Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/29/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/29/21


Written By Joseph

Allie goes to see Belle and tells her that she wants to drop the civil suit against Tripp.

Tripp goes to Charlie's apartment and hands him an envelope which he calls proof that he raped Allie Horton. Charlie opens it and questions how can he run a DNA test without his DNA. Tripp informs him that he stole his toothbrush. Charlie says he knew that he was up to something when he caught him here the other day. Tripp admits that he was looking for evidence and he found it. Charlie argues that he had no right to do that. Tripp informs him that Steve is now sharing the test results with the cops.

Steve goes to the police station with the DNA test results as Shawn is finishing a call. Shawn tells Steve that nobody in the station is sleeping until Eli and Lani's babies are found. Steve says he just needs to show him something, revealing the DNA test as proof that Charlie fathered Allie's baby.

Ben tells Claire that he doesn't feel like reading any more fortunes now that Ciara's gone as it just feels meaningless because he can't imagine a future without her. Ben says maybe that's why he can't accept that Ciara is gone and that part of him still truly believes she's alive and will come back to him someday. Claire asks if he really still thinks there's a chance that Ciara is alive. Ben responds that his head knows it's impossible but part of him just refuses to accept that. Ben asks if Claire thinks he's crazy.

Ciara is revealed to be alive, locked in a room somewhere, as she pounds on the walls, yelling for someone to let her out. A man in a cowboy hat walks in and tells her that there's no need for all that racket.

Rafe and Nicole go to Nicole's apartment, joking about how they went out for pizza with Holly on Rafe's birthday. Nicole mentions Maggie taking Holly and Henry. Rafe thanks Nicole for winning him a teddy bear on his birthday.

Charlie questions Tripp about Steve going to the police. Tripp says he won't let everyone in this town think he raped Allie. Charlie argues that it won't do any good since Tripp stole his toothbrush. Tripp says the judge can order a new test while Charlie argues that they won't do anything because whatever happened to Allie was in London. Tripp says all the police have to do is gather the evidence and get it to the authorities there. Charlie questions Tripp's faith in the justice system. Tripp tells him that he's going to pay even if he's not convicted. Tripp warns Charlie that Titan won't keep him after this hits the papers. Charlie says he'll get a new job. Tripp brings up their mom but Charlie says that would be no big loss. Tripp then brings up Claire and asks what he thinks this is going to do to them.

Claire jokes with Ben that she couldn't call Ben crazy with her history. Claire tells Ben that she has a hard time accepting Ciara's death too since they never saw the body. Ben brings up the traces of her DNA in the car that exploded and her wedding rings. Claire says Ben is not the only one who thinks Ciara is still out there since Hope went to look for her. Ben feels he's driving himself crazy but he still wonders if Ciara is all alone and needs him to do something. Claire thinks maybe she would feel better if she was out looking for Ciara too.

The man holding Ciara thought she would have given up screaming to an empty room. He tells her that she has a whole library of books to read to pass the time. Ciara acknowledges the man as "Rhodes" and says there is something she has to ask him.

Allie informs Belle that she is sure that it wasn't Tripp who attacked her in London and that it was Charlie Dale. Belle questions how she is sure. Allie explains that Marlena hypnotized her so now she knows Tripp wasn't even there when she got raped; he did as he said, he got her home, helped her into bed, and then left. Allie repeats that it was Charlie who attacked her.

Charlie tells Tripp that he will not lose Claire over this because she believes in him. Tripp tells him to just wait until Shawn shows her the DNA report then she won't want anything to do with him. Charlie argues that he doesn't know that. Tripp is glad Claire is finding out the truth before he did anything to her. Charlie responds that he would never hurt her. Tripp asks what if she turned him down like Allie did. Charlie yells at him to stop saying things like that. Tripp tells him that now Allie and Claire can move on with their lives and try to forget he ever existed. Charlie insists that he will make Claire understand. Tripp asks how he's going to do that.

Ben asks if Claire gets him wanting to keep looking for Ciara. Claire brings up Shawn telling her about Vincent and how he played a lot of mind games. Claire asks if Ben believed that Vincent shot Ciara in the car. Ben says it made sense then because Vincent wanted to get even with him. Claire talks about Eve and Vincent torturing Ben. Claire says Vincent wanted Ciara dead and that's what he lived for. Claire adds that Ben searched the airfield and Hope hasn't found anything either. Ben states that he has moments where he feels Ciara is with him and she's telling him that she is alive and wants him to find her.

