Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/22/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/22/21


Written By Joseph

Kate goes to the DiMera Office to bring Jake a bottle of champagne but walks in to see Gabi kissing Jake. Kate comments that Gabi didn't take long and asks if she smelled Jake's rise to power from Arizona.

Ben walks through the town square an sees Allie seated on the bench so he approaches and greets her. Ben says he doesn't want to bother her but just wanted to ask if she's alright. Allie asks why. Ben adds that he doesn't mean to butt in but he helped Marlena get Claire away from Charlie so she told him what he had done. Allie thanks Ben for helping and guesses the answer is that she's not alright. Ben responds that he's sorry. Allie complains that she was so sure it was Tripp but if not that means she accused the wrong guy and that her baby's father is a lunatic who tied up his own mother and is now out on bail. Allie repeats that she's not doing too great.

Charlie finds Claire outside the Brady Pub.

Abigail asks Chad to tell her. Chad thinks her parents should be there but Abigail says they are out. Chad asks where they went. Abigail says she doesn't know as Jack just yelled from the stairs that they were leaving and asks if it matters. Abigail questions how bad it can be after everything Gwen has done. Chad suggests they sit down. Abigail wants him to just tell her why Gwen hates her so much. Chad then reveals to Abigail that Dr. Rolf said Gwen thinks Jack is her father.

Gwen offers Jack and Jennifer room service and talks about New Year's Eve. Jack yells at her to knock it off. Jennifer asks Gwen why she did all of this and what she could possibly have against Abigail. Gwen responds that it's not just Abigail actually. Gwen tells Jack that when she found his letter to Kate, she thought it was so touching that the whole world should know what a nice, thoughtful man he is. Jack questions if she has a beef against he and Jennifer then why did she take it out on Abigail. Gwen argues that Abigail is all he cares about. Gwen then reveals that she is also Jack's daughter! Jack says he has no idea what she is talking about. Gwen accuses him of denying it while knowing exactly what she's talking about. Gwen declares that Jack knocked up her mom and walked off so she is the kid that he threw away.

Kate comments on Jake really getting going on his first day of work. Jake jumps up to try and explain. Kate argues that it looked like he was about to seal the deal. Jake swears that it wasn't what it looked like. Jake assures that Kate is the one he wants and asks her not to go.

Abigail tells Chad that can't be true. Chad explains that Rolf said that is what Gwen thinks. Abigail thinks Gwen is lying and trying for blackmail. Chad says he thought the same thing but Dr. Rolf asked why Gwen would tell him and tip her hand. Rolf thinks that Gwen was so filled with hate that she couldn't keep it inside and had to tell someone. Abigail questions why Gwen is coming after her and Jennifer then. Chad explains that Gwen thinks Jack threw her and her mom under the bus to make room for his new family and that Abigail got everything that she should've had.

Jack argues that he didn't throw anyone and swears he doesn't know what Gwen is talking about. Gwen questions if he's going to tell her that the name Tiffany Rizczech doesn't mean anything to him.

Ben asks if Allie thinks maybe it would be better if she knows for sure. Allie responds that she still might not know since even if they get a DNA test, it wouldn't prove that Charlie assaulted her so he'd probably still get away with it unless she remembers everything that happened that night.

Claire tries to walk away from Charlie but he says he's not going to hurt her and points out that they are in a public place. Charlie thinks Claire's family brainwashed her against him. Claire argues that they just told her the truth and questions how she could believe a word he says. Claire brings up that Charlie told her that Ava wasn't his mother which was a deliberate lie to her face. Charlie thought that would make Claire believe them. Charlie claims he didn't rape Allie and swears that it was Tripp. Claire responds that she thought she knew him but she wasn't honest about tying Ava up and drugging her. Charlie wants to explain. Claire points out that she brought him to her bedroom to have sex with him while his mother was across town hallucinating because of him. Charlie argues that his mother has always screwed things up for him but this time he had a job at Titan and he met Claire but all that ever matters to Ava was Tripp. Charlie relates that to Claire always feeling second best to Ciara. Claire says she obsessed over that and drove herself so crazy that she lost her mind and tried to set Ciara on fire. Claire asks if Charlie drove himself crazy until he finally snapped.

Jake assures Kate that this is not what she thinks and that Gabi just showed up out of nowhere. Gabi argues that it's Rafe's birthday. Kate questions Gabi showing up here to throw herself at the new CEO. Gabi claims she came to congratulate Jake. Jake explains to Kate that Gabi wanted him to put Gabi Chic back under the DiMera umbrella and she threw herself at him. Gabi accuses Jake of having a huge ego. Kate thinks Gabi has the ego for thinking she can dump any man then just win them back whenever she feels like it. Gabi argues that she and Jake had something beyond special. Jake tells Gabi to leave. Gabi admits that they may be over for now but says she cares about Jake as a friend so she thinks he should know a few things about Kate if he's going to get in deeper.

Abigail guesses this would explain why Gwen had all those clippings of her family and why she tried to break up Jack and Jennifer's marriage and maybe even why she tried to get Chad in bed. Abigail doesn't really understand why Gwen would blame Jack since he didn't know she existed and wouldn't deliberately turn his back on his own daughter.

