Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/26/18

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/26/18


Written By Joseph

JJ tells Lani to just tell him the truth. Lani agrees that she owes him that. Lani then admits that the baby is Eli's as Eli and Gabi open the door to the room. Gabi questions what Lani just said and asks why she is saying that. Gabi accuses her of lying and asks Eli what is going on. Lani cries that it's all her fault and she can explain. Gabi questions Eli not seeming surprised. Eli apologizes to Gabi but admits that Lani is telling the truth and the baby is his.

Shawn reminds Hope that the annulment will mean the entire marriage never even took place. Hope responds that it never should have.

Rafe runs into Doug and Julie in the town square. Doug calls him a son of a bitch and goes to leave but Julie says she has a few thoughts to share with Rafe.

In Hong Kong, Stefan shows Chad's photo to a man and tells him that he knows what needs to be done.

"Gabby" goes back to Stefan's room since she couldn't find him and knocks on his door but there's no answer so she starts to pull out her key as Chad walks up behind her. Chad asks if he can speak to her for a minute. Chad says he's sorry to bother her but it's important. Chad goes to approach her but Stefan's man stops him and says he needs to come with him. "Gabby" then rushes into Stefan's room. The man tells Chad that he is head of hotel security and insists that it's important. Chad asks for a minute but the man warns that's not an option. Chad knocks on the door to Stefan's room and says he's dealing with a murder case. The man tells Chad that he needs to come with him and shows his gun then escorts Chad away.

Gabi tells Eli that this is not true because he told her the baby was not his. Eli apologizes. Gabi questions him knowing and lying. Lani tells her not to blame Eli. Gabi tells JJ that she's so sorry as she thought the baby was his. Gabi asks what is wrong with Lani. Gabi tells Eli that she can't do this right now. Eli takes her out of the room. JJ says he thought he knew Lani. Lani cries that she loves him and that she's so sorry. JJ asks if she's sorry that her pathetic one night stand got outed on the witness stand. Lani only cares about JJ. JJ gets that she's sorry but he's thinking she's not so sorry about letting him believe the baby was his because she and Eli were fine keeping the secret. JJ questions how come he and Gabi are the last people to know.

Hope tells Shawn that her marriage to Rafe was based on a lie so an annulment is the right thing to do. Shawn suggests taking time to think things over. Shawn argues that Rafe screwed up but he still loves her and he guesses she still loves him too. Shawn suggests maybe they aren't over. Hope asks why he would say that. Shawn understands she's hurt and angry but feels she can begin to heal now. Shawn suggests maybe they could start fresh, just not as husband and wife, if she still loves him and he thinks she does.

Julie complains about Rafe cheating on Hope and forcing her out of the country then staying here instead of chasing after Hope to support his murderous little sister. Julie questions what kind of man Rafe thinks he is. Rafe states that he believes in his sister's innocence and made a terrible mistake with Hope. Rafe adds that it will be up to Hope if she decides to stay married. Doug and Julie question what he means. Rafe realizes she didn't tell him so he informs them that the night before the ceremony, they got married at the Horton Cabin. Julie questions Rafe letting Hope make her sacred vows knowing he had betrayed her with Sami.

Hope and Shawn rush over as they see the head of security escorting Chad away. Shawn introduces himself as a consultant to the Hong Kong police department and questions what's going on. The man explains that a bellhop took Chad's luggage to his room and dropped one of the bags which fell open. Chad questions that but the man says that drugs were found inside. Chad argues that if there were drugs, someone planted them and he has a good idea of who it was.

Stefan brings "Gabby" back into her room and reminds her that he told her to stay there. She complains about worrying that Hope and her friends would come knocking at the door so she wanted to be with him. Stefan tells her that he's here now so she's safe and asks what happened. She explains that Chad almost caught her outside the room and was literally about to put his hand on her shoulder. She asks what she would've done if he saw her face but he didn't because the head of security came, allowing her to slip inside. Stefan tells her that he handled him like he said he would. She says that he handles everything so she thanks him. She hugs him and says she doesn't know what she would do without him.

Eli tells Gabi to let him explain. Gabi argues that he already explained more than enough. Gabi says he could have but he lied after swearing he wouldn't. Eli complains that there's more to the story than she knows. Eli says he's trying to tell her everything. Gabi says she was really hurt when he told her they slept together but she gave him points for honesty and standing up to his own mistakes but he failed to mention a baby. Eli argues that other people are involved. Gabi thought it was possible which is why she asked him point blank if the baby was his and he told her it wasn't. Gabi brings up that he then promised to never lie to her ever again. Gabi asks how he expects her to get past this. Eli admits that he does not.

