Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/25

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/1/25


Written By Joseph

Abigail as "Gabi" questions why Stefan would help her when she tried to frame him. Stefan says she was desperate and fighting for her future but it's given him an idea. Stefan goes to his dresser and pulls out the lid to the urn and declares they can frame someone else but he doesn't know who yet. Stefan says for now they just need to throw suspicion elsewhere. She questions him doing that for her. Stefan says he absolutely would but he needs the urn lid and her coat. She responds that she loves the coat. Stefan says if this is going to work, he has to have it so she removes the coat and Stefan takes it. She asks what now. Stefan thinks the best thing for her to do is to lie low and not pop out of hidden passageways or threaten people with pokers. She agrees and thanks him as she exits his room.

Ciara walks through the town square where she sees Tripp is working. Ciara thought he was going to get somebody to cover for him so he could go to Rafe and Hope's wedding. Tripp tells her he forgot. Ciara asks what's wrong. Tripp explains that he went to see Steve before work and found out the antidote couldn't reverse the vision damage from the poison so he could go blind. Ciara tells him she's so sorry and hugs him.

Claire is at the loft and plays the recording of Ciara talking to Tripp about Rafe cheating on Hope with Sami.

Stefan is startled by a knock at his door so he stuffs the urn lid and coat into his dresser. Stefan answers the door as Vivian bursts in, demanding the truth as to what the hell is going on with his friend Abigail.

At Doug's Place, Julie practices for the wedding when Maggie walks in. Maggie encourages that she will do great. Julie notes that she's a bit early. Maggie wanted to bring her wedding present. Julie says she could have just brought it to the wedding but Maggie informs her that she isn't coming. Julie argues that she has to be there. Maggie says she gets so emotional when she sees couples getting married but now she wouldn't be able to hide her sadness. Julie asks what's going on. Maggie responds that her marriage is on the rocks.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady questions Victor as to what the hell is going on since Tate asked if Maggie would take him to the park and he can't find her then Henderson just told him she moved out. Brady asks if Victor drove Maggie away.

Stefan tells Vivian to get control of herself. Vivian notes that Stefan isn't surprised by how Abigail is acting and questions what the hell is going on between them.

Chad returns to the living room from searching the mansion for Abigail. Chad looks back over to the tunnels and wonders what Vivian was really up to. Chad heads into the tunnels as Abigail still wearing her Gabi wig enters the living room and sees him going in, so she calls out to him to wait. Chad comes back out and sees her. Abigail quickly throws her wig off while Chad tells her that he's been looking for her and asks if she's feeling better. Abigail says she is and asks why Chad was going into the tunnels. Chad talks about seeing Vivian over there earlier so he was going to check it out. Abigail stops him and says he can't do that.

Stefan explains to Vivian that a few nights ago he found Abigail dressed as Gabi trying to plant evidence on him. Stefan shows her the lid to the urn. Vivian realizes that Abigail as "Gabi" killed Andre.

Eve goes to the loft and tells Claire she's sorry for not calling before she came over. Claire says it's fine and invites her in. Eve tells her that she and Brady are moving forward with the contest to find the face of Bella Magazine. Claire assures that she's still interested. Eve notes needing her head shot. Claire says she meant to send it but has a lot going on. Eve asks if there's anything she can help with. Claire says she will figure it out. Claire mentions Hope and Rafe getting married today. Eve says she's happy for them but brings up Rafe's father. Eve doesn't think Rafe is anything like Eduardo. Claire is not so sure. Eve questions why she would say that.

Victor tells Brady that marriages hit rough spots. Brady has never known them to have one. Victor says they will work it out. Brady says that's kind of hard when they aren't under the same roof. Brady questions what's going on. Victor doesn't want to talk about it. Brady guesses it's about Eve since Maggie had a talk with him. Brady informs Victor that Eve walked in on he and Maggie having a conversation.

Julie asks Maggie what Victor is up to. Maggie calls it vintage Victor Kiriakis. Julie asks if it's another shady business deal but Maggie says not exactly so Julie guesses it's something personal. Maggie says she can't talk about it. Julie feels she can't get advice if people won't tell her what it is. Julie mentions Claire having a secret anguish but wouldn't tell her either.

Eve tells Claire that she doesn't know Rafe that well but assures he's nothing like his father as Eduardo was a con man. Claire brings up Rafe's brother Dario being the same way. Eve thinks Rafe is a pretty good guy and so nice. Claire just wants her grandma Hope to be happy after being through hell. Eve knows what that's like. Claire wants it to be a good marriage and for nothing to go wrong. Eve believes Rafe really loves Hope so she's lucky to have a man like him. Eve asks what is bothering Claire and offers to listen if she wants to talk about it.

