Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/21/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/21/21


Written By Joseph

Tony goes to the DiMera Mansion and comments on Kate pouring herself a drink. Kate offers him one but Tony declines and says he was looking for Chad. Tony says he read Gwen's first hand account in the Intruder. Kate informs Tony that Chad just left. Tony asks where he went. Kate says she doesn't know but they were talking about Gwen when Chad remembered something and left very quickly. Kate notes that Chad's in a very foul mood so she wouldn't want to be whoever he's going to see.

Chad goes to visit Dr. Rolf in prison. Rolf calls it a pleasant surprise. Chad orders him to sit down and tell him everything about he and Gwen.

Anna sits in the town square, reading Gwen's article in the Intruder. Gwen then walks by so Anna trips her. Anna suggests they have a little chat.

At the Horton house, Jack and Jennifer tell Abigail that they just heard about Chad. Abigail confirms that Chad stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Jake.

Jake goes to his new office at DiMera Enterprises. He removes Chad's name plate from the desk and replaces it with his own as he takes his seat. Jake declares that Kate is right that he can do this and he's ready for whatever walks through the door. Gabi then walks in and asks if he's sure about that. Jake questions what she's doing here. Gabi notes that he doesn't seem happy to see her. Jake asks again what the hell she is doing here. Gabi informs him that it's Rafe's birthday tomorrow so she came to surprise him. Gabi adds that she heard about Chad stepping down and Jake becoming CEO so she had to come check it out for herself.

Abigail informs Jack and Jennifer that Chad told her about his decision in between apologizing for blowing their lives to hell. Jennifer notices Abigail's suitcase. Abigail confirms that she moved out and hoped it'd be okay if she and the kids moved in. Jennifer and Jack say of course. They question what Abigail means by Chad blowing their lives to hell. Jennifer brings up Chad thinking Abigail was sleeping with Jake. Abigail then reveals that Chad slept with Gwen, which shocks them. Abigail adds that if they want the details, they are on the front page of The Intruder.

Dr. Rolf claims to Chad that he hasn't met Gwen. Chad reminds Dr. Rolf of when Rolf broke in to his house last October and Chad tied him up with Gwen guarding him. Dr. Rolf then remembers her but claims he overpowered her and freed himself. Chad believes Gwen freed him so he wants to know why.

Jack questions Chad sleeping with Gwen. Jennifer tells Abigail that they are so sorry. Jack questions Gwen telling the Intruder. Jennifer asks if that's how Abigail found out. Abigail confirms that Gwen told her in person. Jack brings up Chad accusing Abigail of having an affair and then sleeping with Gwen. Abigail explains that Gwen had it all worked out as she told him that Abigail was sleeping with Jake to drive him crazy and then gave him the perfect opportunity to get back at her. Jennifer goes over what they know about Gwen now and suggests she's lying so Abigail should talk to Chad. Abigail clarifies that there is no need as Chad confirmed everything Gwen was saying was true.

Dr. Rolf questions Chad thinking that someone he never met was going to set him free. Dr. Rolf claims he cut through the ropes with a letter opener. Chad brings up never taking his eyes off of him so he thinks someone else cut him loose and the only other person that could've done that was Gwen. Chad declares that the only explanation was that it wasn't the only encounter between Dr. Rolf and Gwen. Chad then reveals that he showed Gwen's picture to the guard and found out that Gwen visited Dr. Rolf in prison. Chad asks if he can explain that.

Anna warns Gwen about messing with the DiMera family and then running to The Intruder to gloat about it. Gwen remarks that the truth will set them free. Anna feels Gwen is punching up by damaging Chad and Abigail but if you go after a DiMera, you will pay for it eventually as it's in their blood. Anna advises her to go to the airport and slither back to where she came from then keep a low profile. Gwen mocks Anna's concern for her. Anna says her concern is for Abigail, who should never have to look at her again. Gwen remarks on how fragile Abigail is. Anna says she had Gwen sized up from the beginning but it was amateur of her to leave proof lying in her room. Gwen complains that Anna is getting on her nerves. Gwen tells Abigail that it was Chad, not Abigail, that threw her out. Gwen adds that she's not going to the airport, but to the Salem Inn, to the room that she booked on New Year's Eve with Chad. Anna tells her to hold on to her memories because there won't be any more. Gwen tells Anna that just because she's out of the DiMera Mansion, does not mean she's finished with Abigail and her family by a long shot. Gwen then walks away.

Kate tells Tony about the Intruder article leading to Mr. Shin telling Chad that the board lost faith in him and Chad stepped down. Tony doesn't like DiMera being vulnerable and feels they need a strong hand to come in and take the reins. Tony wonders if he should step in temporarily to right the ship. Kate tells him that it doesn't matter because Shin already appointed a CEO. Tony questions not being consulted and asks who it is. Kate reveals it's the man she is dating, Jake DiMera.

