Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/15/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/15/21


Written By Joseph

Chloe goes to Brady's room at the Salem Inn and tells him that Maggie is thrilled to watch Rachel. Chloe talks about missing Parker but she knows he's fine. Brady tells her that he's doing a deep dive in to Titan's financials to try and see what kind of trouble Philip is really in. Chloe assures Brady that Philip appreciates his help. Brady points out that he's doing it for her, not him, even though it could get him in trouble.

Xander works at his office in Titan and calls for Charlie but instead Philip enters and informs him that Charlie won't be in today. Xander questions if Philip gave their intern the morning off. Philip then shows Xander his tablet with the article. Xander is then shocked to learn that Charlie has been arrested for kidnapping.

Belle brings Claire some tea in her bedroom and asks how she's doing. Claire talks about how her and Charlie had planned to see her favorite band in concert. Claire asks how it's possible that the amazing guy who got her those tickets is the same guy being accused of kidnapping Ava and attacking Allie. Claire doesn't understand how she could've been so wrong about him.

Kayla calls Rafe from the hospital to inform him that she got Ava's blood work back and confirms that she was drugged. Nicole comes over and questions Kayla about Ava being drugged, guessing that it was Charlie who did it.

Rafe brings Charlie into his office at the police station. Charlie tells him he has nothing to say to him and asks where his lawyer is. Rafe responds that his lawyer is trying to convince Melinda Trask to release him ahead of his arraignment. Charlie argues that he's innocent. Rafe informs him that Ava says he knocked her out, tied her up, and held her hostage. Charlie remarks that he's heard Ava has said a lot of things. Rafe reveals that Ava also says that Charlie implicated himself in the rape of Allie Horton.

Tripp goes to Charlie's apartment when he gets a text from Steve, asking why he isn't answering his calls and where he is. Tripp decides it's better he doesn't know as he bags Charlie's toothbrush. Tripp then hides with a bat when he hears the door. Tripp waits behind the door and hits the person from behind before realizing that it was Steve.

Belle tells Allie that Charlie only allowed her to see part of who he was. Allie complains that she believed he was good, sweet, kind, and romantic but guesses she was so desperate for a boyfriend. Belle argues that she's not desperate. Claire cries that it's what she did with Tripp and Theo even though she knew they loved Ciara more than her and just settled for her. Claire says it was so different with Charlie as she finally felt like the one for the first time. Claire asks what if it was just a lie and she's the pathetic idiot who fell for it.

Charlie repeats to Rafe that he had nothing to do with what happened to Allie. Charlie argues that there is no way they are going to pin what Tripp did on him. Rafe reminds him that he's being held because Ava alleges that he knocked her out and held her against her will. Charlie brings up his lawyer saying that Ava also said he stabbed Tripp in front of her so he thinks anything Ava says about him is not reliable. Rafe suggests that Ava was drugged and then reveals they have proof. Rafe bets that Charlie is responsible for that.

Kayla tells Nicole that she can't discuss Ava's test results with her. Nicole points out that she was discussing it with Rafe. Kayla says that's because it's part of a police investigation. Nicole brings up the Spectator saying Charlie was held in connection with Ava's abduction so he obviously drugged her. Nicole continues to press Kayla for answers but Kayla doesn't know what to say. Nicole wants to see Ava but Kayla says she sent her for a brain scan. Nicole asks if she thinks the effects could be permanent but Kayla won't say anymore. Nicole questions what kind of monster drugs their own mother. Kayla points out they don't know for sure that Charlie is Ava's son. Nicole says maybe not yet but hopefully Melinda will make Charlie give them a sample of his DNA, so they will know he is Ava's son and the animal that raped Allie.

