is in her room at the Salem Inn, complaining about being punched by Abigail and warning that Abigail messed with the wrong lass and she's going to make her regret it.

Jack tells Jennifer that he'd like to take back a lot of things he did in those days. Jennifer apologizes for snapping at him. Jack says that part of his life feels like it happened to a different guy. Jennifer says she can't hold it against him since it was before he met her. Jennifer questions what kind of mother tells her child that her father rejected them both and paid her off to stay away. Jack says he may not remember ever seeing Tiffany's face but he would certainly remember her coming to tell him that she had his child. Jennifer asks if it's possible that there's another Jack Deveraux out there and that he's Gwen's father. Jack says maybe but feels anything is possible.

Julie can't believe that Gwen seduced Chad and is now claiming to be Jack's daughter. Abigail adds that Gwen also set her up to find Jack's letter so that she would read it out loud in front of a room full of people. Abigail worries about Gwen being her half sister and says Gwen has been toying with her life for months while she never suspected a thing. Abigail then reveals to Julie that Gwen is the one who drugged her champagne back in April, not Gabi. Julie knew she had seen her somewhere before. Abigail admits Gwen is good. Julie is thankful that Abigail recovered. Abigail acknowledges that Gwen could have ruined her mind permanently as they wonder what else Gwen is capable of.

Gwen declares for Abigail to get ready because it's showtime.

Roman tells Nicole that is great news. Nicole says Eric wanted to call him but he has limited phone access where he is. Roman understands he should call his wife. Nicole talks about it taking 20 years for her and Eric to get married. Roman comments on Nicole being left with Holly, Allie, and Henry. Roman tells her that the Brady family is grateful for what Nicole has done for Allie. Nicole thanks her and wishes she waited to encourage Allie to go to the police until she was absolutely sure it was Tripp. Roman says at least Tripp is off the hook now and the right guy is in jail. Nicole hopes he stays there. Roman is glad that Eric is coming home so that Nicole and the kids won't be alone in the apartment because if Charlie makes bail, he might want to get even. Nicole admits she thought about that as well. Nicole says she told Eric to follow his heart and go to Africa but she didn't understand how much she would miss having her partner by her side.

Gabi questions Rafe about Nicole giving him a present. Rafe says they are friends and she came over then realized it was her birthday. Rafe tells Gabi that he and Nicole went to Cowboy Critters with Holly and Henry. Gabi continues to question Nicole giving him the teddy bear. Rafe explains that it was from the claw game and mentions naming the bear Duke. Gabi remarks that it sounds serious. Rafe assures that it wasn't and isn't as they are just friends. Gabi knows Rafe hoped to get back with Hope and she left so he is lonely. Rafe repeats that they are just friends. Gabi wants him to be happy but warns that Nicole is a married woman, who's husband has been gone for a long time and suddenly she's taking him out for his birthday, so he should be careful. Rafe says the same to her which Gabi questions. Rafe brings up Jake DiMera which Gabi argues is different because Jake and Kate aren't married and Kate doesn't stay with a man very long. Rafe asks what Jake said when Gabi threw out her proposal for her company. Gabi tells him that Kate hated it but Jake agreed to think about it which Gabi takes as Jake not wanting to let go of her again. Rafe says he won't give her advice that she won't listen to and he has to get to work. Rafe wishes her luck and exits.

Tony goes over Gabi's business proposal and acknowledges that Gabi made Gabi Chic in to a very successful brand compared to Basic Black. Jake says he already knows all that and asks for Tony's advice. Tony states that acquiring Gabi Chic would be an excellent move for the company but the problem lies with Gabi herself because she has a talent for getting herself in to trouble while Kate has a talent for making trouble. Jake questions this all being about his personal life. Tony says he doesn't care about his personal life unless it interferes with the company. Tony warns that Jake may get professional success but his personal life will lead to professional failure and end up in a lose-lose situation. Tony declares that the choice is Jake's to make.

Julie asks Abigail why Gwen isn't in jail for poisoning her. Abigail says they don't have a case as they only know about it because Chad heard from Dr. Rolf, who is the one who gave Gwen the drug. Abigail adds that Chad went to make a statement but Shawn says they can't charge Gwen as Dr. Rolf is not a reliable witness. Julie knows the police department is stretched thin looking for the twins but argues that Gwen shouldn't be around Salem causing havoc. Abigail reminds Julie to avoid stress and then reveals that she's been discharged from the hospital so she came to take her home. Julie tells her that Doug is picking her up so she tells Abigail that she can go on.

