Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/26/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/26/21


Written By Joseph

At Rafe's house, Gabi surprises him with cupcakes for his birthday. Gabi lights a candle and tells Rafe to make a wish. Rafe says he already got his wish with his little sister being here. Gabi insists that he has to make a wish so he does and blows out the candle. Gabi asks what he wished for so Rafe tells her that he wished for her to find happiness.

Jake wakes up from dreaming about Gabi confronting him and then kissing him in his office. Kate asks if he had a bad dream.

Nicole goes to the hospital and asks Sarah if she got the letter from Ava, giving her permission to see her medical information. Sarah confirms that she did and informs Nicole that the drug Ava was given is working it's way out of her system. Nicole asks if that means she will recover. Sarah notes that it will take some time but she thinks Ava will be fine. Nicole asks if she can see her. Sarah asks if they can have a word before she does. Sarah says she wasn't going to say anything and probably shouldn't but there's something she should know about Ava.

Brady claims to Kristen on the phone that he's not with Chloe and that he just walked in to the Salem Inn so he will head to his room to Rachel for her. Brady opens the door to leave Chloe's room as Kristen talks about how much she misses he and Rachel. Kristen then hears a gunshot through the phone and begins to worry. Brady staggers back in to Chloe's room and collapses in front of Chloe and Philip, having been shot in the stomach.

Jake tells Kate that his dream was nothing but he's surprised she's awake after all her toss and turning last night. Kate responds that she didn't sleep at all last night. Jake asks if it was the champagne but Kate blames Gabi. Jake questions if Gabi got in her head. Kate thinks if Gabi got in to anyone's head, it was Jake's.

Gabi can't believe Rafe wasted his birthday wish on her and suggests he make that wish for himself. Rafe responds that he is happy with his cupcake. Gabi tells him that she's not joking. Rafe says he loves his family, job, and friends so his life is great. Gabi argues that he doesn't have somebody special in his life since Hope left. Gabi knows he hoped to reconcile with Hope and that's never going to happen. Gabi apologizes as she knows how much he loves Hope. Rafe says they don't need to talk about this right now but Gabi feels they do because he's an amazing man and she doesn't want him to be an old bachelor. Gabi suggests Rafe put himself out there and think of the possibility. Rafe doesn't understand how this turned on him when he wished for her happiness. Gabi responds that she makes her own happiness. Rafe is happy that she is back in town and thanks her for coming. Rafe then asks how long she's staying. Gabi says that depends which Rafe questions.

Sarah informs Nicole that Ava is running the Vitali crime family. Nicole asks how that's even possible when Ava was locked up in a warehouse in Nashville the last few years. Sarah explains that Ava escaped the warehouse and went back to Philadelphia where she took over for her cousin, Angelo. Nicole questions how Sarah would know that. Sarah informs her that Ava is forcing someone she knows to launder money for her to pay off a gambling debt. Nicole questions her doing that from her hospital bed. Sarah says she isn't doing it at the moment but the situation is escalating and if something isn't done, people will get hurt. Nicole asks who she means.

Chloe checks on Brady while Philip rushes out to see if he can find the shooter. Kristen remains on the phone, asking if Brady is there. Chloe picks up Brady's phone. Kristen questions Brady being with her and what's going on. Chloe informs her that Brady has been shot. Kristen continues questioning what has happened and what's going on but Chloe tells her that she has to go to call an ambulance. Kristen yells at her not to hang up but she does, leaving Kristen frustrated.

Rafe brings up seeing Chad stepped down at DiMera and that Jake was the new CEO. Rafe notes that the guy Gabi hated is out and the guy she was involved with is in. Rafe suggests now is the right time for Gabi to make her own happiness. Gabi says maybe Rafe is right but there is a giant obstacle in the way of all that happiness.

