Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/5/21

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/5/21


Written By Joseph

Kayla goes to Marlena's office at the hospital and informs her that she just heard from Steve that he and John have just landed in Philadelphia. Kayla tells Marlena that she knows how concerned she is for John so she feels terrible that Steve is taking him on this wild goose chase. Kayla doesn't know what Steve was thinking with the idea of confronting some mob boss to get him to exonerate Tripp.

Steve and John confront Ava's cousin Angelo Vitali in Philadelphia. Angelo says they are interrupting his lunch. John says that's about to be the least of his worries.

Tripp is posting missing persons flyers of Ava outside the Brady Pub when Roman comes out and questions what the hell he's doing.

Allie tells Charlie and Claire that she will see them later while Charlie says "arrivederci". Allie then stops and looks at Charlie causing Claire to ask if she's okay.

Abigail questions Gwen making it up. Chad questions why she would tell him that she saw Jake kissing Abigail. Chad says if he would've known that was a lie, but stops. Abigail questions him and tells him to finish his sentence. Abigail questions what Chad would've done or not done.

Kayla tells Marlena that when Steve asked her if the DNA test could prove a close relative of Tripp's was the rapist, she told him the odds were slim. Marlena notes that their husbands aren't known to back off even from a longshot. Kayla is afraid that Steve is so desperate for Tripp to be innocent that he's grabbing at whatever straw he can find. Marlena points out that Tripp has always maintained his innocence and never changed his story while neither has Allie. Marlena hopes their husbands can do their investigation and get to the truth.

Angelo tells John to back off. John says they came a long way to get some answers so they aren't leaving until they get them. Angelo responds that he hasn't heard the question yet. John then asks if he raped his granddaughter.

Allie says she's fine and just has to go as she's late for her appointment. Claire steps aside with Allie and asks if she's sure she's good. Allie assures that she's fine and will see her later as she exits Julie's Place. Claire wonders to Charlie what that was all about.

Chad tells Abigail that if he knew it was a lie, he wouldn't have gotten drunk and passed out at the Salem Inn. Abigail guesses that's why she has the bill for a room at the Salem Inn that she didn't book. Abigail then asks where Gwen stayed last night because she didn't come home either. Gwen admits that she was with Chad. Abigail questions Gwen spending the night with her husband.

Angelo questions what John is talking about. John explains that Allie was attacked in London last year so he wants to know if he did it. Angelo warns Steve to call John off. John says it's two against one. Angelo asks what John's problem is. Steve asks him if the name Allie Horton rings any bells. Angelo says he was in London once but not with a girl. Angelo tells them to leave him in peace. Steve informs Angelo that Allie had a baby nine months later and her DNA matches Angelo's. Angelo calls that impossible and asks how he would know. Steve informs him that they ran the test on his cousin Tripp because Allie claims Tripp is the one who attacked her. Angelo admits that doesn't sound like something Tripp would do but if this Allie says he did it and the DNA is a match, it looks like they have their answer. Steve tells Angelo that Tripp swore he didn't do it and it turns out that a blood relative could produce the same DNA test results which would be Angelo. John asks Angelo when exactly he was in London.

Kayla assures Marlena that she wants Tripp to be innocent. Kayla says they've come a long way and their relationship was great but now she finds herself regretting giving Tripp the benefit of the doubt. Kayla mentions the toll it's taken on her relationship with Steve and then Ava rising from the grave along with Joey coming home and already leaving town. Kayla jokes that she needs to make a therapy appointment with Marlena. Marlena tells her that she's welcome any time at all. Marlena feels it's natural with all that Kayla is going through. Marlena tells her that the good news is that Joey is free. Kayla calls it a miracle which is why she finds it impossible that Ava would be missing which Marlena questions. Kayla says Ava was so excited to have Tripp move in with her but nobody knows what happened and it's like she vanished from the face of the earth.

