Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/25/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/25/21


Written By Joseph

Sarah is at the Kiriakis Mansion, texting Xander to ask if he's found Dr. Raynor or Lani's babies. Maggie then walks in and asks if she has seen Philip, noting that it doesn't look like he slept in his bed last night which Sarah questions. Maggie asks why Sarah looks so worried, assuming that he went to Chicago and stayed at a hotel. Sarah then remarks that he could be dead.

Brady goes to Chloe's hotel room where Philip answers the door and greets him. Brady looks inside and is not happy to see Chloe in bed while Philip is drinking coffee.

Kristen sits in the prison visiting room, thinking back to confronting Brady about kissing Chloe on New Year's. Kristen tells herself not to drive herself crazy with jealousy again and to just trust Brady. Lani arrives to visit her which surprises her. Kristen asks if she found her babies. Lani cries that she hasn't as Kristen hugs her.

Xander arrives at the police station and informs Eli that he hasn't tracked down Dr. Raynor yet but he thinks he has a way.

At home, Doug encourages Julie to eat but Julie complains that she can't eat or sleep while her great grandbabies are missing. Doug hopes Eli and Lani can find them soon but urges Julie to take care of herself. Abe arrives so Julie asks if there is any news. Abe reveals that he does have news.

Kristen tells Lani about Brady bringing her pictures of the babies. Kristen adds that she's so sorry this happened to her. Lani cries that she is scared. Kristen doesn't know why she came to see her instead of being out looking for the babies. Lani responds that she doesn't know what else to do so she is hoping Kristen can help them find the babies.

Eli questions Xander about how to find Dr. Raynor. Xander informs him that when he paid Raynor to leave Salem, he gave her an untraceable phone and warned her to always answer if he called. Eli asks when he last spoke with her. Xander admits that it's been over a year which is why he forgot about it. Xander notes that it's possible she still has it so Eli demands he call the phone now.

Maggie questions why Sarah would think that Philip is dead just because he didn't come home last night. Sarah admits it was an overreaction. Maggie guesses Sarah knows something and wants to know what's going on. Sarah admits she can't lie to her and reveals to Maggie that Philip is in trouble with the mob. Maggie asks how this happened. Sarah informs her that he racked up debt in gambling which is owed to Ava Vitali and her family. Sarah explains that it's the real reason that Philip came home and asked for the CEO job. Sarah adds that the Vitalis said they would kill Philip unless he laundered money through Titan. Maggie asks how she knows this. Sarah reveals that she and Xander found proof on Philip's computer. Maggie thought Sarah and Xander had broken up. Sarah reveals they pretended to be so that she could befriend Philip so that he would let his guard down. Maggie can't believe this is happening. Sarah is sorry she couldn't tell her sooner. Maggie asks if she thinks Philip is in danger. Sarah confirms that Philip is afraid of the mob coming after him and wonders if that's why he didn't come home last night.

Brady questions if Chloe and Philip had a good night last night. Chloe tells him to relax as Philip slept on the sofa. Brady responds that he's not concerned about where Philip slept but that he's there at all. Brady argues that Philip doesn't give a damn about Chloe having a target on her back. Chloe insists that she's perfectly capable of keeping them both safe so she doesn't see any problem with Philip staying for as long as it takes. Philip asks if she's sure about this. Chloe says yes but Brady says no. Philip appreciates how generous Chloe has been but agrees with Brady that her safety comes first. Chloe states that this is not Brady's call. Philip points out that Brady agreed to help so he's involved now. Chloe says she will have that conversation with Brady so she thinks Philip should go home to get some of things so he can camp out here. Chloe assures that she wants him to come back and tells him to be careful. Philip insists that he can slip out without anyone seeing him as he exits the room. Brady questions if Chloe realizes the risk she is taking. Chloe calls it a risk she is willing to take. Brady argues that just because she was safe for one night does not mean that this is a good idea to have Philip here permanently. Chloe feels that Brady made a point. Brady says that she came to him for help so he's willing to find Philip a safer place to hide.

Abe fills Doug and Julie in on Dr. Raynor stealing the babies. Julie questions why a doctor would do that. Abe explains that they don't know for sure yet but notes that it is the same doctor who switched Kristen and Sarah's babies. Julie worries what Dr. Raynor could be capable of and cries that he has to find her.

Kristen questions how she can help find the twins. Lani informs her that they have a suspect in Dr. Amanda Raynor which shocks Kristen. Lani says the entire police force is out looking for her but so far there's no luck. Kristen doesn't understand how she can help and says Dr. Raynor never reached out to her again. Lani talks about Nicole mentioning that Dr. Raynor felt guilty about switching the babies so she thought maybe she would have reached out to Kristen. Kristen says she's sorry but Lani knew it was a long shot. Kristen asks if there is any other leads to help find her. Lani responds that right now, their best hope is Xander.

Eli takes Xander in to the interrogation room and reminds him of what to say if Dr. Raynor answers the phone. Xander questions the odds of her still having that phone. Eli points out that right now it's their best chance at finding her. Eli says he will record the call as Xander dials the number. Dr. Raynor then answers the phone which surprises them.