Jake asks Kate if this is about Gabi kissing him, insisting it meant nothing. Kate says she believes him so Jake asks what the problem is. Kate brings up Gabi believing that she stole him from her. Jake argues that she didn't because he pursued Kate after Gabi dumped him and left town. Kate reminds her of Gabi catching them in bed together and she was crushed because she had big plans for them together. Kate reminds Jake that Gabi dumped him to protect him and lied to keep him safe so she obviously still has feelings for her. Jake says he doesn't have feelings for Gabi. Kate asks if he's sure. Jake asks what that's supposed to mean. Kate brings up Gabi saying what they had was real and that they had unfinished business. Jake complains that Gabi is just being dramatic. Kate thinks Gabi may be right. Jake calls it nothing but a performance to get under Kate's skin. Jake tells Kate to forget about Gabi because Kate is the only person he has real feelings for. Jake offers to show her by kissing her and says he'll have to convince her the old fashioned way as he pulls the bed covers over them.

Gabi tells Rafe about Jake and Kate. Rafe comments that Jake doesn't seem like Kate's type. Gabi says it doesn't make sense to her either, arguing that Jake was on the rebound after she left. Gabi declares that she's back now so Jake doesn't have to settle. Rafe suggests maybe Jake is happy. Gabi argues that she's better for him and he just has to realize that. Rafe asks what if he doesn't. Gabi insists that she knows Jake so her happiness is going to happen sooner than later. Gabi wishes Rafe a happy birthday and hurries out of the house.

Chloe urges Brady to hang in there as they wait for the ambulance. Philip comes back and says the shooter got away and he didn't see anyone. Philip joins Chloe in encouraging Brady to hang on. Chloe pleads for Brady to wake up and cries that he can't die on them. Brady's phone rings next to him with Kristen trying to call back.

Kristen's call to Brady goes to voicemail and she cries, wondering what has happened. Tony then arrives to visit Kristen. Tony sees she is upset and guesses she heard the news that Chad has stepped down at DiMera and Mr. Shin put Jake in his place. Kristen shouts that she doesn't give a damn about DiMera right now as Brady has just been shot which surprises Tony. Kristen explains that they were on the phone and Chloe confirmed there was a gunshot but she hung up on her. Kristen worries while Tony tries to calm her down. Tony decides that he will see what he can find out and let her know. Kristen stops him and says that she's going with him.

Nicole asks Sarah who is in danger from Ava. Sarah feels she already said too much. Nicole questions her just walking away. Sarah knows Nicole is good friends with Ava so maybe she will listen to her. Sarah encourages Nicole to talk to Ava and make her see that it's time to step back and there's no need for people to get hurt. Nicole questions suggesting to Ava that mob boss isn't a great career choice. Sarah says it's totally up to her and she understands if she doesn't want to get involved. Nicole says the last thing she wants is for anyone to get hurt as she walks away.

Nicole goes to visit Ava in her hospital room and brings her a plant. Nicole mentions Sarah saying that she's improving. Ava can't wait to get out. Nicole adds that Sarah also said something else about her...

Brady is brought in to the hospital on a stretcher. Sarah has him sent to the emergency room as Philip and Chloe arrive. Sarah asks what happened. Philip informs her that Brady was shot at point blank range while Chloe adds that there was so much blood that she couldn't stop it. Chloe asks her to let them know how he's doing as Sarah rushes to Brady's room.

Tony tells Kristen that she can't come with him. Kristen argues that Brady needs her and she needs to see for herself that he's alright. Tony says he will find out. Kristen brings up their daughter Rachel and worries if she's in danger. Kristen continues to panic. Tony says he doesn't know what's going on but Kristen can't just walk out of prison. The guard comes in and asks if there is a problem here.

Jake and Kate go to the living room and go over the numbers at DiMera. Kate talks business which impresses Jake, who asks how he got so lucky. Jake kisses Kate until she tells him he has to stop or he'll never get anything done. Gabi then walks in and remarks that for once she agrees with Kate. Jake asks what she's doing here. Gabi responds that she brought the Gabi Chic proposal. Gabi argues that no other company can offer what Gabi Chic can. Gabi guarantees that he will definitely want to be in bed with her, business wise. Kate tells Gabi that he's not interested so she can take her proposal and go home. Gabi argues that Jake is the CEO, not Kate, so she's not going anywhere unless Jake tells her to. Jake admits that he does want to take a look at her proposal.