JJ tells Lani that he's a damn fool for buying baby toys and telling everyone he's going to be a dad when everyone knew the truth but him. JJ brings up Kayla knowing. Lani says she's her doctor so she wasn't allowed to say anything. JJ asks what about Valerie and how long she has known. Lani tells him that Valerie went through her medical records. JJ now gets why Valerie was so against them getting married since she's the grandma and he's just the guy being lied to. JJ tells her that she doesn't get to ask him to understand since she had chances to tell the truth but she told to Eli. Lani cries that Valerie threatened to tell Eli if she didn't. JJ realizes that Lani convinced him to keep the dirty little secret. JJ says it all makes sense now since Eli was so concerned and worried about her. JJ asks if anybody else knows. Lani assures that no one else knows. JJ says she claims to love him but questions why she didn't come to him and tell him the truth then.

Chad says this is ridiculous and he was framed but the head of security doesn't allow him to leave. Hope explains that she can vouch for Chad. He argues that she has no jurisdiction in Hong Kong. Shawn asks if they can settle this now but he says he needs to take Chad to police headquarters for questioning. Hope goes to call Belle to be Chad's lawyer. Chad tells Shawn that he saw the woman heading into Stefan's room upstairs. Shawn tells him he's on it and heads that way. Hope comes back and says Belle will meet them at the headquarters. Hope assures Chad that Belle will get him released as they exit the hotel.

Shawn goes to Stefan's room and knocks on the door but there is no answer. He tries the handle but it's locked. Shawn then sees a maid cart nearby and finds a master key on it.

Julie argues that Rafe knew how vulnerable Hope was and how much the marriage meant to her as she thought she could trust again in him. Julie says Rafe lit a match to that for Sami. Julie tells Rafe that he should have owned up to what he had done. Julie believed in Rafe because Hope loved him despite his family. Rafe tells her to leave his family out of it. Julie thought he was an honest man but remarks that he's just as low as the rest of them. Rafe tells her he's more sorry than anyone will ever know and he wishes he could change what happened but he can't. Rafe doesn't expect Hope to forgive him since he broke her trust. Doug adds that he broke his when he promised to never hurt his little girl but he left her in pieces.

The head of security brings Chad into police headquarters with Hope. Hope states that Belle is on the other side of the town but will get there when she can. Chad says he's not saying a word without his lawyer so the head of security says he'll be back when she gets there and exits. Hope encourages Chad to leave his attitude. Chad says they know Stefan set him up. Chad tells her that he was inches away from the woman with Stefan. Hope says hopefully Shawn will catch up with her. Chad declares if they get her, they can nail Stefan.

Stefan tells "Gabby" that the security chief will have Chad detained for hours so she can relax. She thanks him and asks about Hope and Shawn. Stefan says they will be busy holding Chad's hand so she has nothing to worry about for now. Stefan suggests they make the best of it. "Gabby" says there is just something about Chad that unnerves her and his voice freaks her out as she knows Abigail hears it and wants out. Stefan encourages that she is strong too. "Gabby" asks what if she can't keep fighting her off or if Abigail gets too powerful. She worries about Chad looking at her and seeing who she is which would be the end. Stefan reminds her that she has him and he's going to make sure she stays her, at least for now.

Eli tells Gabi that she has every right to be angry and walk away but he asks her to know the whole story before deciding. Eli says he wanted to tell her the truth but he made a promise to Lani. Eli tells her that Lani lied to him about the baby until she couldn't keep the lie anymore. Eli adds that Lani wasn't even going to have the baby until JJ found out and convinced her to keep it. Gabi complains that was because JJ thought the baby was his since Lani didn't have the courage to tell him they slept together. Eli explains that Lani was afraid that JJ was too fragile after almost killing himself. Eli says the baby gave JJ life so they couldn't take that away from him. Gabi says that was built on a lie and asks how he thinks JJ feels now that the truth is out. Gabi tells Eli that he should have told her but he didn't and she can't forgive him.

JJ tells Lani that he will never forget when he found out she was pregnant and the joy he felt but she wanted to get rid of the baby and could have told him right there that it was Eli's and they could've made the decision together. Lani cries that they weren't together. JJ calls that weak since they were getting back together. Lani says she let him believe it because she loves him and wanted a life with him. JJ questions letting him raise another man's child. JJ says everything he's done since that moment was for her. JJ talks about being in therapy to recover from his depression and taking the EMT exam to support her and the baby's life which she let him do. JJ talks about being so excited but it was all a lie.

Hope tells Chad that Belle should be here any minute. Shawn shows up and explains that he got in to Stefan's room but there was no sign of him or the woman. Chad argues that Stefan is going to get her as far away as possible now. Hope says they knew that was a risk. Chad asks if he checked on Abigail. Shawn says there was a do not disturb sign on her door so he didn't want to wake her and figured they don't want her to worry. Chad feels he needs to warn Abigail as there is no telling what Stefan might do now.

