Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/7/21

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/7/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani prepare to take their babies home from the hospital. Valerie enters their room with praise for the babies after seeing them in the nursery. Valerie asks about their names. Eli explains that they just named them this morning because they wanted to make sure they had names from people they could look up to. Valerie asks what they decided. Lani informs her that her grandson's name is Carver Malcolm which she notes that Abe will love. Eli then informs her that her granddaughter's middle name is Harriet, leading Valerie to assume they named the baby Valerie. Eli then clarifies that her name is Julia Harriet and they are going to call her Jules. Valerie questions that being named for Julie which Eli confirms, surprising Valerie.

Rafe arrives at Charlie's apartment and knocks on the door, calling for Charlie to open up. Rafe then bursts in and finds Ava tied up, having fallen over in her chair. Rafe removes the gag from her mouth and asks Ava who did this to her. Ava thinks back to her nightmare and worries that she's being hurt. Rafe shows that he's a cop and tells her to calm down. Ava thinks back to her nightmare and screams for Charlie to get out of here. Rafe tries to get through to her, repeating that he's a cop and he's not going to hurt her.

Marlena goes home with Ben but finds that Claire is not there. Marlena tries to call Claire again but it goes right to voicemail. Ben notes that people turn their phones off and it doesn't mean she's in trouble. Ben wants to help find Claire but questions why she thinks Charlie is a threat to her.

Claire and Charlie sit together in Claire's bedroom, listening to one of Claire's songs. Charlie calls it great and says he's never met anybody who could compose music. Charlie tells her that he really cares about her. Claire says she knew he was special the day they met. Charlie asks if they are doing this. Claire tells Charlie that first she will get in to something more comfortable. Claire kisses him and then tells him to wait there as she steps out.

Valerie questions Eli and Lani naming the babies after Lani's father and Eli's grandmother. Eli swears the next baby will be named Valerie. Valerie says she understands since Julie didn't hesitate to welcome Eli in to his father's family. Lani adds that she wanted Julie to know there are no bad feelings between them. Valerie says she was right to do that and closes the subject. Valerie then gives them a gift of an electric breast pump. Valerie offers to get them food from the Brady Pub while they prepare the babies. Valerie says she will wait for them at their place as they bring their babies home for the first time.

Rafe unties Ava and tries to help her but Ava is confused and tells Rafe not to touch her and to get out. Rafe reminds Ava that they have met before and convinces her that he's not Charlie. Rafe assures that he's a cop here to help her. Ava responds that he's too late, claiming that Charlie killed Tripp as she believes what she saw in her nightmare. Ava tells Rafe there is blood all over the floor but there is not. Ava cries that Steve is burying their son but Rafe tells him that he's not. Ava continues talking about her nightmare as if it were real. Rafe asks where Charlie is now. Ava says she doesn't know but they should go before he comes back. Rafe decides to call an ambulance while Ava pleads with him not to leave her so Rafe agrees to stay with her.

Ben and Marlena go to Shawn and Belle's in search of Claire. Marlena appreciates Ben helping without knowing any details. Ben feels he owes Marlena after all that she has done for him. Marlena explains that she can't confide in him why she feels Charlie may be a danger to Claire. Ben says if she has a gut feeling, that's all he needs to know and if Claire is in trouble, he will do whatever he can to help. Marlena says she appreciates that so much. Marlena then looks over at the couch and finds Claire's phone, noting that she never goes anywhere without it so she must be here somewhere.

Claire returns to her room in a nightgown. Charlie calls her the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. Claire apologizes for taking so long. Charlie says she was worth the wait. Claire tells him that they don't have to wait any longer as she kisses him.

Valerie goes to the Brady Pub where she finds Abe at the counter. Abe asks if she's here for lunch. Valerie informs him that she called in an order of food for Eli and Lani to freeze. Abe reveals he was thinking the same as he just ordered two weeks worth of dinners for them. Valerie comments on the babies names. Abe senses that she doesn't like the name of Jules and tells Valerie that she can be honest with him. Valerie admits she doesn't know that she would put Julie in the category of people they can look up to when she was so horrible to Lani. Abe points out that Julie has worked hard to make it up to Lani and being willing to admit mistakes is not a bad quality. Valerie jokes that Abe is still a smooth talker.

Eli and Lani sign the babies out and wait for the nurse to bring them to them so they can all go home together. Eli assures that everything is ready at home. Eli adds that it was so nice of Valerie to get them the breast pump so he can feed the babies too. Lani worries that sometimes the bottle causes babies to not want to breastfeed anymore. Eli says they will make mistakes but promises they'll be forgiven. Lani suggests going to the nursery to see what the hold up is because she wants to bring the babies home so they exit the room together.

Ben asks Marlena if Claire didn't just forget her phone. Marlena assures that Claire never goes anywhere without it and it's been an issue between them. Ben questions why she didn't answer the door then. Marlena wonders if Claire is down in the basement practicing her music. Ben suggests Marlena check there while he checks the rest of the house.

