Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/13/21

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 1/13/21


Written By Joseph

Abigail and Chad enter the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Gwen is seated. Abigail questions what the hell she is still doing in her house. Gwen looks to Chad and suggests Abigail ask her husband.

Julie greets Jack and Jennifer at home. Julie excitedly tells them about going shopping for her new great grandbabies until they stop her to inform her that there is something she doesn't know. Julie asks what now.

Lani wakes up from a nightmare. Eli encourages her that they are going to get their babies back. Lani asks if he's heard anything. Eli says not yet. Lani cries that she cannot go through this again. Eli says they won't have to but Lani shouts that he doesn't know that and this is exactly why she didn't want to get pregnant again. Lani calls this her worst fear as she breaks down crying and Eli hugs her.

Jack and Jennifer reveal to Julie that the babies were taken from the nursery. Julie can't believe it and questions no one telling her until now. They explain that they didn't want to worry her and hoped that they would be found by now. Julie declares that she's going to see Eli because he needs her.

Abigail asks Chad why Gwen is still here when she told her to pack her bags and get out of the house since Chad told her that she would never have to see her again. Abigail questions Chad if Gwen convinced her otherwise and asks again why she's still here. Chad says he was going to throw her out but he thought about the kids. Chad says they may despise Gwen but the kids don't so he thought they should have a chance to say goodbye. Abigail questions Chad making that decision without talking to her. Abigail decides Charlotte and Thomas can say goodbye to Gwen after breakfast. Abigail declares that she's going out and when she gets back, Gwen better be gone for good.

Justin sits at the Brady Pub, reading an article about Eli and Lani's twins being taken.

Eli encourages Lani to think about this like cops and build a case. Lani doesn't know if she can do that. Eli says whoever took the babies did it in broad daylight. They speculate on if it could have been someone desperate for a baby or hospital personnel. Eli then suggests it could be someone getting revenge on them for arrests they have made. Lani doesn't want to think it's that because she wants to believe the babies are being taken care of.

Abigail goes to see Jack and Jennifer. Abigail says she needs to talk to them but she just heard about Eli and Lani's babies on the radio and asks if they have heard anything. Jack says they haven't and they are waiting on calls. Jack then asks about Abigail needing to talk and if something happened to her. Abigail responds that it was Gwen.

Gwen remarks to Chad that Abigail seems pretty upset. Chad says she is furious and so is he. Gwen warns Chad that his excuse for why she's staying wasn't good enough so he's going to have to come up with something better or else she can tell Abigail that they had sex on New Year's Eve. Chad questions why Gwen is doing this and what she really wants.

Bonnie enters the Brady Pub and greets Justin. She says she got his message and is really looking forward to having dinner with him tonight. She notes that he doesn't seem very enthusiastic. Bonnie apologizes if she's being too pushy. Justin says it's nothing and invites her to sit down. Bonnie can't believe she's having breakfast and dinner with him. Justin assures that he's looking forward to making her dinner tonight and he's inviting her to join him for breakfast. Bonnie asks why he looks like someone just died. Justin says he's reading a very sad article in the Spectator. Bonnie jokes about not reading the news and then asks him what's wrong in Salem. Justin informs her that Eli and Lani had their newborn twin babies abducted from the hospital.

Eli and Lani finish phone calls trying to find information on the babies. Eli hangs up when Julie shows up at their door. Julie hugs him and says she just heard the terrible news as nobody told her until just now. Lani angrily finishes her call and then hangs up, apologizing to Julie. Julie understands they are a mess and asks what she can do to help. Eli assures that every cop is on this along with his friends from the FBI. Julie says they need to eat so she brought soup. Julie declares that when they catch who did this, she will make their life a living hell.

Jack tells Abigail that he and Jennifer know what kind of person Gwen is. Jennifer brings up the folder of the clippings on their family. Jack mentions confronting Gwen about it but nothing she said was true. Jennifer tells Abigail that Gwen had been trying to turn her and Jack against each other by telling them different things. Abigail is glad it didn't work and says she's so happy they are back together. Jennifer says that awful time is behind them. Abigail hopes she and Chad will be able to say the same someday. Jennifer asks what's happening with them. Abigail responds that Gwen is trying to get in between them and she's afraid that she might succeed.

Gwen tells Chad that she likes it here and doesn't want to go back to the real world. Chad questions her wanting to live in a house full of people that despise her. Gwen says she's used to being despised. Chad offers to buy her a house but Gwen declines. Chad feels he should've told Abigail the truth. Gwen understands why he didn't, because she has come back from her third extended stay in the hospital so finding out might send her back to the loony bin forever. Gwen remarks that the kids would grow up without their mom and Chad would have to live with that guilt forever, every time he looks at the children. Gwen says it was weakness and stupidity that broke their family apart. Chad argues that they have been through too much to let a con artist like her come between them. Gwen reminds Chad that he's going to have to find a way for her to stay permanently or his marriage is over. Chad calls her disgusting and exits the mansion.