Ava questions Nicole about Sarah telling that she's a mob boss, noting that it's interesting. Nicole says she won't ask her if it's true but if it is, she could be jeopardizing her freedom, future, and Tripp. Ava says she has to clear Tripp's name because it's her fault that he's in this mess which Nicole questions. Ava explains that she was desperate to know Tripp so she had Charlie follow him to see what he liked and where he hung out so when Tripp went to London, she sent Charlie to London too. Nicole notes that places Charlie in London when Allie was attacked. Nicole says this is huge and asks if she's told the police. Ava says she told Steve, who said he would tell Rafe and swore to get back to her but she hasn't heard anything yet. Nicole feels this could change everything. Ava wishes it was enough to clear Tripp's name. Ava then asks Nicole to do her a favor and go to the police station to find out what she can. Ava says that's if they are still friends. Nicole says of course they are and agrees to see what she can find out. Nicole asks Ava to do her a favor and think about what she said. Ava says she will so Nicole thanks her.

Chloe tells Philip that the bullet was meant for him which he assures he knows. Chloe questions how they found him or knew that he was in her room as she thought he said he was careful. Philip says he can't explain this and that Angelo must have had one of his men follow him from the Kiriakis Mansion. Chloe worries that now Brady could die. Philip argues that he won't but Chloe says he can't make that promise. Philip tells her that he's so sorry. Chloe says all Brady wanted to do was protect her and all she did was yell at him that she was capable of handling this but now he's fighting for his life.

Tony tells the guard that they were just discussing a family matter and he was assuring Kristen that he would handle things. The guard tells them to keep it down but when he turns around, Kristen steals his gun. Kristen then holds the gun on Tony and warns the guard to get out of her way or she swears she will shoot Tony. Tony tells Kristen not to do this. Kristen warns the guard not to alert anyone or she swears to shoot him. He argues that she won't shoot her own brother but Kristen argues that Tony knows she is capable which he confirms. Tony repeats for her not to do this, reminding her of her child and her future as this will add years to her sentence. Kristen says she's sorry but she needs a hostage and a driver and that's him.

Chloe asks why she didn't listen to Brady since she got him in to this and asked for help but she refused to cooperate. Chloe worries about what if Rachel was with him and she can't believe she did this to him. Philip blames himself since Brady warned him that he would be putting Chloe in danger and he didn't listen. Philip says Chloe is still probably in danger being anywhere near him. Chloe doesn't give a damn and says she only cares about Brady as he has to be okay. Sarah then comes out of the hospital room so Chloe asks how Brady is.

Nicole goes to Rafe's and says she called the police station but they said he took the day off so she's sure he didn't want to discuss police business. Rafe says it's always great to see her and asks what's up. Nicole tells him about Ava sending Charlie to London. Rafe confirms he spoke to Steve about it yesterday and now he's waiting to verify that information. Nicole feels it's one step closer to nailing Charlie. Rafe notes that it doesn't necessarily prove he's guilty of the assault. Nicole knows they need to get Allie to testify and mentions that she agreed to hypnosis. Rafe knows that couldn't be an easy decision to make but says it's great if she can remember what happened that night. Nicole declares then they could bury Charlie behind bars where he belongs. Rafe states that is the plan. Nicole thanks Rafe and says she will let him get back but then sees the cupcake so she realizes it's his birthday. Nicole questions how she didn't remember and hugs him, wishing him a happy birthday.

