Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/12/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/12/21


Written By Joseph

Shawn and Belle return home from their honeymoon. They kiss until deciding to check if Claire is home.

Claire is at Marlena's, calling Charlie and leaving a message that she doesn't know where he is but to call her when he gets the message. Claire adds that she was so looking forward to their time together so she's sorry Ben and Marlena barged in on them like that as she still has no idea what it was about.

Rafe and Nicole go to the hospital and greet Steve. Steve asks Rafe about questioning Charlie about Allie. Rafe confirms that Charlie denied everything and as soon as he brought up the DNA evidence, he lawyered up. Steve feels that's very telling. Nicole asks if he's seen Ava. Steve responds that he hasn't but Kayla says she's pretty out of it. Rafe asks if Ava is coherent enough to tell him what happened to her because if so, it would be a lot easier for him to hold Charlie. Steve is not sure how coherent she is since Kayla had to sedate her and Tripp is with her now.

Tripp assures Ava that Charlie is not there and he's not going to let anyone hurt her again.

Allie enters the interrogation room to confront Charlie. Allie tells him that she's not leaving until he tells her the truth. Charlie claims that this is all one big misunderstanding. Allie says it wasn't a misunderstanding when someone held her down and had sex with her while she screamed no. Charlie insists that this is a mistake. Allie tells him the cops aren't here so whatever he says is not an official confession, it's just them and she deserves to know. Allie asks if Charlie was in her flat that night.

Nicole tells Rafe that she and Allie were so convinced it was Tripp who attacked Allie. Rafe questions Ava never mentioning having another sons. Nicole acknowledges that Ava has done some awful things but says she is her friend so she's worried about her. Nicole asks if she can go in to see her. Rafe says he can take her in but warns her about Ava's condition.

Tripp promises Ava that she's safe. Steve then enters the room and asks how Ava is doing. Tripp tells him that she's really freaked out. Steve mentions Rafe just getting there and he's hoping to get a statement from her about Charlie. Tripp doesn't think Ava is in any shape for that right now. Steve asks how Tripp is doing. Tripp says he's okay, just worried. Tripp tells Steve about Ava thinking he was dead. Steve guesses it was another hallucination. Tripp adds that Ava was terrified that Charlie was going to hurt them. Steve tells him that Charlie can't hurt anyone right now as he's being held for questioning so he hopes they never let him loose.

Charlie tells Allie that Tripp attacked her in London. Allie says that's what she thought before but now she's not sure. Charlie questions why she's not sure since she saw Tripp in her apartment and had the DNA test done. Charlie insists that Tripp is the one that hurt her. Allie acknowledges that Tripp's DNA did match Henry's but Rafe just told her that Charlie might be Tripp's half brother which means his DNA would match Henry's too and also means that he could be the man who raped her.

Claire wants Marlena to tell her what's going on. Marlena tells her that John will be home soon to explain it. Claire doesn't understand why they have to wait for John. Marlena tells her to just trust them. Claire responds that she doesn't trust her enough to wait around for answers so she's going to find Charlie. Marlena tells her that she can't do that. Claire argues that Marlena is not telling her the truth so she can't tell her what to do. John then comes home so Claire asks him what the hell is going on because Marlena won't tell her anything. John tells her that he asked Marlena to wait for him. Claire questions why it's so important that she stay away from Charlie.

Shawn and Belle discover that Claire is not home. Shawn suggests calling Claire to find out where she is but Belle figures that she's with Charlie and wouldn't want her parents calling to check in. Shawn tells Belle that he gets a bad feeling about Charlie. Belle thinks he seemed okay to her. Shawn says he can't explain it but Charlie just rubs him the wrong way. Belle asks if that's a cop instinct or dad instinct. Shawn thinks it's a little of both and says he just wants Claire to be happy. Belle acknowledges that Claire has made bad choices before. Shawn suggests keeping an eye on Charlie. Belle notes that his instincts are usually right. Shawn says he knows he would feel a lot better if Claire was not anywhere near Charlie.

Claire tells John that Marlena dragged her from her date with Charlie and wouldn't say why. John says that Marlena did the right thing because she thought Claire might be in danger which she questions. Claire argues that Charlie is a really great guy and they don't know him like she does. John tells Claire about he and Steve investigating what happened to Allie in London. Claire asks what that has to do with her. John informs her that they think the person who hurt Allie might be Charlie.

Tripp asks Steve about Charlie being arrested. Steve says right now they are just questioning him. Tripp wants to get Charlie's DNA tested to prove he's innocent. Steve says it's not that simple because if Charlie refuses to give a sample, they'll have to get a court order. Tripp threatens to go demand a sample from Charlie and get the truth out of him one way or another. Steve tells Tripp that he needs to hold off. Tripp complains that for months, everyone has been thinking he's a monster and he finally has a chance to clear his name. Tripp adds that if Charlie is innocent, he should be happy to take a DNA test.

