Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/2/18

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/2/18


Written By Joseph

At the loft, Tripp asks Ciara for her choice in his wedding shirts. Tripp notes that Ciara needs to finish her montage since it's almost wedding time. Ciara just wants everything to be perfect. Ciara says the video is good but she hates the song she picked. Ciara remembers Claire was working on a song for the wedding and decides maybe that could work so she grabs Claire's phone..

Jennifer goes to Eric's room as he is about to take a shower. Jennifer jokes about Eric letting her walk in on him like that. Eric jokes that she's the one showing up early.

JJ and Lani walk through the town square. JJ talks about waiting to see her baby bump since she's carrying his baby. Lani thinks back to telling Eli the truth about the baby.

Eli joins Gabi outside the town square and they compliment each others' outfits. Gabi jokes with him that Valerie helped him pick out his suit which he admits. Eli says he has no shame as he surrounds himself with women who keep him looking presentable while he does his cop thing. Gabi asks if he's heard anything about her case. Eli says they are still trying to figure out who impersonated her on the security video. Eli assures they will find out as he reached out to an old friend who does video enhancement at the FBI. Gabi hopes it works because she wants to see the face of the person who framed her for Andre's murder. Eli assure they will find her. Gabi asks how he can be so sure. Eli responds that he's 100% certain that she's innocent and he's going to prove it. Gabi tells him that a lot of people are totally convinced that she's guilty.

Julie sits at Doug's Place reading an article about Gabi's hearing on her tablet. Doug joins her and encourages her about the wedding. Julie talks about being nervous for performing her first wedding. Julie doesn't want anything to go wrong on Hope's big day.

Rafe is getting dressed in the interrogation room at the police station when Hope walks in. They joke with each other and kiss. They talk about being ready for today. Hope doesn't want anyone to get upset when they find out they are already married. Rafe suggests telling people but Hope wants to keep it to themselves until the ceremony unless he wants to skip it altogether and start the honeymoon early. Rafe insists on wanting to get married in front of everybody. Rafe says his favorite part is kissing the bride as they kiss.

Ciara looks through Claire's phone for her song. Tripp suggests asking Claire for permission before searching her phone since she might not want her song used. Claire brings up Tripp always saying she should get along with Claire so her using her son is like them doing something together. Tripp agrees she could look at it that way. Ciara adds that if she tells Claire what she's doing then she has to use her song even if she thinks it sucks. Ciara finds Claire's recording on her phone from yesterday and guesses it's the song so she plays it. Ciara then hears her and Tripp's conversation. Tripp questions why Claire recorded their conversation.

Gabi joins Rafe in the interrogation room and says most grooms don't get dressed in the interrogation room. Rafe suggests they go somewhere else since Gabi spent enough time here. Gabi is glad she gets to leave on her own today. Rafe assures her that he and Eli are not going to rest until they find out who actually killed Andre. Gabi thanks him but doesn't want to talk about that on his wedding day. Gabi fixes Rafe's tie and tells him she's proud of him for being who he is. Rafe says he's made mistakes too. Gabi responds that at least he's honest with his mistakes and they don't hurt other people. Rafe starts to stop her but Hope walks in. Gabi tries to tell Hope she can't see Rafe before the wedding. Rafe tells Gabi they aren't worried about that. Gabi still wants Hope to leave so they don't tempt fate but Hope and Rafe insist they are okay with it. Hope tells Gabi that she's excited to be her sister in law. Gabi mentions their mom being sorry her flight got cancelled. Rafe is glad Gabi is there to represent the family. Eli then walks in and brings up it being bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. Rafe assures they are good. Gabi jokes about the lipstick on Rafe's collar. Gabi tells Rafe that she's proud of him and he deserves this. Gabi hugs Rafe then exits with Hope. Eli congratulates Rafe and jokes about the lipstick on his collar. Rafe assures that it's Hope's and admits he's a little edgy and guilty for obvious reasons. Eli encourages that he's almost there. Hope walks back in as Rafe thanks Eli for keeping his secret. Hope questions what secret.

