Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/8/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/8/21


Written By Joseph

At their Salem Inn room, Sarah tries to get Xander's attention but he is too focused on searching the flash drive of Philip's data on his laptop. Xander tells Sarah that he will show her how grateful he is once he finds what he needs to take down Philip.

Philip is sitting in the town square with one of Tripp's missing persons flyers of Ava. Philip guesses this is why he hasn't heard from Ava and wonders if this means he's off the hook. Bonnie then appears behind him and jokes about Philip looking for a lady then remarks that he's broken enough hearts already.

Valerie and Abe sit together at the Brady Pub. Valerie loves that they both thought to bring Eli and Lani frozen takeout food. Abe asks about Valerie and Billy but Valerie reveals that she and Billy broke up.

Eli assures Lani that he wouldn't forget their babies carseats. Lani wants to go get their babies. Eli stops her and says there is something they need to do first.

Eli and Lani's babies, Carver and Julia, are in the nursery. Someone then picks up baby Julia.

Eli jokes with Lani that this might be the last time they are alone for the next 18 years. Eli kisses her and then tells her that he wants to apologize to her going behind her back to force Kristen to confess. Lani acknowledges that Eli is a good man that would do anything for the people he loves. Eli assures that he loves her. Lani says that she knows that and Kristen knows that. Lani adds that Kristen wants them to live a happy life with their children so they can honor her wishes by bringing their kids home. Eli agrees so they exit the room together.

After picking up baby Julia, someone then picks up baby Carver as well.

Valerie points out that Abe isn't saying anything. Abe responds that he's sorry she and Billy are no longer together but admits that he never thought Billy was good enough for her. Valerie calls that flattering. Abe calls her a very special person and praises her. Valerie thanks him and questions what a man would have to have to be good enough for her. Abe responds that he believes that man would have to be a lot like him.

Bonnie calls Philip a creep for dumping her daughter Mimi. Philip informs her that he didn't dump Mimi and that she pursued him relentlessly. Philip tells her that Mimi is attractive and a lot of fun but being with her wasn't good for him as she got him back in to some bad habits that he's still paying the price for. Bonnie argues that Philip just got tired and ditched her. Bonnie asks Philip who the unlucky girl is, as Chloe then arrives.

Kristen is sitting at the computer in prison, reading an article on Salem celebrating the New Year with a picture of Brady kissing Chloe. Brady then arrives, telling Kristen that he has a great news. Brady informs her that Lani had her babies and she sent him pictures to show her. Kristen responds that she has a picture of her own to show and questions Brady about the picture of him kissing Chloe.

Valerie agrees with Abe that a man compatible with her would be a lot like him. Abe is glad she agrees and acknowledges that it's a bit arrogant of him to suggest it. Valerie reminds him that they discussed awhile back that the man for her would have to live in a reasonably close zip code. Abe informs Valerie that she now has two grandchildren in Salem and he's sure she will want to see them all the time. Abe thinks rather than fly in all the time, maybe she would move back, and if that's the case they could give it another go.

Eli and Lani go to the nursery saying they can't wait to take their babies home, but when they get there, the babies are gone. Lani questions where they are.

Brady tells Kristen that he and Chloe had a platonic kiss between two friends that meant nothing. Kristen remarks that it looks like he was having a real nice time with his friend, all dressed up out on the town at the DiMera New Year's Eve party. Brady argues that he didn't even want to go to the party. Chloe then questions Brady and Chloe going together and asks if he flew in his ex-wife from New York to be his date. Brady clarifies that Chloe is back in town working at Basic Black so Kristen questions if he hired her to work with him. Brady informs her that it was Nicole who hired Chloe. Kristen questions Brady just now telling him.

Bonnie tells Chloe that she and Philip were in the middle of a private conversation but Philip says they were done so Chloe tells Bonnie to leave. Bonnie then mocks the idea of Philip and Chloe being back together, saying she can't think of two people who deserve each other more as she walks off. Chloe asks what that was all about. Philip says it's not worth getting into so he'd be happy to talk about anything other than Bonnie. Chloe then suggests they finish their conversation about Philip laundering money for the mob.

Xander apologizes to Sarah for being so distracted but he knows somewhere in these files is proof that Philip has been embezzling money from Titan but he just didn't think it would take this long to find it. Sarah remarks that he's been staring at the screen all day instead of celebrating New Year's with her. Xander insists he's so close but he's missing something. Xander questions where Philip's dirty dealings are. Sarah suggests he take a break and do some dirty dealings with her. Xander then exclaims that he finally got an encrypted folder open so he thinks it's what he needs to finally bust Philip.