Jennifer tells Jack that no matter what the paternity test says, Gwen's mother is dead so they'll never hear her side of the story. Jack talks about going through all his cancelled checks in both of his accounts and nothing was made out to a Tiffany Rizczech. Jennifer asks what if someone else decided to deal with her. Jennifer brings up Jack's former secretary Gladys being really protective of him and wonders if she decided to deal with her on her own.

Jake goes to see Gabi and she answers the door wearing just a towel.

Nicole suggests to Roman that they throw a party for Eric coming home. Nicole says Eric is coming home the day after tomorrow but he may have jet lag so they might wait a week or two and then maybe Brady can attend by then. Roman mentions hearing Brady caught a bullet from the Vitali mob. Nicole notes that it wasn't meant for him. Nicole hopes Ava calls them off because they don't need any more violence around here.

Abigail goes to the police station and asks Rafe if she can talk to Shawn but he's not in. Rafe asks if he can help. Abigail asks if he knows what's going on with her. Rafe mentions just reading Chad's statement and how Gwen was the one who drugged her last year. Abigail apologizes for blaming Gabi. Rafe admits he thought she did it as well and is just glad they found the person who really did it. Abigail brings up Shawn saying that he thought Rafe might charge Gwen and if that's true. Rafe hopes so because she seems dangerous. Abigail confirms that Gwen has a vendetta out on her family. Rafe says the only problem is that Dr. Rolf's word isn't enough for an indictment. Rafe adds that he's awaiting a call from the district attorney. Abigail insists that her family isn't safe with Gwen in town. Gwen then arrives at the police station and points out her black eye as she declares that Abigail is the one who should be arrested.

Gabi questions what Jake is doing here. Jake says he came to talk about her proposal but guesses he should've called first. Jake tries to ignore looking at Gabi in a towel and comments on the house compared to the mansion. Jake says Gabi is welcome to go change clothes but Gabi remarks that there is nothing under the towel that he hasn't seen before. Gabi asks about Jake rushing over to see her. Jake says he wanted to tell her face to face that he has to turn her down and he's really sorry.

Rafe asks what happened to Gwen. Gwen responds that Abigail assaulted her which Abigail denies and says it's her word against hers. Gwen accuses Abigail of lying and argues that Chad saw the whole thing. Abigail argues that Chad would never back her up and that whoever hit her didn't hit her hard enough to make her eye look like that. Abigail says Gwen drugged her but Gwen says if she did, she would be in jail now but the police have nothing on her. Gwen asks Rafe to bring Chad in for questioning. Rafe points out that she doesn't have any broken bones and asks if there's a more civil way to resolve this. Abigail warns Gwen to leave before walking out with a pair of black eyes. Gwen argues that she grew up in the streets while Abigail says she's been waiting for an invitation like this as Rafe stands between them.

Nicole tells Roman that she will put a guest list together and pick a date. Roman loves that his son is coming home. Nicole says she will see him later and exits the Pub. Nicole then gets a call from Eric, who gives her bad news.

Gabi questions Jake turning her down and argues that their numbers are great. Jake says they already own Basic Black. Gabi argues that they run different markets and Gabi Chic makes more. Gabi suggests they merge the companies and goes off on reports but Jake tells her that the decision has been made. Gabi blames Kate. Jake says Kate had nothing to do with this. Gabi argues that Kate didn't want her working with him again and she's been wanting to run DiMera. Jake assures that the decision was his alone. Gabi remarks that Jake was just looking for a reason to turn her down because he can't trust himself around her.

Jack finishes a call with his former secretary Gladys and informs Jennifer that he almost thought she was onto something but Gladys has no memory of a Tiffany Rizczech. They conclude that either Tiffany lied to Gwen or it's mistaken identity. Jack then gets a call that the paternity test results are in so he says he'll be right there.

Rafe threatens to arrest Abigail and Gwen if they start throwing punches. Gwen warns that this isn't over as she gets a call that the paternity test results are in so she says she'll be right there. Gwen tells Rafe that she is as much of a Deveraux as Abigail is and then exits the station. Abigail tells Rafe about it being a shock that Gwen is claiming to be Jack's child. Rafe advises Abigail to stay away from Gwen because she's dangerous. Abigail says that's why she is here because Gwen is a threat to her whole family. Abigail asks Rafe to do everything he can to put Gwen behind bars. Rafe agrees to get statements from Abigail, Chad, Jack, and Jennifer in addition to bringing Dr. Rolf in to be interviewed. Rafe says in the meantime, Abigail cannot get violent with Gwen because if witnesses saw what she did, it would be easier for Gwen to win a case against her. Abigail questions Gwen's black eye being more serious than her hallucinations. Rafe points out that it just makes Gwen look like a victim to a jury. Abigail tells Rafe to do all he can to put Gwen away while she will take care of herself as she exits.

Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't understand and hangs up before saying something she regrets. Nicole tosses her phone in frustration. Rafe then approaches and asks her what happened.

Gwen goes to the hospital where Julie spots her. Gwen asks why she's in a wheelchair. Julie asks why she has a black eye. Julie informs her that she's waiting to be discharged. Julie then brings up Gwen being in her restaurant last spring which was the first time she saw her so she can identify her as being there the night Abigail was poisoned. Gwen argues that nobody would believe her and she would never be able to prove she came close to a bottle of 2008 champagne. Julie calls that a confession. Gwen remarks that she's been living in the DiMera Mansion for months so she knows the details of what happened to Abigail. Gwen laughs at her, Abigail, and the police department doing anything. Julie warns her not to underestimate her. Gwen calls Julie a tiresome old bitch and warns her to watch her blood pressure. Julie says she'll be fine. Gwen brings up hearing Julie was under stress as her great grandchildren were taken. Gwen hopes Julie never sees those babies again. Julie proclaims that does it and gets up to go after Gwen just as Jack arrives at the hospital to break things up.

Abigail goes home where Jennifer asks her what's wrong. Abigail tells her about running in to Gwen at the police station and they would've torn each other apart but Gwen got a call that the test results are in. Jennifer mentions Jack getting the same call and going to the hospital. Abigail says she would've followed her to see the results herself but she couldn't stand being around her another second. The doorbell rings so Jennifer says they don't need unexpected company. Jennifer goes to answer the door and is surprised to see her mom, Laura, has returned. Jennifer hugs her and says it's so good to see her.

Jack separates Julie and Gwen. Jack asks if Julie is okay. Julie says she will be once she's not breathing the same oxygen as Gwen. Jack tells her that she can't leave on her own. Julie says she's sure Doug is waiting downstairs and tells Jack to give Gwen hell as she gets onto the elevator. Jack goes back to Gwen and questions her black eye. Gwen tells him not to worry about it and that she's fine. Jack comments that she was obviously terribly rude to Julie. Gwen argues that Julie can take it just like she had to take not having a father. Jack insists he was not that man. Gwen decides they will find out and opens the test results envelope.

Nicole tells Rafe that she's sorry as she shouldn't be this upset. Rafe asks her what happened. Nicole explains that Eric told her that he's coming home the day after tomorrow and she was really happy and told Roman that she was going to throw him a party but she just got another call from Eric and the mission begged him to stay three more months so he said yes.

Jake tells Gabi that he can't be in business with her as she'll always want him to be Stefan and he's never going to be. Gabi asks him to at least release the rights to her company so she can restart it herself if he doesn't think it's worth anything. Jake agrees that it's hers. Gabi points out that Kate and Tony won't like that but Jake doesn't care. Gabi thanks him and asks him not to let them use him. Jake says he won't. Jake wishes Gabi nothing but the best and decides to get going. Gabi says she will see him around. Jake asks if Gabi plans to stick around Salem. Gabi says she does for a little while and asks if he's disappointed. Jake says they both have to move on with their life. They say goodbye as Jake then exits.

Gwen reads the test results. Jack takes them from her as Gwen calls him "daddy".

Laura goes in and tells Abigail how much she missed her. Jennifer asks why she didn't tell them that she was coming. Laura calls it a spur of the moment decision after reading an article in the Intruder about Chad and Gwen. Abigail says it didn't happen the way the article said as Gwen twisted the truth but what happened was bad enough. Laura tells Abigail that she's so sorry. Jennifer says it's been an awful time thanks to Gwen, noting that Gwen is part of the reason she and Jack were separated. Laura asks what Gwen has against them. Abigail informs Laura that Gwen claims to be Jack's daughter. Jennifer adds that they are about to find out if it's true. Jennifer explains that Gwen claims Jack always knew about her but refused to have anything to do with her and that he had her mother paid off by his secretary to stay away from them. Jennifer calls it all lies but Laura responds that it's not all lies which they question. Laura never thought she would have to tell them this but reveals the "secretary" who sent the checks to pay them off was her.

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