Claire and Charlie kiss until she stops to ask him if he really likes the way she looks. Charlie assures that he's never known a girl as beautiful as her. Claire recalls Ciara telling her how guys always said stuff like that to her but no one ever did for her. Charlie says no one has ever cared about her like him as he continues kissing her.

Abe tells Valerie about an app that monitors babies sleeping patterns and can rock them to sleep. Valerie talks about how far they have come. Valerie then gets a call about a patient and steps away to answer her phone. Roman enters the Pub and tells Abe that he's sorry he's late but the food is ready. Abe stops him and asks him what's wrong. Roman responds that it's about Allie and if he has a couple minutes, he'd like to talk to him about it.

Kayla enters a hospital room to see a patient and is shocked to see that the patient is Ava, who is tied down to the hospital bed. Kayla asks if Tripp found her. Ava responds that Tripp is dead which worries Kayla at first but when Ava says that Steve is burying him, Kayla realizes she can't be right since Steve is not in Salem. Ava insists that she saw him. Kayla thinks Ava needs a doctor that she doesn't have a history with so she decides to go find her another doctor and to call Steve to find out what's going on. Ava asks what about Tripp and then cries out that she wishes Charlie had never been born.

Charlie and Claire continue kissing and begin to undress each other as they move onto the bed. Ben then enters the room and orders Charlie to get away from her. Claire gets up and questions what Ben is doing here and what's the matter with him as Ben asks if she is okay. Claire asks Ben to explain what he's doing in her room and how he even got in the house. Charlie tells Ben to get out. Ben responds that he's staying and tells him to button his shirt. Charlie asks what his problem is. Ben says he needs to talk to Claire alone. Claire argues that she doesn't want to talk to him and she doesn't know why he's there but she's telling him to get out of the house. Ben tells Claire that he's sorry but he's not going anywhere.

Eli surprises Lani with a necklace that has a heart locket with a picture of their babies inside. Lani says she'll wear it forever and thanks him as they hug.

Abe and Roman sit together at the Pub. Abe says he wishes the police would go after Tripp as much as he does. Roman talks about how mad he gets thinking about what happened to Allie. Abe points out that Kate shares his frustration and brings up the civil suit. Roman informs Abe that Steve is moving heaven and earth to find another suspect as he has this theory that Tripp has a relative with a close enough DNA match so they will just have to wait until he gets back.

Rafe finds Kayla at the hospital. Kayla questions him not telling her that his patient was Ava. Rafe apologizes as he meant to brief her on that before she saw her. Kayla asks how he got involved all of this. Rafe calls it a coincidence as John asked him to do a favor which led to him finding Ava tied up and seeing things that weren't there. Kayla mentions Ava telling her that Tripp was dead and that Steve was burying the body which Rafe notes she said to him as well. Kayla tells Rafe that Steve and John are on a flight right now from Philadelphia. Rafe explains how John told him they thought someone else might have raped Allie so he went to the guy's apartment and that's where he found Ava. Kayla asks if he has a name. Rafe reveals that it is Charlie Dale and Ava says he's the one who tied her up. Kayla says she's never heard of him which Rafe says is surprising because he's evidently dating Claire which surprises Kayla.

Charlie argues that Ben has no right to be here. Ben informs Claire that Marlena is looking for her. Claire questions if she sent Ben to come find her. Ben says he was with her when she got the call from John. Claire mentions that John called her too but she ignored it because Charlie was there. Claire tells Ben to just tell Marlena that she's fine and she will call her later. Ben tells Claire that she needs to go talk to Marlena now as she's in the other room which shocks Claire. Claire tells Charlie that she's sorry but she will go get rid of Marlena and she'll be right back. Claire wants Ben to come with her but Ben says he will stay with Charlie while she talks to Marlena. Claire warns Ben not to lay a hand on Charlie as she exits the room.

Eli puts Lani's necklace on her and tells her how the birthdates are engraved on the back. Lani brings up the year she spent in the convent in Italy, believing she would never see him again and now they are parents to twin babies. Eli says they definitely made it through tough times like Gabi and losing David because they love each other. Lani says she never stopped loving him. Eli says he may not be perfect but he swears to make sure she and the babies feel loved and safe. Lani is thankful they found each other again as they kiss.

Abe tells Roman that at least Angelo is not involved. Roman says John and Steve will be home soon enough so maybe they will find out more.

Kayla questions Rafe as to why Claire's boyfriend would have Ava tied up in his apartment. Rafe wishes he knew but obviously Ava was in no shape to explain it. Kayla says Ava seemed to either have had a breakdown or she was drugged and she's called for a screening. Rafe says he's going to head back to the apartment for more answers. Rafe asks her to get in touch with Tripp to make sure he's okay and to let him know that his mother has been found. Kayla agrees to do so and asks about Claire as she doesn't think she should be left in the dark. Rafe mentions that John said Marlena is reaching out to her and for her sake, he hopes that Steve is wrong about Charlie. Rafe then exits the hospital.

Charlie tells Ben that if something bad happened, Claire is going to need him but Ben tells him he's not going anywhere. Charlie asks if he can at least tell him what's going on. Ben responds that Marlena didn't really say but assures that she can take care of Claire herself. Charlie questions Ben telling him what to do. Ben responds that he and Claire were pretty close once and actually apartment mates. Charlie argues that Claire told him that she and Ben didn't really get along about Ciara. Ben says that was true once but they worked that out.

