Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/14/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/14/21


Written By Joseph

Justin calls Eli to tell him that he's with Bonnie and he thinks she may have seen the person who abducted her babies. Eli says that's great and they will meet him at the police station. Lani asks what it is. Eli tells her that they just got their first legitimate lead as they rush out the door.

Dr. Raynor answers the door and tells them it's about time as the babies are ready to get out of here. It is revealed to be Vivian Alamain's servant Ivan, who comes in to see the babies for himself.

Kate advises Chad to tell Abigail everything and suffer the consequences because if Gwen gets to her first, his marriage could be over. Chad questions how to tell his wife that he did the exact thing that he accused her of. Kate tells him to suck it up and admit he cheated then beg for forgiveness. Chad says he's such an idiot. Kate says everyone screws up and they fix it but repeats that Abigail needs to find out what happened from him and not Gwen.

Gwen then reveals to Abigail that if she wants the answers so badly, she didn't sleep in a chair on New Year's Eve, she slept with Chad. Abigail questions her expecting her to believe that. Gwen admits she would be skeptical too but says she's being honest. Gwen tells Abigail how relieved she is to get that off her chest. Gwen says confessions are good for the soul and she has a lot to confess. Gwen talks about the first time Chad held her and kissed her. Abigail accuses her of lying. Gwen feels Abigail will believe every word when she gives her the graphic details.

Justin tells Bonnie that they have to leave. Bonnie questions how much help she can be when she only saw the woman for a couple of minutes and points out that she could be wrong. Justin calls it a coincidence and assures that Bonnie can't let Eli and Lani down. As they prepare to leave, Valerie enters the Pub and asks what's going on. Justin informs her that Bonnie may have seen the kidnapper and Valerie's grandchildren. Valerie decides to go with them to the police station.

Ivan commends Dr. Raynor on a job well done. Dr. Raynor responds that she's not proud of stealing babies from their parents. Ivan brings up her doing it before and that being why he chose her in the first place.

Chad tells Kate that Gwen set him up and he never saw it coming. Chad talks about falling for all of her lies and it shouldn't have been that easy as he should've believed Abigail. Chad regrets thinking the worst of his wife. Kate brings up their history but Chad feels that's no excuse. Chad says they could have worked through this together but instead he got drunk and slept with the nanny. Kate says that Chad made a terrible mistake but they have worked so hard to get where they are. Chad questions if Abigail will just say it's no big deal. Chad worries that Abigail won't talk to him but agrees with Kate that he has to tell her the truth before she finds out in the worst possible way.

Abigail says she has yet to understand why Gwen is out to destroy her and her entire family. Gwen remarks that everyone needs a hobby. Gwen pours a drink and comments on what happens when drinks are mixed with meds. Abigail tells Gwen that she never doubted that she was her friend so she's clever. Abigail is curious how Gwen found out about Jack and Kate's letter. Gwen explains that one day she just happened to overhear Jack and Kate discussing the affair so she found the letter as proof. Abigail recalls Gwen making sure that she found it and then pushing her to drink champagne. Gwen argues that Abigail chose to read the letter, drink champagne, and humiliate her parents. Abigail calls her a sick sadist and tells Gwen to go find other victims and get out of her house.

Justin brings Bonnie to the interrogation room. Bonnie complains that she's out of her comfort zone. Justin encourages her to just work with the artist in making a sketch as it could be the key to Eli and Lani getting their babies back.

Eli and Lani arrive at the police station and ask Valerie what's going on. Valerie informs them that she ran in to Justin and Bonnie at the Pub and they are now in the interrogation room, waiting on the sketch artist. Eli questions what is taking her so long and goes to make a call. Lani asks what exactly Bonnie said. Valerie explains that Bonnie saw a woman with two newborns in a stroller in the park, who said she just left the hospital. Lani wonders if they are her babies.

Dr. Raynor tells Ivan that it was a huge risk for her to return to the hospital because a lot of the staff are aware of her history. Ivan brings up Dr. Raynor switching babies. She confirms that she avoided security cameras and let a staff member believe she was back on staff. Dr. Raynor asks if they are done here because she feels she is in jeopardy as long as she is in this state.

