Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/4/21

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 1/4/21


Written By Joseph

Allie and Claire sit together at Julie's Place. Claire asks what Allie did on New Year's Eve. Allie says she and Nicole had popcorn and watched the ball drop on TV then asks what Claire did. Claire responds that she did the same thing but she was home alone. Allie asks about Charlie. Claire informs her that Charlie is fully recovered but decided to go into the office on New Year's Eve to deal with any issues with everyone off for the holidays. Claire jokes that her boyfriend is always finding ways to solve a problem..

Charlie feeds Ava soup while keeping her tied up at home. Ava asks how long he's going to keep her tied up. Charlie says not much longer because he's almost done with her. Ava asks if he's going to finally kill her then. Charlie responds that he's not a murderer and he can't kill his own mother. Ava questions if he's going to let her go then. Charlie says then she would tell everybody what he did with Allie and he can't let that happen. Ava questions what his third option is. Charlie tells her not to worry because he knows exactly what he's going to do with her..

Kate and Jennifer sit together in the town square. Kate questions her really thinking she would be embarrassed of Jake. Jennifer points out how hard she has worked to keep their relationship a secret so she would think the same thing if she was Jake.

Chad comes home to find Abigail with Jake. Abigail asks where he has been. Chad tells her to forget where he's been because she's exactly where he expected her to be. Abigail tries to explain but Chad yells at her to stop because he knows exactly what's going on between them.

Jack goes over the newspaper articles from Gwen's folder and wonders why she knew all about them. Gwen then enters the living room and says she believes that belongs to her. Jack confirms it does and questions why she is in possession of it. Gwen questions Jack poking around through her personal belongings. Jack informs her that Abigail actually discovered the folder in her room last night. Gwen questions them not having respect for anyone's privacy. Jack asks again why she has all these clippings. Gwen thinks it's obvious and points out that she's been here for a few months working as Abigail's nanny so she wanted to know the family she was going to be working for. Jack questions this all being research and notes that it's thorough about not just Abigail but he and Jennifer. Gwen says she wanted to know their whole story. Gwen tells Jack that there is nothing wrong with what she has done. Jack responds that actually there is.

Abigail tells Chad that she knows he thinks something is going on with her and Jake. Chad yells at her to stop because he knows about the love nest she booked at the Salem Inn. Jake questions that but Chad screams at him to shut up because he's not talking to him. Abigail says she didn't book a room at the Salem Inn. Chad shows her the copy of the bill from the Salem Inn. Abigail says she doesn't know what that is. Chad shows her that it was paid for by Abigail's credit card for a reservation to spend New Year's Eve with Jake.

Kate tells Jennifer that she doesn't want people to know her business but that doesn't mean she is ashamed of Jake. Jennifer asks if she is proud to be with him then. Kate responds that she cares for Jake. Jennifer says that's not what she asked. Kate says all she cares about is honesty as Jake knows who he is and he's secure in that. Jennifer questions why Kate doesn't want people to know they are together then. Kate clarifies that she isn't embarrassed by Jake but by herself.

Ava asks Charlie what he is planning to do with her. Charlie says it's probably best if she doesn't know as it will be less upsetting if she doesn't see it coming. Ava questions what that means. Charlie then reveals that he's going to have her committed.

Jennifer questions Kate being embarrassed by herself. Kate states that Jake is a mature, smart, caring guy but also younger than her so if they go public, that's what everyone will be saying and calling her a cougar. Jennifer questions that being what she's worried about when she has dated younger men before. Kate remarks on how it will also look like she's sleeping through the entire DiMera family. Jennifer acknowledges that people will talk and say mean things but questions since when Kate gave a damn about what anyone else thinks about her.

Gwen asks Jack what crime she is being accused of now. Jack says that Gwen lied to he and Jennifer. Jack informs her that they got back together last night. Gwen calls that lovely and says she knew they would. Jack mentions having a long talk and comparing notes about the martial advice they got from Gwen. Gwen says she already told him that she pushed Jennifer to get back with him. Jack informs her that Jennifer told him that Gwen encouraged her not to get back with him. Gwen claims she must have misunderstood but Jack insists that she was very clear. Gwen argues that it doesn't make sense and questions why she'd want to cause trouble for he and Jennifer. Gwen remarks that she's been nothing but kind and supportive to them and their family and even threw them a party. Jack points out that the party ended in disaster which makes him wonder if she had something to do with that too.

Abigail calls this a mistake. Chad questions if it is, arguing that she'd have to cancel 24 hours in advance if they aren't going to use a room. Chad screams that they planned to move their party here under his roof. Jake tries to speak but Chad screams at him to shut up. Abigail asks Chad to stop. Jake asks Chad to listen to his wife. Chad tries to go after Jake but Abigail holds him back and says he's out of control right now. Jake says he's not afraid of Chad. Abigail asks Jake to leave her alone with Chad. Jake questions leaving her alone with him. Abigail says to let her handle this so Jake exits. Chad screams at Jake to get out of his house.

