Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/1/21

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/1/21


Written By Joseph

Eli and Lani sit together holding their babies in Lani's hospital room. Abe walks in and greets them, asking if the babies kept them up last night. Eli confirms they did and that they've been too excited and happy to let them go or feel tired. Lani offers to let Abe hold the babies. Abe asks if they have settled on names for the children yet.

Jack and Jennifer wake up together at home. Jack tells Jennifer how beautiful she is as they walk in to the living room where Julie comments on Jack sleeping over.

Anna and Tony wish each other a Happy New Year in the living room of the DiMera Mansion when Kate walks in so they wish her the same. Anna then asks Kate if she happens to be looking for Jake.

Jake wakes up in bed alone. He looks over at his clothes and sees the tie that Kate gave him so he thinks back to breaking things off with Kate.

Abigail tries calling Chad again.

Gwen wakes up in bed with Chad at the Salem Inn. She hears Chad's phone and gets up to check it. Gwen says to herself that she's sorry but Chad is sleeping at the moment as she must have really tired him out last night.

Abigail leaves Chad a message saying she knows he's angry but he didn't come home last night which is not something he has ever done so she's starting to worry about him. Abigail says she would appreciate it if he would call her and she loves him.

Jennifer confirms to Julie that she asked Jack to stay the night. Julie tells them that she is thrilled and relieved. Julie worries that she is running late this morning as she wants to get to the hospital to see her new great grandbabies. Julie then excitedly leaves the house.

Kate questions why she would be looking for Jake. Anna informs her that Abigail told them all about her and Jake. Anna adds that there's nothing wrong with having a younger man in her life. Kate mocks Anna for dragging around an urn for years. Kate tells them to enjoy the New Year together and stay the hell out of her business as she walks out. Anna and Tony toast their drinks and laugh together.

Abigail goes to Jake's room and tells him that Chad didn't come home and she keeps calling and leaving messages but he's not getting back to her and now the kids are asking about him and she doesn't know what to tell them. Jake goes over Chad not coming home last night and Abigail not having a chance to tell him that she's sleeping with Kate and not her. Abigail says that's why this is so bad because Chad still thinks they are having an affair.

Chad wakes up in bed at the Salem Inn and asks Gwen what happened. Gwen questions him not remembering. Chad says he remembers finishing the champagne as he thinks back to kissing Gwen. Chad then asks Gwen if they had sex which she confirms they did.

Lani tells Abe that it's not that they haven't thought about names and hands him a list of potential names which is multiple pages long. Abe jokingly asks if there's any names not on the list. Eli jokes that they won't name the babies Bambi, Bubba, or after a flower. Lani adds that they also won't be naming the kids after sports figures because she wants them to have their own names. Abe informs them that city hall is going to want birth certificates before they leave the hospital so it's time to give them names. Eli agrees that they have to get serious.

Chad can't believe he did this. Gwen claims she woke up and couldn't look at herself in the mirror as she couldn't believe they did this to Abigail. Chad talks about working so hard to put their lives back together after Abigail got out of the hospital. Gwen says she feels guilty too but last night didn't just happen. Gwen reminds Chad that Jake booked this room for he and Abigail and they came to confront her but they never showed up so maybe they changed their plans. Chad says they would have wasted a romantic room and champagne. Chad questions why he had to drink it all and get drunk. Gwen suggests their marriage doesn't mean as much to Abigail as it does to Chad, commenting that Chad never would have looked at her if Abigail hadn't betrayed him first.

Abigail tells Jake that she knows Chad will be back eventually and she will be able to tell him that he was wrong about them. Jake then informs Abigail that he and Kate are over because she's ashamed of being with him.

Lani tells Abe that they are going to have to feed their babies so Abe decides he will go get his own breakfast and let them take care of their family. Julie then arrives and wishes them a Happy New Year, saying she couldn't wait another minute to cuddle her new grandbabies. They inform her that the babies need to eat. Abe insists on buying Julie breakfast on him. Julie says they will be back as she and Abe exit the room.

Anna tells Tony that she's right that Gwen read up on Abigail's problems and then worked her way in to the DiMera family. Tony suggests she saw a family that needed her while Anna thinks Gwen wanted the money. Anna says this isn't good as Jack walks in and questions what's not good. Anna claims that she was talking about the mimosa but Jack questions what that has to do with families with loads of money. Anna suggests Jack sit down.

