Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/11/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/11/21


Written By Joseph

Brady appears in the town square and questions if Philip is harassing Chloe again since it seemed like they were arguing so he wondered what it was about. Philip claims they are not arguing and are just working out the rental agreement for Basic Black to use Titan warehouses. Chloe refuses to go along with it and tells Brady that Philip is in serious trouble and they need Brady's help. Philip tells her to leave Brady out of it but Brady questions what kind of trouble he's in. Philip tells him it's nothing to worry about but Chloe pleads with Philip to tell Brady. Philip tries to blow it off but Chloe then reveals to Brady that Philip is laundering money for the mob.

Nicole and Allie eat together at the Brady Pub. Allie asks about the kids but Nicole assures that Roman has them taken care of. Nicole notes that Allie didn't say much during dinner. Allie says she's just thinking. Nicole asks if it's about her run in with Tripp. Allie says she's the one who approached him. Nicole says everything that comes out of Tripp's mouth is a lie. Nicole then asks if Allie is starting to doubt that Tripp is guilty.

Tripp is at home with his missing persons flyer for Ava then he thinks back to talking to Ava until there's a knock at the door and Steve arrives. Steve questions Tripp not responding to any of his messages. Tripp guesses his phone died. Steve says he was really starting to worry. Tripp asks if he and John found any answers about Allie's attack in Philadelphia. Steve confirms that they did but not the answers they were expecting.

Rafe has Charlie in the interrogation room at the police station. Rafe then calls John and says he tracked Charlie down like he asked and there's been some interesting developments. Rafe says he has him in for questioning and hopes John has an update as to why he thinks Charlie is the one who attacked Allie.

Kayla goes to Ava's hospital room. Ava asks where her son is since she said he would be there. Kayla responds by asking which son she means.

Allie tells Nicole that she has no doubt that Tripp was in her flat in London last December and she's just as sure that same night, her arms were pinned to the bed while she told her attacker no. Nicole questions if she's saying those might be two different memories. Allie admits she's not sure anymore if her memory of Tripp and her memory of the assault go together. Nicole asks if she thinks maybe someone else was in her apartment that night. Allie responds that John thinks it's possible. Allie says she's spent so long thinking Tripp was guilty and knowing who attacked her was helping her start to move on. Nicole asks if she's considering that maybe she was wrong the whole time. Allie says the thought of it being someone else means she would have to start healing over again which is terrifying. Allie adds that she doesn't want Tripp to suffer anymore if he really is innocent.

Tripp asks Steve what Angelo said. Steve reveals that it turns out Angelo is not the one who assaulted Allie because he was in prison at the time so he has an iron clad alibi. Tripp asks if they are back to square one, arguing that Angelo is his only blood relative that could've done it. Steve then tells Tripp to brace himself as he reveals that Ava has another son.

Ava asks Kayla where Tripp is. Kayla says she hasn't been able to locate him yet. Ava questions how she knows he's okay then and recalls her hallucinating nightmare about seeing Tripp killed, insisting that it was real. Kayla assures her that it did not happen. Ava questions trusting her. Kayla insists that she's trying to help her. Kayla brings up Ava's other son Charlie so she assumes it was his apartment where she was found which Ava confirms. Kayla wants to know why her son had her tied up.

Rafe enters the interrogation room to confront Charlie. Rafe asks if he's ready to start talking. Charlie asks what he wants him to talk about. Rafe starts by asking why he found Ava Vitali tied up in his apartment. Charlie claims he has no idea who that is so he has nothing to say about it. Rafe reminds him that he has the right to remain silent. Charlie argues that he doesn't need to because he has nothing to hide. Rafe brings up finding a kidnapped woman in his home. Charlie claims he did nothing wrong and that this is all one big misunderstanding. Rafe says there's a lot he doesn't understand so Charlie answering his questions could help clear that up.

Philip tries to tell Brady that Chloe is joking but Chloe reveals that she overheard Philip on the phone on New Year's Eve and that he's using Titan to launder money for the mob. Philip calls this a waste of time while Brady asks if she's sure that's what she heard. Chloe confirms that Philip admitted it. Philip refuses to talk. Chloe tells Brady that the mob threatened to kill Philip if he went to the police so he felt he had no choice. Brady asks Philip if this is true. Philip asks why Brady would care if he's in trouble. Chloe suggests Brady could help him out of this mess. Philip argues that Brady's the last person he would turn to for help and that they have never even liked each other. Chloe points out that most of their fights were over her and now she's saying they need to work together for the good of their family. Philip argues that Brady doesn't care about that but Brady stops him and says that Philip is right that they have been at each others' throats for as long as he can remember but he's family so he doesn't want to see him killed. Philip questions believing that Brady cares. Brady says he's not sure he does but Chloe being upset matters to him. Philip questions him doing this for her and says at least he's honest. Chloe asks if Brady thinks he can help. Brady says if Philip lets him, but he needs him to tell him the whole truth.