Jack tells Gwen that he's never heard the name Tifany Rizczech in his life. Gwen argues that he just didn't bother to remember it. Gwen brings up the first time she said her last name around Jack and she waited for him to recognize it but got nothing as he couldn't bother the name of the woman he got pregnant. Jennifer questions why she's so sure and if she has any proof. Gwen says for as long as she can remember she heard her mother cursing the man who ruined her life. Jack argues that she never told him but Gwen insists that he knows she did.

Kate tells Gabi that she can tell Jake whatever she wants because she has nothing to hide. Gabi asks if Jake knows about Kate's days as a hooker and a homewrecker. Gabi brings up Kate trying to kill Victor and Chloe. Jake questions why the hell she's doing this. Gabi responds that Kate hasn't filled him in and she thinks a person's past is important. Gabi then tells Jake that Kate had the Kiriakis Mansion set on fire and tried to kill her son. Kate responds that it wasn't intentional and she didn't know Lucas was in the house. Gabi argues that this is what happens to Kate's exes and Jake is bound to be one so she warns him to watch his back.

Chad tells Abigail that Gwen said that Jack turned his back on her and her mom. Abigail argues that it's not true because she knows her dad. Chad brings up Jack walking out on Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ. Abigail decides she just needs to talk to Jack and see if it's true. Abigail argues that Gwen cannot be her sister after everything she's done to her. Chad tells Abigail that there is something else.

Gwen tells Jack that her mom came to Salem once and told him all about her. Jack swears that never happened. Gwen insists that it did and that she remembers it. Gwen recalls that they were about to be evicted from their flat in Peoria so her mom decided to come beg for Jack's help so she brought her to Salem and shoved her in a motel room then came back crying that Jack didn't want to speak to her as he was too busy with his wife and daughter. Gwen says that Jack didn't even want to meet her. Jack argues that her mother was lying. Gwen disagrees and states that Jack had his secretary send her mother money every month which Jack denies. Jennifer asks Gwen what else her mother told her and if she happened to mention how she and Jack met. Gwen responds that they met in Chicago before Jack moved to Salem as her mom was a cocktail waitress and Jack left her the tip of a lifetime. Jennifer confirms that Jack did live in Chicago before Salem. Jennifer asks Jack if any of this is true.

Kate questions Gabi bringing up her past to Jake. Kate doesn't want to sink to Gabi's level but points out that she's not in position to throw stones. Kate informs Jake that if he didn't know, Gabi had an ex and she killed him. Gabi argues that if she didn't, he would have killed her and that Kate helped her cover the murder up. Kate brings up the time that Gabi almost blew up all of Salem over her lust for Chad which Gabi calls an accident. Kate then talks about Gabi controlling Julie's pacemaker with her phone and leveraging her bone marrow to get out of that. Kate adds that Gabi tried to destroy Eli and Lani's marriage and Chad and Abigail's. Gabi complains about going to prison because of Abigail's crime. Kate accuses Gabi of drugging Abigail but Gabi insists that she did not do that, claiming Dr. Rolf set her up. Kate points out that Dr. Rolf was in prison at the time. Gabi responds that Rolf supplied the drug and she doesn't know who got it but it wasn't her.

Jack asks if it's possible he had a one night stand over 30 years ago and fathered a child without knowing about it. Jennifer questions him not remembering if he slept with a cocktail waitress or not. Gwen suggests there was probably a parade of them. Gwen opens up her folder on their family and brings up what Jack did to Kayla, asking if Jack is a man of honor and fidelity or a man who uses women and throws them away. Gwen calls Jack a cheap bastard and says that he stopped sending checks the day that her mom died even though she still needed to eat. Gwen cries that Jack does not care, dodges responsibility, and abandons his family when they need him the most. Jack responds that he's sorry about her mother which Gwen mocks. Jack stops her and questions where her accent comes from then. Gwen informs him that her mom used some of the money he gave her to buy plane tickets to England where they crashed with one of her friends. Gwen says the money all went up her mother's nose anyway so when she died, she became a ward of the state. Gwen adds that one day she saw his name when he had moved to England and she thought that he was coming to find her but he didn't. Jack says he may not remember every woman he slept with over 30 years ago but he would remember if someone told him he had a child or if he paid her to go away. Jack yells that he wouldn't let it happen. Gwen screams that she is living proof and that she lived a wretched life of misery while Abigail was the golden child. Gwen declares that she told herself that when she got old enough, she would find Jack and make him pay for what he did to her. Gwen adds that this time, Jack doesn't get to throw her away because she's not going anywhere and she's here to stay.

Chad warns Abigail that Gwen is very dangerous and she doesn't know the whole story of how this started. Abigail questions how Gwen even knows Dr. Rolf. Chad explains that Gwen found him because of the drug that gave Abigail hallucinations. Abigail argues that they already knew that was Gabi but Chad then reveals that it was Gwen, which shocks Abigail.