Tripp informs Roman that his mom is missing and he's just trying to find her. Roman warns him that this is private property so he can't post the flyer without his permission. Tripp then asks for his permission but Roman says no. Tripp asks why not since he saw a flyer for a missing turtle in his window. Roman remarks that the turtle deserved to be found while Ava doesn't. Roman declares that the best thing for this town would be for Ava Vitali to take off and never come back. Roman hopes that her son would follow.

Charlie suggests to Claire that maybe Allie just had some place to be. Claire notes that she did mention an appointment but says she was totally fine and then Charlie showed up. Charlie changes the subject by pointing out that he's wearing the shirt that she got him for Christmas. Charlie is glad she came over on Christmas. Claire says she wanted to see that he was okay and get him his present. Claire adds that he still owes her the grand tour of his apartment. Charlie agrees but says it's nice being here with her. Claire is glad that she called to meet because she was worried that he might have been avoiding her but Charlie says he would never. Claire comments that Allie was right then when she encouraged her to call him. Charlie tells her there's no place he'd rather be.

Abigail asks Gwen if she slept with her husband. Gwen responds that she spent the night with Chad as he was a drunken mess so she couldn't leave him alone. Gwen claims that she slept in the chair. Abigail questions Gwen saying she saved the day. Gwen asks if Abigail would rather she left him alone. Abigail argues that she'd rather she not lie about her and Jake kissing, pointing out that she still hasn't explained that. Gwen says she hasn't given her the chance. Abigail also wants to know why Gwen lied about her booking a room at the Salem Inn and tells her to get anything else off her chest now. Gwen says she will tell her everything but warns that she might be sorry that she asked.

Kayla tells Marlena that she knows how worried Tripp is about his mother and she prays to God that Ava doesn't show her face in this town again. Kayla jokes that she's a terrible person. Marlena says that Ava is the terrible person. Marlena suggests reserving judgment on Tripp until they hear from Steve and John. Kayla admires Marlena's generosity given how Allie has suffered. Allie then enters the office and asks if she's interrupting. Marlena says they were just talking about a patient. Kayla asks how Allie and Henry are doing. Allie says they are good. Kayla tells Marlena that she will take her advice and exits the room. Allie tells Marlena that she's sorry she's late as she lost track of time. Marlena asks if she's okay. Allie responds that she doesn't know as she was having lunch with Claire and everything was fine until out of nowhere she just started thinking about that night. Marlena wonders if she was triggered somehow. Allie mentions Charlie joining them and wonders why he would be the trigger when he's practically a stranger.

Charlie asks Claire if she wants to have lunch but they both say they already ate. Charlie mentions almost being done with a project and then he will have more time to spend with her. Charlie asks what she wants to do with the time they have. Claire says she doesn't care as long as she's spending time with him.

Angelo tells John that if he wants answers, he can step out of his personal space. Angelo says he doesn't remember exactly when he was in London but he knows he never raped anyone. Steve explains that Tripp took Allie home from a nightclub because she was drunk and then took off. John questions if Angelo slipped in after Tripp left. Angelo questions why he would do that. Steve brings up Angelo trying to convince Tripp to murder Kayla. Angelo says he thought Kayla killed Ava. John tells him that Ava is alive. Angelo jokes that Ava has nine lives and now Joey is out of jail so everything is good. Steve questions who told him about Joey. Angelo tells him that Ava is still his favorite cousin. Steve then informs Angelo that Ava is missing. Angelo asks what happened. Steve says first he tells them when he was in London. Angelo says it wasn't in December as he was in jail for two months on bogus charges. John doesn't believe him but Angelo says he can call the prison to verify every word.

