Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/18/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/18/21


Written By Joseph

Philip reveals to Brady and Chloe that Xander dissolved the shell company he was using to launder the mob money. Brady says that explains why he couldn't find it. Chloe adds that if Xander knows what Philip is up to, he'll be out for blood. Philip responds that Xander is the least of his worries.

Sarah goes to the Titan office and asks Xander what is so urgent. Xander tells her that they caught Philip before he could destroy Titan and his money laundering days are over. Xander informs her that he told Philip this morning. Sarah thought he was going to wait to smooth things over at Titan. Xander tells her that that was the plan but there's been a development as their intern Charlie has been arrested for kidnapping.

Nicole complains to Rafe that Charlie Dale is a rapist and a kidnapper so she questions how the hell he made bail. Rafe guesses his attorney made the case that Ava is an unreliable witness. Allie enters the room and questions Charlie being out of jail which Nicole confirms.

Tripp retrieves his phone from Charlie's apartment and goes to leave just as Charlie comes home.

Steve enters Ava's hospital room. Ava asks if it's really him because she's apparently been having intense hallucinations. Steve tells her that's because Charlie drugged her but he is really here. Steve says the question is where is Tripp.

Charlie questions what the hell Tripp is doing at his apartment. Tripp thought he was in jail. Charlie informs him that he made bail. Charlie accuses Tripp of trying to plant evidence to frame him for what he did to Allie. Charlie tells Tripp that he can tell his story to the cops and pulls out his phone to call but Tripp warns him not to do that.

Steve tells Ava that Tripp said he was going to wait here until she got back from her scans. Ava worries that something must be wrong then because no one was there when she got back. Steve suggests he could've gone to get a cup of coffee. Ava thinks that Charlie got him.

Charlie asks if Tripp is threatening him. Tripp says he just doesn't think calling the cops is his best move considering everything he's done. Charlie says he didn't do anything but Tripp says he will prove it. Charlie calls Tripp so damn cocky. Tripp tells him to admit that he kidnapped their mother and held her against her will. Tripp asks if he's going to deny he is Ava's son. Charlie responds that he's not denying that. Tripp accuses him of terrorizing Ava. Charlie argues that he restrained her for her own good. Tripp asks if restraining is what he does to women. Charlie argues that Tripp doesn't know Ava and calls her insane. Charlie claims that he was afraid Ava would hurt herself so he tied her up. Tripp argues that he drugged her. Charlie claims to have no idea what he's talking about and asks why he would drug his own mother. Tripp guesses that Ava knew he wasn't the one who raped Allie and that it was Charlie.

Allie questions Charlie being out on bail. Rafe explains that Ava is considered unreliable. Nicole argues that Kayla has proof that Charlie drugged Ava. Rafe says there's proof that there were drugs in her system by not that Charlie did it. Allie argues that Charlie did all of this so he shouldn't be out free. Rafe points out that the judge didn't throw out the kidnapping charge so they will work to make sure years are added for what he did to Allie.

Philip worries that the mob has put a hit out on him with the shell company dissolved. Chloe points out that it just happened so they might not know yet. Philip then gets a call from Angelo Vitali and assumes that they know.

Sarah mentions reading that Charlie got arrested and questions him kidnapping Ava. Xander assumed Philip put him up to it but he denied it. Xander adds that Philip tried to deny working for Ava until he showed him the file. Sarah then realizes that Philip knows she was in on it and they were working together. Xander tells her that he gave tons of credit. Sarah guesses Philip wasn't happy to find out she was playing him but says that's what he gets for betraying his family. Sarah figures Philip must be terrified of what Victor will do when he finds out. Xander informs her that Philip is up against something much scarier than Victor.

Philip tries to tell Angelo that he had nothing to do with what happened but Angelo hangs up on him. Philip tells Brady and Chloe that the money is gone and they're going to kill him so he has to get out of here. Chloe argues that he can't go home and asks Brady if Philip can stay with him. Brady says not with his baby daughter here so Chloe offers to let Philip stay in her room but Brady says no way in hell.

