Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/27/18

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/27/18


Written By Joseph

Stefan is in the living room of the DiMera Mansion reading Kimberly Donovan's book about Dissociative Identity Disorder and how it's typical of the person to not be aware of their alters. Stefan thinks back to Abigail saying she was two different people as her and Gabi. Vivian walks in and takes the book, questioning his reading.

Abigail and Chad are asleep in bed together when Abigail has another nightmare about Andre trying to tell her who murdered him and saying she knows who it was. Abigail wakes up in a panic which wakes Chad up as well. Chad questions what she dreamed about.

Eli wakes Gabi up in bed. Gabi realizes today is the day of her preliminary hearing. Eli encourages her to think positive about this and hopes the judge will decide there is not enough evidence to proceed. Gabi asks what if he doesn't and she goes on trial for murder. Eli says they won't go there as he hugs her.

Chad asks Abigail if she had a dream about Andre again. Abigail confirms it was the same one as before but this time it went further as Andre said she knows who murdered him. Chad responds that they both know who killed Andre, Stefan. Abigail says they don't know but think that. Chad admits they don't have proof but they agree he set up Gabi so it would only make sense that he killed Andre. Chad tells her it was just a dream.

Vivian questions why Stefan is reading about one of the town nutcases. Stefan brings up Kimberly being a therapist and asks if she knew her. Vivian says she knew of her as her personal dramas filled up the news. Vivian notes that Kimberly killed a man and couldn't remember because she was busy being someone else and she shot her own brother. Vivian questions his sudden interest in split personalities. Stefan claims it's nothing and just saw the book on the shelf. Vivian questions him keeping secrets from his mother and wants him to tell her now.

Hope and Rafe wake up together in the cabin as they greet each other as husband and wife with kisses. Rafe asks if it feels different being married. Hope says she's just no longer his girlfriend or fiancee but she'll still call him her lover. Rafe calls her his favorite person in the world. Hope calls this the most perfect way to start the day being married to the man she loves as they kiss.

Eli tells Gabi that Stefan was at the DiMera Offices but the security footage never shows him leaving. Gabi points out that he could've left when the systems went down. Eli says he talked to the DiMera Mansion staff and none of them could confirm where he was so he doesn't have a solid alibi which could work in her favor. Gabi says she will take what she can get. Eli adds that Hattie and Anna haven't been ruled out as suspects so Trask has a flimsy case which would justify a judge ruling there is not enough evidence to warrant trial. Gabi goes over the woman being in the footage that looks like her. Eli argues that it's not clear enough and they can't see her face so it's circumstantial. Gabi adds that they have a motive since she threatened to kill Andre. Eli says everyone knows they didn't mean it literally. Eli assures her they will do everything to prove that the person in the footage is not Gabi. Gabi says he sounds so sure which helps her believe it too. Gabi mentions Chad having a theory on who it was so she will tell him on the way as they exit the room.

Abigail asks Chad about searching Stefan's room. Chad says he couldn't go through with it since he was there but he went ahead and told him that he thinks he killed Andre and set up Gabi but he denied it. Abigail asks if he will try to search his room again. Chad says Stefan won't be stupid enough to leave something incriminating in there now that he knows his suspicions. Abigail asks what they do now. Chad doesn't think going after Stefan is the best approach anymore. Abigail asks what is. Chad brings up the mystery woman on the footage as he thinks she is the one that has all the answers so they go after her. Chad adds that he thinks he might know who it is.

Stefan tells Vivian to relax as he wouldn't keep secrets from her. Kate walks in so Vivian mocks her. Kate brings up that Gabi's hearing is today so she is going to offer her support. Kate adds that Gabi doesn't need them there. Vivian remarks that she wouldn't want to be there anyway. Stefan covers up the DID book on his desk. Kate talks about Vivian only worrying about bad publicity for them. Stefan claims he just hopes justice prevails today. Vivian talks about Kate driving away her own children. Kate tells her to shut up. Vivian says she won't take her insults. Vivian brings up Kate being very upset that Andre fired Gabi and that she thinks Gabi's innocent because she did it. Kate responds that she was upset with Andre because what he did was terrible but she gave him an ultimatum to take Gabi back or they were through. Kate adds that she did not hit him over the head with an urn. Kate finds it interesting that they swoop in to town to take over the company without notice and then a few weeks later, the one person in their way turns up dead. Vivian asks what her point is. Kate states that there is definitely a killer in the house but it isn't her.

