Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/28/18

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/28/18


Written By Joseph

JJ and Lani are at the Pub looking through registering for their wedding. Lani suggests a registry for the baby instead. JJ is all for that but says the wedding is also about celebrating her, their life, and the beginning of their amazing life together. Lani tells him she loves him so much. JJ suggests they get married today.

Eli is working at the police station when he stops to think back to talking to Gabi about her being setup when she thanked him for always being there for her. Valerie arrives and tells Eli that she just heard the murder trial is moving forward so she came to see how Gabi is holding up. Eli responds that what she's facing is not easy. Valerie asks how he is. Eli admits he's frustrated and angry since the woman he loves is going through hell and there's not a damn thing he can do to help her.

Gabi goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to bring Sonny one of Arianna's stuffed animals. Gabi asks if she's ready to go. Sonny says she's still sick and is finally taking a nap. Gabi comments that Arianna was really looking forward to the wedding. Sonny suggests letting her rest as Rafe and Hope would understand. Sonny encourages Gabi making it about her as she deserves a special night with Eli. Gabi says that's before she gets locked up in prison where she'll never see her daughter again. Sonny tells her not to talk like that. Gabi says she's just facing the possibility. Sonny insists that she's innocent and that Justin will fight for her. Gabi asks what if that's not enough and her life is over because someone wanted Andre dead and pretended to be her.

Kate goes through Andre's desk at his office and comes across a photo of them together. Chad asks if she's doing alright. Kate says she is but brings up the last time she was here, having such a horrible argument with Andre. Kate keeps trying to figure out where things started to go wrong and it all seems to start with Stefan coming to town. Chad asks if she thinks Stefan had something to do with Andre's murder. Kate states that a lot of people had a motive to murder Andre but her feeling is that the killer is living right under the same roof as them. Chad says if Stefan is willing to kill somebody in his own family then imagine what else he's willing to do. Kate talks about seeing so much of Stefano in Stefan so she's very concerned about what he's capable of and who he might hurt next. Chad responds that is why they have to stop him before he gets away with murder.

Stefan continues reading about Dissociative Identity Disorder in his room where it says to always proceed carefully with an alter as any confrontation could have dangerous consequences. Stefan thinks back to his encounter with Abigail as "Gabi" and then reads that you never know what might set them off.

Abigail as "Gabi" comes out of the tunnels into the living room where Vivian sees her and questions what Abigail is doing and why she's dressed like that.

Stefan continues reading about multiple personality disorder.

Abigail as "Gabi" tells Vivian that she doesn't know what she's talking about. Vivian comments on her dress and wig and asks what she's doing in that costume. She responds that it's not a costume, it's her.

Stefan reads further about alter egos challenging for control.

Vivian asks if this is the new Abigail. She says this is who she's always been. Vivian asks if she's not Abigail now and she thinks she knows why.

Lani questions JJ wanting to get married today. JJ gets that it's out there but asks why not. Lani reminds him they are going to Hope and Rafe's wedding. JJ thinks it's perfect since it's the same guests they would invite and Julie can marry them too. JJ says he's in if she is along with Rafe and Hope. Lani reminds JJ that Abigail had a double wedding and it was a total disaster.

Gabi comes back to Sonny after checking on Arianna. Gabi asks what about the day she's not there. Sonny insists that's not going to happen. Gabi feels she's being realistic. Sonny prefers optimism. Gabi feels she needs to be prepared for the worst. Sonny encourages that if it did, he and Will would step up for Arianna. Gabi knows she loves them both but worries about Will not remembering so it may fall on Sonny. Sonny assures her that Arianna wil always have a home with him. Sonny says they aren't going there right now because nothing is going to happen. Sonny tells her they will find the monster who set her up and this will all go away. Gabi responds that if Chad is right then they already know.

Kate tells Chad that proving Stefan killed Andre and framed Gabi is easier said than done. Chad says they just need to track down the lid to the urn. Kate thinks Stefan is always thinking ten moves ahead so he's probably destroyed evidence. Chad argues that giving up is not an option. Kate feels Stefan thinks like Stefano so they have to be careful in how they approach. Chad points out that maybe Vivian is the key. Chad suggests Kate see what she can get out of her. Kate argues that Vivian would see through it in seconds and she would never incriminate Stefan. Chad thinks Kate can set her up to spill something. Kate talks about Vivian and Stefan wanting Stefano's legacy and how they would kill to make that happen. Kate asks what's to stop Vivian and Stefan from going after them if they killed Andre.