Chad walks to the town square where he finds Kate and Jake. Chad asks if Kate has a minute. Kate says she and Jake were just about to have breakfast but Chad says it's urgent. Kate informs him that she knows Abigail told him about her and Jake. Chad says this is not about Jake. Kate then asks Jake to give her and Chad a few minutes and she will meet him later. Jake agrees and walks away. Kate asks Chad what is wrong. Chad reveals to her that he screwed up and he doesn't know how to fix it.

Jennifer argues that Chad and Abigail are devoted to each other so she questions how Gwen could come between them. Jack asks what happened. Abigail explains that Gwen is the reason that Chad thought she and Jake were having an affair because Gwen told Chad that she saw her and Jake kissing and that she overheard her making a room reservation on New Year's Eve. Abigail adds that Chad got so upset and stayed at the Salem Inn all night while Gwen was there to comfort him. Abigail says that Chad apparently got drunk and passed out while she slept in the chair, this time. Abigail can't believe she let Gwen take care of her kids while the whole time she has been trying to ruin her life. Jennifer asks if everything got resolved. Abigail says that Chad said he was going to throw her out of the house but she got up today and Gwen was still there. Abigail brings up Chad saying the kids would be upset and he has a point. Jennifer assures that the kids will survive while Gwen has to hit the road as she hugs Abigail.

Bonnie tells Justin that the babies being stolen from the hospital is awful. Justin notes that nobody saw anything and no alarms were tripped. Bonnie bets it was an inside job. Bonnie talks about having Mimi's baby for awhile and how hard it is to pass off someone's baby as their own. Bonnie then talks about the lady she saw in the park with two twin babies which Justin questions.

Julie asks Eli and Lani if there are any suspects. Lani talks about the list of people who have it out for them and brings up Vivian Alamain, still blaming her for Stefan's death. Eli says that Vivian is dead so it's more likely someone wants revenge on them. Lani calls that a long list. Julie then declares that she knows who has taken their babies.

Bonnie talks to Justin about the twin babies she saw and how she felt the woman with the twins didn't seem to like her.

Julie tells Eli and Lani that it has to be Gabi who took their babies. Lani agrees that it makes sense. Eli argues that Gabi left town to be with her daughter and was completely over them. Julie argues that Gabi never gets over anything and that Gabi can't have any more kids so she must have came back for revenge. Julie brings up what Gabi did to Abigail and Chad. Eli points out that Gabi was cleared of drugging Abigail but Julie insists that it has to be Gabi who took their babies.

Jake goes home to the DiMera Mansion and questions if Gwen is figuring out her next move because she's always up to something. Jake tells her to leave him out of it next time because he and Kate have gone public so she has nothing to hang over his head anymore. Gwen argues that his relationship is no longer useful to her anymore which Jake questions. Gwen says it gave her an excuse last night to lie to Chad and blame Jake for stuff. Jake asks if this has to do with the room at the Salem Inn on New Year's Eve. Jake talks about how Abigail was home waiting for Chad all night but Chad didn't come home until the next morning. Jake tells Gwen that Abigail was a wreck. Gwen shouts back that she doesn't care what Abigail thinks or how she feels. Jake stops and says this whole time he thought Chad was just a jealous idiot but now he realizes it was Gwen, who pretended to be Abigail's friend while feeding Chad that garbage. Gwen claims not to know what he's talking about. Jake yells at her to cut the crap. Jake says she has been ruining everyone's life since she walked in to this house but he doesn't understand why.

Kate tells Chad that whatever he's done can't be that bad. Chad explains to Kate how he thought Abigail was having an affair with Jake and Gwen wanted him to believe that. Kate blames herself for not just telling Chad about her relationship with Jake as it would've prevented all of this. Chad tells her it's fine and adds that Gwen wasn't doing it to cover for Kate and Jake. Chad asks Kate if Jake bought her a bracelet for Christmas, which Kate confirms. Chad informs her that Gwen said he bought it for Abigail and guesses that Gwen booked the room at the Salem Inn to make him believe it was for Abigail and Jake. Chad tells Kate that he went crazy, seeing Abigail with Jake in his head thanks to Gwen. Chad informs Kate that he was loaded on a bottle of champagne. Kate asks Chad if he went to bed with Gwen. Chad then asks if she still thinks what he did wasn't that bad.

