Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/19/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/19/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani go to the police station to confront Xander. Xander argues that while Charlie Dale worked for him, he worked for Philip too so Philip is the one they should be questioning. Xander asks why he would kidnap Ava Vitali. Eli sends Lani to check in with the FBI while Eli takes Xander in to the interrogation room. Eli informs Xander that this isn't about Ava. Xander says that Rafe said it was about a kidnapping. Eli reveals that someone kidnapped their twins and Bonnie Lockhart identified the person who did it.

Bonnie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking to surprise Justin but Maggie answers the door. Bonnie tries to ask for Justin but Maggie shuts the door in her face.

Chad enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and complains about Jake having his feet up on the desk. Jake informs Chad that he was just reading an article in The Intruder about Chad cheating on his wife with the nanny. Jake remarks that seducing the nanny crosses all sorts of lines. Chad takes his tablet to see the article. Jake guesses Gwen must have given them an exclusive.

Kate goes to Abigail's room to ask if she has seen Chad but finds Abigail packing her bags. Kate says she knows that Gwen told Abigail that she slept with Chad. Abigail responds that Kate then knows why she is leaving Chad. Kate asks if she's sure this is what she wants to do. Abigail doesn't know what choice she has. Kate suggests forgiving Chad since Gwen lied to him and manipulated him. Abigail clarifies that she's not leaving Chad because he slept with Gwen but because he slept with Gwen after accusing her of sleeping with Jake and he chose to take Gwen's word over hers. Kate argues that Chad loves her and hates what he did. Abigail states that love is not the issue as she loves Chad but that does not mean she can live with him.

Jake jokes about if Jack and Jennifer had to write the article about Chad and Gwen for the Spectator. Chad asks if he wants to do this. Li Shin then walks in and questions if they have seen the headline in the news about Chad's affair with Gwen. Mr. Shin is disturbed by the fact that Chad was drinking heavily that night. Chad claims that nothing in the article is true and that Gwen is a lying sociopath. Mr. Shin asks if Chad had sex with Gwen or not. Chad confirms that he did so Mr. Shin says that there's nothing else to it. Jake tries to argue that Chad has a very trusting nature. Mr. Shin then declares that he and the board cannot even appear to condone this behavior. Chad reluctantly agrees that it's best for the company if he resigns as CEO of DiMera Enterprises effective immediately.

Bonnie starts to walk away but Justin comes to the door and asks how long she's been waiting. Bonnie responds that she realized she was a fool to think she would ever be welcome in this house.

Xander tells Eli that he's sorry about his kids but asks what it has to do with him and if Bonnie accused him. Eli explains that Bonnie saw Xander's old friend Dr. Amanda Raynor, who helped Xander steal Kristen's baby.

Sarah goes to the police station and tells Lani that she's looking for Xander. Lani informs her that Eli just took him in to the interrogation room. Sarah asks what's going on since Rafe said something about a kidnapping. Lani informs her that someone took their babies from the hospital.

Xander questions why Dr. Raynor took Eli's kids. Eli brings up Xander pressuring her to take Kristen's baby to give to Sarah so he questions why he would want her to steal their twins.

Sarah tells Lani that she's so sorry about her babies but questions why they think Xander is involved. Sarah thinks back to Xander once suggesting Sarah adopt one of Eli and Lani's babies. Lani questions what Sarah just remembered and tells her not to lie to her because she knows she just remembered something. Lani demands she tell her what it was and screams at her that she doesn't know where her children are. Sarah tells Lani that it was just something Xander said months ago when she was having a hard time after losing her baby. Lani questions if he said he was going to take her babies to give them to Sarah.

Justin informs Maggie that he invited Bonnie over for dinner. Maggie says it was a shock to open the door to see a woman who looks like Adrienne but is nothing like Adrienne. Maggie calls Bonnie cruel and selfish. Maggie accuses Bonnie of still trading in on looking like Adrienne. Justin clarifies that he invited Bonnie over because he doesn't think she's that woman anymore. Maggie tells him to wake up. Maggie thinks Justin looks at Bonnie and sees Adrienne. Justin doesn't understand since Bonnie was here for Christmas. Maggie says she let it go because it was Christmas but this is a date. Maggie thinks Justin should show Bonnie the door.

Chad tells Mr. Shin that the article is full of lies but he cares about his family's business which is why he needs to do what is best for it. Mr. Shin accepts Chad's resignation. Chad tells him to let Tony know that he's willing to do whatever it takes to help with the transition. Mr. Shin then reveals that the board thinks it would be best for some new blood and looks over at Jake which surprises them. Chad argues that Jake is a mechanic who eats with his hands. Mr. Shin remarks that they don't care as long as he keeps his hands off the hired help. Jake agrees to take the job, joking that Chad did it so it can't be hard.