Ciara asks Tripp if Kayla thinks the specialist in Chicago can help Steve. Tripp says they think he can but are remained worried. Tripp doesn't know if Steve will know how to deal with going blind. Ciara relates to when Theo was in a coma and he came out of it while now he's making progress. Ciara encourages Tripp not to give up hope. Tripp agrees not to and thanks her for listening. Ciara points out that Tripp listened to her when she had to talk about Rafe and Sami. Tripp tells Ciara that she was right that Hope didn't need to know. Ciara really doesn't want Hope to get hurt again. Tripp calls it just a stupid mistake that Rafe made. Ciara says she can explain if Tripp doesn't want to come to the wedding. Tripp informs her that Steve made him promise to go to represent their family. Ciara jokes about having to wear a dress. Ciara still thinks it will be a really fun night.

Claire tells Eve that she doesn't want to talk about herself anymore so she asks about Eve and Brady. Eve doesn't know what to think since they were at each others' throats at first. Claire points out that Eve was married to Deimos and nobody likes him. Eve says she and Brady rushed into something but they got their heads on straight and slowed it down. Eve admits it's been really nice and sweet. Claire loves stories like that and hopes it goes great.

Victor asks if Eve heard what Maggie said to Brady. Brady says no but she knew something was up. Victor hopes he didn't come clean. Brady explains that he told Eve that Maggie was upset about something with Nicole and she bought it. Victor is glad. Brady notes that Eve thinks there is something real between them. Brady thought he could do this to Eve. Victor encourages that he has to as Titan depends on it. Brady brings up that Maggie reminded him that Eve lost her only child. Victor tells Brady that running Titan calls for being ruthless. Brady asks if that's why Maggie left. Victor argues that if Maggie was serious, she would've told Eve everything but she didn't so she will be back.

Maggie tells Julie that she doesn't think she can ever go back to Victor. Julie encourages that all marriages have problems so she has to work it out. Maggie thought Victor valued her more than Titan. She kept waiting for him to pass on the business to Sonny and Brady so they could enjoy their children and see the world together but it's becoming clear that Victor will never be able to give up control. Julie talks about men like Victor thinking they are their job. Maggie states that it's what Victor is willing to do to hold onto that power. Maggie loves Victor but if she looks the other way then she's not just a supportive wife but a co-conspirator.

Stefan tells Vivian there is no evidence that Abigail killed Andre. Vivian argues that she had the murder weapon and was on the security footage. Vivian realizes she dressed like Gabi to get away with murder. Vivian wants to call the police but Stefan takes the phone from her. Stefan tells her that if they turn Abigail in, it implicates them because she saw them over Andre's body the night he was murdered.

Abigail claims she didn't want Chad to go into the tunnels because they are dangerous. Chad assures that he can take care of himself. Abigail says she is overprotective after Andre and doesn't want to lose him too. Chad hugs her and insists that she won't lose him. Chad notices that Abigail changed clothes. Abigail claims she did upstairs and didn't want to wear the same clothes from the hearing. Chad comments on never seeing her dress like that before and hugs her.

Eve tells Claire that the last few years have been lonely for her and brings up losing her daughter. Eve says her marriage to Deimos gave her the opportunity to get to know Brady better. Claire thinks it's nice they found each other since Brady has been screwed over too. They talk about Theresa walking out on him and Tate. Eve calls Brady a great father. Claire feels he deserves to be happy. Eve notes that some people think she's just like Theresa and Nicole. Claire disagrees since she's always been nice to her. Eve hugs her. Claire encourages her to stand up for herself and not care what people think if she makes Brady happy.

Victor tells Brady not to worry about he and Maggie as he will take care of that. Victor orders Brady to marry Eve and then he can do whatever he wants with her Titan shares before she gets on to what they are up to. Brady responds that Eve isn't stupid so she will get very suspicious if he suddenly starts talking marriage. Victor brings up Brady and Theresa getting married in Las Vegas. Brady reminds him they were both high then. Victor doesn't care what he has to do but he wants Brady married to Eve one way or another, the sooner the better

Vivian asks Stefan what exactly Abigail saw. Stefan asks if he has to spell it out for her as he flashes back to going in to the office where Vivian told him that she just found Andre like this. Stefan had told Vivian that he had hired guys to kidnap Andre to get him out of the way but he was not going to kill him. Stefan took his phone and rushed out with Vivian. Stefan tells Vivian that the security footage had been wiped so he thought they got away clean but he was wrong since Abigail saw them. Vivian asks if he means "Gabi"

Abigail claims to Chad that she put this dress on because Gabi gave it to her. Chad says that was sweet of her. Chad asks if Abigail has spoken to Gabi as he can't imagine what she's going through. Chad brings up the possibility of Arianna growing up without a mother. Chad insists on Stefan framing Gabi and being responsible for Andre's murder so he and Vivian will pay for it. Abigail calls Vivian a hateful old bitch. Chad jokes that was unlike her as he hugs her. Abigail jokes that she swears sometimes. Abigail blames a run in with Vivian that upset her more than she thought. Chad asks what she said to her and if she came at her. Abigail tells him not to worry as she knows how to handle a woman like Vivian.