Tripp apologizes to Steve for hitting him as he thought maybe Charlie got released early from jail and came home. Steve tells him that Charlie is still in custody as he checked with Rafe on his way. Steve reminds Tripp that they had this conversation about leaving it to the authorities. Tripp questions how to do that when he needs answers now and proof that he's innocent. Steve didn't want Tripp to go rogue. Tripp questions what Steve's excuse for being here is. Steve responds that someone has to save Tripp from himself. Tripp responds that he doesn't need saving and can take care of himself. Steve relates to being that way at his age. Tripp insists that he knows what he's doing. Steve tells Tripp that taking matters into his own hands is not the way to handle this. Tripp shows Steve the toothbrush and says he got what he came for and he's feeling pretty good about it.

Claire tells Belle that Charlie told her that he's not Ava's son and he didn't attack Allie. Belle informs Claire that Ava told Nicole that Charlie confessed and then knocked her out and tied her up because she was going to expose him. Claire points out that Ava has been out of it and imagining things. Claire feels Charlie was so sincere when he told her that he's innocent. Claire talks about when they met and everything they have done together and how he's been a perfect gentleman. Claire asks about Belle and Shawn liking him. Belle admits that she thought Charlie was really charming but Shawn is not really a fan. Claire guesses it turns out he was right. Belle knows Charlie seemed to really care about her. Claire says it was so nice having a real boyfriend at family events. Claire then wonders if he left on Christmas because he was afraid that Allie would recognize him.

Xander reads the article about Charlie and says it doesn't make any sense because he's a total wimp. Xander asks Philip if he has any idea why Charlie would want to kidnap Ava of all people. Philip says he has no clue but wants to hire a temp since Charlie won't be in any time soon. Xander brings up Ava having a lot of enemies so a lot of people would probably want her silenced, maybe even Philip. Xander asks Philip if he gave Charlie this assignment. Philip questions why he would do that. Xander then reveals he knows Ava is his boss.

Chloe worries that she's really dragged Brady into something. Brady tells her that she has no idea. Chloe knows Brady is worried about the mob retaliating but she thinks they can turn it over to the police and be safe. Brady agrees that it's never good to cross the mob but says that's not the trouble he's talking about which Chloe questions. Brady then reveals to her that Kristen saw a picture of them kissing in the newspaper on New Year's Eve and she gave him hell about it.

Philip questions why Xander would say Ava is his boss. Xander questions him denying that he secretly works for Ava Vitali. Xander asks if he really thought he wouldn't find out that he's laundering mob money for Ava and that's why he wormed his way back in to Titan.

Claire tells Belle that she told Charlie that Allie thought he looked familiar and he just shrugged it off. Belle knows Claire wants to believe him. Claire acknowledges that it was weird that he had to go on Christmas Eve right after she introduced him to Allie. Claire adds that Allie seemed freaked out the other day when Charlie joined them. Claire worries that seeing Charlie is helping Allie remember what happened to her in London. Claire asks what if it was Charlie, not Tripp, who attacked Allie.

Steve tells Tripp that stealing Charlie's toothbrush won't hold up in court. Tripp points out that Steve did the same to him. Steve apologizes for that but Tripp understands he did it to prove his innocence so now he's trying to do the same thing. Tripp talks about how Kayla forgave him and came to love him which meant everything to him but now maybe she'll finally see he wasn't involved if the DNA proves it was Charlie. Steve assures him that Kayla loves him and he knows she is coming around. Tripp argues that this will seal it. Steve reluctantly gives in to get the toothbrush tested to clear his name. Tripp adds that this is also about getting Allie justice because she deserves to know who raped her and he deserves to pay. Steve points out that the police will have to get their own DNA from Charlie. Steve and Tripp then exit together.

Rafe tells Charlie that he's waiting and he's tired of his bull so he wants to hear it. Charlie then admits to Rafe that Ava came to his place. Charlie claims that she was talking about knives and wanting to hurt herself and he didn't know what else to do so he tied her up to protect her from herself. Rafe questions why he didn't call the police. Charlie says it just didn't occur to him and guesses he just panicked. Rafe guesses he didn't want the police or anyone else to know that Ava was at his apartment. Rafe asks why he didn't at least call a doctor. Charlie responds that he knows Ava hates doctors and is terrified of them so he didn't call them which gives Rafe the proof that Ava is Charlie's mother.