Kate tells Abigail that Chad believed Gwen but so did Abigail for a long time. Abigail talks about it all being lies but if Gwen ever spoke poorly of Chad and tried to turn her against him, she would've been out of her house. Kate guesses Gwen knew that so she wouldn't risk it with her because she's a con woman. Abigail points out that Chad believed Gabi too. Abigail asks if Chad would have believed these women so much if he didn't find them attractive. Kate thinks Abigail is short changing Chad a bit because he's a good man who made a stupid mistake that he deeply regrets. Kate adds that Chad knows it was wrong and is ready to do anything to make it up to her. Kate asks Abigail if she really wants to give Gwen the satisfaction of breaking up her marriage. Abigail responds that Gwen didn't, Chad did. Kate declares that Abigail is right about all of it so all she can tell her is that they've been through so much and fought so hard to be together. Kate asks if Abigail is really sure she just wants to walk out. Kate leaves and Abigail finishes packing her bag. Abigail looks over at a photo of her and Chad. Chad then enters the room. Abigail informs him that she is packed and now she just has to decide if she's leaving or not.

Bonnie tells Justin it's okay and she will go but Justin says no. Justin tells Maggie that he loves her because she's always willing to give someone a second chance. Justin brings up how people at her meetings aren't told they screwed up too many times, they are helped to start over. Justin suggests they start this all over again.

Sarah joins Xander in the interrogation room. Xander explains to her what's going on but Sarah informs him that she knows. Xander says she has to tell them that he wouldn't even think of doing something like this. Sarah reminds Xander that he did think of doing it and reveals she just told Lani all about it.

Maggie tells Justin that he's right that she believes in second chances and that people can change. Maggie adds that maybe Bonnie has changed or will changed, but not here. Maggie won't tolerate Bonnie in this house or in her life. Bonnie asks why she can't forgive her if Justin can. Maggie reminds Bonnie that she tried to steal her husband and argues that she only cares about money. Bonnie says that's not true. Maggie believes Bonnie wants money and power. Maggie brings up Bonnie putting Adrienne in prison. Justin asks if they really have to go there. Maggie accuses Bonnie of trying to take her place in Victor's bed for money and now she's after another Kiriakis with the same technique. Maggie asks if Bonnie thinks this time will be easier since Adrienne has already been taken care of. Bonnie argues that she doesn't want Maggie's house, her man, or anything that belongs to her. Maggie tells her to prove it by getting out. Bonnie picks up one of Maggie's priceless statues in the room and threatens to smash it to prove she doesn't care about money.

Xander questions why Sarah told Lani that. Sarah complains that Lani doesn't know where her babies are and she wasn't going to lie to her. Xander argues that she didn't have to lie, she could've just kept her mouth shut. Xander questions Sarah thinking he got Dr. Raynor to steal two babies to cheer her up and that nobody would notice. Sarah argues that she doesn't think he did it but it's not her place to decide what they do and don't know. Xander says now Eli and Lani are going to waste all their time trying to pin this on him, giving Dr. Raynor all the time to take the babies God knows where.

Lani tells Eli that it doesn't make sense because if Xander took the twins for Sarah then she would have them. Eli argues that Sarah just admitted to her that Xander planned this but Lani clarifies that she didn't, only that Xander said something stupid to make her feel better. Lani gets why he wants Xander to be guilty so it would bring them closer to bringing their babies home. Lani repeats that if Xander really took the babies, Sarah would have told them.

Abigail tells Chad that their kids are at her parents and that Kate just came in, pleading his case for her to give him another chance. Chad knows he doesn't deserve that. Chad adds that he doesn't remember anything that happened that night with Gwen because he was completely wasted and it was meaningless. Chad says he's not attracted to Gwen and calls her repulsive to him. Abigail doesn't want to hear it and questions if Chad wasn't turned on by Gwen. Abigail says it doesn't make a difference because she doesn't want to picture he and Gwen going at it. Abigail brings up Gwen telling her that their sex was mind blowing so what Chad says about it doesn't make a difference. Chad regrets bringing it up. Chad says he had everything he ever wanted and has now lost it all and there's only one person to blame.

Kate goes to the living room and tells Jake that Gwen really did a number on Chad and he might lose his marriage. Jake informs her that he already lost his job and shows her that Chad's affair with Gwen is headline news. Jake explains how Chad resigned and Mr. Shin named him the new CEO. Kate calls Chad an imbecile for not negotiating an exit plan then tells Jake that he'll do fine. Jake responds that he's not so sure about that.

Chad accepts the blame for not believing Abigail. Chad brings up Gwen's interview with the Intruder. Abigail is sure she enjoyed kicking them while they are down. Chad explains that Mr. Shin saw it so he resigned and Jake is going to be the new CEO. Abigail is sure that Gwen is thrilled that another person she loves takes a hit because of her. Chad questions that. Abigail argues that he knows she loves him and this is not about love, it's about trust. Abigail says that Gwen did not come to Salem to hide from Jake but to hurt her and her family which all started with making sure she found Jack's letter to Kate.