Ava urges Steve that they have to find Tripp and get to him before Charlie hurts him or worse. Steve encourages Ava to calm down and tells her it's okay. Ava remembers that Charlie was arrested so she assumes he is in jail and can't hurt Tripp but she can tell Steve is keeping something from her so she asks what's wrong. Steve then informs her that Charlie made bail.

Charlie tells Tripp that Allie remembers Tripp in her apartment in London, not him. Tripp accuses Charlie of showing up after he left and raping her which Ava told the police. Charlie argues that Ava also told them that he killed him and that Steve buried his body. Tripp guesses Charlie wanted to make sure no one would believe Ava if she talked. Charlie claims he didn't meet Allie until Christmas so he questions why he would be in her apartment a year ago. Tripp suggests he was following him. Charlie asks if he's calling him a stalker too. Charlie tells Tripp that he's not obsessed with him like Ava. Charlie complains that Ava worships Tripp.

Claire questions why they should bother to build a case against Charlie since the cops in London didn't charge Tripp. Rafe says he'll try to get a court order for a DNA sample on Charlie. Nicole argues that will prove Charlie is a rapist. Rafe notes that it would prove he's Henry's father but not necessarily the attack so they need conclusive evidence. Nicole argues that they don't have a witness. Rafe says if Allie can somehow remember Charlie attacking her and testifying to that then maybe they will have a chance at nailing Charlie to the wall. Allie says she's been trying so hard to remember something to connect Charlie to that night but so far she's drawing a blank. Nicole brings up Charlie seeming familiar to Allie. Allie says she doesn't have any memory of seeing him in London. Rafe suggests there's a way to get her memory back.

Ava starts to worry if Charlie did come back for Tripp. Steve insists he's fine. Ava argues that Tripp needs her to save him while Steve tries to keep her calm.

Tripp tells Charlie that he didn't even know Ava growing up. Charlie argues that Tripp was her son with her one true love so he was everything to her. Charlie talks about how devastated Ava was when she was forced to give Tripp up and it was like he didn't even exist. Charlie complains that his mother couldn't have cared less about him because his father wasn't Steve Johnson. Tripp asks who his father was. Charlie responds that he worked for their grandfather, Martino. Charlie talks about Ava being really messed up after he forced Ava to give Tripp up so Martino recruited Charlie's dad. Charlie adds that Ava didn't love him or his dad. Charlie says that he was a baby and Ava just walked away. Charlie complains about Ava not raising him or spending time with him. Tripp says that Ava was going through a hard time. Charlie declares that he's not Steve's son so he will never mean anything to Ava. Charlie talks about wanting to get Ava to notice he's there and that he is hers. Charlie always wanted to be close to Ava but says she doesn't see him as anything because Tripp is the son she wanted and the only son she ever loved.

Xander tells Sarah that his plan was to undo Philip's damage, then tell him, and then break the news to Victor but he confronted him earlier because he thought Philip was behind Ava's kidnapping. Xander reveals to Sarah that he dissolved the shell company Philip was using and now Philip thinks the mob will kill him when they find out. Sarah asks if that could really happen. Xander confirms it's possible. Sarah decides she's going to call the police because she's not going to tell Maggie that they got her stepson killed.

Chloe asks Brady why Philip can't hide in her room. Brady argues that the mob could show up and kill her. Chloe asks if he has a better idea. Brady says he will think of one. Chloe says until that happens, Philip can stay in her room. Brady declares that is not happening but Chloe argues that he doesn't have any control over her life. Philip then remarks that Brady thinks he does which is why he told him to stay away from Chloe which she questions. Chloe tells Brady that he has a hell of a nerve. Brady explains that he told Philip that while he was in the crosshairs of a notorious crime family, it was a good idea to stay away so Chloe didn't become collateral damage. Chloe argues that it's not his call to make. Chloe calls it just like when she was with Stefan and Brady cooked up a scheme with Gabi. Brady doesn't want her hurt while Chloe says she can take care of herself. Brady points out that Stefan ended up cheating on her with Gabi which Chloe calls ancient history. Brady says the point is, Stefan hurt her and the situation she was put in was very dangerous just like the situation Philip is putting her in now. Chloe declares that Philip is her friend and she can protect him while Brady doesn't get a say in this. Chloe remarks that she's not Brady's wife anymore and she doesn't need him to save or protect her. Chloe yells at Brady to just back off.