Vivian tells Stefan that the only reasonable explanation is that Abigail was pretending to be Gabi. Stefan thinks Abigail believed she is Gabi. Vivian argues that Abigail has got to be locked up. Stefan points out that they don't know for sure that she killed Andre. Vivian points out that she had the lid to the urn. Stefan goes over that Abigail knows they were angry with Andre so if they turn in and she goes to the board, they are done with good. Vivian guesses Stefan is protecting her because he is in love with her. Stefan claims that's not true. Vivian warns that if he plays with Abigail, he could be her next victim.

Maggie decides she's wasted enough of Julie's time. Julie asks her to reconsider and come to the wedding. Maggie responds that she can't. Julie agrees to cover for her but she doesn't want her spending the night at the Salem Inn when she needs to be with family at a time like this. Maggie feels she's not very good company but Julie insists on her staying with her, Doug, and Jennifer. Maggie remarks that Victor probably doesn't even notice she's gone.

Victor is on the phone, asking if there were no calls from Maggie while he was in a meeting. Victor guesses she's having a busy day and hangs up. Victor looks at he and Maggie's wedding photo.

Eve joins Brady at the Pub and tells him that she basically told Claire she wants her to be the face of Bella Magazine. Eve notices Brady is upset and asks what's wrong. Brady informs her that Maggie moved out and left Victor. Eve says good for her getting tired of Victor. Brady starts saying Victor never really deserved her but Brady loved having her around as Tate did too. Brady feels responsible for it. Eve asks what it has to do with him. Brady says he's the reason they were at each other's throats. Brady talks about starting this power struggle with Victor and not giving a damn about how it would affect Maggie and that was rotten of him. Eve disagrees and talks about getting to know that he's a good guy. Brady tells her that means a lot to him but it's not true. Eve questions why he would say that. Brady says he doesn't deserve her faith in him. Eve says she doesn't care about what happened with Nicole. Brady responds that it's what he's done to her. Eve asks if he means how he acted when she first came back. Brady admits he didn't give her a chance. Eve blames it on something he learned from Victor and says that's why he needs to be out from under him. Eve says he will be as soon as Bella Magazine takes Basic Black straight to the top. Eve wishes they could rig the contest for Claire because she's perfect but she hasn't even turned in her headshot yet so she thinks something big is weighing on her mind.

At the loft, Tripp asks Ciara for her choice in wedding shirts. Tripp notes that Ciara needs to finish her montage since it's almost wedding time. Ciara just wants everything to be perfect. Ciara says the video is good but she hates the song she picked. Ciara remembers Claire was working on a song for the wedding and decides maybe that could work so she grabs Claire's phone..

Stefan tells Vivian that he doesn't think Abigail would hurt him. Vivian points out that she killed Andre who was her best friend. Stefan brings up Kimberly's book saying alternate personalities can do things that the host doesn't know so "Gabi" could've killed Andre while Abigail has no idea about any of it. Stefan says he promised he wouldn't allow "Gabi" to go too prison. Vivian asks how he will stop that from happening. Stefan responds that he's going to frame someone else and Vivian is going to help him do it.

Chad tells Abigail that he wants her to tell him if Vivian or Stefan harasses her again because he's not going to let anyone hurt her or Thomas. Abigail calls him sweet as he kisses her and they move through the doorway where Abigail's "Gabi" wig lays nearby.

Julie tells Maggie to call the Salem Inn and have them send her luggage to their house. Maggie gets a call from Victor. Julie encourages her to stand her ground and walks away as Maggie answers. Maggie asks what Victor wants. He tells her that she made his point and he misses her so he asks her to come home so they can work this out. Maggie asks if Eve knows what they are doing to her. Victor responds that it's the only thing they can do to protect themselves. Maggie questions if working it out meant letting them do this. Maggie informs Victor that she will not be coming home and hangs up.

Eve tells Brady that they will be running Titan by the time they are done and Victor will be watching the grass grow. Brady tells her that Victor is not good for the company anymore and he knows exactly what he needs to do to make sure he replaces him. Brady thinks back to Victor telling him to marry Eve. Brady apologizes to Eve for going on about Victor and Maggie. Brady declares Maggie is better off without him and suggests toasting to her happiness. Eve questions if he's sure that having a drink is a good idea. Brady calls it a great idea.

Stefan tells Vivian that they will use the lid to the urn and Gabi's coat to plant them on someone else. Vivian asks who she's going to plant it on and how is she not going to get caught.

Chad and Abigail kiss until Abigail suggests going somewhere private. Chad decides they can go upstairs but Abigail remembers that Chad said he was going to put Thomas's trainset together. Abigail decides they can pick back up later tonight so Chad heads upstairs while Abigail waits behind and picks up her wig. Abigail says "Gabi" almost got them in a lot of trouble but fortunately she's here now and everything is under control. Abigail takes the wig and walks into the tunnels.

Ciara looks through Claire's phone for her song. Tripp suggests asking Claire for permission before searching her phone since she might not want her song used. Claire brings up Tripp always saying she should get along with Claire so her using her son is like them doing something together. Tripp agrees she could look at it that way. Ciara adds that if she tells Claire what she's doing then she has to use her song even if she thinks it sucks. Ciara finds Claire's recording on her phone from yesterday and guesses it's the song so she goes to play it.

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