Abigail tells Gwen to leave. Gwen responds that she's not going to do that. Abigail threatens to have her thrown out. Gwen asks if she wants to know what happened between her and Chad on New Year's Eve. Abigail gives in and asks to hear what she has to say. Gwen thought she would want to know. Gwen talks about getting Chad to doubt Abigail's fidelity and brings up her affair with Stefan. Gwen brings up how jealous Chad can be and says it didn't take much at all. Gwen talks about telling Chad that Jake and Abigail kissed, the bracelet, and the hotel reservation. Gwen tells Abigail that she and Chad heard Abigail left the party with Jake so she had him running to the Salem Inn to try to catch Abigail with Jake. Gwen talks about Chad opening the room and seeing the roses on the bed and the champagne, causing him to almost lose his mind. Gwen adds that Chad drank the champagne. Abigail recalls calling Chad that whole night and he wasn't responding. Gwen admits she took his phone and turned the ringer off while Chad was getting drunk and imagining Abigail in bed with Jake. Gwen talks about how it started with a kiss and then Chad drew her in for a real kiss which told her that he wanted so much more. Abigail accuses her of taking advantage of Chad while he was drunk. Gwen argues that she told Chad they should stop but he was so sure that Abigail was in bed with Jake. Gwen adds that Chad said Abigail would probably use her mental illness again so he decided to cheat on her because she was cheating on him. Gwen declares that now Abigail believes her.

Eli and Lani finish calling other hospitals and conclude that whoever Bonnie saw likely has their twins. Lani declares that it's all up to Bonnie now.

Bonnie works with the sketch artist and describes the woman she saw. Justin encourages her to concentrate on that moment. Bonnie says she was so busy looking at the babies and didn't pay much attention to what the woman looked like. Justin continues to encourage her to focus.

Dr. Raynor talks about Lani losing a child several years ago and now she has taken her newborns. Ivan remarks that she's so good at it. Dr. Raynor says she's ashamed of what she did to Sarah and Kristen and she's ashamed now. Ivan assures she will be paid well. Dr. Raynor says she went in to her career to bring life in to this world, not to steal babies. She adds that she's only doing this because Ivan is blackmailing her and calls him the criminal, not her. Ivan feels he is just righting a wrong. Dr. Raynor argues that Eli and Lani are cops so they will never give up until they have their children back.

Valerie encourages Lani that the woman couldn't have gotten too far without someone noticing her. Eli says they just need a sketch of the suspect. Lani thought they would be done by now so Eli goes to see what's taking so long.

Abe walks through the town square where Kate spots him and asks if there's any news on the grandkids. Abe says there is nothing. Kate offers anything she can do to help. Abe thanks her. Kate apologizes for disturbing him as she's sure he has a million things to do. Abe says he actually doesn't as he was just trying to think of what he could do to help Eli and Lani find their children but he realizes there is nothing. Kate offers to buy him a coffee.

Gwen remarks that she could tell Abigail that the sex was horrible but she says it was deeply passionate and incredibly mindblowing. Gwen calls Chad a very talented lover. Abigail then calls Gwen a bitch and slaps her. Chad then walks into the room. Chad guesses that Gwen told Abigail. Gwen remarks that somebody had to tell Abigail what kind of man she's married to. Chad tells Abigail that he was coming home to tell her. Abigail questions why he didn't tell her when she asked. Gwen laughs that it's obvious that he was afraid Abigail would go over the edge and back in to the padded cell. Chad tells Gwen to shut up. He tells Abigail that he should've told her but didn't want to hurt her. Abigail guesses Gwen didn't move out because she had this secret over Chad which he confirms is why he let her stay. Abigail tells Gwen that she got what she wanted so now she can leave her home.

Abe shows Kate pictures of Eli and Lani's twins. Abe mentions Jules being named after Julie. Abe talks about not knowing Lani existed until she walked in to his life as an adult. Kate encourages that he's been a great dad to Lani. Abe talks about never seeing Lani's first steps or first words and not being able to take her to school or read her bedtime stories. Abe says that's why it meant so much to him to have those moments and memories with her children. Kate assures that the police will find them and then they can compare grandparenting notes. Kate decides she'll write up a press release in case anyone knows something. Abe thanks her for listening. Kate knows he's being strong but sometimes it's difficult. Kate insists that she's here for him if he ever needs to talk. Abe tells her that he might take her up on that. Abe decides he better get to the police station to see if there is any news.

Eli comes out of the interrogation room and reveals the sketch is done and shows Lani and Valerie that the sketch looks like Valerie.

Gwen tells Chad and Abigail that she's on her way but remarks that it will be a shame to miss all the tears, apologizing, regret, and begging. Chad threatens to throw her out himself. Gwen says there is no need. Gwen tells Abigail that she knows how very painful the truth can be so maybe one day she will thank her. Gwen then exits the room.