Brady tells Kristen that there is a reasonable explanation but Kristen tells him to save it. Kristen knows he didn't tell her because he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Kristen declares that thanks to that picture, she knows it's over between them and that Brady is moving on with Chloe. Brady explains that he went to the office because he was trying not to think of Kristen so he went to the party with Chloe as friends but he thought about Kristen the whole time. Kristen argues that Brady failed to mention Chloe being back or working with her in all of his visits. Brady says when he visits her, he wants to talk about her and nothing else. Brady tells her that he and Rachel miss her and love her very much. Brady assures that Chloe is a friend and colleague and nothing more.

Philip reminds Chloe that he told her to forget what he told her on New Year's Eve. Chloe responds that it's kind of hard to forget him laundering money through Titan to pay off gambling debts. Philip tells her that the situation is under control. Chloe asks about Xander and if him exposing Philip could get him killed. Philip claims he was just being overdramatic and assures that Xander can't find anything without being able to read incredibly sophisticated financial documents which he doesn't believe Xander can do.

Xander complains that it was another dead end so he has to keep going. Sarah points out that Xander's room is a mess and asks when he last did laundry. Xander then shouts out the word laundry and says all this time he was thinking Philip was embezzling money from Titan and he never thought he could be laundering money through Titan. Xander calls Sarah a genius.

Abe guesses he caught Valerie off guard and that he shouldn't have said anything. Valerie says she's glad that he did but then reveals that she is seeing someone else. Abe feels foolish. Valerie points out that he didn't know. Valerie adds that her relationship isn't serious yet and it's not like she doesn't still have a lot of feelings for Abe. Valerie mentions being so in to her work in Washington DC. Valerie tells Abe that she thinks the world of him and she cherishes the memories of their time together. Abe says they will have a lot more memories with their grandchildren. Lani is certain someday soon, a woman will come along that she won't think is good enough for Abe.

Eli checks with a nurse, who is not sure where the twins are but she is checking the computers now. Lani starts to panic but Eli assures that the babies are fine because no one can take them out without authorization. Lani questions where they are then. Eli brings up Abe and Valerie having authorization so he decides to call Valerie. Valerie answers and asks how the twins are. Eli questions them not being with her. Valerie says no and asks why they would be. Eli asks about Abe. Valerie informs him that Abe is with her at the Pub as they are picking up food for them. Valerie asks Eli if something is wrong. Eli responds that the twins are not in the nursery. Valerie questions if he's saying the twins are missing.

Dr. Raynor, the former doctor who switched Brady and Kristen's baby with Sarah and Eric's, is revealed to have stolen Eli and Lani's twins. She has them in a stroller outside and makes a call to someone, informing them that she has the twins like they asked. She adds that no one questioned her as they just assumed she was back on staff. She states that she will bring the twins to them now and hangs up but Bonnie then approaches her.

Xander tells Sarah that he's got everything he needs to nail Philip thanks to her, now that he knew what to look for. Xander confirms the numbers show that Philip is laundering money and not just any money but mob money which explains his connection to Ava Vitali. Sarah asks if they can prove it. Xander responds that these files are a smoking gun as Philip's digital fingerprints are all over it.

Chloe thinks it's a mistake for Philip to underestimate Xander. Philip doesn't want her worrying about this as it's his problem and he will solve it. Chloe points out that he's her friend so she wants to help him. Philip is touched that she cares but for her own safety, he needs her to stay out of it because he'd never be able to forgive himself if something happened to her. Philip adds that the whole thing may be over since the person forcing him to do this may no longer be in a position to demand his services. Chloe questions what that means but Philip would prefer to leave it at that. Chloe argues that he has to tell her who he was dealing with so Philip then shows her the missing persons flyer. Chloe is surprised that it was Ava Vitali who has been causing him all this trouble. Philip tells her that Ava might be going through some problems of her own so he might just be in the clear.

Kristen tells Brady that she's sorry but questions how she is supposed to feel when he's out sharing an intimate moment with another woman while she is locked up here. Brady tells her there was nothing intimate about it and it was just New Year's Eve. Brady calls Kristen his life and says life is really hard right now but every morning, he wakes up with their daughter. Brady assures that he doesn't want to be with anyone else and doesn't want to waste the visits defending himself. Kristen agrees that he shouldn't have to and cries about just being so insecure. Brady wishes he could have her in bed. Kristen doesn't want him to blame himself for them being apart. Brady responds that he doesn't as he blames Eli. Kristen asks if he also blames her.

Abe and Valerie go to the hospital to ask Lani and Eli if they have found the twins yet but they haven't. Valerie encourages Lani that hospital glitches happen all the time and that this will get better so there's no need to panic. Eli comes over and reveals that the head nurse just said the twins are unaccounted for. Abe goes to call Rafe. Eli declares the hospital is now on lockdown so no one comes in or out. Lani worries that someone already took the babies out. Valerie tells her that's not possible with all the security measures in place to protect newborns. Valerie promises there is no way anyone left the building with her babies. Valerie hugs Lani as she cries and tells her it's okay.

Bonnie hands Dr. Raynor a pacifier that dropped out of the stroller. Bonnie then stops and sees that she has twins.

