Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/28/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/28/21


Written By Joseph

Ben sits in his room, eating Chinese food by himself until Claire shows up at his door and says she came to apologize.

Allie goes to the hospital and asks Marlena about Brady being shot. Marlena tells her that he hasn't regained consciousness but doctors say he will be okay. Marlena adds that John is in with him now. Allie responds that Marlena should be there too so they can totally reschedule their appointment but Marlena says they are keeping their appointment because it's really important. Marlena states that she can't move on until she remembers what happened in London. Allie asks what if she doesn't want to remember.

Chad goes to see Abigail and says he got her voicemail that she wanted to see him. Abigail thanks him for coming and invites him inside. Chad knows Abigail's world has been turned upside down and says it's killing him that she's going through it alone so he will be there for her if she'll let him. Chad tells her that he's really sorry for hurting her. Abigail knows he's sorry and wants to help but says she's not going to lean on him right now. Chad thought because she called him over but Abigail clarifies that she's not ready to get back together. Chad then asks what she wanted to see him about then. Abigail says it's Gwen.

Gwen goes to Julie's Place where she sees Charlie sitting alone. Gwen approaches and asks if she knows him from somewhere. Charlie says he doesn't think so. Gwen says he looks familiar and then remembers that she saw him in The Intruder and that he's Ava Vitali's son. Gwen remarks that he must have some mommy issues.

Ben tells Claire that she has nothing to apologize for. Claire says she should've apologized last night when he walked her home but the other day when he barged in on her and Charlie, she was incredibly rude to him. Claire says at the time she couldn't imagine what reason Ben had. Ben admits he didn't either and all he knew that Marlena thought Charlie could be a threat to her but she didn't say why. Ben adds that Marlena filled him in after and he ran in to Allie last night. Ben is sure they are having a hard time with it. Claire talks about her boyfriend kidnapping his own mother and probably raping her cousin.

Allie tells Marlena that part of her wants to remember what happened in London so she can finally get justice, but that was the worst night of her life so she doesn't know if she can handle reliving it. Marlena knows hypnosis can be daunting to some but she will be with her every step of the way. Allie talks about not remembering anything of that night and then starting to have flashes. Allie says she was so sure it was Tripp but then it might be Charlie and it's all just a blur in her head. Marlena says that's why they are having this session. Allie asks what if she remembers doing something wrong like not resisting as much as she thinks or not saying no as much as she thinks. Allie worries about feeling like she got herself into this nightmare but Marlena assures that nothing was her fault. Marlena tells Allie that she won't pressure her as she wants to do what's right for her whenever she is ready. Allie decides she needs to know what happened to her and who hurt her so that she can make him pay.

Abigail wants Chad to go to the police and tell them that Dr. Rolf supplied Gwen with the drug that caused her psychotic break. Chad says he will do it but he's not sure there's any point.

Gwen introduces herself to Charlie. Charlie tells her not to read everything she reads in a trashy tabloid. Charlie then brings up another interesting story in The Intruder about some poor nanny who was taken advantage of by the big bad daddy of her charges. Gwen is flattered that he read her story but Charlie says he didn't really buy it as it seemed one sided to him. Gwen is just glad she got her story out there as she sits with Charlie. Gwen wonders what else they have in common.

Ben tells Claire that her grandparents think there's a very good chance that Charlie assaulted Allie, not Tripp. Claire argues that it doesn't make sense since Charlie is sweet, funny, and kind. Claire says the Charlie she knows could never do something like that. Ben suggests she doesn't know Charlie as well as she thinks.

Marlena brings Allie to her office for hypnosis. Allie mentions being nervous. Marlena promises to make sure she's safe as they begin the process.

Abigail questions Chad saying there's no point in reporting Gwen to the police. Chad argues that Dr. Rolf has no credibility and all Gwen has to do is deny it so they don't have any proof. Abigail guesses it's just Chad's word against Gwen's. Chad worries that anyone who read the article in The Intruder will just think he's doing it for revenge.

Gwen tells Charlie that she's dying to know what really happened between he and Ava. Charlie claims there's not much to tell but Gwen insists that his secret is safe with her. Gwen feels Charlie is like a straight arrow who wouldn't hurt a fly so she guesses Ava must have done something truly wicked for Charlie to have tied her up. Charlie responds that his mother is unstable. Gwen guesses that Ava hurt him. Charlie informs her that his mother abandoned him when he was a kid and only had enough love for her other child so to her, he didn't exist. Gwen says she knows exactly how he must have felt as her father won't acknowledge her or even admit that she is his daughter because all his love is reserved for her sister. Charlie remarks that it sounds like she has serious daddy issues. Gwen says she found ways to deal with it. Charlie declares that being rejected by a parent can make you really dark, extreme things that you might end up wishing you had never done. Gwen is intrigued and asks if Charlie has been a naughty boy.

Marlena hypnotizes Allie back to being in London a year ago at the nightclub. Marlena asks what Allie remembers about that. Allie recalls lots of people, drinking and dancing. Marlena asks if she had a conversation with anyone. Allie remembers her conversation with Tripp. Allie says he asked her to dance but she turned him down, then an hour later he asked again and this time she said yes but she was pretty wasted so he offered to take her home. Allie remembers Tripp bringing her home but she wanted to continue their dance and kissed him. Allie says after that, it's all blank so maybe she blacked out. Marlena suggests her mind made her forget what happened to protect her. Marlena offers to help her push through it if she's ready. Marlena encourages Allie being so strong and asks her to let her help her. Allie agrees and asks Marlena to please help her remember. Marlena tells Allie to relax and take her time as she asks what happened after she kissed Tripp. Allie remembers Tripp telling her to go to bed and he helped her in to bed. Allie states that Tripp was so kind and caring, a perfect gentleman.