Xander takes Sarah's phone and asks why they should help Philip. Sarah argues that they can't let the mob murder him. Xander suggests letting them rough him up a little but Sarah says it's not funny. Sarah brings up that Victor has already lost Bo and Ciara so if he loses Philip too, it will kill him. Sarah asks what that would do to her mom. Xander responds that he would never want to hurt Maggie but if Philip was out of the way, Victor would make him sole CEO of Titan. Sarah says she will pretend she didn't hear him say that and asks for her phone so she can call Rafe.

Allie asks Rafe about a way to get her memories back. Rafe brings up hypnosis. Allie asks if that works. Rafe says there's no guarantees but they have had success before. Nicole brings up Marlena being an expert. Nicole adds that there is no pressure and it was just a suggestion. Allie mentions needing to get home to Henry. Rafe says he needs to talk to her about Charlie before she goes.

Steve wants Ava to relax. Ava needs to know that Tripp is okay. Steve promises her that Tripp is fine and explains that the hospital is on lockdown after Eli and Lani's babies were kidnapped so Charlie couldn't have taken Tripp. Ava questions where the hell Tripp is then.

Tripp tells Charlie that he's sorry their mother was so awful to him and that he knows a little about being neglected as a kid by his adoptive dad. Tripp talks about Steve and Kayla finding him in Arizona. Charlie says that's because they wanted him while Ava just wanted him to disappear. Tripp gets that Ava hurt him but says that didn't give him the right to hurt Allie. Charlie argues that there is no evidence that he was anywhere near Allie in London. Tripp points out that he hurt Ava too. Charlie insists that nothing Ava says is true. Tripp warns him that his time will run out so he should just confess. Charlie thinks he would love that. Tripp knows that child abuse and neglect is real and can make you do things you'll regret for life. Tripp adds that if Charlie tells the cops what he just told him, maybe they'll cut him a break.

Brady tells Chloe that he's not going to just stop caring about her so he's going to react strongly when her life could be in danger. Philip shouts that he cares about her too. Brady tells him to prove it then. Brady questions if Philip wants to put a target on Chloe's back too. Philip says of course not so Brady demands he tell Chloe that he will find another place to hide.

Rafe warns Allie not to go see Charlie. Allie asks why he would even say that. Rafe brings up Shawn telling him that Allie snuck in to the interrogation room last night. Allie feels she had to confront him about what he did to her. Allie says she asked Charlie if Henry being his son mattered to him but Claire burst in before he could say anything. Rafe understands why she needed to confront him but he's out now and feels threatened so there's no telling what he will do.

Charlie doesn't think the cops will care about his sob story and says he has no reason to tell it because he didn't do anything wrong. Tripp assures that Rafe will gather the evidence to convict him and Charlie will go to prison for a long time so confessing will be best for him in the long run. Charlie mocks Tripp caring about what happens to him. Tripp responds that Ava may have rejected him but he won't because no matter what he's done, he is family and wants to help him. Tripp offers to walk to the police station with him so they can talk to Rafe together. Tripp then gets a call from Steve, who questions where he is. Steve says he and Ava are worried because he said he would wait in her hospital room. Tripp responds that he's sorry but he'll see them both soon and hangs up. Charlie asks if his parents were worried about him. Tripp tells him everything is fine and they can go to the station but Charlie tells him to forget it and get out. Tripp asks what happened. Charlie tells Tripp that he's not his family. Tripp says he's sorry about Charlie's childhood but warns that if he doesn't confess, he'll find another way to clear his name and he will have to answer to what he did to Allie. Charlie says they will see about that.