Ciara tells Rhodes that she's been here for months and questions what's in this for him. Rhodes responds that he's not the mastermind here as it's always been Vincent.

Nicole jokes with Rafe about winning the teddy bear in the claw game when Rafe was not successful. Nicole then feels that Rafe is really upset and asks him what's wrong.

Tripp asks Charlie if he's going to force himself on Claire like he did Allie. Charlie responds that he would never hurt Claire because what they have is special and he is not going to screw that up. Charlie yells that he didn't rape Allie and he's not that kind of guy. Tripp asks how he got her pregnant then and says he can't change what he did but he could own up to it. Tripp tells Charlie that he has a son now and he's going to grow up with questions about his father. Tripp asks Charlie if he wants to try to do the right thing and learn from his mistakes. Tripp tells Charlie to take responsibility for what he did.

Claire tells Ben that she knows what he means as sometimes she feels like Ciara is still alive too and she dreams about her constantly. Ben says it's more than just a dream for him. Ben brings up the power outage last fall and recalls imagining Ciara then. Ben wonders if that was Ciara trying to make contact with him to protect him. Claire understands it would feel comforting to think that. Ben tells her it happened again on Christmas Eve when he was putting his ornament on the tree. Ben says maybe it's just because he misses her so much and he thinks about her all the time. Ben tells Claire that it's like Ciara is really reaching out to him now.

Ciara questions Rhodes as to why he's working for a psychotic creep like Vincent. Rhodes responds that Vincent's always been good to him so he agreed to the plan to help him escape. Rhodes recalls flying to the airfield to pick them up when things didn't go according to plan. Ciara talks about stabbing Vincent with his own syringe and how he thought she was Wendy until he saw her wedding ring. Ciara says she tried to convince him after that she was Wendy but it did not work.

Rafe jokes with Nicole more about the claw game and the teddy bear. Rafe decides on naming the bear "Duke". Nicole goes along with Rafe then stops him and asks him to tell her what's really got him upset. Nicole tells him not to hide it because she can tell that he is. Rafe then admits that she's right.

Allie and Belle go to the police station to talk to Shawn about Allie's case. Shawn informs them that Steve came with the DNA test results. Allie confirms that Charlie is Henry's father and tells Shawn that Marlena helped her remember everything that happened that night. Shawn offers to take her statement now if that's okay. Allie agrees so she and Shawn head to the interrogation room.

Tripp asks Charlie if he has anything to say. Charlie wants Tripp to leave. Tripp says Charlie is the one who has to live with what he did. Tripp adds that he has plenty of copies of the DNA test. Tripp reminds Charlie that this is out in the open now so he can't run way from it anymore. Tripp then exits the apartment.

Ben asks Claire if she doesn't think there is anything to what he's telling her like there's some type of psychic connection between he and Ciara. Claire says she doesn't know but people say Marlena and John have a connection like that. Claire notes that Hope and Bo did as well as they could just sense when the other was in trouble, even when miles apart. Ben asks if Claire has seen this kind of thing for real. Claire says she comes from a long line of people who know it's real so maybe that's the power of love.

Ciara tells Rhodes about how she tried to convince Vincent that she was Wendy but he wasn't buying it so she threw her wedding rings at him and fought him over the gun. Ciara reveals the gun went off and in the confusion, she was able to get out of the car and run in to the woods which is where she ran in to Rhodes. Ciara thought she would get away until he grabbed her. Ciara says she prayed that he was a good guy that could help her. Rhodes brings up the explosion. Ciara guesses the bullet hit the gas tank of the car. Rhodes notes the fire marshal telling Ben and Shawn that Ciara died in the explosion. Ciara says they never saw a body and Shawn and Hope are cops while Ben will never stop looking for her. Rhodes brings up her wedding rings and the bullet casing being found inside the car. Ciara reminds him that the bullet didn't hit her and she wasn't actually shot. Rhodes tells her that Vincent convinced Shawn and Ben that he shot her as revenge and that she was already dead when the car exploded. Rhodes adds that they held a memorial service so no one has any idea that she escaped.

Claire suggests Ben talk to Marlena about this. Ben reminds her that he did and she told him to talk to Claire. Claire thinks Marlena has a higher opinion of her. Ben assures that Claire is a good person, who loved Ciara, so Marlena figured they could help each other because they both miss Ciara so much.

