Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/27/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/27/21


Written By Joseph

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander enters the living room to see Victor. Victor tells him how thrilled he is that Xander and Philip were able to put their differences aside for Titan. Xander stops him and informs him that Philip is in the kind of trouble that can get them all killed.

At the hospital, Philip calls John, who is at the Brady Pub with Marlena, and informs him that he's at the hospital because Brady has been shot. Philip says that Brady will be okay but John says he's on his way and hangs up. John tells Marlena and then they rush out of the Pub.

Chloe sits at Brady's side in his hospital room. Chloe cries that she's so sorry as she never should've asked him to help her and she should've listened to him when he was just trying to protect her. Chloe says that Brady has to be okay because if something happens to him, she will never forgive herself because it's all her fault. Kristen then appears in the room and asks what Chloe did to him. Chloe questions what Kristen is doing here. Kristen goes to Brady's side and tells him that she is here and came as soon as she heard. Chloe brings up how Kristen is supposed to be in prison. Kristen repeats to Brady that she's by his side and she loves him so much while Chloe guesses that Kristen broke out of prison.

Anna goes to the Horton House and talks to Abigail about what Gwen did. Abigail says that Gwen wanted to hurt and humiliate them and she did. Anna questions what reason Gwen could have for all that she did. Abigail reveals to Anna that Gwen is apparently part of their family as according to her, Jack had a one night stand with her mother. Anna is shocked to learn that Gwen could be Abigail's half sister. Abigail explains that Jack swears it didn't happen but Gwen insists it's true. Abigail states that Gwen thinks Jack abandoned her which is why she's out to get her entire family.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad talks to the portrait of Stefano, saying he knows Stefano wasn't Abigail's biggest fan but he loves her to death so he's going to fight for her because that's what DiMeras do. Chad then gets a call from Tony, who is at the hospital. Tony tells him that he has to get to the hospital right away because they have a family crisis on their hands.

Xander informs Victor that Philip used Titan resources to create a shell company to launder Vitali mob money. Xander adds that he has substantial evidence. Xander admits he suspected Philip was up to something awhile ago. Philip then walks in and says he needs to talk to Victor but Xander informs him that he already told Victor what he's been up to. Victor asks if it can get any worse than being betrayed by his own son. Philip responds that it does get worse because Brady has been shot.

Chloe asks Kristen if she broke out of prison. Kristen asks how else she could be here. Kristen asks how Brady is and what the doctors said. Chloe informs her that they removed the bullet but he might still need surgery. Kristen questions how this happened, why Brady was with her, and what she did to him. Chloe responds that she didn't do anything. Kristen reminds her that she heard her say that it would be her fault if anything happened to him. Kristen demands an answer. Chloe calls it complicated. Kristen shouts that the man she loves was shot at point blank range while he was with Chloe. Kristen thinks it's simple if Chloe was responsible for what happened to Brady as she then pulls her gun on Chloe.

Anna tells Abigail that she's so sorry for everything she's going through. Abigail points out that Anna was on to Gwen from the beginning while she bought her whole act. Anna encourages her not to blame herself. Abigail points out that even her parents bought Gwen's act. Anna can't believe how far Gwen went to blow up Jack and Jennifer's marriage and then to go after Abigail's marriage. Anna wonders what else Gwen could have planned. Abigail then reveals to Anna that Gwen is the one who drugged her as she was apparently working with Dr. Rolf, which he admitted to Chad.

Chad goes to the hospital where Tony fills him in on what happened with Kristen at the prison and how she stole the guard's gun then forced him to bring her here. John and Marlena arrive at the hospital. Tony tries to call out to John but John rushes to Brady's room. Marlena then goes over and talks to Tony. Tony tells Marlena that he just wanted to warn John that Brady's not alone.

Chloe pleads with Kristen to put her gun down. Kristen questions why Chloe shot Brady and swears to blow her away if she doesn't answer. Chloe tells her that she didn't shoot him so Kristen asks who did. Chloe thinks it was a mob hit. Kristen questions why the mob would be after Brady. Chloe explains that they are after Philip as he owes them a lot of money. Kristen argues that it makes no sense. Chloe adds that Philip was hiding out in her room at the Salem Inn so they think when Brady opened the door, they just shot. Kristen question why Brady was with her. Chloe admits she asked Brady to help her fix this mess for Philip. Kristen questions her dragging Brady in to this and asks what is wrong with her. Chloe repeats that she's really sorry. Kristen responds that she's not and prepares to shoot Chloe when John walks in to the room.

Victor declares that he's going to the hospital. Philip stops him and tells him not to right now because Brady is not conscious but he's stable and the doctors are taking care of him. Victor still doesn't understand why they would want to hurt Brady. Philip explains that he doesn't think the bullet was meant for Brady, but for him. Philip says he's so sorry. Xander says he should be but Philip calls Xander the reason that Brady got shot. Xander questions Philip pinning it on him. Philip blames Xander for the Vitalis coming after them. Xander says Philip is the one who pissed them off. Philip argues that they were happy with what he was doing and only got pissed when Xander shut down the shell company. Xander argues that it all comes back to Philip getting mixed up with the Vitalis in the first place. Xander says the most despicable part of it is that he manipulated Victor to get back in to Titan just to pay back a debt. Victor says that's enough. Xander tells Victor that his only son came home claiming he wanted to make amends and be part of the family but it was all a vicious lie. Xander hopes Victor can finally see Philip as a two faced loser.