Eric and Jennifer go to Doug's Place. Jennifer stops outside so Eric asks if everything is okay. Jennifer says she doesn't know as weddings just bring up a lot of emotion for her. Eric asks if it's good or bad emotions. Jennifer says it's both but mostly good. Jennifer is happy for Hope and Rafe but she's been to a lot of weddings that didn't work out. Eric notes that includes her own. Jennifer questions what she's doing when this is a great day as her cousin is marrying the man of her dreams while she's with the most handsome guy in Salem. Eric says he's also the luckiest as he kisses Jennifer.

Doug brings Julie some tea to calm her nerves and encourages her. Julie agrees that she's been caught up in the process so much that she forgot the purpose. Julie calls Rafe the most solid and dependable guy she knows after Doug. Julie says not many women are as lucky as her since Doug has loved her and honored her for most of her life. Julie has no doubt that Rafe will do the same for Hope.

Claire comes out of her bedroom looking for her phone when she finds Ciara and Tripp listening to her recorded conversation of theirs. Claire takes her phone and questions what she's doing, arguing she has no right to listen to what's on her phone. Ciara asks if now she's worried about privacy when they had no idea she was recording them. Claire claims she didn't and wasn't. Tripp asks what's on her phone then. Claire claims she must have accidentally left it running and asks why she would care what they were talking about. Claire questions why she was checking her phone. Ciara says she wanted to hear her song for the wedding but instead they heard their own voices. Tripp asks Claire if she recorded them on purpose or not but Claire insists it was an accident. Claire tells them they can hear the song at the wedding like everyone else as she needs to get going. Ciara asks how much of the conversation she heard. Claire thinks back to hearing the secret.

Eli says there is no secret but Gabi comments on how flustered they are and asks what they aren't telling them. Hope asks Rafe what's going on. Rafe responds that he hates keeping secrets so he might as well come clean. Eli asks Rafe if he's sure which he says that he is.

JJ and Lani arrive at Doug's Place. Julie comments on guests arriving and compliments Lani. JJ tells Julie that she can marry them too. Julie jokes to let her get through this one first. Julie asks if they have set a date. Lani says they are taking their time. Julie congratulates them and says everyone is so happy for them. Jennifer comes over and agrees as she greets them with Eric. Jennifer tells Lani that she is glowing. Doug brings drinks for Jennifer and Eric. JJ asks Lani about making their engagement a short one. She loves that he wants to get married right away but she doesn't want to rush it which Julie calls smart because it all goes by so fast.

Claire asks Ciara who said she listened to any of their conversation. Ciara asks if she did. Claire questions what she's so worried about and if they said something they didn't want her to hear. Ciara thinks she did hear something. Claire asks what she thinks she heard. Ciara claims she thinks she heard her trashing her singing. Tripp apologizes to Claire. Ciara jokes about Claire sounding like a dying cat. Claire calls her a bitch sometimes. Ciara questions why Claire didn't call her out right away and why she pretended like she didn't hear the conversation. Claire claims she decided to take the high road and suggests she try it sometime. Ciara questions what else she heard. Claire tells Ciara to get ready for the wedding because she won't want to miss her mom's big day. Claire then exits.

Hope questions Rafe keeping a secret from her. Rafe informs Hope that he told Eli that they were already married. Gabi is surprised while Hope questions Rafe telling Eli. Eli says he's an excellent interrogator so he knew Rafe was hiding something. Rafe apologizes. Hope understands Rafe hates keeping secrets. Gabi doesn't understand that they are already married. Rafe explains that Hope surprised him at the Horton Cabin yesterday with a justice of the peace since they couldn't wait. Gabi says she can't be mad at them for that. Rafe asks if Hope is mad. Hope says she should've known Rafe wouldn't be able to keep a secret but tells him nobody else can know so they can save it for the wedding. Eli and Gabi agree not to say anything. Gabi decides they will leave them for some alone time and will see them at the wedding. Gabi and Eli then exit. Rafe asks Hope if she's sure she's not upset. Hope responds that she'll forgive him this time but jokes that there's no telling what she might do if she catches him in another lie as they exit the room.