Claire tells Ben how Charlie made her feel so special and that he saw her as someone worthy of love but none of it was real. Claire asks how she could have fallen for someone who is a kidnapper and a rapist. Claire can't believe she was stupid enough to trust him. Ben encourages that she wasn't stupid to trust somebody to love her. Ben instead calls her brave.

Chad informs Abigail that Gabi is back in town and he ran in to her last night. Chad admits he bit the bullet and apologized for accusing Gabi of drugging Abigail and told her it was Gwen. Abigail mocks Chad having to apologize to any other women. Chad agrees to go tell the police what Dr. Rolf told him. Chad adds that he doesn't know if it will matter but Gwen deserves to pay for what she did to her. Chad knows she's angry at him and has every right to be so he's going to respect her wishes to stay away but he will never stop fighting for her and their family. Chad then exits the house. Abigail grabs her things and leaves after him.

Gwen asks how bad Charlie is talking and if it's worse than taking her mom prisoner. Charlie responds that it's possible to become so full of rage that you end up doing something you wish you could take back. Gwen declares that she has no regrets and her conscience is clear. Charlie asks if she wants to get something to eat. Gwen calls a rain check on that but says it's really nice to know there's somebody in this town that understands where she's coming from. Gwen then exits. Charlie mutters "Arrivederci".

Marlena asks what happened after Tripp helped Allie in to bed and she fell asleep. Allie says she doesn't know. Marlena encourages her to focus on the memory. Allie says after awhile, something woke her up. Allie recalls that someone was there in the dark. Marlena asks her who it was. Allie remembers waking up and asking who was there, it was Charlie.

Ben asks if Claire wants any of the Chinese food, mentioning that it was all of his and Ciara's favorites. Claire talks about missing Ciara so much every day. Ben mentions that Marlena suggested he talk to Claire about Ciara since he didn't feel comfortable in a support group so she thought they could help each other but he knows she has a lot going on. Claire says she would love to talk to him about Ciara. Claire declares that the one subject she is done discussing is Charlie Dale.

Allie confirms to Marlena that Charlie was in her room. Allie remembers him standing next to her bed, staring at her, holding the note that Tripp left for her. Allie asked who he was and how he got in then remembers seeing him at the club. Charlie questioned why she left with Tripp and not him. Allie wanted to call the police but Charlie grabbed her and said he couldn't let her do that. Allie remembers Charlie pinning her down while she kept saying no and he didn't listen and wouldn't stop. Marlena asks Allie what happened. Allie cries that Charlie raped her.

Gwen walks through the town square, reading the article on Charlie kidnapping Ava in the Intruder, until Abigail confronts her and asks if she has a minute for her kid sister. Gwen asks her if Jack told her that he knocked up her mom and tossed them aside like rubbish. Abigail responds that Jack doesn't remember her or her mother. Gwen says he will now and so will Chad. Abigail wants Gwen to take responsibility for what she did in drugging her champagne which almost made her lose her mind.

Claire tells Ben that after everything that happened with Eve, she told Ciara she hoped they could be close again and Ciara said she wanted that too but now she will never get that chance. Ben assures that Ciara loved her and looked past all that happened when she was sick. Claire notes that Ciara always saw the good in Ben too. Claire jokes that Ciara would tell them to stop moping around and live. Claire thinks Ciara would also want them to keep looking out for each other and talking like friends. Claire asks if they are friends. Ben says they are for sure.

Charlie goes home and looks through photos of Allie and Claire on his tablet.

Allie cries to Marlena that she tried so hard to fight Charlie off but he was so strong and angry and she was scared of what he might do next. Allie remembers Charlie getting dressed, picking up Tripp's note, and saying "arrivederci" which triggered her memory when he said that to her before. Allie talks about after Charlie left, she tried to tell herself it was a nightmare but now she remembers. Marlena decides to stop now and brings her out of the hypnosis.

Gwen questions Abigail thinking that she drugged her champagne and asks where she got that. Abigail informs her that Chad heard it directly from Dr. Rolf which Gwen laughs at and says no one will believe a word Rolf says. Gwen asks so what if she was the one who drugged her or if she was the one who decided to ruin her life. Gwen asks what if she did all those things and argues that there's no way Abigail could ever prove it so there's nothing she can do about it, just like there's nothing she can do about her sleeping with her husband. Abigail responds that there is one thing she can do as she then punches Gwen. Chad arrives and questions what she's doing. Abigail responds that she's putting her big sister in her place and if she's smart, she'll stay there. Abigail then storms off.

Tripp goes to Charlie's apartment and hands him an envelope which he calls proof that he raped Allie Horton.

Allie breaks down crying as Marlena hugs her and assures that she's safe now.

Claire asks if Ben is going to open his fortune cookie. Ben tells Claire about he and Ciara having Chinese food on their first date. Ben mentions asking Ciara to marry him with a fortune cookie so he doesn't feel like reading any more fortunes now that she's gone as it just feels meaningless because he can't imagine a future without her. Ben says maybe that's why he can't accept that Ciara is gone and that part of him still truly believes she's alive and will come back to him someday...

Ciara is revealed to be alive, locked in a room somewhere as she pounds on the walls, yelling for someone to let her out.

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