John questions why Kristen isn't in prison and why she's pointing a gun at Chloe. Kristen argues that Chloe did this as she was on the phone with Brady and heard a gunshot. Kristen says that Brady was in Chloe's room and she begged her to tell her what happened but she hung up the phone. Kristen cries that she had to be with Brady so she broke out of prison. John understands Kristen is worried about Brady but waving a gun around won't help him. John tells Kristen if she cares about Brady then she will leave this room now. Kristen refuses, saying she'll never leave Brady.

Tony informs Marlena that Kristen took him hostage as she was so desperate to get to Brady. Chad wants to get the gun out of her hands. Marlena worries and decides she has to see if John needs help so Chad says he will go with her.

Abigail tells Anna about Gwen moving in on Chad while she was away and then she came home, so Gwen had to come up with a new way to destroy her life. Abigail talks about trusting Gwen enough to hire her as her nanny. Anna says they need to make sure Gwen is prosecuted for attempted murder and is punished for all the horrible things she's done. Abigail hates that Gwen went after her husband but admits that Chad is not innocent in any of this. Anna argues that Gwen lied to Chad and made him suspicious and paranoid. Abigail feels Chad had no reason to be jealous because she would never cheat on him but he thought that she would. Abigail says that Gwen wouldn't have been able to hurt them if Chad just believed and trusted her. Abigail doesn't know how to get back after that. Anna insists that she can and she will.

Philip says if anyone is a loser in this family, it's Xander. Xander argues that while Philip was blowing his fortune in poker, he was working his ass off for Victor and not against him. Philip brings up that Xander double crossed the family before and that Brady was shot before. Victor declares that he wants to talk to his son alone and orders Xander to call Sarah for an update on Brady. Xander agrees to do so and warns Philip to pray that Brady pulls through, because if he doesn't then it's on him. Xander then exits the room. Philip tries to explain to Victor but Victor tells him to be a man and admit he screwed up. Victor says he wants the truth and no more lies.

John orders Kristen to leave right now or he will forcibly disarm her and remove her himself. John tells her that Brady can sense everything that's happening around him now. John says he could when he was in a coma not long ago so Kristen holding a gun on Chloe and threatening her life is not good for Brady. Kristen cries that she just wants Brady to be okay. John tells her that the best thing she could do is just walk out the door. Kristen asks him to tell Brady that she loves him when he wakes up. John says he will and tells Kristen to leave right now. Kristen tells Brady that her life means nothing without him as she kisses him on the cheek. Kristen then exits the room. Chloe hugs John and thanks him as she cries.

Tony stops Chad and warns him that Kristen is very volatile right now. Chad says he can handle her. Kristen then comes out from the room. Marlena asks if she's alright. Kristen says of course not because the man she loves has been shot. Kristen worries that Brady could be paralyzed or wake up and not recognize her. Kristen cries that Brady may never wake up at all and blames Chloe for doing this to him. Kristen wants to go back and make Chloe pay. Chad tells her that hurting Chloe won't help Brady. Marlena agrees that vengeance makes things worse and reminds her to think about Rachel. Chad tells Kristen that Rachel needs her to make the right choice. Chad asks Kristen to give him the gun and do what's best for the family.

Anna tells Abigail that what Chad did was wrong, no question, but Gwen orchestrated everything and preyed on him like she did to her. Abigail acknowledges that's true but says it still really hurts that Chad was so quick to believe that she would be running around with Jake behind his back. Abigail gets that Chad still hurts from everything with her and Stefan but says she has assured him over and over again that he has nothing to worry about. Anna states that Chad is human and Gwen is a monster who knew that wound hadn't healed. Abigail argues that regardless, Chad should have come to her instead of going to a complete stranger and believing her over his wife. Abigail doesn't see how they come back from that. Anna knows it seems like that now but she also knows she loves Chad, their life together, and their children. Anna tells Abigail that she can't let it end like this and give up. Anna adds that if she does then Gwen wins. Abigail assures that she doesn't want Gwen to win but questions how a marriage survives without trust. Anna responds that it can't but if she can find it in her heart to forgive someone, then they can regain trust. Anna brings up her and Tony having ups and downs but they never stopped loving each other, so they have had a lot of forgiveness over the years and winning back trust. Abigail calls them an inspiration. Anna says they have weathered a lot of storms which Abigail and Chad have done too. Anna calls this just another storm to weather and insists that Abigail will do it for her and Chad and for their children. Anna thinks Abigail and Chad are soulmates that belong together and she thinks Abigail knows that too.