Claire comes out to see Marlena, who hugs her and is thankful that Ben found her. Marlena questions where she has been. Claire says she was in her room with music on and she has company. Marlena guesses it's Charlie which Claire confirms. Marlena says they have all been trying to call her. Claire asks if something bad is going on or if it's her parents. Marlena says they are fine. Claire questions why she and John are so anxious to talk to her then and tells her to just tell her what's going on.

Lani wonders what is taking the nursery so long as they said they would bring the babies right to them. Eli suggests they go see if they can hurry them up. Lani then stops to ask Eli if he remembered to install the babies car seats.

Kayla returns to Ava's hospital room. Ava thought she was getting another doctor and says she doesn't want Kayla here. Kayla says the other doctor is busy. Ava tells her to stay away from her. Ava cries that she needs to see Steve. Kayla tries to tell her that Tripp is not dead as she is disoriented and hallucinating. Kayla adds that she left Tripp a message to come here so she can see him herself. Ava screams at her that she's a liar.

Charlie says maybe Ben and Claire are friends now but she's his girlfriend so if she's getting bad news, he should be there with her. Ben responds that Claire's grandparents don't want that. Charlie questions how he knows. Ben says that's what Marlena told him. Charlie accuses him of making that up and questions why they wouldn't want him and Claire to be together. Charlie argues that he met most of Claire's family at her parents' wedding and they like him. Ben says he doesn't know anything about that part because he wasn't there. Charlie wants to see if she's okay and argues that Ben can't keep him here. Charlie threatens to call the cops and remarks that they would take his word over Ben's. Ben tells Charlie that he can go but he's not going to interrupt Claire and Marlena's conversation. Ben offers to walk him out the back way.

Marlena wants Claire to come home with her and then John can explain everything to her when he gets back. Claire tells her that she's not doing that because Charlie is waiting for her in her room. Marlena doesn't think she should be around Charlie anymore. Claire asks why. Claire argues that she's not a teenager anymore so she's capable of making her own choices. Claire says she and Charlie like each other and want to be together so if she doesn't tell her why she has a problem with him then she's going back to her room. Marlena sits down with Claire and informs her that John and Steve have been out of town investigating what happened to Allie. Marlena reveals that they aren't sure that Tripp is guilty. Claire argues that his DNA matches the baby's so it has to be him. Marlena says not necessarily as it could be a relative who would share the same DNA. Claire guesses that's possible but questions what that has to do with Charlie.

Kayla tells Ava to calm down as Tripp is on his way. Ava tells Kayla to put the needles away. Kayla says she's going to draw her blood to find out what drug she has been given. Ava argues that her son already tried to kill her so she's not going to let her. Kayla responds that Tripp loves her and would never do that. Ava shouts back that she's not talking about Tripp, she's talking about her other son which Kayla questions. Ava then reveals Charlie is her other son, shocking Kayla.

Charlie returns to his apartment, shocked to find Ava is gone. Charlie screams about Ava getting away and begins to panic about if she went to the cops, knowing what he did to Allie, and if that's why Marlena wanted to talk to Claire. Charlie tells himself that they couldn't know or else Ben wouldn't have let him leave. Charlie tries to calm down, reminding himself that Ava was on drugs so the police wouldn't believe her. Charlie says all he has to do is convince Claire and everybody else not to believe Ava since they've already seen her lose her mind. Charlie declares that the most important thing is that he can't lose Claire so he has to fix this. Charlie goes to leave his apartment when Rafe shows up at the door.

Marlena tells Claire that she's never lied to her and she believes in her so she needs Claire to believe in her now and come home with her. Claire doesn't know why she has a problem with Charlie but she agrees to go home with her. Marlena thanks her. Claire says she has to go explain to Charlie. Ben comes in and informs her that Charlie just left and he seemed pretty anxious to get out. Claire blames that on Ben for practically breaking the door now. Ben guesses that Charlie figured she'd call him later so he let him out the back door. Marlena tells Claire that they should go. Claire asks her to give her a minute and goes back to her room. Ben tells Marlena that it was close. Marlena thanks Ben and hopes she can get her back home so John can explain exactly what's going on.

Valerie greets Roman at the Pub and says it's nice to see him. Roman congratulates her on the twins. Roman then goes to get their food orders. Abe asks if Valerie's call was anything urgent. Valerie says it wasn't and everything is fine. Valerie is looking forward to helping Eli and Lani with the babies. Abe is thankful they are healthy and thriving. Valerie talks about everything Eli and Lani have been through and says they deserve every happiness with their babies.

Lani argues to Eli that they can't take the babies home with no car seats. Eli then reveals that he was joking and that he has the car seats all set up. Lani tells him that wasn't funny. Eli apologizes and assures that he wouldn't take any chances with their babies. Lani guesses she's just hormonal. Eli suggests they go to the nursery to take their babies home so they exit together.

Eli and Lani's babies, Carver and Julia, are in the nursery. Someone then picks up baby Julia.

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