Jake admits to Kate that he said yes to the job to stick it to Chad but now he worries that he might screw it up big time. Kate jokes that taking the job to stick it to someone he doesn't like is in line with the family and the company. Kate says that Stefano would so approve. Jake is serious that he doesn't know what he's doing and can barely make it through Shin's first e-mail. Kate reminds him that she was a successful CEO at DiMera so she will get him through it. Kate asks Jake to just not let the power get to his head and get cocky because he has no idea how many sharks are swimming in DiMera waters.

Bonnie tells Maggie that if she attacks her, she will go for what's most important to her. Bonnie remarks that Maggie is right that she hasn't changed and she sees right through her. Bonnie says that she conned Justin but Justin doesn't buy it and tells her to hand him the statue. Bonnie brings up Maggie's drinking and says she is attacking because Maggie attacked her. Bonnie hands the statue to Justin and says she's trying not to follow through on her impulses. Justin suggests that means she is changing while Maggie says maybe she just got more polished. Maggie then walks out of the room. Justin tells Bonnie that he's sorry about that. Bonnie cries that Maggie didn't make anything up as she did everything she said. Justin encourages her not to give up. Bonnie responds that she never has and never will.

Sarah explains to Xander that she told Lani what he said but then told her that she knew he had nothing to do with taking the babies. Xander worries that Lani won't take her word for it and feels the only thing worse than a desperate cop is a desperate parent.

Eli agrees with Lani that Xander is a dead end. Lani worries that it was their only lead. Eli tries to hug her but Lani declares that she's not going to cry until she gets her babies back. Eli decides to go let Xander loose while Lani decides to check Dr. Raynor's file again. Eli hoped that Xander's connection to Dr. Raynor will lead them somewhere. Lani responds that maybe it still can. Eli and Lani enter the interrogation room. Eli tells Xander that they don't think he had anything to do with this but that maybe he could help them. Xander asks if he is free to go. Eli confirms that he is but repeats that they hoped he could help. Xander tells them that he hopes he gets their babies back but since he has nothing to do with it, he thinks it would be best to stay out of it and get back to his job. Sarah stops him and says Xander would be delighted to do anything he can to help.

Kate works with Jake about being CEO and talks about teaching him interest rates and backend deals. Jake jokes about thinking business was dull. Jake tells Kate that it means a lot that she wanted to go public about them. Kate points out that now she's dating the CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Jake adds that it's nice that she told everyone while he was still nothing. Kate responds that he was never nothing. Jake gets a text from Mr. Shin's assistant that he has go to the office to sign paper work. Jake says he will take her out for dinner afterwards and jokes that he will still eat with his hands even as CEO of a fancy company.

Chad tells Abigail that Gwen tried to break up Jack and Jennifer's marriage then moved on to theirs. Abigail argues that it wouldn't have happened if Chad trusted her. Chad admits it was because of his own insecurities. Abigail asks if she's that stupid and shallow that she would risk losing their marriage over a fling with a man he despises, knowing he would find out. Abigail doesn't understand why Chad would get her help if he thought she was losing her mind instead of getting drunk with the nanny. Chad wishes he could undo it but he can't so all he can do is ask for another chance. Chad tells her that he quit DiMera so they can go back to Paris to start over but realizes she's not ready to think about anything like that. Chad tells Abigail that he loves her with all his heart. Chad begs Abigail for another chance.

Justin and Bonnie finish eating dinner at the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin is glad the scene with Maggie didn't spoil her appetite. Justin admits there have been times in his life where he wanted to smash Maggie's statues too. Bonnie says that might be fun but they can't do that to Maggie. Bonnie suggests finding another way to be naughty...

Xander goes along with Sarah and tells Eli and Lani that he would love to help but he's not sure how he can. Eli wants him to make contact with Dr. Raynor which Xander questions as he's sure he's the last person she would want to hear from. Lani feels it's their only hope. Xander agrees to do it.

Abigail goes to the Horton house with her bag packed and calls out to Jack and Jennifer that she will be up to get the kids.

Chad goes to the living room where Kate notes that he looks like hell. Chad informs her that Abigail left him. Kate notes that Jake told her he resigned as well. Chad thinks he deserves it while Kate blames Gwen. Chad brings up Abigail telling him that Gwen led her to Jack's letter. Kate knew Chad couldn't trust Gwen from the start. Chad says he did and he lost everything because of it. Chad remarks that he never suspected Gwen but then recalls that's not true as there was one time that he thought she was lying to him but he shrugged it off. Chad declares he's going to find out if he's right and exits the mansion.

Jake goes to his new office at DiMera Enterprises. He removes Chad's name plate from the desk and replaces it with his own as he takes his seat. Jake declares that Kate is right that he can do this and he's ready for whatever walks through the door. Gabi then walks in and asks if he's sure about that.

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