Eli questions how two babies go missing from a hospital and swears there will be hell to pay when he finds out who is responsible. Lani breaks down crying, saying she can't go through this again. Lani prays to not lose her babies. Abe makes a call to the police station, demanding they call him when they know anything. Abe tells Eli that hospital security is checking every inch of the building and assures they will find them.

Valerie gets Lani in a hospital room after she had a panic attack. Valerie encourages her to rest but Lani questions how she's supposed to rest when her children are missing. Valerie assures they will find her children and they will need their mother.

Bonnie compliments Dr. Raynor on what she thinks is her twins. Dr. Raynor looks around uncomfortably as Bonnie continues admiring the babies. Bonnie then asks her what the twins' names are.

Kristen knows Brady is upset that she confessed to stabbing Victor but she did it to protect Lani so she could have what Victor and Xander stole from them when they switched the babies. Kristen brings up Dr. Raynor agreeing to cover it all up and how evil that was. Kristen says she totally understands Victor and Xander's involvement but not a doctor.

Xander explains to Sarah how Philip has been using Titan to launder money for the mob. Xander states that Victor knows all about dirty dealings. Sarah asks if he's not worried that Victor will pick Philip's side over his. Xander says no matter how much he wants to, he can't because this time there is no denying what Philip has done by putting the family and the business at tremendous risk. Xander declares that this time, Philip is going down.

Chloe questions Philip thinking that Ava's family is just going to forget about the money he owes them because she's missing. Philip hopes that is the case and suggests they shelve this conversation. Philip offers to buy Chloe a latte. Philip then gets a call from Angelo, hangs up, and tells Chloe that he spoke too soon. Philip informs Chloe that Angelo told him that he's running the show in Ava's absence and he wants business to continue as usual. Chloe worries that Philip is in over his head and needs to call the police. Philip says if he did that and they found out, they would kill him. Chloe argues that the cops could protect him. Philip feels they would put him in prison. Chloe argues that Victor wouldn't allow that while Philip thinks Victor would push for the maximum sentence. Chloe thinks there has to be another way out but Philip declares there is not so he has to keep doing what he's doing or else he will wind up in prison or dead.

Brady apologizes to Kristen for what he said and assures he does not blame her. Brady says he just misses her so damn much. Kristen talks about her heart aching for their daughter. Brady can't imagine what it's like for her being away from them. Brady then shows Kristen the pictures of Eli and Lani's babies, Carver Malcom and Jules Harriet, who were born on Christmas Day. Kristen says they are so beautiful. Brady explains that he printed them out for her so she could be reminded every day of the brave, selfless thing that she did by sacrificing her time with her family so Lani could be with hers. Kristen stands by her choice but regrets making it without him. Brady says he doesn't want to look back, only forward, and to the next New Year's Eve where he can be with her and kiss the only woman he loves.

Eli goes to Lani's hospital room with the hospital security footage. Lani questions who would do this. Eli says they are going to find out. Eli encourages her to help him go through the footage so they can find who took their babies.

Bonnie asks Dr. Raynor again what the babies' names are. Dr. Raynor says she's sorry but she has to go. One of the twins then wakes up crying so Bonnie talks about how long it's been since she has held her grand daughter and picks up the baby, worrying Dr. Raynor.

Xander can't wait to watch Philip try to worm his way out of this one and thanks Sarah for her brilliance and patience. Sarah jokes with him about cleaning his room. Xander points out that the bed is made and now he's ready for some dirty dealings so he asks her to join him which she does.

Chloe warns Philip that sooner or later, someone is going to figure out what he's up to or the mob will expect him to do more for them. Philip says that Xander is the only one who suspects him of anything. Brady appears and questions if Philip is harassing Chloe again since it seemed like they were arguing so he wondered what it was about. Philip claims they are not arguing and are just working out the rental agreement for Basic Black to use Titan warehouses. Chloe refuses to go along with it and tells Brady that Philip is in serious trouble and they need Brady's help.

Kristen looks over at the photos of Carver and Jules, saying she can't wait to meet them. Kristen says she may have an issue with Eli but Lani is the best mom any child could ever have and she will love them and keep them safe.

Eli finds nothing on the security footage, like whoever did this knew how to avoid the cameras. Lani asks Eli if they are going to lose their babies. Eli swears they will do everything they can to bring Carver and Jules home. Eli says he loves her and hugs her as she cries.

Valerie tells Abe that Lani is fine but scared out of her mind. Abe then confirms he found something but it's not good, as he reveals the babies bracelets were found in the stairwell to the emergency exit door. Abe hugs Valerie as she starts to cry.

Dr. Raynor asks Bonnie for "her" baby back. Bonnie puts the baby back and jokes that soon she'll be handing them over to anyone who will take them. Dr. Raynor then takes the twins in the stroller and rushes off as Bonnie wishes her luck.

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