Chloe tells Brady that she's sorry that Kristen was upset and talks about Kristen knowing they are just friends and it was New Year's Eve. Brady says he explained everything but Kristen overreacted. Brady understands Kristen is lonely and in prison. Brady apologizes and says this isn't Chloe's problem. Chloe feels bad that Brady feels guilty about something so innocent. Brady clarifies that he just feels bad that Kristen was threatened for no reason. Chloe guesses she might feel threatened in her position too since they were married once. Brady says that is something he does feel guilty about because he was stupid and selfish so he messed up by hurting her and himself. Chloe calls that a really long time ago and says Brady's not the same person anymore. Brady is grateful that she has given him a second chance because her friendship means a lot to him. Brady adds that he's grateful for his second chance with Kristen so he has to do everything in his power to not screw this up. Chloe worries about Brady with Kristen being in prison. Brady says those are the cards he was dealt. Chloe asks if Brady is going to be okay being without Kristen for the next four and a half years.

Philip laughs at Xander accusing him of laundering money for Ava and asks why he would be doing that. Xander then shows Philip his computer screen and asks if it looks familiar. Philip calls him a bastard. Xander tells him to wait until Victor finds out. Philip asks how he got this. Xander reveals that the credit has to go to Sarah which shocks Philip. Xander questions if Philip really believed he had a chance with Sarah. Xander then reveals that he and Sarah never broke up and are as in love as ever. Xander mocks how Philip flirted with Sarah in hopes that he would get jealous. Xander says it turns out that Philip was the stupid one. Philip realizes that Sarah had stolen his files on New Year's Eve. Xander tells Philip that he has a big problem and threatens to tell Victor about how Philip put his empire at risk and then Victor will throw him out of the company and the family.

Steve and Tripp go to the hospital to see Kayla. Tripp asks about Ava. Kayla says she is a little more coherent so she's been taken for more tests and a brain scan. Steve tells Kayla they have something else for her to test as Tripp reveals Charlie's toothbrush in hopes that it will prove that Charlie is the one who raped Allie and is the father of her baby.

Claire asks Belle if it's wrong that she hopes there's an explanation for this and that Charlie is the guy she thinks he is. Belle warns that Ava's claims are very serious. Claire brings up being at Charlie's apartment and not seeing Ava. Belle questions how they can believe Ava. Belle tells her that Rafe found Ava in Charlie's apartment and her story sounded legitimate. Claire questions believing Ava over Charlie.

Charlie admits to Rafe that Ava is his mother and asks if that's a crime. Rafe calls it a weird thing to lie about. Charlie argues that she didn't acknowledge him for his whole life so he asks why he should acknowledge her. Charlie declares that he's done talking to him without his lawyer. Nicole then walks in and calls Charlie a sick son of a bitch. Charlie questions who she is. Nicole responds that she's Nicole Brady and his worst nightmare. Nicole accuses Charlie of drugging her friend and raping her niece then tells him to admit it. Rafe gets up to tell Nicole to back off. Nicole questions what kind of sick pervert Charlie is and says she hopes he gets put in jail for the rest of his life. Charlie argues that it's a mistake and he's not going to jail. Nicole warns that jail would be the safest place for him because a lot of people including her want to kill him for what he did to Allie. Rafe stops Nicole and says that's enough. Rafe then escorts Charlie out of his office.

Belle knows it's hard to reconcile the Charlie that Claire knows with the Charlie that hurt Ava and Allie. Belle is thankful that Claire did not get more deeply involved with him which Claire questions. Claire argues that she is deeply involved and that she fell in love with Charlie. Claire cries that she thought she finally got it right and chose someone who loved her for who she is. Belle hugs her as she cries. Claire questions how she could trust him and be so stupid. Belle encourages her that Charlie was clever and fooled a lot of people.