Rafe and Hope join Julie at Doug's Place and inform her that they have written their own vows. Julie agrees to go with the flow. They notice she is nervous. Julie says it's the first time she's done this and she wants nothing to go wrong. Hope informs her that they do have some news. Eric comes over and congratulates them. Julie asks Eric for his advice on her officiating the wedding since he married a lot of people. Eric doesn't think he's the right person to ask but he advises that all focus stays on the bride and groom so no one else steals the show. Julie thinks she can manage that. Doug goes over to Claire and says he's so excited to hear her new song. Julie greets Claire and notes that she looks troubled. Julie asks if it's that same secret she's been carrying around. Claire says it's only gotten worse and she's still trying to figure out what to do. Tripp and Ciara arrive and overhear that Claire has a secret. Ciara asks if Tripp thinks Claire overheard them talking about Rafe. Ciara worries that Claire knows Rafe slept with Sami. Claire goes over to Rafe and Hope so they greet her. Rafe asks Claire if she's ready to sing. Claire asks if Rafe is ready to treat Hope with the love and respect she deserves. Rafe says of course he is. Hope has no doubt that Rafe is going to make her happy since he already does. Claire calls marriage a very tricky thing and questions if you really know someone. Hope insists that they do. Hope knows Claire has seen marriages fall apart but assures that's not them. Hope states that they are open and honest about everything so there is nothing to worry about as she hugs Claire. JJ checks on Lani and says he will never stop fussing over their baby. Valerie arrives and greets Eli. She looks over and comments on JJ and Lani being there. Eli tells her not to start. Jennifer tells Abe that JJ and Lani make a great couple which he agrees with. They talk about that being the next wedding they attend and how they can't wait to meet their grandchild. Jennifer says it's amazing that the baby will bring the Hortons and Carvers back together again. JJ goes to get Lani a water so Valerie confronts Lani and tells her they need to talk. Julie greets Ciara. Ciara says she heard Claire talking about a secret. Julie says she doesn't know the specifics and suggests maybe Claire will confide in Ciara. Ciara decides to go find Claire while Tripp greets Rafe and Hope. Hope wishes Steve and Kayla could have made it and says she's praying for Steve. Tripp congratulates them then goes over to Doug and asks if he's seen Ciara or Claire.

Ciara follows Claire into the backroom of Doug's Place. Ciara guesses that Claire knows.

Lani and Valerie step outside. Valerie complains about her manipulating Eli and pressuring him into keeping quiet about the paternity of the baby then agreeing to marry JJ so it keeps Eli from stepping up to claim his child. Lani tells Valerie that it's none of her business and she's marrying JJ because she loves him. Valerie questions if she loves him so much that she'll pass another man's baby off as his. Lani points out that is what Valerie did.

Claire asks what Ciara thinks she knows. Ciara calls her a terrible liar. Claire claims she's not lying. Ciara knows she heard her and Tripp talking about the secret and she hated not knowing so she recorded them. Claire asks if she means that Rafe cheated on Hope with Sami and confirms she knows. Claire remarks that Ciara hasn't had the guts or decency to tell Hope about it. Ciara tells her it's none of her business. Claire says she's not the one doing anything wrong. Ciara tries to take Claire's phone until Tripp walks in and questions what's going on. Claire declares that this wedding should not happen.

Rafe proposes to a toast to Doug but Doug says as the father of the bride, he gets first toast. Doug toasts Rafe, saying that he makes his daughter happy which is all he could ask and if he doesn't then he'll have to answer him and everyone else in the room. Gabi sits with JJ and asks if he's seen Eli. JJ says he hasn't and notes that Lani seems to have disappeared too.