Eli questions how this is possible that their only witness gives them a sketch of Valerie. Lani wants to have Bonnie try again and decides to go talk to her. Valerie asks Eli to let Lani do it. Eli complains about Bonnie blowing their only lead. Valerie encourages that Bonnie is nervous and Eli going in there might make her feel ganged up on. Abe arrives and asks if there is any news. Eli informs him that they have a witness as Bonnie saw the woman in the park yesterday with their babies. Abe says whoever it is, is a monster, but at least they have a lead which means they are that much closer to bringing the children home.

Bonnie tells Lani that she's sorry but insists that she doesn't think all black people look the same and it's just that when she was told to focus on her face, she thought of a face she saw recently and saw Valerie's. Bonnie knows Valerie wasn't the woman in the park with the babies. Lani begs Bonnie to try to remember anything and everything she can because she is their best and only hope. Bonnie wishes she could remember more of what the woman looked like. Bonnie apologizes as she was so focused on the babies. Justin asks if Lani has a picture of the babies. Lani does and shows them to Bonnie, so she confirms it was the baby boy she held. Justin and Lani encourage her to remember. Bonnie agrees to do better this time. Bonnie promises she will do everything she can to help find the woman who took the babies.

Gwen walks through the town square with a smile. Kate sees her and notes that she's pleased with herself. Kate tells Gwen that her plan is not going to work. Gwen guesses that Chad told her and asks if he cried. Kate tells her that Chad was strong and is on his way to tell Abigail what a disgusting creature Gwen really is. Gwen responds that Chad was a bit late as she just had the immense pleasure of informing Abigail what a cheating and lying piece of rubbish her husband really is. Gwen bets their marriage is imploding as they speak.

Chad asks Abigail if Gwen told her everything. Abigail confirms that she did. Chad blames the idea of Jake and Abigail together and getting drunk so he wanted to hurt her the way he thought she had hurt him. Abigail points out that she didn't hurt him because she never slept with Jake. Chad cries that he knows and he's sorry. Chad cries that he's so ashamed and should've never believed Gwen. Abigail notes that she told Chad the truth repeatedly but he chose to believe Gwen's lies instead and that's what hurt the most because he didn't believe in them.

Ivan shows Dr. Raynor a bag full of cash as her payment for stealing the babies. Ivan says she provided him a great service. She notes that he didn't give her much choice. She then points out that he hasn't even told her why he wanted her to take those babies. She asks if he's selling them on the black market. Ivan reveals that he did this for someone else. Dr. Raynor asks who.

Bonnie feels the babies are counting on her to get them back to their parents so she hopes she did better this time.

Lani thanks Abe for coming. Abe wishes there was something he could do. Lani says him being there gives her all the strength. Eli comes back with the new sketch of the suspect. Eli shows it to Lani. Lani calls it a huge improvement. Eli asks if anybody recognizes her. Abe says he doesn't while Lani feels she does look familiar but she doesn't know from where. Valerie then takes it and declares that she's pretty sure she knows the woman.

Justin encourages Bonnie that she came through for Eli and Lani. Bonnie says if she helps get the twins back then it's really her lucky day. Bonnie asks if he wants to buy her lunch. Justin responds that since it's her lucky day, he was thinking about buying her a powerball ticket.

Valerie, Lani, and Eli load the sketch in to the database. Eli wonders where Valerie thinks she knows her from. Valerie says she used to work with her while Lani feels she knows her from when she was pregnant with David. They find in the database and confirm it was Dr. Amanda Raynor who stole their babies.

Ivan tells Dr. Raynor that who he procured the babies for is none of her concern as she has done her part. Ivan then takes the babies in the stroller and exits the room. Ivan then calls Vivian and informs her that he's on his way.

Kate comments on Gwen destroying people's lives just for the hell of it. Gwen responds that she never does anything just for the hell of it. Kate questions what she has against Abigail and her family then. Gwen instead walks away.

Chad tells Abigail that he will never forgive himself for not believing in her and for hurting her like this. Abigail notes that it's not the first time they've been through this and talks about when Gabi tried to convince everyone that she was losing her mind but she said she was sane and begged Chad to believe her but he chose to believe Gabi instead and promised he would never doubt her again. Chad says they got past that. Abigail says that was because she chose to forgive him. Chad feels they can get through this again but Abigail points out that he broke his promise so that's not how it works. Abigail then walks out of the room as Chad breaks down crying.

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