Jake comments on how shameless Gabi is since she heard he's running things now with money and power so here she is in a flash. Gabi remarks that Jake hasn't changed a bit. Jake says he has to change now since Chad got the boot for a sex scandal. Gabi stops him and reveals that she's here because she has a business offer.

Chad tells Dr. Rolf that Stefano valued his loyalty to his family and he thinks Rolf still loves this family. Chad thinks that's why Dr. Rolf showed him the picture of he, Kristen, and Stefano to make amends. Dr. Rolf acknowledges that Chad is Stefano's son. Chad asks him to help him protect his family then. Dr. Rolf then agrees to tell him everything. Chad thanks him and asks how he got involved with Gwen. Dr. Rolf reveals that she showed up last spring for the drug she used to scramble Abigail's brains.

Abigail tells Jack and Jennifer that Gwen was out to hurt them from before she even knew who Gwen was and she played her the whole time. Jack asks if there's any chance Abigail ever met Gwen before. Abigail points out that Gwen never said she met her. Jack suggests Gwen was after Chad, the DiMera name, or money. Abigail explains that Chad looked like he wanted to strangle her and threw her out while Gwen thought it was funny so she's not after the money. Abigail adds that it's not just her that Gwen was after, it's the whole family. Jennifer understands Gwen manipulated her and Chad too. Abigail says Kate presented that defense but argues that if Gwen trashed Chad and tried to turn her against him, she would've thrown her out. Abigail states that Chad was manipulated but he also thought she was capable. Abigail tells them that she doesn't know what she would do without them as she goes to check on the kids.

Tony laughs at Kate dating Vivian's son and remarks that Vivian must be rolling in her grave. Kate hopes she is after all the horrible things Vivian did to her. Tony asks if Kate has a favorite memory with Vivian. Kate picks the time that Vivian tricked her in to taking a flight to Europe and then poisoned the pilot so the plane would crash and Kate was assumed dead for over a year while she was on a fishing boat the whole time, planning revenge. Kate can't believe that was 25 years ago. Tony calls her even more beautiful than she was back then. Kate questions how he would know. Tony admits he wouldn't and brings up being stranded on an island himself. Tony jokes with her not to tell Anna he said that. Kate thanks him for the kind words. Tony calls Kate very special which is why he's baffled about her relationship with Jake. Tony mocks Jake as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Tony says he's beginning to understand that DiMera Enterprises is transitioning in to an automotive supply store. Kate feels insulted by him ridiculing her for being involved with a man that he knows nothing about. Kate asks Tony how he would like if she made snide remarks about Anna. Tony argues that she's never been anything but snide towards Anna. Tony comments on Kate and Jake's arrangement. Tony feels Jake has no right running DiMera Enterprises. Tony argues that Mr. Shin has put their employees in the hands of a grease monkey. Kate argues that Jake knows how things work and he's extremely bright, witty, charming, and humble. Tony calls that a great defense but asks if she's sure he is worth it.

Jake questions Gabi having a business proposition five minutes after he got the job. Gabi talks about spending months thinking of how to revive Gabi Chic, knowing she couldn't with Chad. Jake comments on Gabi drugging Abigail which Gabi says was not her. Gabi says that doesn't matter now since with Jake in charge, it's a whole new ball game. Gabi thinks it's the start of a beautiful alliance. Jake questions Gabi expecting him to just sign off on this and hand her back the keys to her own company. Jake argues that Gabi is just after money. Gabi calls it good business and argues that Jake would get a win right out the gate. Gabi adds that Jake has no experience running a corporation and says there is nothing they can't do together. Jake tells her to submit a proposal and then he will go over it. Gabi calls him a fast learner and agrees to send a business proposal. Gabi suggests they can go over it over dinner if they are going to be working together which Jake says has yet to be determined. Gabi argues that there's no reason to keep their relationship strictly professional because unlike other people, she's willing to mix business with pleasure. Gabi reminds Jake that they were really good once and she thinks they can be really good again. Jake tells her to submit her business proposal and reminds her that he's seeing somebody else.

Jack tells Jennifer that he knows it's hypocritical but he wants to strangle Chad. Jennifer talks about how calculated this all was by Gwen. Jack calls it really creepy. Jennifer feels it doesn't make any sense, wondering what Gwen has against Abigail if they never even met. Jack says at least they are on to her now. Jennifer adds that Chad kicked Gwen out of the house so she hopes they can somehow put things back together. Jack then gets a call from Anna.

Chad is shocked to learn that Gwen was the one who drugged Abigai as he thought it was Gabi. Dr. Rolf says his emotion clouded his judgment. Chad argues that Gabi had drugged her before. Dr. Rolf says that made Gabi the perfect scapegoat. Chad points out that it was last April and they didn't know Gwen then. Dr. Rolf reveals that Gwen did know them and that she has been plotting to destroy their family for a very long time..