Valerie tells Lani that she's not going to let her keep her son's child from knowing who his father really is. Lani responds that she and Eli have an understanding. Valerie argues that the truth always comes out and when it does, it will be a lot worse. Eli comes out and tells them that the wedding is inside so he questions why it looks like all the excitement is out here. Eli knows what they are arguing about. Lani says it's fine but Eli disagrees. Eli tells Valerie that he told her he's letting JJ and Lani raise the baby. Valerie argues that it's his baby and questions him letting the baby grow up living a lie. Eli argues that this isn't about what she did to him as a kid as they are past that. Valerie questions if they are. Eli asks her to respect his choices as he heads back inside with Lani.

Gabi tells JJ that she saw Valerie and Lani going outside and they didn't look happy. JJ notes that Valerie has had some issues with he and Lani getting married. Gabi wonders why she would care. JJ calls that a good question and says maybe Lani knows as Lani and Eli come back inside.

Abe finds Valerie outside. Valerie claims it was stuffy inside and she just needed some air. Abe asks if everything is alright. Valerie says she's not feeling well so she's going home. Abe offers to drive her but Valerie wants him to stay because of how much Rafe and Hope mean to him. Abe responds that she comes first so he knows Rafe and Hope will understand. Valerie hugs him.

Hope tells Rafe that it's fun keeping this secret from everyone. Rafe thinks he'll be glad when it's finally out there. Hope notes that he really does hate keeping secrets. Rafe wants the world to know that he's married the most incredible woman in the world. Hope tells him that everyone is going to know the truth soon enough as they kiss and toast their drinks.

Ciara informs Tripp that Claire recorded them on purpose because she wanted to find something that would make her look bad. Claire says it's not always about her. Ciara argues that Claire doesn't care about Hope and Rafe. Claire asks if Tripp doesn't think it's horrible that Rafe cheated on Hope. Claire questions just letting this wedding happen. Tripp argues that people make mistakes and Rafe knows he screwed up. Ciara talks about being mad when she found out and ready to blow it out but they love each other and after everything Hope has been through, she deserves to be happy. Ciara tells Claire to keep this to herself. Claire claims she can't. Ciara tells her that she will take this secret to her grave even if she has to put her there herself. Tripp tries to calm them down and suggests they talk about this. Ciara says there is nothing to talk about. Ciara remarks that Theo is lucky that he's on the other side of the planet. Ciara declares they are done here. Claire questions Ciara always thinking she knows what's best for everyone. Claire remarks that Ciara is keeping this secret because she's a liar and a coward just like Rafe. Claire comments that Ciara couldn't commit to Theo so she lost him and she's so glad she screwed that up so she couldn't break his heart and ruin his life. Ciara argues that it has nothing to do with Rafe and Hope. Claire declares she's not going to let Hope get tricked by Rafe, Sami, and Ciara. Claire decides she's not going to let this wedding happen and runs out of the room. Tripp questions what she's going to do. Ciara decides whatever it is, she's going to stop her as they follow Claire out of the room.

Doug gets everyone's attention for Julie to begin the ceremony. Hope and Rafe stand next to Julie and declare they have a surprise announcement. They thank everyone for coming. Hope talks about thinking they would never get here. Claire runs up and tells Hope that she needs to talk to her before she does this and asks to go somewhere private. Ciara and Tripp follow up. Ciara tells Claire this is not the time. Claire argues that it's exactly the time. Hope tries to ask what's going on. Claire repeats that she needs to talk to Hope and asks to go somewhere in private. Ciara tells Rafe that Claire knows. Hope questions what's happening. Rafe takes her aside and says he needs to talk to her. Claire shouts that Hope deserves the truth so someone needs to tell her. Ciara tells her no. Hope asks what is happening. Claire announces that Rafe cheated on Hope, shocking everyone in the room.

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