Allie says it sucks that Claire didn't get to spend New Year's Eve with Charlie. Claire jokes that she finally got a boyfriend but still no kiss on New Year's. Claire assures that things are great between them and mentions going to see Charlie on Christmas like Allie suggested. Claire talks about things getting intense when she helped him try on his shirt but they stopped because he worried about getting her sick. Claire calls Charlie a thoughtful guy with the biggest heart of anyone she knows...

Ava questions Charlie having her sent to a mental hospital. Charlie calls it the perfect solution as she will be safe and out of the way so she can't tell anyone what he did. Charlie adds that Ava does have a history of mental illness. Ava blames her father for giving her pills that made her crazy while she's completely fine and not on the pills anymore. Charlie then reveals that actually she is on the pills and she's been taking them for awhile now but she just didn't know it. Ava questions how he could do this. Charlie responds that he's sorry but it had to be done as he then reveals that he's been drugging her food for days. Ava asks how he even got the pills. Charlie says it was pretty easy as he just forged a prescription and they handed them right to him. Charlie says he expects to see results pretty quickly after what he put in her soup. Ava can't believe he did this. Charlie remarks that she always did underestimate him. Ava urges that it's not too late and he can stop this. Ava promises she won't tell anyone that he took advantage of Allie. Charlie wishes he could trust her but says he can't, especially after he and Claire have gotten so close. Charlie warns that soon she will lose her grip on reality and he will have no choice but to commit her for her own good. Ava responds that she won't let him get away with this and she will tell them that he drugged her. Charlie says by then, she won't know where or even who she is. Charlie questions if she thinks she'll be coherent enough to rat him out. Ava argues that she will keep it in her mind. Charlie says she can try but she will fail and then he'll come back to Salem to get on with his life. Charlie declares that Ava will live the rest of her life in a padded cell while he and Claire live happily ever after.

Abigail asks if Chad will listen to her now that Jake is gone. Chad questions if she wants him to listen to more lies and excuses about why she booked a room at the Salem Inn. Abigail says she didn't while Chad screams that it's right there. Abigail insists that she did not book a room for her and Jake and never would because there is nothing going on between her and Jake. Chad questions how she explains him overhearing Jake say he was going to keep his distance so he wouldn't get more suspicious. Abigail says Jake doesn't want Chad to be more suspicious because there was no reason to be. Abigail then reveals that the person Jake has been seeing is Kate which shocks Chad, who says that doesn't make sense. Abigail explains how Jennifer overheard Kate booking a room at the Salem Inn with someone who lives in this house and how the clerk confirmed it wasn't Jake. Chad argues that it doesn't prove anything but Abigail reveals that she asked Jake himself then he admitted it. Chad repeats that it doesn't make any sense. Abigail says they did a really good job of hiding it. Chad says that doesn't explain why Gwen saw Jake kissing Abigail.

Gwen questions how she could have anything to do with happened at the party. Jack brings up how Gwen was with Abigail when she found his letter to Kate. Gwen asks if he's saying she led her straight to the letter and questions how she would know about the letter that he wrote before she even got to town. Gwen accuses Jack of just poking around her things. Jack says he's just piecing it together but the letter and the party doesn't add up unless it does. Gwen questions Jack thinking she's plotting against his family the entire time. Jack says maybe. Gwen asks why she would want to hurt him and his family.

Jennifer questions Kate being restrained by the norms of society and says she's proven again and again that she doesn't care about doing what she's supposed to or how her actions affect other people. Kate responds that she does have feelings. Jennifer says those feelings will get hurt by the people who judge her but she'll just have to deal with that because the secrecy can only go on so long. Jennifer asks how much Jake is worth to her and if he makes her happy or not. Jake then appears and says he's sorry to interrupt but he needs to chat with Kate for a second. Jennifer tells him it's okay as she has said everything she has to say. Jennifer then gets up and walks away.

Claire tells Allie about how it's so great to be with someone like Charlie who doesn't play games or cause drama. Claire says she's not used to being with someone where it's so easy. Claire keeps thinking they knew each other in a past life. Allie brings up feeling like she had met Charlie before. Claire talks about Charlie working all week and says she hasn't seen him since Christmas. Allie suggests she call him and ask him to join her. Claire doesn't want to come off as needing attention and would prefer to be the one being chased this time. Allie tells Claire if she wants to see Charlie then she shouldn't play games and call him. Claire agrees that she was being silly and pulls out her phone.

Ava tells Charlie that he can't do this to her because she is his mother. Charlie says they can both agree she hasn't been a mother to him. Ava promises to do better if he gives her the chance. Charlie declares this is the only solution left. Ava disagrees and promises to keep him safe so he can still be with Claire. Charlie then gets a call from Claire so he puts the gag back over Ava's mouth and answers the call. Charlie tells Claire that he's always thinking about her. Claire guesses he's busy but she wondered if he could take a break because she's at Julie's Place and really wants to see him. Charlie tells her that a change of scenery sounds nice as he's finding it impossible to concentrate..