Abigail warns Gwen that the only person who's going to be sorry is her if she doesn't tell the truth. Gwen says a few weeks ago, she saw Jake kissing Kate and he was furious that she found out about his affair because Kate was scared of Chad finding out the truth so Jake threatened her. Gwen claims she was terrified for her life. Abigail wants to fast forward to Gwen trying to ruin her life. Gwen says she never intended that but when Chad heard that Jake was sleeping with someone in the house, she panicked. Abigail argues that Gwen isn't the type to panic. Gwen claims she thought Jake would kill her if she told the truth so she had to cover and saying it was Abigail was all that came out. Abigail doesn't believe Gwen or that Jake was threatening her. Chad brings up that he walked in Jake threatening her and said it was about DiMera but it must have been about Kate which Gwen confirms. Abigail questions Chad buying this story. Chad feels it makes sense while Abigail argues that it makes no sense and they haven't even gotten to lying about the reservation for the Salem Inn. Abigail says Gwen knew what she was doing and how much trouble it would cause for her and Chad. Gwen says she's sorry but Abigail argues that she's not. Abigail declares that Gwen is lying to her and she knows why. Abigail says it all makes sense now that Gwen has been after Chad the whole time. Gwen questions how she could possibly think that. Abigail brings up Gwen being in Chad's arms when she first came back from Florida and that Gwen had kissed him. Gwen says that was a mistake that never should've happened. Abigail continues to accuse her of lying. Abigail asks Gwen about the folder she has and if she's stalking her and her family. Gwen claims she was just researching her employer. Abigail says she wormed her way into her life so she believed she was helping her and that she was her friend while whispering things to her husband. Abigail accuses Gwen of wanting to be in bed with Chad which she denies. Abigail remarks that she's shocked Gwen didn't take advantage of Chad last night while he was passed out drunk in a hotel, unless that was a lie too. Abigail asks Gwen if she took advantage of her husband last night. Gwen responds that since Abigail doesn't want to believe a word she says, she'll let Chad take this one. Gwen then asks if Chad felt taken advantage of last night.

Marlena tells Allie that triggers can be subtle or subconscious like a sound or smell. Marlena asks if Charlie said anything. Marlena feels it looks like Allie is remembering something. Allie says that Charlie seems so familiar. Allie thinks she might know what it is and suggests Charlie seems familiar because something about him reminds her of Tripp...

Tripp tells Roman that Ava could be hurt or worse. Roman tells him to shut up because he doesn't give a damn about Ava or the bastard that attacked his granddaughter. Roman warns him that he's lucky he doesn't beat the hell out of him. Tripp says he didn't do it but Roman brings up the DNA match and says even he can't talk his way out of that. Tripp argues against the test. Roman mentions Kayla running the test four times. Tripp says everyone will know the truth soon because John and Steve are on it and hopefully finding answers as they speak.

John finishes a call with the prison and confirms that Angelo was telling the truth. Steve asks Angelo if there's another male relative they don't know of, noting it would have to be a closer relation than distant cousins. Angelo then reveals that maybe it was Ava's other son, surprising Steve.

Chad tells Abigail that he was drunk last night but he was not taken advantage of. Chad points out that Gwen has been manipulating them with games and lies. Gwen is sorry he feels that way. Abigail says that's not good enough and orders Gwen to go upstairs and pack her things because she wants her out of the house now.

Marlena tells Allie that she could see some resemblance between Charlie and Tripp. Allie worries that she's going to freak out every time she sees a guy that reminds her of Tripp. Allie thought the civil suit would make her feel better. Marlena encourages that she is going to heal. Allie asks why she feels worse than ever then.

Roman questions Tripp if Steve has got John doubting Allie too. Tripp says it's about finding the truth. Roman argues that the truth is Tripp is just as sick as Ava. Kayla interrupts and asks what's going on here. Roman says he's trying not to tear Tripp apart. Kayla says she will handle this and tells Tripp to go put out the flyers so he walks away. Roman questions Kayla about John helping Steve prove that Tripp didn't rape Allie. Roman asks if she's kidding but Kayla confirms that is the case.

Steve questions Angelo about Ava having another son. Angelo asks if Ava never told Steve that she had another kid after Tripp. Angelo adds that they were never close as Ava didn't raise the kid, his father did. Steve is shocked that Ava never told him and says this would make the DNA match even more likely. John asks what Angelo can tell them about this other kid. Angelo reveals that his name is Charlie.