Hope tells Rafe they will definitely enjoy their wedding now that they are already married. They joke about Julie finding out. Hope knows she will be disappointed but this is really what they wanted. Rafe still can't believe she organized all of this. Rafe calls her the love of his life that he will spend the rest of his life with. Hope says she's so lucky as they kiss. Rafe jokes that they've only be married a day but after a month she'll be complaining about him. Hope assures that she loves and trusts him with her heart and everything as she always will.

At Doug's Place, Julie asks Claire how she should do her hair for the wedding. Julie talks about being so honored to marry Hope and Rafe. Julie talks about not getting to host a rehearsal dinner. Julie brings up Claire composing a special song for the occasion. Julie decides they should check the acoustics to see how it sounds in the room and picks up Claire's phone but Claire shouts no. Julie questions her. Claire apologizes for flipping out as she just doesn't want anyone to hear the song before Hope and Rafe do. Julie understands but wants everything to be perfect on Hope's special day since she deserves it after everything she has been through. Julie hopes this marriage is a wonderful turning point for Hope. Julie admits she had some reservations about Rafe at first but he's proven himself to her time and again. Julie remarks that she can't hold out hope for the rest of his family like Gabi. Claire asks if Julie thinks Gabi killed Andre. Julie responds that she wouldn't put anything past Gabi after what she did to Nick. Julie hopes the case goes straight to court and that the judge revokes her bail so she can't attend the wedding. Claire didn't realize Julie disliked Gabi so much. Julie prays that Eli comes to his senses about her since there is nothing worse than seeing your loved one involved with someone you know will hurt them and being powerless to stop it.

Rafe and Hope get dressed and packed to leave the cabin. Hope tells him that it was amazing here with him. Rafe jokes that they can stay as long as she'd like. Hope reminds him that they can't miss Gabi's hearing and will have to tell Julie in person. Hope realizes they will have to take off their rings so nobody knows until they make the announcement. They remove their rings and put them in Rafe's jacket. Hope calls it crazy to start off doing everything backwards. Rafe then picks her up and carries her out of the cabin.

Vivian laughs at Kate thinking there is a murderer in the house and tells her to feel free to move out. Kate says she would in a minute if not for Chad since if they teamed up to kill Andre then Chad must be next on their list. Vivian remarks that she is looking at who is next on her list. Kate tells Vivian to go ahead and come after her but if she harms Chad then she's coming after her with vengeance. Kate then exits the mansion.

Chad tells Abigail that he doesn't trust Stefan or Melinda Trask since they were all over each other on Valentine's Day. Abigail thought they just met that night. Chad wonders if that's not the case. Abigail questions the DA framing someone for murder. Chad says she sure has an axe to grind with Gabi. Abigail asks if he thinks Trask is on the footage. Chad goes over that she has dark hair and a similar build to Gabi so it's possible. Abigail doesn't see why she would jeopardize her position for a setup like that. Chad suggests Stefan could've given an incentive with money. Abigail says that would clear Gabi but questions how to prove it. Chad suggests they antagonize Trask before the hearing. Chad says they can hope the judge throws out the case and Gabi goes free, giving them time to try to prove that it was Trask.

Melinda Trask arrives at the police station as Gabi finishes telling Eli about Chad's theory. She remarks that it's highly inappropriate for the investigating officer to be sleeping with the defendant in a murder investigation. Eli comments that his personal life is no one's business but his own. Trask intends to see him taken off the case immediately. Eli asks what about Hope since she is marrying Gabi's brother today. Eli brings up personal involvement in a case so he has questions and asks her where she was the night Andre was murdered. Melinda asks how that is relevant to anything and questions if he seriously thinks she had something to do with Andre's death. Eli says he's just asking a question. She argues that it's the department's job to help build a case against the defendant. Eli says Gabi has been charged but there is no definitive proof so it's still an open investigation. Trask questions if he's working to clear Gabi. He points out that she has held a grudge against Gabi ever since Nick. She calls him desperate. Eli says he's just covering all his bases. She warns that accusing the DA of murder is not the most prudent career move. Eli responds that he answers to Commissioner Brady, not her. She assures she will bring this up with Hope. Eli points out that she still didn't answer the question. She checks her phone to inform him that she was at Chet Rouge that night and she was discussing a plea deal with Justin Kiriakis that night. She calls it ironic that Gabi's lawyer is her alibi unless they think Justin was in cahoots with her to kill Andre. She argues that Eli just wants to blame anyone but Gabi but he can feel free to share his theory with the judge. She says she'll see them in court and walks away. Gabi worries that things couldn't get any worse.