Rafe notes that Charlie doesn't seem worried. Charlie asks why he should be, claiming he's a decent law-abiding person with a job at Titan. Charlie says anyone that knows him knows he's a good guy and questions what reason he would have to tie up some random woman in his apartment. Rafe suggests it could be because Ava Vitali is actually his mom.

Ava agrees to answer Kayla's questions and says she's sorry as it's been a horrible day. Ava says she's better and her mind is clearer. Kayla asks her about Charlie. Ava tells her that Charlie is her son. Kayla points out that was news to a lot of people. Ava says she and Kayla have had their issues and says she wasn't in her right mind but despite their differences, they are both moms. Ava wants to believe Kayla that Tripp is okay but says she needs to see him for herself. Ava asks Kayla to let her out so she can go find Tripp to confirm that he is okay.

Tripp questions Steve about Ava having another son and why she wouldn't tell them. Steve points out that Ava kept Tripp a secret for years to it must be a pattern. Steve explains that he has a younger half-brother according to Angelo. Tripp asks where he lives. Steve says that Angelo noted he and Ava weren't very close. Tripp asks how to find him. Steve responds that they may already have as they aren't sure yet but there's a chance that he is Claire's new boyfriend, Charlie.

Rafe informs Charlie that Ava's cousin Angelo talked with some friends of his. Charlie claims not to know an Angelo. Rafe says that Angelo sure knows him and said Ava had another son named Charlie. Rafe adds that Angelo gave a pretty detailed description to Claire's grandfather. Charlie asks if that's a crime if he was Ava's son. Rafe points out that kidnapping her is and is also incriminating in another case. Rafe brings up DNA evidence suggesting that Ava Vitali's son may have raped Allie Horton. Charlie asks if he's talking about Tripp. Rafe says that Allie thought it was Tripp at first too but he might be innocent. Charlie questions that when Allie already accused Tripp. Rafe notes that Allie doesn't remember everything that happened that night which leaves open reasonable doubt to Tripp's guilty. Charlie asks if Tripp didn't do it, who did. Rafe responds that he's starting to wonder if it might be Charlie.

Allie talks to Nicole about all the times Tripp insisted he was innocent and they were never together but she never listened. Allie thought the DNA test confirmed it but it's all so crazy that a relative could have been in her apartment that night. Nicole asks about John thinking it's possible. Allie tells her that John went to Philly with Steve to check it out. Allie then gets a call from John.

Philip explains to Brady and Chloe how Mimi pulled him back into gambling and once he started, he couldn't stop. Brady asks about his debt. Philip says he had no way of paying it off. Brady asks about the people he owes and using Titan to launder their money. Chloe then reveals to Brady that the person behind this is Ava Vitali.

Kayla understands Ava is worried about Tripp but says it would be medically irresponsible to let her go in this state of mind. Ava argues that she's fine but Kayla disagrees. Kayla believes Ava is still a clear danger to herself and everybody else. Ava complains that she was tied up for days and is now strapped to a hospital bed. Kayla tells her that nobody wants to hurt her here which Ava laughs at, pointing out that Joey tried to murder her in this hospital. Kayla assures that won't happen but Ava doesn't trust her and wants to go. Kayla understands that it's not fair and agrees that she should be able to see that Tripp is safe. Ava thanks her but Kayla then injects her with a sedative so she can relax. Ava calls her a bitch for lying to her. Kayla wonders what Charlie did to her.

Tripp questions Steve saying that Claire's new boyfriend Charlie is his brother. Steve explains that Angelo gave them a few details which line up with him. Tripp can't believe it. Steve says they are trying to find evidence now that Charlie was in London at the time of the incident so they should have some answers soon. Tripp recalls running in to Charlie before and how he acted all protective of Claire. Tripp says if this is true and Charlie attacked him, knowing he was the real rapist. Tripp questions what kind of monster does that.