Allie tells Ben that she remembers Tripp being in her flat but not what happened to her so she doesn't think she would be a credible witness, especially because she was adamant that it was Tripp the entire time but now it could be someone else. Ben asks if she has thought about talking to Marlena to use hypnosis to help her remember. Allie informs him that Rafe and Nicole suggested that too but she was drunk and doesn't even know if she was conscious. Allie adds that they can't press criminal charges because it happened in London and she doesn't know if she can relive that night over again. Ben says he gets that as he had to relive some horrible things under hypnosis and face things he never wanted to face but remembering enabled him to put it all behind him. Ben calls it a personal decision so he's sure she'll make the right choice. Ben wishes her luck. Allie thanks him for talking to her as Ben then gets up and walks away.

Charlie complains that nobody believes him but argues that Claire knows he would never do the things they say he did. Claire cries that she doesn't know him. Charlie calls her his soulmate. Charlie cries that his brother and mother are against him so he has nothing and nobody else so he needs Claire. Ben then walks up and asks what's going on here.

Gabi accuses Kate of feeling threatened. Kate brings up when Gabi walked in on her and Jake then Jake told Gabi that he cared for Kate but she still threw herself at him after everything she's done for her. Gabi accuses Kate of taking Jake away from her while Kate argues that she left him. Gabi declares that now she's back and that she and Jake had something before Kate got in the middle. Gabi feels they have unfinished business and thinks Jake knows that too.

Gwen guesses Jack is thinking that he spawned a classless bitch. Gwen complains that she didn't get to go to nice schools or have her parents around to get her a reporting job at the family newspaper. Jack understands her lashing out at him but argues that her mother lied to her. Gwen tells Jack to prove it and dares him to take a paternity test. Gwen adds that she wouldn't trust a test in this town anyway so Jack says he can't prove it then. Jack asks what she wants him to do and if she wants money. Gwen argues that he doesn't get to pay her off like he paid off her mother. Gwen says what she wanted was for Jack to care and give a damn about what he's done but she sees now that they are far past that. Gwen cries that she wanted a dad but she does not want one like him. Gwen declares that he's ruined her life and promises to make his worse.

Abigail can't believe Gwen drugged her. Chad confirms that Gwen was at Julie's Place that night and slipped the drug in to her champagne. Chad explains that Gwen has been plotting this for a long time, maybe her whole life. Abigail asks if Chad thinks it's true. Chad says they have no reason to trust Dr. Rolf but it would explain everything with Gwen the last few months and he thought she should know so Abigail thanks him. Chad knows this doesn't change anything but he's sorry she has to go through all of this alone.

Jake asks Gabi to leave his office. Gabi agrees to go but reminds Jake to think about her proposals as she exits.

Jack asks what Gwen is going to do now. Gwen responds that he'll find out. Gwen says just like Jack threw her mother out all those years ago, she is now throwing him out of her room. Jennifer and Jack then exit. Jack asks if Jennifer believes him. Jennifer assures that she does. Jack apologizes after everything with Kate, to drag her through this. Jennifer thinks they should be worried about Abigail as she's still reeling from what Chad did and now she's about to find out that the person who set out to ruin her life claims to be her sister.

Abigail admits that she wants Chad by her side and doesn't want to go through this alone but because of what Gwen did, she doesn't feel like she can trust Chad. Chad vows to work really hard to change that and says he'll do anything he can to make it up to her. Abigail decides she can't do this right now. Chad asks if he can say goodnight to the kids. Abigail tells him that they already asleep. Abigail asks Chad to call next time because she'd rather not be there. Chad says goodnight and exits the house.

Charlie tells Ben that they were just talking. Ben decides they are done talking and offers to walk Claire home. Charlie argues that it was important but Ben tells him that it's over. Ben and Claire then walk away.

Allie walks out of the town square and calls Marlena to ask her to hypnotize her tomorrow morning so she can try to remember everything that happened in London.

Jake assures Kate that he didn't give Gabi any hint that he was interested in her. Kate says she knows and that Gabi just has a way of grabbing what she wants. Jake is sorry it's not the celebration she had in mind but suggests they can fix that. Jake adds that Gabi being back in town doesn't matter to him as he opens Kate's bottle of champagne and pours them a glass. Jake toasts to new beginnings.

Chad walks through the town square and runs in to Gabi. Gabi talks about hearing that Chad is out at DiMera and that Jake is in, commenting that now he knows how she felt when Mr. Shin fired her. Chad tells Gabi that he owes her an apology because she wasn't the one who drugged Abigail so he's sorry. Gabi asks if that means he knows who did it. Chad informs her that it was Jake's ex Gwen. Gabi questions why but Chad says it's a long story.

Jack and Jennifer return home to Abigail. Abigail tells Jack that she needs to ask him a question about Gwen. Abigail adds that Chad was just here. Jack confirms that Gwen thinks he is her father. Jennifer adds that Gwen just told them the same thing. Abigail asks if it's true. Jack responds that a lot of things that Gwen said are not true but as to him being her father, he honestly doesn't know.

Gwen throws the papers from her folder across her room in frustration as she breaks down crying.

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