Chad can't believe he and Abigail are this much of a mess and that he just made things so much worse. Gwen says she doesn't want to make excuses but admits she was very upset when she heard about Jake and Abigail. Chad doesn't know what's going on with Abigail as he thought he would be the one seeing her through rough times and questions why she would turn to Jack. Gwen wonders aloud why they want to hurt them.

Abigail questions Jake thinking that Kate doesn't want to be seen with him. Jake informs her that he knows it. Jake says Kate has everybody fooled that she's cool and sophisticated while she probably thought he was going to screw that up. Abigail asks if Kate hurt him. Jake claims he's fine and admits that he was looking forward to being with Kate but she just got a cheap thrill out of slumming it and he was available.

Kate runs in to Jennifer in the town square and wishes her a Happy New Year. Jennifer stops her and asks if she has a minute.

Eli asks Lani if they are terrible for lying to Abe and Julie just to get them out of the room. Lani admits she lied and said the kids were hungry when she just fed them an hour ago. Lani acknowledges that they do have to get serious and name the babies but she couldn't do it with Abe and Julie in the room. Eli asks if Lani has narrowed down her list yet. Lani admits she doesn't have any favorites. Eli suggests they toss this list and start over so they do. Eli decides they can keep it simple and don't have to find the perfect name. Lani wants to pick names they will be proud of. Lani suggests naming them after people they will always look up to. Eli and Lani then talk about naming them after famous people in history.

Anna informs Jack about Gwen having anything about Jack's family in print and that she obviously has some sort of agenda. Jack asks if Tony agrees. Tony says he's staying out of this. Anna argues that it's obvious to her while Tony thinks she is over reacting. Anna asks if Jack thinks she's making too much of it. Jack responds that he thinks Anna may be right.

Chad tells Gwen that he has to tell Abigail that he knows about her and Jake and their room reservation. Gwen asks if he's going to tell her about them because she thinks he should. Chad declares they need to get everything out in the open.

Abigail tells Jake that she doesn't like hearing him put himself down and she finds it insulting if Kate puts him down but she thinks it's great that he's not putting up with it. Jake says he and Kate were never going to be long term anyway as he was just there to her. Abigail feels that Kate was more than that for Jake.

Kate tells Jennifer that she hasn't made any more reservations at the Salem Inn. Jennifer informs her that she actually wanted to apologize which Kate questions. Jennifer admits that when she overheard her the other day, she just assumed she was still sleeping with Jack and she had no right to take her to the task for that. Kate asks if Jack convinced her otherwise. Jennifer mentions confirming it with the clerk at the Salem Inn which Kate says she heard about. Jennifer informs Kate that she wants her to know that she knows about her relationship with Jake and she's not going to tell anybody about it. Kate responds that Jennifer won't have to worry because she's pretty sure that she and Jake are over.

Abigail questions Jake not being bothered by Kate wanting to keep them a secret. Jake says it didn't bother him at first but as time went on, he started thinking things could be real between them. Abigail feels it makes sense that he wanted to know where it was going. Jake thinks it's obvious that Kate doesn't want it going anywhere.

Chad tells Gwen that he has to get home. Gwen offers him coffee or tea but Chad says he'll just grab it on the way home. Chad checks his phone and sees all the missed calls from Abigail, wondering why he didn't hear it. Gwen suggests last night was loud or maybe he put his phone on vibrate. Chad notes that it was on vibrate but he doesn't remember doing that. Gwen points out that he also doesn't remember them sleeping together last night. Chad listens to his voicemails from Abigail. Chad notes that she sounds so scared. Gwen suggests that she knows he's on to her. Chad feels Abigail sounded really worried about him. Gwen argues that Abigail is just hiding who she really is from Chad so she must be a really good actress.

Anna questions Jack thinking she's right. Jack says if she told him this yesterday, he would've agreed with Tony but he and Jennifer talked things out last night. Anna is surprised and relieved that he's back with Jennifer. Jack explains that in talking things out, they both realized they had been given marital advice from Gwen. Jack states that Gwen swore to him that she told Jennifer to forgive him but she told Jennifer to never forgive him and now he finds out that she has all this information in a folder. Jack says there is always a chance that Gwen was just telling them what she thought they wanted to hear. Anna feels Gwen is a two faced tramp so she wants to go find her and run her out of town. Tony stops Anna and says this is Jack and Jennifer's problem so they should let them handle it. Anna argues that they are family. Tony feels they are DiMeras while this is a matter for the Deveraux family. Jack agrees but thanks Anna for telling him what she did. Anna notes that Jack knows where to find her if he needs any help.