Charlie tells Allie that it's not true and that they just met on Christmas. Allie says she felt like she had seen him before and that every time they are in a room together, she gets a strange feeling. Charlie claims she didn't seem familiar to him and insists that it was Tripp. Allie remembers Tripp bringing her home from the club but when she thinks about the awful moment later, she doesn't remember Tripp on top of her. Charlie points out that she was drunk while Allie points out that she remembers the other part. Allie wonders if Tripp wasn't there and it was Charlie.

Claire questions why John and Marlena think Charlie raped Allie when the DNA matched Tripp. John explains that the DNA could also match any close member of Tripp's family. John then reveals that he and Steve learned that Tripp has a younger brother named Charlie. Claire questions thinking it's her Charlie. John explains that Angelo described him to them. Claire argues that it doesn't prove anything. Claire shouts that there is no way Charlie raped Allie. Marlena suggests Claire can help them get to the truth. Claire complains that they don't want the truth, they just want to destroy her relationship. Claire cries that she finally found a guy she likes and they are accusing him of rape. John informs Claire that Rafe has taken Charlie in for questioning right now. Claire can't believe it and wants to go see him. Claire doesn't want to hear anymore from either of them. Claire declares that she has finally found someone who loves her for who she is and she will not let them ruin that. Claire then storms out of the house.

Steve knows Tripp is angry but says he has to let the police handle Charlie. Tripp complains about his own brother letting him take the fall for what happened to Allie and then what he did to Ava. Tripp argues that if Steve was in his position, he would be charging over there for answers right now. Steve says that's why he is telling him not to because he understands how he's feeling. Steve talks about how he could've lost Kayla or ended up in prison. Tripp questions just sitting back. Steve hopes Charlie goes to prison for life if he is responsible but it's not up to Tripp. Tripp argues that it's his life that Charlie destroyed. Steve tells him to get justice, he has to let the police do their job because taking it in to his own hands will only make it worse.

Nicole asks Rafe how bad of shape Ava was in when he found her. Rafe informs her that Ava didn't know who she was or who she was with and she was seeing things that weren't there. Nicole brings up Kayla thinking Ava was drugged and asks if Charlie did this to her. Rafe says they will see what they can find out. Tripp and Steve come back over. Rafe asks if he can go see Ava now but Tripp doesn't think that's a good idea right now. Steve agrees that he won't get any reliable statement out of her. Nicole wants to see Ava if that's okay. Tripp says it's fine if Rafe agrees. Rafe says it doesn't seem like he can get any information from her so he allows it. Rafe asks Nicole if she wants him to stick around. Nicole tells him to go ahead and she will get a ride when she's done. Rafe tells Nicole to let him know if Ava says anything. Rafe tells Steve and Tripp that he will be back in the morning to see if Ava is better then. Tripp asks if he's going back to see Charlie tonight. Rafe confirms he is but doesn't expect to get anything useful out of him. Rafe says he will keep them posted and then exits the hospital. Steve knows Tripp still wants to go confront Charlie so he wants him to promise that he won't. Tripp promises for now. Steve suggests going to get something to eat.

Allie asks if this whole time, she thought Tripp attacked her because he reminded her of Charlie because they are brothers which would explain the DNA match. Charlie shouts that he's nobody's father. Allie knows it's the last thing he wanted but because of what happened that night, she gave birth to his baby boy. Allie tells Charlie that Henry is his son and asks if that doesn't matter to him at all.

John calls Claire, leaving a message that she needs to hear what he has to say so he asks her to call him when she gets it. John worries that he messed things up by making Claire wait. Marlena says there was no great way to break that news. John just wants to talk to Claire. Marlena asks if he can imagine how she's feeling now after being through so many struggles. Marlena says Claire won't believe them without a lot of proof. John then informs her that Claire stormed out before he could tell her that he had the proof. Marlena asks what it is. John tells her that he talked to Rafe while he was in Philly and sent him to Charlie's to question him and he found Ava tied up in a chair in Charlie's apartment.

Nicole visits Ava in her hospital room. Ava asks where Tripp is. Nicole says he's outside with his dad but he is safe and okay. Nicole adds that Rafe told her a little about what happened with Charlie. Nicole tells Ava that she doesn't have to talk but if she does, she would be helping out a lot. Nicole explains that Allie is her niece and lives with her while someone hurt her very badly. Nicole wants the right person to be punished for it. Nicole brings up Tripp being accused and she knows how much Ava loves him. Nicole says if Tripp didn't attack Allie, Ava should do everything to help her son. Ava agrees that she wants to help him.

Allie asks Charlie if he wants to know if he's Henry's father. Claire bursts in. Allie tells Claire that she needs to talk to her as there is something she needs to know. Claire informs her that John told her they are questioning Charlie about what happened to Allie in London. Claire says she needs to speak to Charlie alone. Allie doesn't think that's a smart idea. Claire argues that he is her boyfriend. Allie questions if Claire is supposed to be in here. Claire asks her the same thing and claims that Shawn said it was okay. Claire says she just needs a few minutes so Allie exits the room.