Brady questions Philip and orders him to tell Chloe that he will find some place else to lie low unless he doesn't care that Chloe will be taken out by the mob. Brady argues that if Philip cared, he wouldn't have asked Chloe to take him in. Chloe points out that Philip didn't ask, she offered. Philip thanks Chloe and announces that he gratefully accepts.

Xander tells Sarah that if she tells the cops that Philip is in danger, she'll have to tell them why and then he'll get arrested. Xander asks if she's sure she wants to put Victor and Maggie through that. Sarah says nice try and takes her phone back. Sarah then calls Rafe and informs him that she and Xander have a police matter to discuss with him if he could come to the Titan office. Sarah adds that it's important so Rafe says he's on his way. Nicole asks Rafe if everything is okay. Rafe says it's just something he has to deal with and reminds Allie of what he said. Allie agrees not to see Charlie and to think about the hypnosis. Allie thinks it would be worth it to remember everything that night and make Charlie pay for what he did.

Charlie thinks back to Allie confronting him in the interrogation room. Charlie then thinks back to his argument with Tripp earlier. Charlie gets upset and kicks a table then pulls out his phone.

Tripp returns to Ava's hospital room and explains to Ava and Steve that he left his phone at Charlie's apartment and when he went to leave, there Charlie was. Ava is thankful that Charlie didn't hurt him. Steve says that's exactly why he wanted Tripp to let the police handle it. Ava questions that and then asks why his phone was at Charlie's place in the first place. Tripp explains that he was looking for proof that Charlie assaulted Allie. Ava points out that he already admitted it to her. Tripp tells her that Charlie is denying ever being in London. Ava assures that he was which Steve questions how she knows. Ava then reveals that she is the one who sent Charlie to London. Steve questions why she would do that. Ava explains that after Dr. Rolf brought her back, all she could think about was Tripp but she had no idea where he was and Charlie kept asking to work for her so she asked Charlie to locate Tripp and report back to her. Ava explains that Charlie first went to California when Tripp was in med school and overheard him planning his trip to London. Ava adds that Charlie wasn't happy about the assignment. Steve asks why she didn't tell them this before. Ava talks about being confused and apologizes. Steve says now they know Charlie was in London specifically to follow Tripp. Tripp adds that Charlie hates him so that's opportunity and motive. Ava wants to tell the police but Steve tells her to relax and that he'll take care of this as he exits the room.

Charlie calls Claire and leaves a message that he's out on bail and he would really like to see her so he asks her to please call him back.

Nicole and Allie walk through the town square with Henry in his stroller. They talk about getting Henry to sleep peacefully. Allie worries about Henry finding out how he was conceived when he grows up. Nicole reminds her that they will be there for support and assures that is not how they will be defined. Allie wonders how to even explain it. Nicole suggests Marlena could advise her on that. Allie admits therapy with her has been helpful so she asks if hypnosis could be too. Nicole brings up that Marlena helped Ben remember that he didn't murder Ciara. Allie jut doesn't know if she could relive that night.

Brady argues that Philip is using this situation to get close to Chloe and that he came to her for help because he knew she couldn't say no. Chloe brings up that she overheard Philip and he tried to get her to back off. Brady pleads with Chloe not to let Philip stay with her. Philip reminds him that Chloe told him to butt out of her life. Philip adds that he's perfectly capable of protecting Chloe if something happens and tells Brady to worry about his own screwed up life. Chloe then takes Philip to go get him settled in, leaving Brady upset.

Rafe goes to Titan. Sarah thanks him for coming so fast. Rafe asks what they wanted to discuss. Sarah informs him that Philip needs police protection which Rafe questions. Sarah says she can't get in to the details but his life could be in danger. Rafe says without further information, there's not much he can do which Sarah questions. Xander accepts that Rafe can't help. Rafe suggests having Philip get in touch with him himself. Xander claims he'll be sure to do that, thanks Rafe for coming, and guesses they are done here. Rafe then reveals that he got a call on his way here so he needs to take Xander to the station for questioning about a kidnapping.

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