Charlie suggests to Claire that they go ice skating but then remembers getting hurt last time he did that so they decide against it. Claire suggests going to see a movie but Charlie guesses she doesn't like anime. Claire then suggests they chill at his place but Charlie says no so Claire questions why not.

Gwen questions Abigail kicking her onto the street. Abigail tells her she's fired as well. Gwen argues that she can't do that but Abigail says she just did. Gwen adds that the children will be heartbroken but Abigail says they will get over it. Abigail tells Gwen that she never wants to see her near her, her kids, or her husband ever again. Gwen asks Chad if he feels the same way. Abigail screams at her to shut up. Chad says he will deal with her. Abigail tells Chad not to fall for Gwen's lies or sob stories. Abigail calls Gwen sick to convince Chad that she was having an affair with Jake. Abigail can't believe she thought Gwen was her friend. Abigail warns that she better be gone when she gets back as she storms out of the room.

Marlena tells Allie that some days may be harder than others but that doesn't mean she's going backwards. Marlena encourages Allie for dealing with her feelings and says she's proud of her so she should be proud of herself. Allie feels no matter what she does or the court decides, Tripp will never accept responsibility for what he did or go to prison so she hopes that he never puts another girl through the hell that she's going through.

Charlie tells Claire that he would love to take her back to his apartment but it's a mess. Claire asks what he wants to do then. Charlie suggests going to her place instead which Claire calls a great idea.

Steve asks Angelo where they can find this Charlie. Angelo responds that he doesn't know as he grew up in Philly but left months ago. John asks what else Angelo can tell about him. Angelo says he wears glasses and is clumsy as hell. Steve asks if he has a number, name, or what kind of work he does. Angelo tells them that they will have to find Charlie on their own because he needs to go look for Ava. Angelo gets up but Steve says he's not going anywhere until he tells them everything he knows. Angelo suggests that he move out of his way.

Roman apologizes to Kayla for losing his cool but it was the first time he's seen Tripp since finding out what he did to Allie. Roman says he's so mad because he liked Tripp and thought he was a good guy. Roman argues that Kayla can't believe that Tripp is really innocent. Kayla admits it's very unlikely but anything is possible...

John thanks Angelo and tells him he can walk but warns him to stay away from his granddaughter. Angelo tells them both to stay the hell away from him as he walks away. Steve questions what John did that for since Angelo is the only person who can tell him where to find Charlie. John then reveals that he thinks he knows where Charlie is.

Claire brings Charlie home. Charlie hopes her parents don't mind that she brought him over. Claire says she has the coolest parents ever so they wouldn't mind if they were there but they aren't there because they are on their honeymoon. Charlie points out that they have the place all to themselves then.

Marlena listens to the recording of her session with Allie where she said Charlie seems familiar to him and that something about him reminds her of Tripp.

Tripp walks outside and calls Steve, leaving a message asking if he's talked to Angelo yet as he's hoping he got him to admit he's the one who raped Allie. Allie then appears and questions what the hell that was about.

Chad calls Gwen a bitch for lying to him and tricking him. Gwen points out that it didn't take much for him to doubt his wife. Chad questions what he was thinking. Gwen says he can blame it on liquor and a broken heart. Chad warns her that if Abigail finds out, it will crush her so it will be their secret. Chad adds that the farther away Gwen is from their lives, the better. Chad tells Gwen to go pack and get out of here. Gwen instead sits down and declares she's not quitting her job or leaving the house. Chad argues that she doesn't have a choice. Gwen responds that he doesn't have a choice and suggests he go talk to Abigail and tell her that she is staying. Chad questions how he's supposed to do that. Gwen tells Chad that he will figure it out but she suggests he make it believable or else she will have to spill their little secret that he took her to bed to ring in the New Year...

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