Chad and Abigail come downstairs where Stefan greets them. Vivian asks why he bothers. Stefan says it looks like they are on a mission. Abigail informs him they are taking the rest of the day off to go support Gabi at her hearing which Stefan questions. Chad asks if that's an issue. Abigail says Gabi is her friend so they are going to support her and they want the real murderer to be caught. Abigail and Chad then exit the mansion.

Julie asks Claire what's wrong but she claims she's fine. Julie knows she has a lot on her mind and Theo is out of town but assures the time will go fast and he will come back to Salem. Claire responds that Theo is not the reason she's not smiling. Julie questions what is bothering her as she can tell her anything and she won't judge. Claire informs Julie that she found out something she really wasn't supposed to know and now she's not sure what to do. Julie offers to help if she tells her what it is.

Rafe, Hope, Gabi, and Eli return to the station from court. Hope encourages Gabi that at least the hearing is over. Rafe adds that the burden of proof is very low so it will be tougher to make their case during the actual trial. Rafe encourages Gabi to keep the faith. Gabi tells them they shouldn't be here, they should be home getting ready for the happiest day of their life. Rafe assures that there's no where else he'd rather be. Gabi will feel bad if they are spending more time with her than on their wedding night. Hope and Rafe insist they are fine and only need to change. Gabi tells them to go do that since they need something to celebrate. Rafe tells Gabi she better be at their wedding. Eli promises to make sure she's there. Gabi hugs Rafe and Hope as they then exit. Eli regrets opening his mouth to Trask. Gabi understands he was just doing his job as they needed answers and now they can eliminate Trask. Chad and Abigail arrive, questioning eliminating Trask. Gabi informs Chad that Trask has an alibi. Eli informs them that he questioned her. Gabi says unless there is something more incriminating on Hattie or Anna then they have no leads. Gabi talks about Trask already being hellbent on putting her behind bars but now she's even more motivated. Eli insists that Gabi is not guilty. Gabi argues that not doing anything wrong doesn't matter as she could go back to prison and be away from her daughter which she can't handle. Abigail assures that they will do everything they can to clear her. Gabi thanks her for being there for her. Gabi hoped they would find the woman on the footage but it's like she disappeared into thin air.

Claire tells Julie that she can't because Marlena told her she needs to figure this out on her own. Julie points out that she's family too. Rafe and Hope then arrive and greet them. Julie questions them being together when it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding. Julie asks how Smith Island was since it rained. Rafe assures it didn't bother them a bit. Julie asks how Gabi's hearing went. Rafe informs her that the judge decided to go ahead with a trial. Julie comments that's too bad but supposes Gabi won't feel like coming to the wedding. Rafe assures she will be there. Julie brings up a phrase in the ceremony she needs to go over so she goes to get a copy. Rafe comments to Hope that he thought she was going to tell her they are already married. Hope says she isn't saying a word until every guest is here. Claire stares at them from a distance.

Vivian tells Stefan that her nerves are shot after Chad and Kate. Stefan says he's going upstairs to read his book. Vivian questions him still not telling her why he's so interested in Kimberly. Stefan claims he's educating himself and suggests she read it after he's finished. Vivian responds that she already knows the ending. Stefan asks if it's a happy one. Vivian says that depends on who you ask.

Chad tells Gabi not to forget they are here for her. Abigail hugs Gabi and suggests bringing Arianna over for a play date with Thomas. Chad says they will be in touch. Gabi goes to splash water on her face. Eli stops with Chad to inform him that the department finished up their forensics investigation at the DiMera offices so they can go grab Andre's personal stuff. Chad agrees to let Kate know and asks Abigail if she wants to come to the office. Abigail says she's going to go home to rest as she feels a headache.

Rafe and Hope kiss as Claire watches on.

Gabi returns to Eli and apologizes for losing it before. Eli knows she's scared but assures her that the truth always comes out in the end as he hugs her.

Kate goes through Andre's desk at his office and comes across a photo of them together. Chad asks if she's doing alright. Kate says she is but brings up the last time she was here, having such a horrible argument with Andre. Kate keeps trying to figure out where things started to go wrong and it all seems to start with Stefan coming to town. Chad asks if she thinks Stefan had something to do with Andre's murder. Kate states that a lot of people had a motive to murder Andre but her feeling is that the killer is living right under the same roof as them. Chad says if Stefan is willing to kill somebody in his own family then imagine what else he's willing to do.

Stefan continues reading about Dissociative Identity Disorder in his room where it says to always proceed carefully with an alter as any confrontation could have dangerous consequences.

Abigail as "Gabi" comes out of the tunnels into the living room where Vivian sees her and questions Abigail.

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