Rafe goes to see Shawn and Belle at their home. Rafe reveals to them that he found Ava tied up in Charlie's apartment. Rafe says he's sorry to deliver the news. Shawn brings up Belle saying that Claire might be with Charlie now. Rafe assures that Charlie is at the police station as he brought him in for questioning. Shawn asks where Claire is then. Rafe informs him that John told him Marlena interrupted their date so he guesses she is with Marlena. Belle and Shawn are relieved that Claire is safe and Charlie is in custody. Shawn says he has some questions for Charlie. Rafe invites him to come to the station with him. Shawn feels they better find Claire first. Belle tells Shawn to go ahead while she goes to get Claire. Shawn tells Belle to call him when she does and then exits with Rafe.

Ava tells Nicole that she found out what Tripp was being accused of but she knew he couldn't do it so she confronted Charlie. Ava flashes back to arguing with Charlie about Allie's rape. Ava starts to get worked up and then thinks back to her nightmare about Charlie murdering Tripp. Nicole tries to encourage her and assure that she was just hallucinating. Ava tells herself it didn't happen. Nicole asks what else Ava remembers. Ava thinks back again to arguing with Charlie. Ava then informs Nicole that she remembers something else Charlie said.

Charlie tells Claire how good it makes him feel to hear her call him her boyfriend. Charlie says it means so much to him to know she is still on his side. Charlie asks if she is still on his side. Claire responds that she needs to know if any of this is true. Claire asks Charlie to tell her that everyone else is wrong and they have the wrong guy as he's not Ava Vitali's son. Charlie claims that he's not and that this is all one big misunderstanding. Claire cries that she wants to believe that. Charlie insists that she knows him. Claire says there is something else that's bothering her. Charlie asks her to tell him whatever it is. Claire brings up how Allie kept saying there was something familiar about him. Claire questions how he explains that. Charlie admits that he can't explain it but argues that it doesn't mean he's the one that attacked her. Claire cries that she doesn't understand any of this. Charlie swears to her that he didn't do it, insisting that he's a good guy that would never hurt somebody like that. Charlie asks Claire if she believes him.

John tells Marlena that Charlie kidnapped his own mother so he thinks there's a good chance that he's the one who hurt Allie. Marlena worries that Claire could've been hurt by the same person. John is glad Marlena got to her when she did. Belle then comes in, surprising them. Belle tells them that she just got back and that Rafe told her everything that's happening with Claire. Belle asks where her daughter is.

Charlie tells Claire that getting to know her has been the best thing that ever happened to him and says he's never felt this way about anybody. Charlie knows people are saying all kinds of things. Charlie says that Tripp's family just want him to be innocent while Allie's family is just confused. Charlie pleads with Claire to not let them take away what they have. Shawn then bursts into the room and questions what Claire is doing in here. Claire asks him to let her finish talking to Charlie but Shawn says she has to come with him and takes her out of the room.

Nicole asks Ava what else she remembers about Charlie. Ava tells her things are jumbled but she remembers Charlie admitting to raping Allie. Ava says that Charlie begged her not to say anything but she said she couldn't keep quiet so he knocked her out and tied her up. Ava insists on seeing Tripp to make sure he's safe. Nicole assures that he is and she needs to rest. Nicole promises to help Tripp and tells Ava that everything will be okay now.

Belle questions John and Marlena letting Claire go to the police station to see Charlie. Belle then says it's okay because Shawn was heading there and she knows he won't let her near Charlie.

Claire argues to Shawn that Charlie doesn't belong here because he didn't attack Allie. Shawn responds that Rafe told him everything. Claire insists that Charlie isn't who Shawn thinks he is and that he couldn't have been the one to attack Allie. Claire argues that Charlie said he's not Ava's son and that he doesn't even know who she is. Shawn then asks how she explains the fact that Ava was found tied up in his apartment.

Rafe enters the interrogation room. Charlie reminds him that he's not answering questions without a lawyer. Rafe informs him that his lawyer is on the way. Charlie says they are that much closer to clearing all this up then. Rafe responds that he knows Charlie is lying and that Allie means a lot to him. Rafe warns that he will stop at nothing to get the truth and answers he needs so Charlie will answer his questions.

Allie meets Nicole at the Brady Pub. Nicole thought she was coming right back to the Pub.; Allie admits she lied and that she went back to the police station to confront Charlie. Allie knows she shouldn't have but she had to see him. Nicole asks what he said. Allie tells her that he denied everything and she doesn't know why she expected different. Nicole suggests she can help with that because Charlie might not have admitted it to her, but he told someone. Nicole reveals that Ava told her that she remembered Charlie confessed to her and admitted to his own mother that he was the one who raped Allie.

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