Abigail as "Gabi" tells Vivian that she doesn't know anything about her. Vivian can't figure out who she is pretending to be. She tells her that she is Gabi Hernandez. Vivian asks if she's off her meds and suggests calling her husband. She warns her not to and grabs a fireplace poker so Vivian puts the phone down. Vivian remarks that Abigail has lost her mind and questions if she snapped over her grief for Andre. She insists her name is not Abigail, she's Gabi as she raises the fireplace poker.

Stefan reads in the book that whatever you do, never agitate the alter. Stefan than hears Vivian scream and rushes out of his room.

Valerie encourages that Eli will find the evidence to get the charges against Gabi dropped. Eli feels he has to because Gabi can't go to prison and be separated from Arianna. Valerie remarks that there is nothing worse than not being your child's life. Valerie questions what Eli is going to do about this baby situation. Eli responds that he is going to do what Lani wants him to do, keep his mouth shut and let JJ be the father. Valerie asks if that's what he wants. Eli responds that the decision became a lot easier when he found out JJ and Lani are getting married.

JJ agrees with Lani that Abigail's double wedding was a disaster but insists it won't happen again. JJ says he really wants to marry her this second as he kisses her. Lani tells him he can be very convincing but she wants something small and quiet. Lani points out they don't even have a marriage license. JJ agrees that he just got carried away with the whole idea of it. He can't wait for them to be a real family.

Gabi tells Sonny about Chad's theory that Stefan and Vivian murdered Andre and framed her. Sonny argues that the truth will come out because Gabi didn't murder Andre and all they have is circumstantial. Gabi points out that it doesn't help that she killed someone before or that she punched the wall and that she threatened to kill Andre before he died. Sonny is surprised Abigail went to the police. Gabi feels she can't blame her for telling the truth. Sonny insists that Justin will show them there is zero proof. Gabi brings up how Eli questioned Melinda earlier. Sonny admits that probably wasn't the best idea. Gabi worries that Melinda is on a personal crusade to bury her under the charges.

Kate tells Chad that times like this is when she wishes Stefano was still alive. Chad says even if he was, he wouldn't ride in to save the day so they have to deal with this themselves. Chad says this is his company and the plan is still for it to be he and his son's legacy. Kate responds that won't happen with Stefan in charge. Chad says they will just have to show that Stefan murdered Andre and Vivian was a part of it then they will go to prison while he and Kate will be free. Kate adds that it won't bring her husband back.

Vivian apologizes while Abigail as "Gabi" goes after her with the fireplace poker until Stefan interrupts to break it up. Vivian suggests calling Chad. Stefan tells Vivian to let him handle this. Stefan tells her not to mention this to anyone, especially Chad as he takes "Gabi" out of the room.

Sonny tells Gabi that it's okay to be afraid but she has so many people who love her and are there for her. Sonny brings up the wedding. Gabi doesn't feel she would be a good wedding guest right now. Sonny encourages her to go and celebrate her brother's wedding with Eli. Sonny tells her not to worry about Arianna. Gabi comments that she should probably get used to her mom not being there. Sonny promises that is not going to happen. Sonny brings up that Chad, Eli, and Abigail are all fighting for her. Gabi mentions that she was mad at Abigail at first for going to the cops but they talked and she knows she's on her side.

Stefan takes Abigail as "Gabi" to his room. She complains that he can't keep her here and that Vivian laughed at her while calling her Abigail. Stefan argues that hitting her with a poker is not the way to go about it. Stefan tells her to think this through and brings up how it would look if Gabi was accused of attacking an old woman.

Vivian paces in her living room and looks at the portrait of Stefano, telling him that it's not her fault his son married a Horton with a screw loose. Vivian wonders what Abigail was doing back there in the tunnels. Chad enters and questions what she is doing.

JJ tells Lani that he wasn't thinking before as he wants their wedding day to be their day and no one else's. Lani jokes that it could be Abe's between the baby and the wedding. JJ talks about how nervous he was to ask for his permission since he wasn't always Abe's favorite person. JJ says he's getting his act together and he's ready to be a father and husband which he thinks Abe saw. JJ feels the weird thing was Valerie as she was all about them not rushing into anything. JJ still can't figure out why she wasn't on board.

Valerie tells Eli that he's backed into a corner by Lani accepting JJ's proposal. Valerie argues that Lani could've turned him down. Eli argues that she loves him while he loves Gabi. Eli adds that the child will have a real family that love him and that's what is important. Valerie argues that Eli's child will be growing up in Salem and every Horton celebration or holiday, he might end up in the same room watching them grow up. Valerie cries that those are Eli's moments and asks if he really wants to be a spectator in his child's life because it seems easy right now. Eli admits he hadn't thought of it like that. Valerie suggests it's time that he did.