Stefan and "Gabby" eat room service in her room. She mentions not having an appetite. She asks what happens now since Abigail has to get back for Gabi's trial and wonders if "Dr. Laura" will let her out for that and if so, will she ever get out again or will she have to pretend to be Abigail in front of her family and friends. Stefan knows there will be challenges. She adds that if she goes back, she'll have to live with Chad and worries if Abigail breaks out. "Gabby" feels she can't keep fighting her like this so she really hopes Stefan has a plan. Stefan responds that the plan is to do exactly what they came to do and that's focus on her and giving her a chance to find out who she is. Stefan tells her to just enjoy being her. She says she likes it a lot. She gets up and tells Stefan to kiss her so he does. Abigail's phone remains behind on the night stand as Chad tries to call her.

Chad leaves Abigail a message that something happened and he needs to talk to her.

"Gabby" questions why Stefan is stopping. Stefan wants to be sure it's what she wants. She feels pretty sure it's what they both want. Stefan claims he doesn't want to take advantage. She says that he's not. Stefan argues that it's Abigail's body and she doesn't even know what's happening. "Gabby" says it's her body too and he keeps telling her that she's real so saying he's taking advantage of Abigail is like saying she doesn't exist. She says that Stefan made her realize she is her own person that is acting on her own feelings. She doesn't think anything is wrong with what they are doing and she wants him so they continue kissing.

Eli tells Gabi that he has regretted lying to her every day and he only kept the secret for Lani. Eli admits he should have told her. Eli says he's been doing everything he can to prove he loves her like trying to clear her name. Gabi appreciates that but questions if that's love or guilt. Eli insists he's done everything to help her because he loves her. Eli asks where they go from here. Gabi states that this baby changes everything, who they are, and their future. Gabi says sleeping with Lani was one night but being a father is a lifetime. Gabi adds that Eli's child deserves to have what he didn't so maybe it's good the truth came out. Gabi says it's good for him, Lani, and the baby but not for her.

Lani tells JJ that she wasn't going to tell anyone when she found out she was pregnant as she just wanted it to be over so she could get back to her job and her life with him but then she saw how happy he was and she couldn't take that away from him after all he had been through. JJ questions it being pity and feeling sorry for him so she thought any baby would make it better. Lani says she wanted the happiness that he talked about them having. Lani says she has always made a mess of relationships but JJ made her think it was possible. JJ says she kept lying to him. Lani says she's ashamed of that because he's a wonderful man and she would never want to break his heart. Lani cries that they have been through so much and they have always gotten to the other side. JJ asks if she means sleeping with her when he was drunk in Miami. Lani brings up when he shot Theo and he pushed her away to protect her but they survived and got stronger. Lani thinks of the baby as his and wants to raise the baby with him. Lani knows it won't be easy and she wants to do whatever she has to in order to earn his trust because she loves him. Lani asks JJ if they can get through this.

Gabi tells Eli that she wants to be alone so she asks him to take her to her cell. Eli argues that they can fix this and make it right. Eli says he kept this secret because other people they care about were involved. Eli swears to spend every minute of every day proving that she can trust him. Gabi brings up that he already promised to never lie about anything which he broke so they can't fix it and they are not moving forward. Gabi tells Eli to take her to her cell and after that, she never wants to see him again.

Lani knows she was wrong and that JJ hates her right now but she pleads with him. JJ states that when he shot Theo, she could have walked away but she didn't when most people would not have forgiven him but she did. JJ thought it was because they had a connection that he's never had with anyone else because she loved and trusted him. Lani insists their connection is real and she loves him. JJ questions how she could let him get so wrapped up into making all these plans for their kid when she knew it was all a lie. JJ asks who does that to someone they love. Lani cries that they can still have that future together. JJ declares she burned it down to the ground and there's nothing left. JJ tells Lani to get the hell out of his sight so she exits the room in tears.

Rafe says he has no words to express how sorry he is to Doug and Julie or Hope and he understands how they feel about him. Rafe then walks away. Julie asks if Doug is going to say she went too far or too low but Doug says she nailed it. Julie questions him not being mad at her. Doug tells her that her words were speaking for him too. Doug calls Rafe a lying, cheating coward who destroyed Hope's happiness. Julie suggests maybe she'll find it again as they hug.

Chad hopes Abigail gets his voicemail. Chad doesn't want her handling Stefan all by herself. Shawn adds that there's no telling what the mystery woman is capable of. Chad wonders what if she didn't just pose as Gabi but helped murder Andre. Chad wants to keep Abigail as far away from this woman as possible.

Stefan tells "Gabby" that she is hard to resist. Stefan promises he'll be back. She questions if he has something better to do. He repeats that he'll be back. She tells him to hurry back as he exits back into his room. "Gabby" then lays down and hears Abigail's phone go off. She tells herself to ignore it but she decides to check her voicemail anyways. She listens to Chad's message that Stefan planted drugs on him and that he thinks he saw the woman who impersonated Gabi so he was asking Abigail to stay away from her and Stefan. She then gets a sudden headache and transforms back into Abigail, wondering where she is and what is happening.

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