Steve tells Kayla that Tripp took a page from their book and grabbed Charlie's toothbrush without permission. Tripp explains that he knows it won't matter in court but he hopes to get the civil case against him dismissed and that Kayla and everyone else will finally believe that he didn't assault Allie and that Henry is not his baby. Kayla assures there is nothing she wants more than his innocence to be proven. Tripp thanks her. Kayla agrees to run the DNA test right away. Tripp asks if he can wait in Ava's room until she gets back from her scan which Kayla allows. Steve thanks Kayla for what she said to Tripp and for agreeing to run the test. Kayla declares that if Charlie ends up being Henry's father, she will owe Tripp a big apology and a bigger one to Steve. Steve tells her that there's no apology necessary as she had good reason to believe Tripp was guilty. Kayla points out that Steve never stopped believing in Tripp and fighting for him. Steve says he knows his son and that he could never hurt a woman like that. Steve hopes soon everyone knows that.

Tripp waits in Ava's room then realizes he doesn't have his phone. Tripp remembers that he left his phone in Charlie's apartment and rushes out of the room.

Rafe returns to his office where Nicole questions what else Charlie could be lying about. Rafe says he caught him in the lie about Ava being his mother but it doesn't prove that he attacked her or Allie. Nicole asks how they are going to prove it then.

Brady tells Chloe that he's committed to Kristen no matter how many years she is away. Chloe explains that she's just worried about him being alone for years and juggling Rachel and work. Brady points out that Chloe is alone and doing okay. Chloe says the difference is that she could meet someone tomorrow and fall in love. Brady states that Kristen made her choices and he has to support that. Brady declares that he will be there for Kristen and that's the end of it. Chloe hopes Kristen knows how lucky she is to have him. Chloe apologizes for Kristen misinterpreting their kiss and assures it will never happen again. Brady calls her a good friend and guesses now they should focus on saving Philip from the mob.

Philip warns Xander that he doesn't know what he's done. Xander tells him that he's won and it's quite simple. Philip doesn't get why Xander hasn't told Victor yet. Xander promises that he has no plans for mercy. Philip asks what the plan is. Xander says unlike him, he cares about Victor and finding out this news will be a big blow while his health is not the best. Xander says he's going to tell Victor that Philip has been laundering money from his company but then he will explain that there is a solution, Titan is safe, and that he's already undone the damage. Philip questions what he means. Xander reveals that he dissolved the shell company that Philip was using to launder the money so it no longer exists. Philip calls him an idiot and declares that if he shut down the company, then the mob will kill him. Xander thinks he's overreacting since Ava is in the hospital. Philip responds that maybe Ava won't, but Angelo Vitali will. Philip then questions how Victor will react to finding out that thanks to Xander, his son is a dead man. Philip then storms out of the office.

Brady tells Chloe that this is so strange since Philip told him there was a shell company being used to launder money for the mob but he can't find it anywhere. Philip then arrives and informs them that Xander put a target on his back.

Rafe tells Nicole that there is no we as they will let the police handle this. Rafe promises they will get justice. Nicole tell Rafe to nail Charlie to the wall. Rafe then gets a call and says they've got to be kidding. Rafe thanks them for the update and hangs up. Rafe then reveals to Nicole that Charlie made bail.

Kayla tells Steve that the lab is testing Charlie's toothbrush against Henry's sample so they should know something soon. Steve thanks her and then gets a call from Rafe, informing him that Charlie made bail. Steve thanks him for keeping him posted and hangs up. Steve informs Kayla that Charlie is out on bail for now. Steve remarks that he's glad Tripp got the toothbrush and got out of there before Charlie found them...

Tripp retrieves his phone from Charlie's apartment and goes to leave just as Charlie comes home.

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