Lani informs Kristen that Xander agreed to help them make contact with Dr. Raynor so he may be there only hope. Kristen hopes it works out but she will never forgive Xander for what he did to her and her daughter. Lani knows Xander is dangerous, selfish, and will do anything to get what he wants but he's all they have and he's willing to help. Lani declares that she would make a deal with the devil to get her babies back.

Dr. Raynor admits to Xander that she almost didn't pick up but she was afraid not to. She questions why he's calling after all this time. Xander says he wants to have a chat about the babies she stole. Dr. Raynor tries to say she doesn't know what he's talking about but Xander tells her not to play games because a witness saw her in the park with Eli and Lani's newborn twins. Xander warns that he's not the only one who knows what she did. Dr. Raynor claims that they made a mistake and questions what he has to do with it. Xander says because of their past history, the cops think he had something to do with this and questioned him. Dr. Raynor asks if he wants her to call the police and tell them that he's innocent. Xander responds that he wants to help her.

Chloe tells Brady that she's inviting Philip to stay whether he likes it or not. Brady points out that he could put an end to all of this by calling Victor to let him know what's going on. Chloe argues that he promised Philip that he would not tell Victor while Brady argues that Philip promised not to involve Chloe. Choe complains that he can't do this to him right now. Brady asks what about what Philip is doing to Chloe. Brady declares that if ratting Philip out to his father will keep Chloe safe then that's what he's going to do.

Maggie questions if Sarah is saying Xander deliberately made Philip a target of the mob. Sarah explains that Xander is just trying to protect Titan but now the mob can't get their money laundered. Maggie warns that the mob kills for a lot less. Sarah feels responsible for pretending to be Philip's friend to dig up dirt so now if he gets hurt or worse, she'll never forgive herself. Maggie decides they have to find him while Sarah panic about it all being her fault. Philip then walks in and announces that he's very much alive, no thanks to Sarah.

Abe and Doug try to keep Julie calm but she continues to worry as Doug then worries that Julie's heart is racing.

Chloe argues that Brady can't tell Victor while Brady feels he has no choice. Chloe regrets asking Brady to help. Brady questions why Chloe is so willing to risk her life for Philip. Chloe says she cares about Philip as they are friends and he desperately needs a friend. Brady argues that Philip brought it on himself. Chloe blames Mimi and argues that Brady should know what it's like being an addict. Chloe says Philip is not gambling anymore but Brady argues that Philip is gambling with his life and Chloe's. Brady tells her the only thing to do is cut Philip off and let him hit rock bottom.

Sarah is relieved that Philip is okay. Philip mocks her concern and says he's still breathing despite her and Xander's best efforts to get him killed. Sarah says that isn't what they wanted to happen. Philip questions what they wanted, bringing up Sarah pretending to be his pal to hack in to his computer. Maggie warns Philip to step back since he's the one who was laundering the mob's money through Titan. Philip complains about Sarah telling Maggie. Sarah argues that Xander was just trying to protect Titan and their family. Philip states that now he can't go out in public. Sarah asks what the mob wants. Philip responds that they want him six feet under. Maggie feels there has to be a way to negotiate, encouraging that Philip doesn't have to do this alone. Philip says no to telling Victor and adds that they can't tell him either.

Doug worries about Julie's heart but she tells him not to call an ambulance. Abe decides he is taking her to the hospital himself because she is too important to take chances which Doug agrees with.

Lani wishes she could stay longer. Kristen knows she has to go and hopes there will be good news waiting for her. Kristen believes the next time she sees her will be under much better circumstances. Kristen asks Lani if they can pray before she goes. Lani says she would love that. Kristen thanks God for bringing Lani in to her life and begs him to bring the babies home safe.

Dr. Raynor questions why Xander would want to help her. Xander says it's because he put her through hell. She asks since when he cared about hurting other people. Xander tells her that he's trying to become a better man for Sarah. Xander says he hoped Dr. Raynor could live a normal life too. She questions believing he would help her out of the goodness of his heart. Xander admits he has another motive and says that he hates Eli and Lani. She asks what they've done to him. Xander says they have tried to destroy his life and are now accusing him of stealing the babies. Dr. Raynor questions him not wanting the babies home. Xander claims he could care less about that but says that he feels Eli and Lani are very close to finding her so he wants to help her disappear again. Xander adds that he has the resources to make it happen. Xander insists that he can help her if she tells him where she is. Xander adds that he knows how she feels and she doesn't have to be alone. Xander says he'll come meet her. She questions why she would ever trust him. Xander points out that she doesn't have a lot of options. Raynor says maybe not but she's still not telling him where she is. Xander doubts he would either if he was her. Xander says he can still help her slip out of the country undetected if she meets him tomorrow at the park. Xander warns her that the police are close. Dr. Raynor continues to question trusting him after everything he's done. Xander says she can roll the dice but it's up to her, though he feels like he is her only hope.