Kristen cries that she just wants to be with Brady. Marlena encourages her to be strong and to think of how far she has come. Marlena notes that Kristen has made amends to people she hurt and is paying her debt to society. Marlena says they are all proud of her and she doesn't want her to jeopardize this. Marlena tells her it's okay to give Chad the gun. Kristen then hands Chad the gun and breaks down crying as she hugs Marlena. Marlena tells Kristen that she will keep her posted on everything that happens with Brady. Chad tells Kristen to come with he and Tony. Kristen hugs Tony as he thanks Marlena. Tony and Chad then walk away with Kristen.

Philip tells Victor that he never meant to manipulate him but he was in deep trouble and wasn't going to be able to pay the Vitalis back without using Titan. Victor argues that he could have told him the truth. Philip says he came close many times but he couldn't stand to disappoint him again. Victor guesses Philip wanted Xander out so that he wouldn't find out what he's up to. Philip argues that regardless of what he did, Xander shouldn't be running Titan. Victor responds that Xander is doing just fine while Philip is the one who failed him. Victor declares that now Philip's deceit could cost him his grandson.

Chloe explains to John that Philip knew the Vitalis were after him so she let him hide in her room while Brady begged her not to but she blew him off. Chloe adds that Brady came to check on her this morning and that's when he got shot because she didn't listen to him. John encourages that it's not her fault. Chloe continues that she didn't think Philip could handle this on his own so she asked Brady for help so she got him involved and that's why Kristen blames her. John understands she was just helping out a friend. Chloe thanks him for being kind about this. Chloe decides she will leave John alone with Brady so she exits the room. John sits with Brady and encourages that he will pull through this.

Abigail sits down and thinks back to Anna's words about her and Chad being soulmates.

Chad and Tony bring Kristen in to a hospital room. Kristen asks one of them to find out if Marlena has an update on Brady. Tony reminds Kristen that she is in a world of trouble. Kristen points out that she turned over the gun. Tony says she did but now she has to give herself up. Kristen says she can't because she has to stay close to Brady. Chad understands and says he would've done the same thing but she has to be smart as they will add more years to her sentence which means more years away from Brady and Rachel. Chad tells Kristen that security is probably searching for her now so he should call to let them know where she is. Kristen feels that means spending the rest of her life in prison. Chad believes if she cooperates, they will go easy on her. Tony adds that they will tell them that Kristen had no intention of hurting anyone so they will understand but she has to trust them. Kristen apologizes for taking Tony hostage. Tony laughs that she's a DiMera so he would expect nothing less. Kristen wants them to promise to do everything in their power to help Brady and watch over Rachel. Chad promises that Rachel won't be alone. Chad then calls the police to inform them that Kristen is ready to turn herself in as Tony hugs her.

John remains at Brady's side and talks about how a couple months ago, he was in a hospital bed just like this and Brady came home to stay with him. John recalls Brady and Marlena standing by his bed when he woke up. John remembers Brady saying he was sticking around for as long as he needs him. John tells Brady that he needs him so he asks him to stick around for him because he can't lose him. Marlena joins John in the room and they hug.

Philip tells Victor that he's right that he should've told him the truth from the beginning but he was so ashamed and kept digging himself deeper with more lies. Philip insists he really does want them to be close again. Philip swears to do everything in his power to gain back his love and trust. Victor responds that he'd like to believe that but all he can think about right now is Brady. Philip tells him that he's sorry about Brady and about everything. Philip then asks if Victor can ever forgive him.

Chad goes to see Abigail and says he got her voicemail that she wanted to see him. Abigail thanks him for coming and invites him inside.

Tony returns home to Anna at the DiMera Mansion. Anna tells him that she went to see Abigail earlier and it turns out that Gwen is claiming to be Jack's daughter and that he abandoned her as a kid so everything she did was out of revenge. Anna adds that Gwen is also the one who drugged Abigail. Anna declares that she knew Gwen was trouble from the moment she met her. Anna apologizes for rambling and asks about his visit with Kristen. Tony takes a drink so Anna asks if it was that good.

Kristen is arrested at the hospital and is escorted past Chloe.

Philip asks Victor if he can find it in his heart to forgive him. Victor responds that it depends on whether or not Brady survives. Xander returns and informs them that they are hopeful that Brady won't need surgery and that Sarah will call if anything changes. Xander asks what the plan is. Philip says they will pray that Brady gets better. Xander says he was talking about the Vitalis since they know by now that they shot the wrong man so they are still going to want payback for all the money they are owed. Xander asks how they are going to clean up this enormous mess that Philip has made. Victor tells him not to put it all on Philip as Xander should've come to him as soon as he thought something was up. Xander reminds him that he did but Victor would have none of it so he let it go until now as he wanted to fix the damage first. Victor remarks that they couldn't fix it and orders them both to back off. Xander argues that somebody has to fix the situation. Victor agrees and declares that he will do it himself.

Marlena tells John that she finally talked Kristen down and got the gun away from her. John says this all happened because Brady was trying to help Philip out of a jam. Marlena says it's like Brady to risk his own safety to help a friend in need. Marlena wants to reschedule her appointment with Allie but John assures that Allie needs her while he will stay with Brady. Marlena agrees then as John hugs her.

Kristen warns Chloe that this isn't close to over as she is then escorted out of the hospital.

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