Ciara tells Rhodes that he doesn't know her family and they aren't going to believe she's dead just based on Vincent's crazy ramblings. He admits she does seem to be right about that. Ciara asks what he knows and insists that Ben and Hope will not be convinced. Rhodes admits that Hope still believes she's out there somewhere so she's left Salem in search of her but he made sure that she's looking in all the wrong places. Ciara complains that she can't stand this anymore. Ciara swears to find a way out but Rhodes says that will be impossible. Ciara tells him that she wants to go home and see her family. He tells her that he can't accommodate her. Ciara questions why he's doing this when Vincent's plan blew up in his face. Rhodes points out that Vincent may be incarcerated but he still has considerable funds at his disposal, so as long as his checks don't bounce, he will continue to keep her here. Ciara says she can't believe this while Rhodes feels it's not that bad.

Rafe tells Nicole that while they were out, he saw all the parents with their kids and just thought that could have been him. Nicole apologizes for not thinking about that. Rafe tells her not to worry about it. Nicole asks him if Zoey lets him visit David. Rafe says she does every now and then but not as much. Rafe talks about wanting to win the teddy bear to give it to David. Rafe then tells Nicole that she made sure he wasn't alone on his birthday. Rafe adds that since Nicole won the bear, he's going to leave it here for Henry and Holly. Nicole argues that Rafe should take him to David but Rafe says he can't count on when he will see him again. Nicole jokes that he can give it back if the bear makes him sad so it will be like joint custody. Rafe knows Nicole is busy with Holly, Henry, and Allie so she probably needs a break. Rafe tells her that he can take care of Henry or take Holly to the park or the movies. Nicole calls that very sweet and they shake hands on it.

Allie goes to Steve's and asks if she can talk to Tripp alone which Steve allows so he exits the room. Allie informs Tripp that she just got back from the police station where Shawn told her about the DNA test. Tripp asks if she finally believes it wasn't him. Allie confirms that she already believed that because she had a session with Marlena where everything came back to her. Allie tells Tripp that she's so sorry as she knows what she did to his life and she was wrong. Allie repeats that she's really sorry.

Ben tells Claire that Marlena had a good idea that they should talk. Claire asks if he feels a little better. Ben says he does. Claire is glad and says they can talk any time as they both miss Ciara so much. Ben thanks her. Claire knows what Ben said about not having a future without Ciara but she encourages that he does and if he ever needs to be reminded of that, he knows where she is. Ben thanks her again. Claire decides to go and suggests Ben try to sleep. Ben says goodbye and Claire exits. Ben looks back at he and Ciara's wedding photo.

Ciara tells Rhodes that if it's just about the money, she can get him way more than what Vincent is paying him because her grandfather is Victor Kiriakis and he could triple the amount. Rhodes brings up that she's mentioned Victor before many times. Ciara tells him that he could go buy himself an island or something. Rhodes feels that's not his happy ending so it won't be hers either, which means Ciara will be stuck here for a long time. He leaves her a copy of Romeo & Juliet, commenting that it's about star-crossed lovers with a tragic ending so it should be right up her alley as he walks away.

Rafe thanks Nicole for a great birthday. Nicole says it was really nice for her too. Nicole then gets a call from Eric. Rafe tells her that he will see her later and exits as Nicole answers the call. Rafe takes his teddy bear and walks away.

Allie tells Tripp that she knows saying sorry won't make up for all the horrible things she's said and done to him. Allie wishes she could take it all back but says she really thought he was the one. Allie says she should've gone to Marlena in the first place before pointing fingers but she's really sorry. Tripp doesn't know what to say. Allie says he doesn't have to say anything and she wasn't expecting him to accept her apology, she just wanted him to know. Allie then exits.

Belle goes home where Claire greets her and asks where she's been. Belle informs her that she had to take Allie to the police station. Claire questions why. Belle hates that she has to tell her this but Allie had been in therapy with Marlena and had a really clear memory of being raped, confirming it was Charlie, so she just gave a formal statement to the police. Belle guesses they are probably arresting Charlie now as Claire starts to cry.

Shawn goes to Charlie's apartment and tells him that he's under arrest for the sexual assault of Allie Horton.

Ciara reads Romeo & Juliet and repeats the line "So tedious is this day" as she shuts the book and tosses it across the room in frustration.

Ben packs up the trash from his Chinese food but accidentally knocks over he and Ciara's wedding photo which happens to break open the fortune cookie that he left out. Ben reads the fortune which says "Nothing is ever lost if you follow your heart."

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