Vivian claims to Chad that she thought it was Stefano's wine cellar. Chad argues that she knows it isn't. Vivian questions what it is then. Chad tells her they are Stefano's old underground tunnels and they are abandoned as no one uses them anymore. Vivian questions why the panel was open. Chad says it's an old house and it's no big deal. Vivian asks if he's sure about that. Chad tells her to let it go and shuts the panel to the tunnels. Chad asks if she has seen Abigail. Vivian responds that she thought she did but it wasn't her.

Abigail as "Gabi" tells Stefan that he has a point. She talks about Melinda coming after her in the case. Stefan argues that it's her responsibility to process the case fairly. She complains about having to leave Arianna again. Stefan tells her to take it one day at a time since she has a lot of people who will do anything to prove she's innocent. She asks what if that's not enough. Stefan tells her that he's going to help her.

Kate walks through the town square and sits down on a bench. She reaches into her purse and pulls out the photo of her and Andre from Andre's desk. Gabi approaches and asks how she's doing. Kate tells her not to worry about her and asks how she is doing. Gabi says she is trying to hang in. Gabi thanks Kate for being at her hearing. Kate knows she didn't kill Andre. Gabi would understand if she had her doubts but insists she wouldn't have killed Andre.

Chad questions Vivian what happened in here. Vivian claims she just came in and found it like this so maybe Abigail knocked the lamp over. Chad questions her not picking it up. Vivian brings up Abigail's grief over Andre. Chad tells her that she's doing just fine so they don't have to worry about her. Chad goes to look for Abigail. Vivian remarks to herself that he may not like what he finds.

Abigail as "Gabi" questions why Stefan would help her when she tried to frame him. Stefan says she was desperate and fighting for her future but it's given him an idea. Stefan goes to his dresser and pulls out the lid to the urn and declares they can frame someone else but he doesn't know who yet. Stefan says for now they just need to throw suspicion elsewhere. She questions him doing that for her. Stefan says he absolutely would but he needs the urn lid and her coat. She responds that she loves the coat. Stefan says if this is going to work, he has to have it so she removes the coat and Stefan takes it. She asks what now. Stefan thinks the best thing for her to do is to lie low and not pop out of hidden passageways or threaten people with pokers. She agrees and thanks him as she exits his room.

Lani asks JJ what Valerie said exactly. JJ says it was stuff like making sure they are getting married for the right reasons. JJ asks what better reasons there are than they love each other and she's having his baby. JJ tells her not to let it upset her as Valerie just wanted to make sure they aren't making a mistake but he was very clear with her that it's the right move.

Eli tells Valerie there is no perfect answer here as it's not just about him. Valerie says she gets that but asks if Lani and JJ weren't engaged and he wasn't with Gabi, would he be making the same decision he's making now? Eli calls that hypothetical and says it's all he's got. Valerie doesn't want him to feel the same regret she felt for keeping Eli away from his father and family. Eli insists that he won't. Eli tells her that what matters right now is Gabi and proving that she is innocent of murder as the last thing she needs to worry about is a mistake he made with Lani.

Gabi asks if Kate really thinks Vivian could be involved in Stefan's plan to set her up. Kate says Vivian has no limits including murdering someone to help her son. Kate says it's her and Chad's gut feeling. Gabi hopes they can find who did this before she goes down for a crime she did not commit. Kate talks about how long she has believed in Gabi. Kate assures her that she will do everything in her power to get her out from this murder charge and back to Gabi Chic where she belongs. Gabi brings up Stefan. Kate says to leave him to her. Kate reminds Gabi that she has somewhere to go. Gabi comments that at least someone will have an amazing day. Kate tells Gabi to give her best wishes to Rafe. Gabi sees the picture of Kate and Andre then tells her that she's really sorry she lost Andre. Kate thanks her but promises she will not lose anyone else she loves as they hug and Gabi then walks away. Kate looks back at the photo of her and Andre.

Stefan is startled by a knock at his door so he stuffs the urn lid and coat into his dresser. Stefan answers the door as Vivian bursts in, demanding the truth as to what the hell is going on with his friend Abigail.

Chad returns to the living room from searching the mansion for Abigail. Chad looks back over to the tunnels and wonders what Vivian was really up to. Chad heads into the tunnels as Abigail still wearing her Gabi wig enters the living room and sees him going in, so she calls out to him to wait. Chad comes back out and sees her.

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