Abe and Julie come back to the hospital as Eli is wheeling Lani through the hospital. Abe holds one of the babies and says their family makes beautiful babies. Julie then holds her great granddaughter. Eli announces that their son's name is Carver Malcolm. Abe responds that he couldn't be prouder of that name, using his last name. Lani and Eli then announce that their daughter is named after Julie and is named Julia Harriet. Julie says they are blessed. Eli adds that there is only one Julie so they figured they would call their daughter Jules for short. Abe calls it a surprise. Lani says they couldn't settle on names because they wanted them named after people they could look up to for the rest of their lives. Eli adds that they couldn't think of anyone better than Abe and Julie.

Kate and Jennifer sit together in the town square. Kate tells her that when she and Jake fell in to what they had, she made it clear that it was very important to her that Chad not find out because she worked so hard to rebuild that relationship with him and Chad doesn't like Jake. Kate says that Jake seemed okay with that until it seemed inevitable that Chad was going to find out. Jennifer goes over how she and Abigail found out through her Salem Inn room booking. Kate says that Jake thought it was the perfect opportunity to go public because he wanted the world to know about them and he thought Chad should be happy for her. Kate says it's complicated and she tried to explain that to Jake but he didn't understand and stormed out of the restaurant. Jennifer points out that Kate did just say that Chad was going to find out anyways, so no matter his reaction, there would be no point in keeping their relationship a secret anymore unless there was some other reason that she didn't want people to find out about her and Jake.

Jake tells Abigail that she has better things to do than listen to his problems. Jake suggests Abigail check her phone but she says there's still nothing. Abigail guesses Chad just crashed somewhere. Jake suggests she should be mad as hell that he didn't tell her anything. Abigail says she is angry but she loves Chad and if he would just come home, she could clear the whole thing up so he would know she wasn't unfaithful and their marriage was as good as it's ever been.

Chad tells Gwen that he and Abigail need to have this out. Chad offers Gwen a ride back to the DiMera Mansion but she declines and says he needs to do that on his own while she needs time to clear her head. Chad tells Gwen that he's sorry about what happened last night as he was drunk. Chad feels he took advantage of her and the situation which makes him sick. Gwen tells him that she knew what she was doing and that they were both hurt by Jake and Abigail so they found a way to make themselves feel better for a little while. Gwen adds that she's just sorry Chad is going through this. Chad then exits the room. Gwen sits on the bed and laughs.

Eli and Lani return to their hospital room with the birth certificates. Eli tells her that once they fill in the names, there is no turning back. Lani confirms she is good with Carver and Jules. Lani declares that the four of them will be starting a wonderful new life together as she kisses Eli.

Abe and Julie look in on Eli and Lani's babies in the nursery. Abe asks if Julie likes the name Jules. Julie says she loves it and is relieved she won't be considered "big Julie" to the baby being little Julie. Abe declares that strong names back them up. Julie agrees and they exit the hospital together through the elevator while someone appears around the corner, watching them. The person then turns their attention to the nursery window...

Kate tells Jennifer that all her life, she has wanted to be as powerful as Victor and Stefano but as a woman she needs to tread carefully and Jake doesn't understand that. Kate adds that Jake was born a DiMera even though he doesn't act like one. Kate explains that Jake thinks Kate didn't want to admit she was sleeping with the guy who fixed her car. Jennifer asks if she is embarrassed of him.

Jack goes over the newspaper articles from Gwen's folder and wonders why she knew all about them. Gwen then enters the room.

Jake asks Abigail if she will be able to forgive Chad for not believing in her. Abigail assures they will work through it since they have the kids to think about. Abigail decides she can't just stand around and has to go look for him. Jake offers to go with her but Abigail says she will do it on her own. Jake tells her to let him know if she needs backup. Abigail responds that she knows she can count on him as she opens the door to leave just as Chad appears at the door, seeing Abigail coming from Jake's room with Jake shirtless inside.

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