Abigail tells Jack and Jennifer that she still doesn't get why Gwen is doing this as she thought she was her friend but the whole time she has been out to get her. Jack brings up his letter to Kate and asks how Abigail happened to find it. Abigail recalls being unable to find her shoes and Gwen thought Kate had a pair which is the only reason that she would have ever looked in Kate's box. Jack declares that Gwen planned the whole thing by stealing Abigail's shoes and making sure that she found the letter. Abigail remembers Gwen giving her a glass of champagne when she knew she wasn't supposed to drink on her meds. Abigail knows she would never have read the letter in front of everyone but Gwen wanted to expose Jack and Kate in the worst way. Jennifer understands Gwen manipulated and took advantage of her. Abigail declares that whatever Gwen is up to is more than just getting in between her and Chad as she is out to get the whole family.

Julie calls Will to ask how things are going with he and Gabi's situation and if he has seen her lately. Julie is surprised to learn that Arianna spent the night with Gabi. Julie says she's glad things are going smoothly and sends her love to Sonny as she hangs up. Julie informs Eli and Lani that Gabi is still in Arizona. Lani says Gabi has her own daughter so she wouldn't take their babies. Julie points out that if the kidnapper was white, it would be very hard to be on the run with two babies of another race. Julie goes to check the soup. Lani tells Eli that she knows Julie means well but she wants her to go. Eli then tells Julie that Lani hasn't been sleeping well. Julie agrees to go and asks Eli to let her know if they hear anything. Julie tells them that she loves them so much and encourages that everything is going to be fine. Eli thanks her as she then exits. Eli tells Lani that he's sorry. Lani knows Julie was just trying to help so it's okay. Lani says part of her wishes it was Gabi because at least she knows Gabi wouldn't hurt the babies. Lani worries that they may never see their babies again as Eli hugs her.

Justin asks Bonnie about the woman with the twins and what she was like. Bonnie notes that the babies couldn't have been more than a few days old. Justin asks if they were both boys. Bonnie confirms one was a boy and one was a girl. Justin asks if the babies were black. Bonnie responds that they were, just like the woman, who Bonnie assumed was their mom.

Dr. Raynor has Eli and Lani's babies in a hotel room, trying to get them to stop crying. She tells them that she knows the babies want their mom and she's sorry about this but she didn't have a choice as this wasn't her idea...

Kate questions how crazy Chad is for sleeping with Gwen. Chad informs Kate that Gwen is now blackmailing him so she can stay in the house or else she will tell Abigail everything but Abigail wants her gone now. Chad tells Kate that Abigail believes he passed out on New Year's Eve while Gwen slept in the chair. Chad hates that he lied to Abigail but he can't believe he let himself get taken in by Gwen. Kate points out that it seems like Gwen has been out to hurt Abigail for a long time so her question is why.

Abigail tells Jack and Jennifer that she's going home to make sure Gwen is gone because she doesn't want her around the kids anymore. Jack and Jennifer offer to go with her but Abigail insists she can handle it. Jack and Jennifer don't like this but Abigail assures she has to do this by herself. Abigail then exits.

Gwen asks Jake why she would ever tell him what she's up to when he would just go tattle to Abigail. Jake thought she liked living the good life in the mansion but now Chad and Abigail know what a lying sociopath she is. Jake is surprised Gwen is not already out on the street. Gwen responds that she's not going anywhere. Jake tells her that she overplayed her hand this time and walks out. Gwen declares that she never overplays her hand but now it's time to deal out the last few cards...

Jack and Jennifer wonder what Gwen's motive is. Julie comes home. Jennifer asks how Eli and Lani are. Julie says they are trying to pull it together but they don't even have a suspect yet. Julie worries about the babies as Jennifer hugs her.

Bonnie asks Justin if he thinks that woman kidnapped the babies. Justin says it's worth tracking her down. Justin calls Eli to tell him that he's with Bonnie and he thinks she may have seen the person who abducted their babies.

Dr. Raynor gets the babies to sleep. There's a knock on the door as Raynor says that's the person who is responsible for this nightmare. Dr. Raynor answers the door and tells them it's about time as the babies are ready to get out of here...

Kate doesn't know what Gwen is after but she knows Chad can't trust her to keep her mouth shut. Kate brings up Jennifer's reaction to her and Jack being together. Kate adds that it was more that Jack kept it from her. Chad asks what to do. Kate advises Chad to tell Abigail everything and suffer the consequences because if Gwen gets to her first, his marriage could be over.

Abigail goes home and questions Gwen if she knew about Jack and Kate's letter and set her up to find it. Gwen confirms that she did. Abigail says she would ask her why but knows she would just lie. Gwen points out that she told her that she knew about the letter. Gwen then reveals to Abigail that if she wants the answers so badly, she didn't sleep in a chair on New Year's Eve, she slept with Chad.

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