Kristen tells Lani that she will keep praying for her. Lani knows how hard it is for Kristen to be away from Brady and Rachel but she has faith that she will come home to them soon. They say I love you to each other and hug as Lani then exits the prison. Kristen then goes back to looking at the article with the picture of Brady and Chloe kissing.

Chloe warns that if she cuts Philip off, he could die while Brady feels that if she doesn't, she could too. Chloe repeats that she'll be fine. Brady says she is too good and caring but needs to be selfish now. Brady reminds her that she's a mom and tells her not to let Philip do this and drag her down. Brady acknowledges that his addiction blew up their life together and says Chloe should've walked away from him too. Chloe appreciates his concern but says that Philip is not her husband or even an active addict. Brady warns that the mob won't hesitate to kill her if they find Philip here. Chloe says they won't let that happen. Brady asks her to let him find some place safe for Philip to hide. Brady adds that if Philip cares about her like he says, he'll be happy to leave.

Sarah doesn't want to make things worse for Philip so she agrees not to tell Victor. Philip asks what about Maggie. Maggie doesn't love keeping a secret like this from Victor but she will for now. Maggie still thinks Philip should tell him and the sooner, the better. Philip assures that he can handle this on his own. Sarah isn't sure about that and mentions going to Rafe for help. Philip questions her telling Rafe. Sarah says she didn't give him the details and just said he had got a couple threats but Rafe said if Philip wants protection, he has to request it himself. Philip says he can't involve the cops. Maggie questions if it's safe for Philip to be here. Philip says he's not staying as he just came to get a few things and then he'll be gone. Sarah asks where he will go. Philip says it's better that she doesn't know. Philip adds that once this is all sorted out, he will tell Victor everything and hopefully he can move back home. Philip then exits the room. Maggie can't believe that Philip has gotten himself in this mess. Sarah then gets a call from the hospital and says she'll be right there. Sarah tells Maggie that she has to go the hospital and it's Julie.

Sarah goes to the hospital and joins Doug in Julie's room. Sarah tells Doug that he did the right thing in bringing her in. Julie asks if she is fine. Sarah notes her elevated heart rate but thinks she should be feeling back to normal soon. Julie wants to go home but Sarah says they will keep her for evaluation a little bit longer. Doug tells Julie to let them take care of her which she agrees to. Sarah advises Julie to rest and avoid stress. Julie questions how she can avoid that when her great grandbabies are kidnapped. Sarah tells her that they are all worried but she thinks they will get good news soon since Xander is with Eli, trying to contact Dr. Raynor. Sarah thinks if anyone can get her to talk, it's Xander.

Xander tells Eli that he's sorry he couldn't get Dr. Raynor to commit to meeting. Xander thinks he got through to her but he's not sure. Eli understands she would've been out if he pushed any harder. Eli believes Xander did the right thing and got through to her. Eli credits Xander for getting her to buy it. Xander says he will let him know if he hears from her. Eli stops Xander to thank him. Xander says he can thank him when he has his children as he then exits the room.

Philip returns to Chloe's room at the Salem Inn and says they are good. Brady questions if anyone saw him but Philip assures he was safe. Chloe asks if he ran in to anyone at home. Philip mentions Sarah and Maggie being there but they promised not to say anything to anyone as they understood he deserves a chance to find a way out of this which Brady questions. Brady argues that he agreed to help for Chloe but complains about not letting him go to Victor for help or to find him a safer place to hide. Brady then gets a call from Kristen at the prison. Kristen informs him that Lani came to see her. Brady asks how she's doing. Kristen says Lani is scared and so is she. Kristen adds that she just needed to hear his and Rachel's voices. Brady tells her that he's not with Rachel as she is home with the babysitter so she questions where he is. Kristen then asks if he's with Chloe.

Abe joins Doug in Julie's hospital room. Doug tells her that she gave them quite a scare. Julie apologizes for being so hard on both of them but she's scared to for the babies. Abe says they are just glad she is okay. Julie questions Abe still being here instead of checking on Lani. Abe agrees to leave them alone. Julie stops him and says before he goes, she wants him to promise to keep her in the loop on the babies without protecting her from the truth as she wants to know any news which Abe agrees to. Julie then asks Abe not to tell Eli and Lani about this because they have enough to worry about. Doug jokes that things will go better for him if he just does as she says. Abe promises to do as Julie asked and exits the room. Doug calls Julie one of a kind.

Lani returns to the police station and tells Eli that she can't believe Dr. Raynor who was so kind would do something so horrible. Eli points out that they still don't know why. Eli says they just have to hold onto hope that she won't hurt their babies. Lani just hopes she takes the bait. Eli says if so, they will be right there waiting. Eli hugs Lani.

Brady claims to Kristen that he's not with Chloe and that he just walked in to the Salem Inn so he will head to his room to Rachel for her. Brady opens the door to leave Chloe's room as Kristen talks about how much she misses he and Rachel. Kristen then hears a gunshot through the phone and begins to worry.

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