Gabi questions who Jake is seeing. Jake reminds her that she walked in on them in bed together on Thanksgiving. Gabi remembers it's Kate and mocks their relationship. Jake warns her to watch it. Gabi argues that Kate can't be Jake's significant other and that Jake is just rebounding from her. Jake tells Gabi to go and forget about her proposal because he's not interested. Gabi apologizes and tells Jake that she cares about him as a friend. Gabi thinks Kate is using Jake and that he'll always just be a secret. Jake reveals that they are no longer secret, everybody knows, and that was Kate's idea.

Kate assures Tony that Jake is worth it. Tony remarks that Jake is a young man with a big appetite. Kate insists that he's satisfied. Tony asks what happens when someone comes around at Jake's age. Kate jokes that no one can be more beautiful or desirable than her. Tony brings up Helen of Troy. Kate assures that what she and Jake have is good and that's all that matters to them. Kate adds that it's none of his damn business or Anna's as she walks out of the room.

Jennifer asks Jack what Anna said, noting that he went all white in the face. Jack informs her that Anna said she just ran in to Gwen in the town square and that Gwen said she's getting a room at the Salem Inn and that she's not finished with Abigail or her family. Jack decides he's going to the Salem Inn with his bat. Jennifer warns that he'll just make things worse. Jack asks how it can get any worse and if they are just supposed to wait around to see what Gwen does next. Jennifer decides they will go together since Gwen is coming after their family so she will have to deal with her too. Jack and Jennifer then exit together.

Chad tells Dr. Rolf that he's still trying to wrap his head around the fact that it was Gwen who drugged Abigail the whole time. Rolf notes that was just Gwen's first move. Chad brings up that it's not just Abigail but her entire family as Gwen tried to break up Jack and Jennifer's marriage too. Chad questions why she would do that and guesses that Dr. Rolf knows. Dr. Rolf confirms that he does. Rolf tells Chad that her hatred is so strong that she can't keep a secret as she was burning to tell him what she was doing and why. Chad demands that Dr. Rolf will now tell him. Chad warns that he owes him since he didn't say anything despite knowing what Gwen was up to the entire time. Chad reminds Rolf that he said he wanted to make amends at Christmas. Rolf then agrees to tell him.

Gabi questions going public being Kate's idea and calls her a gutsy woman. Gabi reminds Jake that Kate is a great-grandma. Gabi tells him to have his fun times with Kate but argues that things are different now because she's here now which Jake laughs at. Gabi says whatever he has with Kate can't come close to what they had. Jake argues that Gabi was just missing her dead husband and he looked just like him so it was superficial. Gabi feels that's how it started but it definitely turned in to something more. Gabi adds that Jake was crazy about her and broke up with Gwen because of her. Jake confirms that he did but then Gabi left.

Chad shows up at the Horton house where Abigail answers the door. Abigail says no but Chad says he knows she doesn't want to talk to him. Abigail tells him to call first because he can't just show up. Chad informs her that he talked to Dr. Rolf as he was right that Gwen did know him and she let him go that night and there's more. Chad reveals that Dr. Rolf has been helping Gwen the whole time and he knows why Gwen hates her.

Jack and Jennifer go to Gwen's hotel room at the Salem Inn. Gwen answers the door and says it's lovely to see them. Jack and Jennifer inform her that Anna told them that Gwen said she wasn't finished with their family. Gwen remarks that she's part of this family too. Jack says they treated her like family and took her in like family but she was conning them the whole time. They ask Gwen why she hates them so much. Gwen decides maybe it's time they knew and invites them in to her room.

Anna returns to the DiMera Mansion and sees Tony pouring a drink so she asks if something is bothering him. Tony informs her of the regime change at DiMera as Chad stepped down as CEO and now Jake has been put in his place. Anna is shocked and says that's not going to end well.

Gabi tells Jake that she knows she left as she had no choice and explained that to him so she thought he understood. Gabi adds that leaving really hurt her and she knows it hurt him too even if he doesn't want to admit it. Gabi calls Kate a consolation prize as she knows she's the one he really wants. Gabi says she can see it in Jake's eyes. Gabi then kisses Jake just as Kate walks in with a bottle of champagne and sees them.

Anna informs Tony that she has some news too as she ran in to Gwen in the town square. Anna tells him that Gwen said she's staying in Salem and that she's not done coming after Abigail and her family. Anna doesn't get why Gwen is doing all of this.

Abigail asks Chad to tell her. Chad thinks her parents should be there but Abigail says they are out. Chad asks where they went. Abigail says she doesn't know as Jack just yelled from the stairs that they were leaving and asks if it matters. Chad suggests they sit down. Abigail wants him to just tell her why Gwen hates her so much.

Gwen offers Jack and Jennifer room service and talks about New Year's Eve. Jack yells at her to knock it off. Jennifer asks Gwen why she did all of this and what she could possibly have against Abigail. Gwen responds that it's not just Abigail actually. Gwen tells Jack that when she found his letter to Kate, she thought it was so touching that the whole world should know what a nice, thoughtful man he is. Jack questions if she has a beef against he and Jennifer then why did she take it out on Abigail. Gwen argues that Abigail is all he cares about. Gwen then reveals that she is also Jack's daughter!

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