Abigail questions Chad telling her that Gwen said she saw her and Jake kissing. Abigail says she was mistaken. Chad asks about Gwen hearing Abigail book the room and about the bracelet Jake gave her on Christmas which Abigail questions. Chad says that Gwen said Jake came to take the bracelet back to give it to the person it was intended for. Abigail tells Chad that she doesn't have the bracelet because it was intended for Kate. Chad says that still doesn't explain their kiss. Abigail responds that she was never kissing Jake so Gwen is mistaken or lying. Chad questions why Gwen would lie. Abigail says she doesn't know but maybe it has something to do with the secret folder Gwen has on her.

Jack doesn't know why Gwen would want to hurt he and his family but he knows something is going on and he's going to get to the bottom of it. Jack says Gwen seems to have done his research on him but nothing is more important to him than his family so if anyone tries to hurt them, he'll do whatever it takes to protect them. Gwen laughs at that and says from what she's heard, nobody has hurt their family more than Jack has.

Kate asks how Jake found her. Jake guesses he was just lucky and says it will only be a minute. Kate asks what's going on. Jake informs her that Chad and Abigail are having it out at the mansion so he imagines that Abigail has told Chad about them by now. Jake says he just thought she should know. Kate thanks him for the warning. Jake says there's no worries since if Chad gets upset, Kate can just tell him it's over between them. Kate asks what if she doesn't want it to be over.

Jack comments on Gwen doing her research. Gwen says it didn't take a lot to find out about Jack cheating, lying, and abandoning. Jack admits he's made mistakes and a lot of them have hurt Jennifer and their kids and he's lived with that. Jack adds that if Gwen thinks she knows him, she can think again. Jack warns her that she doesn't want him for an enemy as he slams the folder down and storms out.

Chad asks Abigail about the folder. Abigail informs him that Gwen has a folder full of articles about her and her family that she found in her room last night. Chad questions Abigail going through Gwen's room. Abigail says she and Anna were talking and Anna talked about not trusting the nanny. Chad feels that sounds paranoid. Abigail says Chad can't talk about being paranoid right now. Abigail brings up Gwen using Chad to make Jake jealous. Chad says it has nothing to do with this. Abigail says Anna suggested searching Gwen's room so she agreed. Chad feels that's wrong. Abigail believes Gwen is hiding something and says she's not proud of it but she's glad she did it because of what she found. Chad argues that a bunch of newspaper clippings doesn't mean anything and suggests she was doing research to do better at her job. Abigail decides there's only one way to find out and that's to go ask Gwen. Chad agrees so they leave the room.

Charlie gets dressed while Ava starts to get dazed. Charlie remarks that the drugs are starting to take effect. Charlie tells Ava that he's going to see Claire and he'll be back eventually. Ava pleads with him but Charlie puts the gag back on her and says he'll see her soon as he exits.

Jake tells Kate that he's done sneaking around so there's no point continuing this if she's ashamed of being with him. Kate responds that she's not ashamed of him. Jake asks what that means. Kate tells him that this is hard to say as she knows she comes off powerful and confident but she also has insecurities which Jake questions. Kate says she's not concerned about people wondering why she's with him but why someone like him is with her because of the age thing. Jake questions her being worried about the age thing. Kate says she's concerned about people thinking she's a predator or desperate. Kate knows she's not that but it's how she feels and that's frightening. Kate adds that it was Jennifer that made her realize she really needs to get over herself because Jake is worth it. Jake asks what that means. Kate tells him that she wouldn't mind being public with the world knowing about them.

Gwen goes through her folder, complaining about Jack thinking he's so clever. Gwen remarks that Jack doesn't know how close to the truth he is about her wanting to hurt his family. Abigail and Chad then walk in. Abigail points out that Gwen has the folder right there. Gwen says she heard Abigail went through her things last night. Abigail says she's sorry for invading her privacy but questions why she has the folder. Gwen says she was interested in getting to know the family as there are a lot of stories and she wanted to make sure it was somewhere she wanted to be. Chad feels that seems pretty reasonable so Gwen thanks him. Abigail adds that according to Chad, Gwen saw her and Jake kissing which they both know is not true. Gwen then admits that she did not see Abigail and Jake kissing, she made it up.

Allie tells Claire that she's excited Charlie is coming. Claire invites Allie to stay and hang out with them. Allie doesn't want to be the third wheel and says she has therapy with Marlena anyways. Claire asks how that's going. Allie says it's going great but she knows she'll actually feel better when the man who hurt her gets what he deserves. Charlie then arrives and is surprised to see Allie again. Allie says she was just on her way out. Charlie wishes her a Happy New Year. Allie says she'll see them later while Charlie says "arrivederci". Allie then stops and looks at Charlie causing Claire to ask if she's okay.

Kate tells Jake not to leave her in suspense because she doesn't always make a romantic proclamation and she's not used to waiting for an answer. Jake responds by kissing her and asks if that answers her question.

Jack goes home to the Horton house. Jennifer follows in behind him and says it's great timing as they kiss. Jack asks how the Spectator is. Jennifer says it's good and sees that he got his things from the DiMera Mansion. Jack mentions his interesting run-in with Gwen while there and he thinks she might be a bigger problem than they thought.

Abigail questions Gwen making it up. Chad questions why she would tell him that she saw Jake kissing Abigail. Chad says if he would've known that was a lie, but stops. Abigail questions him and tells him to finish his sentence.

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