Allie informs Nicole that John and Steve got some information but he doesn't want to tell her any details over the phone. Allie complains that John is stuck in traffic as John said he passed all the information to Rafe so the police can handle it. Allie argues that everybody seems to know but them. Nicole decides she will go talk to Rafe to find out and tells Allie to stay with Roman and the kids. Allie wants to go with her and says if someone besides Tripp did this, she needs to know right now. Nicole agrees and they exit together.

Charlie tells Rafe that this is all crazy, claiming he met Allie in Salem on Christmas Eve at John and Marlena's. Rafe questions him never seeing Allie before that. Charlie says no and asks how he could possibly be her attacker. Rafe brings up that the rape was a year ago and asks if he was in London at that time. Charlie can't believe he's asking him, arguing that he should be asking Tripp not him. Rafe points out that he didn't answer. Charlie responds that he had nothing to do with what happened to Allie. Rafe asks again if that means he wasn't in London. Charlie says he's trying to cooperate as he wants this all cleared up too. Rafe says that's easy to do and all he has to is consent to a DNA test to compare it to Allie's baby then if it doesn't match, he will know he's telling the truth. Rafe says he will go get the DNA kit started so they can be on their way but Charlie stops him and declares that he changed his mind as he does want a lawyer.

Tripp tells Steve that they need to find Allie and Claire to warn them about Charlie before he hurts someone else. Steve informs him that John is taking care of them so they are safe while Rafe has brought Charlie in for questioning. Tripp says he has questions too and can't believe all this time Charlie was under their nose. Tripp stops and asks if Steve thinks Charlie could have something to do with Ava's disappearance.

Brady questions Philip getting involved with Ava. Philip knows she's bad news and confirms that Ava is who he was on the phone with when Brady overheard him, pressuring him to get rid of Xander. Chloe asks if Brady can help Philip out of this mess or not. Brady doesn't know and brings up Nicole telling him that Ava is missing. Brady says it may be a good thing if Ava is gone for good. Philip then informs him that Ava's cousin Angelo called him today to say the debt to his family needs to be paid whether Ava is around or not.

Steve tells Tripp that he doesn't know if Ava's disappearance is connected to Charlie but he's sure Rafe is asking those questions. Tripp wants to find out if he got any answers. Steve says it might be too soon. Steve then gets a call from Kayla, who asks if he heard from Tripp. Steve confirms he's with him now. Kayla is glad and asks if he's okay. Steve asks why he wouldn't be. Kayla asks them to just get to the hospital right away and says she will explain everything when they get there.

Nicole and Allie go to the police station to see Rafe. Rafe says he was just about to text Nicole. Rafe informs them that John's call did lead him to Ava and he just left her at the hospital. Nicole asks if she's okay. Rafe admits she was in really bad shape, incoherent and confused. Nicole asks where she has been all this time. Rafe reveals that Ava had been held captive and the suspect is in the interrogation room right now, named Charlie Dale. Allie is shocked, noting that's Claire's boyfriend. Nicole doesn't understand and questions Charlie's connection to Ava. Rafe reveals that it turns out Charlie may be Ava's son. Nicole brings up Rafe taking off after John called him, saying it had something to do with Allie's case. Rafe confirms that Charlie may also have been the one who assaulted Allie.

Steve and Tripp go to the hospital to see Kayla. Kayla thanks them for coming so quick. Tripp asks about Ava being there. Kayla confirms that she is and she's fine physically. Steve asks what that means. Kayla explains that Ava was agitated and confused when she was brought in so she just sedated her. Kayla thinks Ava has had a break with reality as she was absolutely convinced that something bad happened to Tripp. Kayla adds that she is running blood work to see what is in Ava's system. Tripp asks if he can see her. Kayla tells him that she's sleeping it off but allows him to go in. Steve asks Kayla how Ava ended up here and where they found her. Kayla thinks it was just luck that Rafe found her tied up. Steve realizes it was when he went to question Charlie Dale.

Allie questions Rafe thinking Charlie is the one who raped her. Rafe says they are exploring the possibility. Allie brings up Tripp saying the DNA could match a relative of his and Nicole points out that Charlie could be Tripp's brother. Rafe confirms that would explain the match. Nicole brings up Allie meeting Charlie a few times. Allie remembers Charlie looking familiar but he said they never met before. Nicole asks if she ever saw him in London. Allie says she couldn't place it but notes that he reminded her of Tripp. Rafe says that would make sense if they are brothers. Nicole asks if he questioned Charlie. Rafe says he did and that Charlie denied everything. Allie asks if he doesn't believe him. Rafe brings up finding Ava tied up in Charlie's apartment. Nicole tells Rafe to get back in there and get Charlie to admit what he did to Allie. Nicole orders Rafe to get Charlie to talk or she will.