Kate tells Jake that Gabi's proposal is just a ploy. Gabi asks how insecure she is. Jake tells Kate that he told Gabi he would look at it. Kate thinks it's more trouble than it's worth. Gabi asks what if she took her company somewhere else and it was wildly successful. Gabi warns Jake to make the smart choice and the right decision in her. Jake clarifies that it's not her but her company and the numbers have to be right. Gabi asks Kate to leave so they can discuss this alone. Jake says that's not necessary but Kate says it's okay as she has an appointment with Abe so she'll let Jake throw her out. Kate then kisses Jake and exits. Gabi tells him that was quite a show like he's trying to prove something. Jake says he was just kissing his girlfriend goodbye like he always does. Gabi complains that he has no care for her feelings which Jake questions. Gabi says Jake kissing Kate in front of her hurts her feelings and asks if he'd want to see her kissing another man. Jake says he doesn't care and he's not playing this game with her. Gabi brings up her kissing him and says she knows Jake liked it. Jake wants to get to business. Gabi thinks Jake is pretending to feel something for Kate. Gabi thinks Jake has talked himself into being with Kate despite the age gap. Jake cuts her off and says he's not doing this with her. Jake states that Gabi is here so he can look at her business proposal which he can do on his own. Jake tells her to give it to him and she can leave but Gabi sits down and says she's not going anywhere.

Nicole asks Rafe about his birthday plans. Rafe says he'll probably just hang out with Gabi, who came home to surprise him, but she already left so maybe he'll just watch a game or a TV show. Nicole insists on Rafe celebrating his birthday. Rafe says he already did with Gabi and the cupcakes. Nicole thinks they can do better than that. Rafe appreciates it but says he's not really into the whole birthday thing. Nicole exclaims that she is so she is taking him out.

Sarah informs Chloe and Philip that Brady has been stabilized and they were able to remove the bullet which missed any major organs. Chloe thanks Sarah. Philip asks if he will be okay. Sarah says she will have to see if Brady needs surgery but he's healthy and strong. Chloe asks if she can see him. Sarah advises her to keep it short. Philip tries to go with her but Sarah only allows one at a time so Chloe heads in. Sarah asks Philip if the bullet was meant for him. Philip says it never should've happened. Sarah says it did because of him. Philip argues that he was handling the situation until Xander stuck his nose in it so he blames him. Sarah says Philip was the one laundering money and screwing over his father's company while Xander was only undoing his damage. Philip complains that Xander just couldn't handle the competition. Sarah accuses Philip of bringing the mob to Brady's doorstep. Sarah declares that Victor may forgive Philip for a lot of things but if he's responsible for Brady's death, Victor will never forgive him so he better pray that Brady makes it.

Tony tells Kristen to just hand over the gun and that the guard will forget this happened. Kristen tells Tony to shut up. Tony understands she's upset but says this isn't the way to do it. Tony says he'll check on Brady and have Anna pick up Rachel. Kristen argues that Brady could be dying so she needs to be by his side and Rachel needs her mother so she's getting out of here now. Kristen tells the guard not to be stupid and threatens to shoot both of them. Kristen then takes Tony and escapes the prison.

Jake tells Gabi to go and that he'll look over the proposal when he has time then he'll get back to her. Gabi tells him he's going to look it over now and she will wait. Jake says he has to go to the office. Jake doesn't want to leave Gabi at the mansion so Gabi agrees to go. Gabi adds that Jake keeps saying there is just business between them over and over so she questions if he's trying to convince her, Kate, or himself. Jake tells her to go. Gabi guesses that she's in his head even when he doesn't want her to be. Gabi then exits the mansion.

Nicole tells Rafe that they have places to be. Rafe asks where exactly. Nicole says it's a birthday surprise unless he just wants to stay home. Rafe decides to let the adventures begin and exits with Nicole.

Philip enters Ava's hospital room and tells her to call off her dogs. Ava warns him to watch his tone and asks what's going on. Philip doesn't believe she doesn't know. Philip informs her that Angelo put a hit out on him but Brady got shot instead. Ava is surprised and asks if he's okay. Philip responds that Brady was just brought in but whoever did this is still out there. Ava promises she had nothing to do with this and she didn't know about it. Ava questions why Angelo would do such a thing. Philip says she's the boss so she can tell her cousin to back off. Ava tries to stop him but Philip exits the room.

Chloe sits at Brady's side in his hospital room. Chloe cries that she's so sorry as she never should've asked him to help her and she should've listened to him when he was just trying to protect her. Chloe says that Brady has to be okay because if something happens to him, she will never forgive herself because it's all her fault. Kristen then appears in the room and asks what Chloe did to him.

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