Brady asks if Philip considered telling Victor about any of this. Philip says he can't be serious. Brady brings up Victor's experience dealing with the mob and says maybe he could make this go away. Philip asks at what cost. Chloe argues that his life is at stake. Philip explains that he asked Victor for his position at Titan to go get back into the family and even though that was a lie, Victor believed in him enough to give him the job so he wants to prove he wasn't wrong. Brady argues that he's doing a miserable job so far. Chloe asks Brady if she was wrong to think he could help. Chloe gets a call from her mom and tells them to work this out as she steps away to answer the call. Brady then tells Philip that he doesn't know exactly how he can help him but he will try under the condition that Philip stays away from Chloe. Philip questions why Brady cares if he stays away from Chloe and if he's going after her again. Brady argues that Chloe is his friend and he's put her in a dangerous position. Philip argues that she overheard him on the phone and he didn't ask for her help. Brady says that's never stopped her before and calls Philip toxic so he has to put some distance between them before Chloe has collateral damage. Brady asks if they have a deal. Philip says he doesn't want her involved any more than he does because it would kill him to see her hurt. Brady says they are on the same page then. Philip responds that they are as Chloe returns to the table. Chloe asks what she missed.

Rafe stops Nicole from going in to the interrogation room. Nicole says she just wants to talk. Rafe says that's not going to happen. Nicole questions why he's not in there. Rafe explains that Charlie asked for an attorney so he can't ask any more questions. Nicole argues that they can't let him get away with this. Rafe assures that he's not and promises that he will get the answers. Allie says she trusts Rafe and Nicole says the same. Rafe says he's going to the hospital to get a statement from Ava and if she can identify Charlie as her captor, then he can formally arrest him. Rafe asks if Nicole wants to come. Nicole feels she should stay with Allie but Allie tells her to go ahead and claims she's going back to the Pub to be with Henry. Nicole offers to drive Allie back but Allie says it's okay and she'll see them back at the apartment. Allie then exits the station. Nicole can't imagine what Allie is going through after thinking it was Tripp the whole time. Rafe hopes that Ava can give them some answers. Rafe and Nicole then exit together. After they leave, Allie sneaks back in to the police station.

Tripp visits Ava as she sleeps in her hospital room. Tripp says he hates seeing her like this and that Kayla said she'd been through something awful. Tripp says he's sorry but promises she will be okay now that he's here. Ava then wakes up and asks if it's really him. Tripp assures that he's here. Ava cries that she thought he was dead. Tripp tells her that he's been fine and he's been looking for her. Ava notes that he's not hurt. Ava says she's okay now that he's here and she loves him. Tripp says he loves her too but asks if it's true that he has a brother. Ava tells him that she's so sorry for not telling him sooner. Tripp asks why she didn't. Ava says she wanted to protect him because he is the best part of her and that Charlie is the worst. Tripp responds that he needs to know everything about Charlie.

Philip tells Chloe that Brady just agreed to help. Brady says he will do what he can. Chloe thanks Brady and says it means so much to her. Philip thanks him as well. Brady reminds Philip that a deal is a deal as he then gets up and walks away. Chloe tells Philip that she's so glad he's on board. Philip argues that Chloe shouldn't have told him about Ava. Chloe argues that this was out of control and asks him to let Brady help. Philip feels he had no choice. Chloe asks what they need to do now.

Steve tells Kayla that he's always believed in Tripp's innocence and now he believes more than ever they will be able to clear Tripp's name. Kayla feels awful for Claire but hopes that it's true. Steve thanks her. Steve says he keeps thinking about what Allie and Tripp have been through. Kayla says they will do whatever they can to help them but they have to be careful because if Charlie is Ava's son, he could be extremely dangerous.

Ava tells Tripp that she's so happy to see him and promises to tell him and the police everything she knows about Charlie. Ava then imagines Charlie appearing in the room with a knife and starts to panic at her hallucination. Tripp tries to hold her and tell her it's okay.

Allie enters the interrogation room to confront Charlie. Charlie asks what she's doing in here. Allie tells him that she's not leaving until he tells her the truth.

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